Lapas attēli

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Long (C. C.) Washington, our natl. Longworth (Frank) Vitzthum (K.
shrine. 51561.

M.) Portfolio bank blds. 18881.
Long (C. 0.) :

Lonsdale (Frederick):
Armistice day. [etc.] 8913, 8914, Aren't we all. 24043.
In memoriam. 38503.

Fake. 24131.
Letters of a world-war veteran to Loomis (Guy) Gen. Wood ousts man-
his mother. 21919.

ager of big Filipino bank. 32401.
Long (Dillard) Juliet's balcony. Loomis (J. L.) Ins. trust estate.

Long (Felix) Chagnon & co. Most Loomis, Suffern & Fernald. Fernald
widely discussed French novels.

(H. B.) Gain or loss on stock.

Long (I. A.) Pride of U. S. A. 51562.

Loper (R. E.) & co. Where the profits
Long (J. A.) Reader for new Amers.

may go. 26736.

López Merino (J.) Currito el de las

guitarras. 24102.
Long (P. A. M.) Factotum. 35106.

López Monís (Antonio) Marie Bri-
Long (S. L.) State medicine. 44566.

zard. 35227.
Long (W. E.) co. There's a differ-

López Núñez (Juan) Niño de las
ence in bread. 5491.

monjas. 24257.
Long (W. J.) Amer. lit. [etc.]

López Pinillos (J.) Malcasados.
51563, 51564.

Long Beach, Calif., direct. 32398.

Lorain jour. Milestones of progress.
Long Beach, Calif., map. 14478,

19560, 41549.

Lord (D. A.):
Long Beach, N. Y., map. 1415.

Dreamer awakes. 14187.
Long Beach city schls. Course of

Pageant of youth. 35274.
study penmanship. 41567.

Lord (E. A. T.) Day of reckoning.
Long Beach finance co. Long Beach 7107.
finance co. 44568.

Lord (G. P.):
Long Beach Signal Hill oil field, Calif., Ans. to Rational arith. 51566.
map. 7477.

Rational arith. 588.
Long-Bell lumber co.:

Training to win. 16697.
Long-Bell plan service. 12313, | Lord (I. E.) Course in household

16695, 21920, 32399, 32400, acctg. 8923, 8924.
38504, 44569-44571.

Lord (Katherine) Let's give a play.
Jones (R. T.) Saving home 51567.
conştr. costs. 16388.

Lord & Thomas:
Long-Costello, inc. :

Hopkins (C. C.) Scientific adv.
All in favor say “aye.” [etc.]


Lord & Thomas' pocket direct.
Enclosed car comfort. [etc.]


Lord & Thomas' pocket direct. 32402.
Fayetteville motor co. For every Lord motor car co.

New-used car.
occasion. 4958.

Great Santa Claus. 5492.

Lorde (André de) Concert chez les
Long Island, map. 35501.

fous. 28835.
Long Island Sound, map. 29345. Lorée-Privas (Francine) Cigalinette.
Long Sang Ti Chinese curios co., inc. [etc.] 3145, 3146.
Ma-jong bk. of instrs. 21921.

Lorentzen (M. A.) Other kind. 24275.
Longacre (John) Ins. co. of N. A. Lorenz (A. W.) Dandy game of
Fla. 44138–44141.

tourex off. guide bk. rules. 26737.
Longfellow (H. W.) Song of Hia- | Lorenz (H. J.) Coward's awakening.
watha. 35350.

Longhi (Marian) Bon vivants. 10178. Lorenz (H. W.) Ideal girl. 38505.
Longmans, Green & co.:

Lorenz (K. K.):
Bentley (E. L.) Bentley's ten- Children's day treasury. 8925.

figure condenser. [etc.] 48197, Christmas treasury. 38506.

Easter treasury.

Grady (W. E.) Modern English Lorenz pub. co.:
series. 37658.

Daughters of liberty. 7105.
Longview, Tex., map. 24510.

Lorenz (K. K.) Children's day
Longview, Wash., map. 19561.

treasury. 8925.
Longview co. Longview, Wash., map.

Christmas treasury. 38506.

Easter treasury. 589.

nos. 1-12, 1923


Volunteer choir. 40994.

Knickerbocker (R. D.) Extortion
Wilson (I. S.) 'Tis Christmas.

plan. 44415.

Lavine (Morris) Amers, reporteri
Loretto literary & benevolent inst.

going to free Clara. [etc.]
Sisters of Loretto. Lang. busy

26664, 26665.
work. 46271, 46272.

Bars of cell sawed by Carson.
Lorimier (G. S. de) Dainty baggage.

[etc.] 32339–32352.

Clara arrives here Friday.

[etc.] 38417, 38418.
Los Alamitos, Calif., map. 1416.
Los Angeles, Calif., direct.

Crime ring exposed. 44483.


Tiger woman traced through

source of funds. 21846.
Los Angeles,
Angeles, Calif.,
map. 14479–

Martin (L. H.) Playwright Vin-
14481, 19562, 24511–24513, 29346-

cent Bryan reveals horrors of
29350, 35502, 35503, 41550, 41551,

dope. [etc.] 38728, 38729.

Naughton (Walter) Ape protege
Los Angeles an. builders guide. 38507.

to live in jungle style. [etc.]
Los Angeles chamber of commerce :

Almond. [etc.] 16699–16701.

Dan Duncan makes good in
Livestock indus. of So. Calif.

big test. [etc.] 52287–52290.
21923, 21924.

Mrs. Phillips' dash to escape
Los Angeles. 26738.

prison. 32405.
Los Angeles, Calif., direct. 51568. Phair (G. E.) Mister George E.
Los Angeles chamber of commerce

Phair finds our studios. [etc.]
alphabetical & classified direct.


Phillips (Clara) Clara's own story.
Los Angeles to-day. 21924.

[etc.] 39465, 39466.
Los Angeles Co., Calif., map.

Sprague (Chandler) Calif. skulls
10573, 29351.

solve riddle of Indian origin.
Los Angeles direct. co.:

Alhambra, Calif., direct. 14732. Los Angeles polytechnic high brow.
Los Angeles, Calif., direct. 16698. Brief rev. of English gram. 44573.
Monrovia, Calif., direct. 16985. Los Angeles rubber co. Catalogue.
Pasadena, Calif., direct. 18013.

Redlands, Calif., direct. 23034,

Los Angeles times. Play-goers revue.

Riverside, Calif., direct. 23058.

Losser (A. M.) How to learn 15 auto.
San Fernando Valley, Calif., direct.

body shop trades with pay. 44575.

Lothrop (M. T.) Timken steel. 5494.
San Pedro, Calif., direct. 27912.

Lotta wear hosiery co. Additional in-
Santa Monica, Calif., direct. 18312.

strs. for mending hosiery. 38509.
Los Angeles evening herald. Cloud

Louden machinery Co. Louden barn
lifted from life. 32404.

plans. 26739.
Los Angeles examiner:

Loudon (Eva) New order. 38-46.
Actor's love affair told after 4 yrs. Loudon (W. P.) Automotive arma-

ture. 51569.
Behr (E. E.) Clara held as host-

Loudoun Co.. Va., map. 10574.
age. 10921.

Louis-Napoléon (Prince) Correspon-
Billy De Beck is the greatest scout.

dance. 9564.

Carpenter (F. A.) Eclipse turns

Map. 10575, 10576, 24514, 24515.
eyes of world on southern Calif.

Supplementary 1923 direct. 51570.
36284, 36285.

Workmen's compensation law.
Clara spirited by girl captor. .

[etc.] 12314, 12315.
Darsie (D. L.) At the local coun-

Louisiana druggist weather chart cal.

try clubs. [etc.] 42978–42996.

Campbell & Barber beaten in Louisiana gulf coast club. Louisiana
semi-finals. [etc.] 36759-36773.

gulf coast club. 51571.
Eddy (D. H.) Reel & unreel.

Louisville, Ky., direct. 5195, 16703.
36942–36961, 43283–43314.

Louisville, Ky., map. 1417, 10577,
Hall (Sam) Tod Sloan picks

Papyrus. 43920.

Louisville, O., map. 35504.
Kelly (Mark) Champion to marry Louisville & Nashville r. r. map.
& settle in L. A. 51227.

29352, 35505.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Louisville blue bk. co. Louisville blue Lucy Lowell clears mystery.
bk. 16704.

[etc.] 8927–8931.
Louisville cement co., inc. Speed lime. Lucy Lowell defends girl's hiking

togs. [etc.] 44579–44598.
Loup City, Neb., map. 14483.

Lucy Lowell tells about the girl.
Louys (Pierre) Woman & the puppet.

[etc.] 16706, 16707.

Lowell, Mass., direct. 596.

Lowell, Mass., map. 1418, 41553.
Love (James) Tramp trip over the

Lowell Sunday telegram:
Lincoln highway. 21926.
Love (Myrtle) How to plan your

Drama. [etc.] 12321.
pupil recitals. 12316.

Fevers of fifty yrs. 32418-32420.
Love (S. A.) sales system. Now for

Lowenstein (H. P.) :
the big clean-up. 32407.

Autumn. [etc.] 44599 44600.
Lovejoy (F. W.) Class poem. 21927.

Grave of Buffalo Bill. [etc.]

Loveland, O., map. 19563.
Loveless (F. B.)

Pioneer dead. 51603.
Bible primer for

Lowinson (Louis) & co. Lowinson's
foreigners. [etc.] 26740, 26741.
Loveman (Leonora) Amers. 7024.

comparative cotton goods chart.
Loving (M. F. B.) Bridal benediction.


Lowman (Seymour) Rept. of a spe-

cial investigation. 51604.
Loving (Pierre) Stick-up. 35381.*

Lowrey (G. N.) co. New York (City)
Lovsted (C. M.) & Co. More-Jones

Buyer's vest pocket direct. 17150–
bronze. [etc.] 51573, 51574.

17154, 45145, 45146.
Lowe (Corinne):

Lowry (E. A.) Amer. aeternum.
After the clock strikes six. 12317.

Colorful wardrobes are going

Lowry (H. B.) Brilliant new series
southward. 590.

on youth's morals & joys. [etc.]
Fashion winners at the horse

show. [etc.] 51575–51578.

Loyal legion of cotusa, inc. Loyal
Footnotes from the footlights.

legion of cotusa, inc. 38548*.

Loyal legion of loggers & lumbermen.
Orange & yellow featured. 16705.

Tabulation of wages. 16709-16711.
Snowline brings out a new sports Loyal liberal league. 51605.
dressline. [etc.] 2642, 2643.

Loyal protective insur. co. Ideal com-
These horse show costumes. 5496.

bination policy. [etc.] 21935–21938.
Lowe (W. L.) Lowe's gem direct.

Loygorri (Francisco) Hora tonta.

Lowe & Campbell athletic goods co. Loyola univ.:
Athletic goods. 38510, 51579.

Loyola speller. 38549.
Lowe motor supplies co.:

Southwell (Robert) Poems. 9819.
Dealer's net price list. 44578.

Young (C. M.) Catalogue & rev.
Everything in radio. 51580.

of plays. 19089.
Lowell (D. 0. S.) Esperanto for be- Lubbers & Bell mfg. co. :
ginners. 51581.

Instr, for playing. 12324.
Lowell (J. I.) Modern banking hints. Problems in Puzzle-peg. 8933.

Lubin (Herbert) Quincy Adams Saw-
Lowell (Lucy) :

yer. 1622.
Anti-flirt crusade. [etc.] 5497- | Lubin (Herbert) productions. Your

friend & mine. 7596.
Barriers fall when need for uni- Lubin (K. M.) Gymnastic facial ex-

ver. love. [etc.] 26743–26751. ercises. 44601.
Career oft costs girl happiness. Luca de Tena (J. I.) Dilemma. 24111.
[etc.] 38511-38541.

Lucas (A.) Tomb may yield new
Death seen as release of immortal color ideas. 16712.

spirit. [etc.] 51582-51602. Lucas (Alfred) Tells of restoring ob-
Desirability of big families hinges jects. 5506.

on nature of home. [etc.] Lucas (Clarence):

Chaucer's music. 21939.
Gold of life can be won. [etc.]

Model musical novel. 51606.

Lucas (F. C.) Elem. physiology.
Lonesome men. [etc.] 591-595. 26752.
Lucy Lowell advises critics. Lucas (G. V.) Father. 51607.
[etc.] 12319, 12320.

Lucas (H. V.) Christmas message.
Lucy Lowell believes. 2644.

[etc.] 51608-51611.

hos. 1-12, 1923

Lucas (John) & co., inc.:

Lung Chang co., inc. :
Guest (E. A.) My castle of hap- Lung Chang counting set. 21941.
piness. 43890.-

Romanovsky (G. S.) Stand.
Snow (A. J.) Bk. of happiness.

rules & regulations. 9601.

Lunnay (J. J.) Hello Biff. 3794.
Lucas (W. H.) Unique card service Lunzer (Fritz) :

of the forty-five combinations. [etc.] Frau Lohengrin. 1259.
51612, 51613.

Konsul Max. 14251.
Lucas (Wilfrid) Marie de Magdala. Lunzer (Oscar Friedmann-) See

Friedmann-Lunzer (Oscar) 1-1342,
Lucas (William) Uniform method & 14343.
system of cost acct. 16713.

Lupke (P.) Curing of rubber heels.
Luccock (G. N.) Paul's prison let- 38551.
ters. 26753.

Lupton (F. M.):
Lucio (José de) Punto de mira. Gifts for everybody. 44603, 41604.

People's home jour. Christmas
Luck (E. M.) Supplementary man-

club. 39421.
ual of instr.

Lupton's (David) sons co.:
Luckey (L. W. A.) Father made it. Auto pts. storage. [etc.] 8934,
[etc.] 597-599.

8935, 16717, 11605-44607.
Lucy (Arnold) Strained relations. Friendly window. [etc.] 51631-

Ludlow, Mo., map. 3970.

Investment value steel Sash.
Ludlow mfg. association. Jute handi-,

[etc.] 12327-12329.
craft. 26754, 31963, 51615.

Lupton display counter. 26756. (Arline Hines-) See Hines-

Lupton steel shelving. [etc.]
Ludovici (Arline)

32422, 32423.
Ludwig (C. W.) Mathilda self ad-

Lupton's storage shelving for
justing abdominal supports. 26755.

heavy duty. [etc.] 21942,
Ludwig & Ludwig. Ludwig drums.


Steel equipment. [etc.] 5508, ,
Ludwig-Baumann & co.


Home beau-
tiful. 5507.

Luque (Fernando):
Ludy (R. B.) Lehman (H. L.) Hijo de la Carolina. 35165.
Story of the bell. 44560.

Regalo de boda. 35310.
Luedders (0. E.) Hillsdale, Mich., Lurie (C. N.) Figures of speech.
direct. 16154.

16725-16733, 21944-21946. 26757
Lufkin, Tex., direct. 600.

26758, 32424-32427, 38555-38561,
Luger sales co. High grade firearms. 44608-44614, 51637-51614.

Luse (A. W.) Amer. ideals. 51615-
Luis de Gálvez (Pedro) See Gálvez

(P. L. de)

Lust (Benedict) Parasco (Christos).
Lukens (D. De V.) Letters from

Apocalypsis of physical immortality.
Venus. 21940.

Lumaghi coal co. How to sell can- Lutheran bk. concern. Conrad (G. L.)
tine. 16715.

Prayers for little ones. 25515.
Lumber merchants credit & inspection Lutheran church cal. 44615.
bur. Facts. 16716.

Lutheran free church pub. co. Vestbo
Lumber trade jour.:


Antikristen. 34708.
Comparison of hardwood stock. Lutrell (Estelle) Mission of San

Xavier del Bac. 8936.
Comparison of stock rept. [etc.] Lutz (H. F.) Pract. & applieil an-
38550_38552, 51616, 51617.

thropology. 16734.
Lumberman's credit assn. Ref. bk. Lutz (S. M.) Sixth sense. 8937.

Lutz printing & cal. co. Lutz's cal.
Lumberman's mutual casualty co. In

your service. 58553.

Lutz's cal. 51648.
Lumbleau (W. J.) Meline (Frank) Luxe (de) radio co. of America. See

co. Home buyer's service. 22140, DeLuxe radio co. of America.

Luyna. L'usage des parfums. 21947.
Lumpkin, Ga.. map. 1419.

Luzerne Co., Pa., map. 29353.
Lumpkin, Beale co. Gift card. 51618. Lyall (M. W.) Lady. 14252.
Lund (Charlotte) Aida. [etc.) Lycoming motors corp. Bus. of buy-

ing a car. 601.

pt. I, n. S., v. 20

Lydon (J. E.) Amer'. univ. of sani- Lyons (Gertrude) Gertrude Lyons,
practic. 47854.

lyric soprano. 38569.
Lydon, Bricher mfg. co.:

Lyons (J. H.) Dads & lads. [etc.]
Dining room. 51649.

Price list. 2645.

Lyons (Katherine) Suggestion for
Lydon mfg. co. Lydon reversible fan. artistic musical no. 38570.

Lyons (M. F.) True Amer. 51653.
Lyford (I. M. L.) Vision & the re- Lyons, Neb., map. 24516.
sult. 44616.

Lynch (E. F.) Look into. 32431.
Lykglas auto renual system, inc. Lynn br. Burdett college, inc. Bus.

Lykglas auto renual system. 16735. administration dept. 32432.
Lyle (C. W.) Kids of Capt. Kidd. Lytle's electric shop. Today's great-

est slave. 21950.
Lyle (Janet):

Lytton savings bank. Modern series
Edukashun. 24118.

of profit earners. 32433.
In business. 19272.

MI-L co. They're wearing 'em now.
Lyles (A. L.):

Running wild. 35319.

Maas (W. C.) Rept. of a special in-
Lynbrook, N. Y., direct. 26759.

vestigation. 44619.
Lynch (D. V.) Warner bros. co. .Like Mabbett (H. I.) Ann Shean. 47146.

money from the sky. [etc.] 6903, Mabbott (T. 0.) Politian. 29031*.

Mabbs (J. K.) Preliminary rept. to
Lynch (E. F.) Past & present base-

the oxygen regulator research com.
ball. 5510.

Lynch (Elliot) Auction whist. 16736. Waben (B. F.) old & the new way.
Lynch (Virginia) Washington Irving

footprints. 2646.

McAdoo-Krallman pub. co. St. Louis
Lynchburg, Va., direct. 32428.

automotive direct. 23138.
Lynchburg, Va., map. 7479.

MacAinsh (A. G.):
Lynde (Francis) Mellowing money. MacAinsh (A. G.) co. $60,000 for
38562–38564, 44617, 51651, 51652.

60. 51651.
Lyndhurst, N. J., map. 1420.

$60,000 for 60. 5165.5.
Lyndonville, Vt., map. 29354.

McAlester, Okl., direct. 26766.
Lynn (C. A.) Poems of ye olden times. McAliley (J. L.) Outline of Amer.

lit. in verse. 21952.
Lynn, Mass., direct. 12330.

McAlpine (C. A.) Printed preaching.
Lynn, Mass., map. 3971.

Lynn Burdett college. Burdett college MacAlpine (J. D.) Abstract of arbi-
secretarial dept. 26760.

trat on ('om. decisions. [etc.]
Lynwood, Calif, map. 1421.

Lyon (A. H.) Co-operative first Mexi. McAlpine (R. K.) Manual for quali-

can party to prove permanent. [etc.] tative analysis. 5165.5.

VcAlpine (W. S.):
Lyon (G. A.):

Birmingham, Mich., map. 10521.
Master François Villon. 41381.

Bloomfield Township, Mich., map.
Pastine of eternity. 24279.

Lyon (J. B.) co. New York (State) Ferndale, Mich., map. 10545.

('ts. of record. Off. ed. law repts. Royal Oak., Mich., map. 3990.
27:220–27226, 39129, 39140, 52325- MacBean (W. M.) Reg. of St. An-

drew's soc. 26767.
Lyon (L. S.) Cases & problems. 70.

Macbeth (J. C. H.) Clave verbatim
Lyon & Healy, inc.:

supplemental. 16740, 16741.
Lyon & Healy victrola adv. 44618. Macbeth (Norman) Macbeth day-
Lyon & Healy, inc. Lyon & Healy lighting co., inc. Daylighting in the

newspaper victrola adv. [etc.] operating room. 51656.
32429, 32430.

Macbeth daylighting co. Daylighting
Lyon & Healy newspaper victrola

in the operating room. 51656.
adv. service. 602, 8938, 16738. McBoyle (A. B.)

(A. B.) McBoyle (Alex-
Lyon & Healy victrola adv. [etc.] ander) Message of the sphinx.
21918, 21949.

Milline & actline adv. system. McBoyle (Alexander) Message of the

sphinx. 21957.
Lyon furniture merc. agency. Lyon- McBride (M. M.) X. Y. colorscopes.
red bk. 603.

8939, 26768, 32434, 38571, 44620.

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