Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

McBride (R. S.) Cudahy vineyard & McCartney (W. A.) Animated bill bd.
development CO.

Profit sharing 10155.
grape land certificates. 8176.

McCarty (V. G.) Voice of the master.
McCabe (Edward) Guide contents. 51659.

McCaskey reg. co. Professional sales
McCabe (J. J.):

manual. 51660.
Sherman service. Brains, not McCaskill (A. A.) Songs to Him.
labor. [etc.] 13425–13428.

16748, 32436.
Bul. [etc.] 6569-6576, McCaulay (C. V.) Seeker. 47363*.
9737, 9738, 18432-18435.

McCauley (E. D.) How much of your
Bus, is ebbing. [etc.] 28047, fortune will inheritance taxes take?

Itch for supporting bus.

McCauley (E. D.) Facts about inheri-
regulators. [etc.] 46085-46088.

tance taxes. 44621.
Story about wages & prices.

Macauley (Ward) Letter of introd.

Strikes on capital. 18437.
McCall (A. B.) United States, map.

McCay (R. W.) jr. His job. [etc.)

16749, 16778, 21966, 26774, 32490,
1011, 1014.

38575, 38616, 44622, 51662-51665.
McCall (J. O.) Acid dentifrice as an

McClave-Brooks co.:
intelligence test. 28320.

High efficiencies. [etc.] 12338
McCall co.:

Fitzgerald (C. M.) More parties.

McClave anthracite stoker. 38582-

Parties all the yr. 15850.

McClave combustion systems
Goldsborough (L. P.) Modern

home. 15985.
Keyes (H. J.) Friendly mother.

McClintock (J. E.) In the depths.

McCullum (E. V.) Menus for McCloy (A. L.) Table of rafter
two wks. 16753.

lengths. 8945. .
Orr (F. G.) Master recipes. 886. McClure (E. L.) McClure's teleg.

(E. S.) Entertaining sound chart. [etc.] 21968, 21969.
without a maid. 18810.

McClure (L. C.) McClure's petroleum
McCallister (A. C.) McCallister code. 26779.

(A. C.) Co. Fired process oriental McClure (0. J.) adv. agency. First
pearls. 5511.

aid to house organ editors. [etc.]
McCandless (J. W.) Assn. administra- 16750, 32437–32439, 51666-51668.
tion. 51657.

McClure (W. E.) Paul's letter to the
Vo('ann & co., inc. :

Romans. 21970.
Eggs down again at McCann's. McClure pub. co.:
[etc.] 8940-8942.

Coulson (R. A.) Towers of
Eight money saving buys


Yaghistan. 15481.
McCann's. [etc.]

[etc.] 21958–21962. Snell (Edmund) Knotted cord.
McCann's fresh eggs.


34320, 40435–40437, 46311-
Me('ann's tours, inc. Travel tips.


McClure-Stitt (Margaret)
McCanse (Keith) Smile system.

(M. M.)
Smile bk. for auto tourists. 28139.

McClurg (A. C.) & co. Kelley (F. C.)
Me('arrie (H. A.) How to become a Fun of knowing folks. 16416.
dental assistant. [etc.] 8943.

McClurg (Gilbert) Brave new world
Me('arrie schl. of mech. dentistry, inc. : of Tex. 44629.
('ourse for dental assistants.

MacColl (G..B.) Syllabus of current
12335, 16742, 21963 - 21965,

internatl. events. 32440.
26769-26773, 32435.

McColley (Grant). Cinderella of the
Mc('arrie (H. A.) How to be-

sea. 41306.
come a dental assistant.

[etc.] McCollom (E.

(E. P.) Forty-nine and
8943, 8944.

colorow. 44630.
Vacart (W. H.) Sign here. 24315. McCollum (E. V.):
McCartan (John) Billy Bullfrog &

How to use a quart of milk. 32441,
the jumping contest. [etc.] 38572-

Menus for two wks. 16753.

McComber (J. B.) Lightning st.
McCarthy (Agnes) Quest. 54269.

guide. 5512.
McCarthy (E. F.) Tale of the tapes- McCombs (R. S.) Teachers guide.
try. 24333.


See Stitt

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McConaughy (Eileen) Torchlight of McCoy motor supply co. Catalog
judgment. 51669.

McConnell (James) McConnell's

MacCready (J. S.) Hints on banking,
prim. arith. chart. 2648.

McConnell (W. J.) Further study of
physiol. reactions. [etc.] 21971,

McCrudden (Francis) Lavina. 41363,

McCulloch (H. W.) McCulloch's com-

plete basket ball score book. 16752.
McCoo (E. J.) Ethiopia before the

McCullough (P. J.):
bar of justice. 7130.

Another soul made happy. 34996.
McCoo (L. W.) State song. 12341.

Bath between. 14141.
McCord (R. J.) jr.:

Kid's first & last fight. 47277.
Failure of success. 8946.

Monkey-shines. 28989.
End of the road. [etc.] 5513,

No. 90 Gower st. 35262.

Shooting of Dan McGrew as it
McCorkle (Nellie) Geog. of Tex.

might have been. 47378.

That merry wife of Windsor's.
McCormick (A. O.) Athenians at

odds. [etc.] 51670-51672.

McCullough (W. T.):
McCormick (Charles):

McCullough bus. bldg. letters for
Innocent villain. 10297.

cleaners. [etc.] 38588-38591.1
Izzy's exclusive Egyptian styles. McCullough optical letters. 604,

Mills of the gods. 35235.

McCullough (R. E.) Natl. conference
McCormick (E. I.) Dear old pal of on the Christian way of life. Com.)
mine. 44631.

on internatl. relations. Internatl.
McCormick (E. R.) :

problems. 52231.
Carmen. 14161.

McCune (Robert) Corres. lessons in
Siegfried. 14344.

elem. mining. 2649.
Tristan & Isolde. 14370.

McCurdy (F. R.) co. Alexander (C.
M«Cormick (H. M.) :

M.) Ford acct. system forms.
Egyptian love song. 51673.

My pipe. [etc.] 12342, 12343.

MacCurdy (J. K.):
Pass her by. 44632.

Faded Rose of Broadway. 7139.
To a smoke. 32444.

Forgotten women. 24139.
McCormick (Hart) Lot & block sys-

Shackles of dope. 10429.
tem. 32443.

Slave wives. 7352.
McCormick (T. K.) Izzy's exclusive

Straight girl. 7368.
Egyptian styles. 10302.

McCusker (Max):
McCowan (H. S.):

Bankrupt. 28795.
Turning tide. 32445.

Broken men. 10182.
Wise man & the fool. 21973.

Road to power. 29054.
McCoy (E. C.):

McCutcheon (D. C.) McCutcheon mail-
Nemco bargain bk. 51674.

ing service. 2708, 16754.
Nemco bargain supply house.

McCutcheon (G. B.) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most. 32448.
New England mills CO. Little

McCutcheon (J. T.) Heir at large.
salesman. 52302.

2650, 38592–38597, 41633-44635.
McCoy (Elijah) McCoy auto radi- McDade (J. E.) Silent reading flash
ator ornament. 38587.

cards. 16755-16759.
Mccoy (M. J.) Teachers' manual for McDole (M. V.):
human geography. 21974.

Kansas. 5515.
McCoy (W. J.) Indianapolis, Ind., Insanity. 2651.
lawyers' direct. 26435.

MacDonagh (John):
McCoy direct. co.:

Brains. 28807.
Aurora, Ill., direct. 35987.

Irish Jew. 7203.
Cedar Rapids, Ia., direct. 36320. Macdonald (Ballard) Battling But-
Clinton, Ia., direct. 8022.

tler. 41285.
Decatur, Ill., direct. 15574.

McDonald (C. A.) Seven symbols.
Freeport, Ill., direct. 15918.

Keokuk, Ia. 26574.

MacDonald (D. J.) Foreman training.
Oak Park, Ill., direct. 27520.

Rockford, Ill., direct. 45821.

McDonald (Foster) Sane living
Waterloo & Black Hawk Co., Ia., 51675.
direct. 1181.

McDonald (George) Baby. 16760.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Macdonald (Hazel) :

Macfadden (Bernarr) Mother
Mr. Katz gets 'em fixed. 35238.

Goose according to physical cul-
Romance à la carte. 19384.

ture. 44645.
MacDonald (H. S.) Oh. 3850.

Truth about a college girl. 28450.
Macdonald (J. M.) Uses of symbol- McFarland (J. H.) Amer. rose ann.
ism. 5516.

Macdonald (J. S.):

McFarland (John) Statement of per-
Exodus. 35103.

sonal property. 32455.
Pieces of flint. 35288.

McFarlin (J. R.) Lightning protec-
McDonald (Malcolm) Coates 1418.

tion for radio antennae. 51686.

McFarland (Julian) Suppl. to solar
MacDonald (R. H.) :

map. 16764.
Law of attraction. 51676.

McFerrin (C. B.) Brewton, Ala. MC-
MacDonald's family almanac.

Ferrin's health bul. 32456.

McFerrin (C. B.) Painesville, 0.

Transitional dinners. 51687.
McDonald (T. C.) Freemasonry & its

McGarity (E. C.) McGarity's rapid
progress in Atlanta & Fulton Co.

premium calculator. 16765.

McGeachy (E. E.) From sapphire
Macdonald (Z. K.):

seas. 51688.
Man of feeling. 10340.

McGehean (George) Dream faces.
Simple Simon. 10434.

MacDonald's farmers almanac. 44636.
MacDonald & Healy. Chinese game of

McGehean (Lois) Dream faces. 16766.

McGiffert (G. H.) Skull that walked.
Sparrow. 5517.

McDonough (E. W.) & co. New Jersey

MacGill (C. F.) Mass. trust co. Value
auto. rates. 16761.

of a trust. 631.
Macdougall (H. C.) Music & its ap-

McGill (E. R.) On memory's wall.
preciation. 12345, 21977, 21978.

McDowell (G. R.):
Area science. 32449.

McGill (E. S.) From Poppy Land to
Man power. 21979.

you? [etc.] 51689, 51690.
MacDuff (Stuart) Semper fidelis.

McGill-Warner co.:

Duluth, Minn., map. 29271.

Mace (A. C.)

Co., Minn., map.
Patience the need of

archaeologists. 21980.

Lake Co., Minn., map. 29337.
(R. A.) Katekizmas

Lake of the Woods Co., Minn.,
maziems vaikams. 44638.
McEniry (E. C.) Bk. for boys. 25179.

map. 7473.

Minneapolis, Minn., map. 29376.
McEvoy (Charles):

Minnesota, map. 7490, 29379–
Gentlemen of the road. 10247.

Likes of her. 41370.
McEvoy (J. P.):

Polk Co., Minn., map. 29481.
Washington Co.. Minn.,

Adam & Eve. 34985.

Potter's. 605, 2652, 3863, 5518,
12346, 16762, 21981-21983, 26780 McGinley (Lee) :
26784, 32450–32450, 38599–38609,

McGinley's income tax rec. 12354.
44639–44644, 51678-51685.

Victory income tax rec. 32457.
McEwan (J. J.) Forty winning plays

McGinnis (Arthur) Tribute to
in football. 43826-43828, 50475.

mother. 51691.
Macfadden (Bernarr) Mother Goose McGinnis (C. L.) Pushing leather.

according to physical culture. 44645. 7317.
McFadden (E. B.) McFadden lang.

McGlynn (Frank) Hell Bent Wade.
ser. 12353.

McFadden (Louis) Tatler. 18740.

McGovern shoe co. Profit figuring
MacFadden publ., inc. :

scale. 16767.
Cabaret girl. [etc.] 15185.
Confessions of a bank burglar.

McGowan (E. F.) Glens Falls times

& messenger. Merchants and mfrs.
Confessions of a dancer. 11304.

cash sales slip. 31576.
Coryell (J. R.) Wife or stenog-

McGowan (Jack) Mama loves papa.
rapher. 15478.

Grant (Margaret) Child of love. MacGowan (Kenneth) Torch-bearers.


pt. I, n. S., v. 20

MacGrath (Harold) :

McGu'nness (E. J.) Catholic art cal.
Golden goose.

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most. M'Guire (C. E.) Badgers only

obstacle in championship. [etc.]
McGrath (M. J.) Flapper. 44646. 44647-44651.
McGrath (Tim) :

M'Guire (C. E.) Big 10 halfbacks.
Antonio Estrada. [etc.] 32458–

[etc.] 51692–51702.

McGuire (W. A.):
Ben O'Brien. [etc.] 26785–36798. Beside the Shalimar. 2663.
Chinatown guides of old days. Girl with two mothers. 7160.

Lady's man.

McGrath tells about when football

Tin goods. 29092.
men had to box. [etc.] 21984- McGurty (Rachel) Moon on the

water. 44652.
Reminiscences. 606, 2654, 5519,

MacHarg (J. B.) System of notes for
12355, 16768.

the study of Amer. hist. 26799.
McGraw, N. Y., direct. 2012.

McHenry (G. H.) pseud. See Stock
McGraw central station direct. 616.

(G. A.)
McGraw electric ry. direct. 8948,

McHenry (R. C.) Hand-gun hist.

McGraw, Hill bk. co., inc. :

Machinac Island, Mich., map. 35506.
Bennett (George) Solution man- Machinery:
ual for advanced acct. 36087.

Machinery's data sheet. [etc.]
Urquhart (L. C.) Tables & diagrs.

89498962, 26800-26809, 38613,

38614, 44653_44655, 51703, 51704.
Willard (R. D.) System bldg. & One hundred dont's. 32488.
constructive acct. 56000.

Self-exam. sheet. 2664–2673, 5533–
McGraw-Hill co., inc. :

Amer. machinist. Machine shop Machol (M. R.) List of corps. owning
ques. 4189.

fleets of Ford cars. 2674.
Beard (J. T.) Coal age cate- McIlhiney (C. A.) Pearls. 14309.
chism. 14943.

McIndoe (L. R.) Cop on our beat.
Eng. news-rec. Kinks for con- 51705.
tractors. 2169.

McInroy (Harl) Flower of the desert.
Hill (C. S.) Lost time in constr.


McIntire (C. R.) Norfolk, Va., map.
McGraw central station direct.


McIntosh elec. corp.:
McGraw electric ry. direct. 8948.

Electron. 20872, 25807-25809,

38615, 43326–43328, 49798.
Manchester (H. H.) Illus. hist.

Waggoner (M. R.) Manual of the
of mining. 2689.

respiroidal current. 28519.
Montgomery (G. L.) Handling

McIntyre (F. X.) Office position.
the finished products of indus.

Morrison (L. H.) Fuel oil

MacIntyre (John) Glen is mine.
pointers. 5713.

Power. Lubrication pointers.

MacIntyre (M. E.) Jehovah reumah
[etc.] 18116, 18117.

(God exalted) 3812.
Swain (P. W.) A B C of com-

McJunkin adv. agency of Chicago.
bustion. 6772.

New adv, campaign. 16777.
Thompson (E. H.) Steam turbine

Mack (E. F.) Mack's movie mob.
pointers. 6803.

8963, 8964.
Wadsworth (Charles) 3d. Bus. Mack (Margaret) pseud. See Amend
side of chemical mfg. 9987.

White (A. H.) Nascent phases of

Mack (Stuart) Everyday mystery.
some basic chem. indus. 10061. 41697, 41698.
MacGregor (Donald) Prettiest girl

Mack (Thomas):
in town. 41407.

Cheerless giver. 44656, 51706.
MacGregor (E. J.):

Sentamentalists. 38616.
Canal boat girl. 35044.

Mackall (Lawton) Boy wanted.
Nancy takes command. 29000.

McGregor, Tex., map. 1422.

Mackall (V. W.) Bagpipe road.
McGregor bros. co. McGregor yr. bk. 19136.

McKane (A. W.) To mother. 51707.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Mackarness (H. J. C.) Light of the McKerall (W. R.) Waters of Muscle
world. 32489.

Shoals. 12390.
MacKay (R. M.) Double

cross. McKesson (John) jr. Five decades

in the opium bus. 12391.
McKay (Ř. W.) jr. See McCay Mackie & Barnes, inc. Cedar grading
(R. W.) jr.

rules. 5540.
Mackay & co. You & your money. Mackinaw City, Mich., map. 35507.

McKinley (J. M.) Fire clay brick.
MacKaye (Percy):

Pilgrim & the bk. 47363*.

McKinley (K. S.) No name! 19313.
This fine-pretty world. 47404*. McKinley pub. co.:
McKean (F. R.) Farm & Soc. life.

Eurasia, map. 35468.

Europe, map. 35469.
McKean (Thomas):

MacColl (G. B.) Syllabus of cur-
Main line. 10335, 14270.

rent internal. events. 32410.
Mind your own bus. 7264 .

McKinley's illus. topics for
McKechnie (R. J.) Phono-syllabic

medieval & modern hist. 22018,
sec. & acct. schl. of Rochester.

Graduation. 18053.

McKinney (D. W.) Key to form.
McKee (Mrs. E. J.) McKee (Har-

riet) Americanism. 5539.
McKee (Harriet) Americanism. McKinney mfg. co. McKinney hinges

& butts. 2675.

McKinnie (Henry) :
McKee (Homer) · Auto biog. 32493.

Little wonder furnace co. Little
McKee (Homer) co. Note from the

wonder warm air system.
landlord. [etc.] 12384–12387.

McKee (K. N.) All yours. 19157.

McKee (Louise)

Little wonder heater co.
Pitman's loose leaf

on's perfection jr. 21915.
suppl. typewriting exercises. 12388.

$22.00 buys me. 5541.
McKee (W. W.) Psychol. thoughts.

McKinnon (E. A.) Tinting kodak

pictures. 32494.
McKeehan (T. W.) History of the

MacKinnon (J. A.) Come. 51711.
golden days. 16780.

Mackintosh (C. H.) Bigger'n a house.
McKeesport, Pa., map. 41554.

McKeever (W. A) Univer. auto card.

McKittrick (Mary) Where fairies
McKeever & Goss. Until the friend

fail. 24365.
is sent. 16781.

Mackmiller (I. H.) Creed of an Amer.

(G. R.) Stories of Neb. 51712.

McKnight, Robinson & co., inc. Ba)
McKellar (E. M.) Mother Goose. anced air. 51713.
5716, 5717.

McLain (R. C.) Detroit Bd. of educa.
McKelvey (E. G.) Ritual of parliam. Course of study. 2091.
law. 44658.

McLaren (E. L.) Brief hist. of W. H.
McKelvie (E. J.) Barnes (M. R.) 48083.
Brief hist. of N. H. 48083.

McLaughlin (E. B.) Short course in
McKenna (Dolores) Tom Mitten's

touch typewriting. 26811.
cousins. [etc.] 22015, 22016.

McLaughlin (Helen) In their right
McKenna (J. H.) Wanna make some minds. 28928.
money. 29117.

MacLaughlin (R. J.) New York.
McKenna (Stephen) Four studies in

Four beasts. 12392.
wives. 44659, 44660.

McLaughlin (R. J.) Philadelphia, Pa.:
McKenzie (Alexander) Idaho. 51709.

Great thoughts & stories. 44661.
MacKenzie (E. I.):

McLaurin (K. L.) It all depends.
Family hold back. 35168.

Good morning, Mr. Keepintab.

Maclean (G. A.) Greater pulling

power & economy for the Ford truck.
Paying the piper. 35283.

Mackenzie (J. L.) Progressive
music? 12389.

McLean (J. A.) Dairy herd.

McKenzie (L. B.) Acoustic educa-

McLean (W. B.) mfg. co. Merchan-
tion. 16782.

dising methods. 12393.
MacKenzie (L. P.) God is all-in-all. McLellan (A. E.) Home again. 7191.

McLellan (Earl) See McLellan
McKeough (Arthur) King Tut. 8965. (A. E.)

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