Lapas attēli

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

McLendon (Ç. F.)

Formation of the
state & govt. in Ala. 38619, 38620,

McLeod (C. S.) Tom Thumb. 32495.
Macleod (L. R.) In a year. 3804.
Macleod (Walter) Doelcam oil
burner. [etc.] 32496-32503.
McLeod & Henry co. :

McLeod & Henry flat suspended

furnace 22020.

Steel mixture fire brick. [etc.]
32504, 51715, 51716.
McLoud, Okl., map. 10578.
MacMahon (W. M.) Green fire.

McManus (Charles) Newlyweds.

16783-16788, 22021, 22022, 26812,
26816, 32505, 38621-38624, 44663,
44672, 51717-51723.

McManus (George) Bringing up
father. [etc.] 617, 2676, 5542,,8967,
12394, 16789, 22023, 22024, 26817-
26819, 32506-32510, 38625, 44673-
44677, 51724-51732.
McManus (H. T.):

[blocks in formation]

from the Spanish.

McMillan (A. G.)


Sales equipment

CO. Fordex sales & service data.

MacMillan (D. B.):

Arctic explorers unheard of. [etc.]

Arctic party gets radio messages.
[etc.] 51734, 51735.

Arctic radio sh p may find coal.
[etc.] 38636-38638.

Compass always points north.

MacMillan (Dougald) Recent tenden-
cies. 16797.

MacMillan (J. C.) San Francisco Bay.

MacMillan (Mary.) Third bk. of
short plays. 1292.*
McMillan (W. R.):

Pacific coast stand. frame catalog.

Pacific coast stand. frame list.
[etc.] 8969, 8970.

[blocks in formation]

Black (N. H.) Ans. to problems.

Blanchard (W. O.) Geog. of
Ill. 15023.

Bradbury (L. M.) Geog. of Wisc.

Bunn (F. W.) Everyday classics
primer. 15162.

Cable (E. J.) Geog. of Ia.

Deffendall (P. H.) Key to exer-
cise bk. 49514.

Duggar (J. F.) Teacher's hd. bk.

Ellsler (G. R.) Geog. of Md.

Famous tragedy of The queen of

Cornwall at Tintagel in Lyon-
nesse. 41328.*

Hayes (C. J. H.) Teachers' man-
ual to acc. Mod. hist. 21370.
Holt (W. P.) Geog. of O. 26373.
Huff (C. E.) Geog. of Minn.

Ideal phonic chart. 2679.
Klapper (P.) Modern Eng. 51341.
La Rue (M. G.) Fun bk.

Under the story tree.



Lister (C. C.) Stand. specimens

for grading. 51544.

Marshall (L. C.) Notes to the

teacher to accompany Marshall's

story. [etc.] 51876, 51877.

Price (H. L.)


Ross (Frances)

out. 18254.

Virginia suppl.

Reading to find

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

McNally (E. H.) Home breaker.

McNally (W.) McNally's bul. 32515.
McNamara (Tom) Us boys. 619,
2680, 5546, 8971, 12400, 16800, 26823-
26825, 32516-32519, 38639-38647,
44682-44686, 51737-51744.
McNaugher (John) Virgin birth.

McNaught syndicate, inc. :

Rogers (Will) Casting the lariat
over the wk's. news. [etc.] 54433-

Slipping the lariat over. 962,
963, 3200, 13265-13270, 18239,
23066-23070, 27850-27852, 33927-
33933, 39732-39743, 45834-45838.
McNaughton (Charles) Whitewashed.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Macpherson (L. du R.) Henrietta the
eighth. 19259.

McPherson (W. C.) Oakland, Calif.
Just the other half o' me. 2681.
McPherson (W. C.) San Francisco,
Calif. Old truths with a new twist.

McPherson (William) Chem. & its
uses. 51745.

MacQuarrie (F. H.) Belasco studios.
Belasco studios. 1772.
McQuay-Norris bearings co. Bearings
data. 22035.

McQuay-Norris mfg. co. :

Dimensions of piston rings. 38654.
Flat rate from. [etc.] 44693--

If you could see the inside of your
motor. 22036.

McQuay-Norris motor re-condi-
tioning. [etc.] 32522-32526.
McQuay-Norris piston rings. [etc.]

Specifications. 12409.

What causes oil & carbon trouble?
8976, 8977.

When does a motor. 12408.
You'll get a good job. 5551.

McQuilkin (R. C.) Paganism in our
universities. 16811.

McReynolds (M. C.) Food digestion
chart. 22037.

Macrorie (R. B.) Strange art of Mon-
sieur Barbou. 12410.

McSherrytown, Pa., direct. 21348.
McSpadden (J. W.) Shakesperian
synopses. 14341.*

McSweeney (T. J.) UC passenger
car brake equipment. 51746.
McTarnahan fuel oil burning corp.
Reasons for burning fuel oil. 22038.

[blocks in formation]

marine direct. 15722.

Macy (R. H.) & co., inc.:

All the best games.

[etc.] 51747-

Maeterlinck (Maurice):

Cloud that lifted. 28828.
Plays of Maurice Maeterlinck.
Magazine of Wall st. yr. bk. 8979.

Always more for your money. Magdalena Valley, map. 24517.

[etc.] 32527-32574.

Ambassador shows his tact. [etc.]

Magee (A. B.)

nic high brow.
gram. 44573.

Bank where you do no waiting. Magee (A. F.)
[etc.] 26833-26839.

Bk. worth reading makes a genu-
ine hit. [etc.] 44696-44715.
Do you know Jefferson's other dec-
laration? [etc.] 22039-22044.
Macy art process corp.:

Bowman (J. C.) Sending thou-

sand pound transformers. 48353.
Packard electric co. Proper per-
spective. 45505.

Macy's red star. 44716.

Madách (Imre) Tragedy of man.
3901, 10460.

Madden (Richard)


Ten minutes.

[blocks in formation]

reader. [etc.]
Magee (J. E.)


Los Angeles polytech-
Brief review of Eng.

Magee intermediate-
16818, 16819.

It pays to please..


Magic tracing bk.
Magill (H. B.) Motoring thru the-
Yosemite. 16820.

Magniphone co. Thou shalt not steal..

Magnolia petroleum co.:

Comprehensive service. 12411.
Oil is cheaper than machinery..

Magnuson (I. O.) Pneumonia. 51790.
Magog (H. J.):

Fiancés de l'an 2,000. 21046.

Ile tombée du ciel. [etc.] 32575...

Monde des damnés. 37241.
Plus beau voyage. 44717.
Réveil d'Atlantide.

Magre (Maurice):


[blocks in formation]

Maguire (S. H.):

For better or for worse. 35119.
Good & the bad. 35137.

Mah Jongg sales co. of America. Ham-
mond's Mah-Jongg rack. [etc.]
12412, 12413.

Mah Juck rack mfg. Co.:

Directions for using dragon racks.

Mah Juck score card. 2682.
Mah studios. Barbers. 51791.
Mahaffey (F. L.) City of St. Louis
and St. Lou's Co. 32577.
Mahmoud (Taha) pseud. See McCor-
mick (Charles)

Mahon (P. J.) Polak-Amerykann.
Naturalization ques. 13139.

Mahoney (E. R.) Spirit hero given
love by Muriel. 26841.
Mahoney (F. J.)


Sana Swain's dict.

Mahoney (J. F.) Ten lessons in song:
writing. 51792.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Carthage, N. Y., direct. 42555.
Corning, N. Y., direct. 36633.
Cortland, Homer & McGrew, N. Y.,
direct. 2012.

Elmira, N. Y., direct. 36983.
Elmira, Elmira Heights & Horse-
heads, N. Y., direct. 342.
Enfield, Thompsonville, Suffield,
[etc.], Conn., dircet. 2167.
Fulton, N. Y., direct. 411, 43680.
Glens Falls, N. Y., direct. [etc.]
421, 31575.

Gloversville & Johnstown, N. Y.,
direct. 422.

Greenfield & Turners Falls, Mass.,

[blocks in formation]

Putnam, Conn., direct. 932.
Rutland, Vt., direct. [etc.] 979,

Schenectady, N. Y., direct. 34027.
Schenectady, N. Y., map. 29511.
Ware, Palmer, Monson [etc.],
Mass., direct. 1177.

Waverly, N. Y., Sayre & Athens.
Pa., direct. 1183.

Manning, S. C., map. 24521.
Manning, Maxwell & Moore, Inc.:
Care & repair of consolidated pop
safety valves. 44724.

Heat & chemical resistant metal
for casting. 38722.

Manning traffic. bur. Manning traffic
bur. is operated on a purely mutual
basis. 5558.

Mannix (E. J.) God of gorillas.




Manovill (Hugo)

Avelino perdiguero.

That you may know
the ancient game of the mandarins.

Manry (J. C.) Test of information.

Mansell (S. B.) My sweet little rose-
bud friend. [etc.]
[etc.] 22060, 22061.
Mansfield (R. W.) Ring golf. 16829.
Mansfield, Ill., map. 19566.

Mansfield, Wash., map. 1424.

Mansur (W. H.) Auto driver. 12420.
Mantell (Lucian):

Lucky cal. 51857.

New Amer. hymn. 8987.

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