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Mead, Johnson & co. :

Additional diets with milk for
infants. [etc.] 38757-38761.
Mead, Johnson & co. Scientific
dept. Breast feeding. 22099.
Mead-Morrison mfg. co. Univer. grab
bucket. 5604.

Mead-Suydam co. Outlasts the tomb.

Meade (E. L.) Girls of today. 28902.
Meade (R. K.) Nature, preparation,

& use of pulverized coal. 38762-
38766, 44821, 44822.

Meagher (J. R.) How to make a one
tube reflex. 44823.
Meagher (Katherine)

quest. 16867.

Cupid's con-

Meaker (I. J.) Holly & cypress. 35169.
Mealey (M. A.) Method of making en-
tries in Mealey's funeral directors
ledger. 9012.

Medallic art CO. Stand. medals.

Medbury (J. P.):

John P. Medbury presents mutter
& mumble. [etc.] 643, 5606,
9014, 12435, 16869, 22106, 26893,
32628, 38769-38835, 44833.
Laughing stock of the town. 19291.
Medbury. [etc.] 32633, 51913-

Medbury says.

644, 2703, 5608,

9017, 12438, 16870, 22111, 26896,
32645, 38769, 44833.

Medford, Mass., map. 19569.
Medical direct. 650.

Medical protective co. Law dept.

D. D. S. rept. 2705.

Medical soc. state of N. Y. Med.
direct. 650.

Medina, O., map. 24528.
Medina Co. gaz. Missing word contest.

Medoff (David) Rebirth of a woman.
29049, 32652.

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Mellen (I. M.) What you do not know Mentzer (E. E.) Story of the stock

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Mercatus co. Wingenroth (A. J.)
Instrs. for swimming. 34877.
Mercer (M. F.) Cleveland schl. of
salesmanship. Agency & direct by
mail selling. 25418.
Mercer (Minnie) Hope. 16909.
Merchants assn. of N. Y. New York

(City) map. 1444-1446.
Merchants certified audit co. Real
estate owners stand. system. 12504.
Merchants credit & adjustment bur.
Merchants system of collections.

Merchants credit bur. Merchants
money-getter collection system.

Merchants creditors assn.


creditors assn. of U. S. Merchants
creditors assn. 51965.
Merchant's jour. Here's what retailers
want in salesman. 44883.
Merchants' law service. Join mer-
chants' law service now. 5637.
Merchants natl, bank of Boston. Pass-
port regulations & information.

Merchants rec. co.:

Display men's year bk. 20802.
One hundred alphabets. 22164.
One hundred displays. 12507.
Merchants service:

Boys clothing service [etc.] 5638,
9028. 16910, 26938-26947, 32679-
32685, 44884-44892, 51966-51973.
Dry goods accessories [etc.]

Merchants shoe service. 12508,

Mer'chon system. Dickerson (M. E.)
Count your calories. 2098.
Mercil (B.) & sons plating co. Elec-
tro plating & finishing. 44893.
Merck & co. Merck's manual of the
materia medica. 9032.

Mercure de France. Théâtre, de Rob-
ert d' Humières. 29084*.

Mercuro (Paul) Lopez. 35205.

Méré (Charles):

Prince Jean. 41469.

[blocks in formation]

Discussion on the Manual of lino-


type typography. 51974.
Instr. bk. 16919, 38919.
Linotype decorative
[etc.] 26949, 26950.
Meriden, Conn., direct. 662.
Meriden, Conn., map. 1429.
Meriden morning rec. Donors of 16
million to Meriden [etc.] 38920,

Meridian, Id.. map. 19572.
Meridian, Miss., map. 41562.
Merino (J. López) See López Merino

Merit pub. co. Hot dog ann. 44064.
Merke inst. New way to make hair
grow. 9033.

Mérouvel (Charles) Redemption.

Merrell (A. D.) Queen Esther. 51975.
'Merrell mfg. co. Pipe threading &
cutting machinery. 22166.
'Merrell-Soule CO. Household food
value lesson. 22167.

Merriam (H. G.) Montana (State
univ. of) Eng. dept. Classbook for
freshman composition. 44989.
Merrick (G. E.) Purcell (E. T.)
Coral gables. 54255.

Merrihew (S. W.) Off. program.


[blocks in formation]

Care & culture of children.
Glimpses of Jesus. 44894, 51977,

Merrill, Price & co. Hinsdale commer.
assn. Bill Dollar's wagon. [etc.]
21404, 21405.

Merrimac anthracite coal corp. Pros-
pectus. 663.

Merritt (E. L.) Yoho & Merritt. Co-
lonial homes.


Merritt (Mrs. F. D.) See Merritt
(K. M.)

Merritt (G. W.) co., inc. Carbo-
magno hair grower. 5646.

Merritt (K. M.) Schl. kiddies take

auto ride. 664.

Merrow (C. E. A.) Home & mother.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

[blocks in formation]

Metcalfe (Henry) Letters received &
sent by James Colles. 9038.
Methodist bk. concern:

Barnes (F. E.) Star still shines.
48085, 48086.

Fearless men. 47219.*

Meyer (H. H.) Lesson hand bk.
51985, 51986.

Tillotson (B. S.) Growing a
Christian world. 28413, 55589.
Methodist Episcopal church, Bd. of
home missions & church extension.
Dept. of evangelism. Keeler (R. W.)
Cal. of prayer. 16442.

M. E. church, South. Centenary comn.
Apostles of light. 47146.*
Methuen, Mass., direct. 32688.

Métivet (Lucien) Délurette et Lam-
bine. 2711.

Metro pictures corp.:

All the bros. were valiant. 4025.
Crinoline & romance. 4031.
Eagle's feather. 29670.

Held to answer. 35650.
Her fatal millions. 14625.
In search of a thrill. 41730.
Long live the king. 41756.
Man life passed by. 47640.
Noise in Newboro. 7560.
Old sweetheart of mine. 19784.
Peg o' my heart. 4081.
Rouged lips. 29746.
Scaramouche. 35725.
Social code. 35731.
Success. 10737.

Where the pavement ends. 10750.
Wife's romance. 35756.

Metropolitan automotive corp. Save
money on your gasoline. 51981.
Metropolitan bus. college secretarial
schl. Metropolitan bus. college.

Metropolitan church assn. of Wis. :
Gospel art cal. 5147.
Gospel art


Metropolitan co. :

Facts. 22168.

cal. for yr., 1925.

[blocks in formation]

Metropolitan inst. of eng. & commerce.
Electricidad curso práctico corre-
spondencia. 5650.

Metropolitan life insur. co. :

Baby's bk. [etc.] 38923, 38924.
Magic health bk. 32689.
Ounce of prevention. 5651.
Metropolitan newspaper service:
Adams (S. H.) Tazmun. 35784.
Anderson (W. A.) Amers. wit-
ness opening clash. [etc.]

Armstrong (H. H.) His Greek
profile. 14834.

Bailey (A. S.) Johnny of the
circus. 48024.

More tales of Cuffy bear.

Sleepy time tales. [etc.]
64, 14887-14889.
Barbour (Mildred)


[blocks in formation]
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