Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Levi (A. A.) Taking their own medi- Lewis (F. C.) Union labor direct.
cine. 29083.

Levin (J. L.) Anfänger. 51508, 51509.

Lewis (G. B.) co. Honeyware. 38470.

Levinger (E. E.) :

Lewis (G. P.) Handy guide.

Handy guide. 12298.
At the cross roads. [etc.] 38465- Lewis (H. J.) Exchange. 8888.

Lewis (Harry) :
Benefit of clergy. (etc.) 32375–

Don't weaken. 19209.

What would you do? 24363.
Golden staff. 41342.

Lewis (J. B.) What do you know
Good Jewish girl. 8886, 8887.

about Fla. 11536.
How Succoth came to Chayim. Lewis (J. F.):

Amer, racing guide. Consensus of
Jephtha's daughter. 24190*.

the best racing systems. 47810.
Jewish holidays. 26679.

Amer. racing guide early speed
Let there be light. 41366.

system. 26683.
Light. 51510.

Lewis (Janet) Friendly adventures
Light of Israel, 41369.

of Ollie Ostrich. 51512.
Out of Egypt. 41401.

Lewis (Kathrine) :
Pageant of Esther. 41402.

Betty pulls a bone. 47159.
Romance of old Egypt. 21879.

Fixing Fay. 7147.
Ruth of Moab. 41416.

Reforming Romeo. 7320.
Sick Purim. 41426,

Skirt shy. 24318.
Silver cup. 41427.

Sucker list. 10442.
Star of Judah. 41433.

Lewis (L. R.) Loose-leaf test com-
Under the skin. 44532.

pendium. 21885.
Unlighted Menorah. 41448.

Lewis (M. L.) Jem Mace was first
Levis (C. R.) Automotive service bur. foreign contender. 51513.

Automotive ref. manual. 14885. Lewis (P. J.) Monkey glands. 35243.
Lévis Mirepoix (Duc de) Seigneur in- Lewis (R. C.) Trapping muskrats
connu. 2607.

under the ice. 14537.
Levy (R. M.) Heavenly road. 16668. Lewis (S. A.) Hope of immortality.
Lery (Meyer) Mr. Jay Dee in a court 12:299.
for delinquent debtors. 21880.

Lewis (Samuel) Wholesale catalogue.
Levy ptg. co. Office drummer. 21878. 26684.
Levy-Shulman & co., inc.:

Lewis (W. D.):
• Broadway versus Main street. Law of partnership. 38471.
[etc.] 26680, 26681.

Silent readers. 8889, 21886, 21887.
Dress dept. builders. [etc.] 21882– Lewis Co., Wash., direct. 581.

Lewis hotel training schls. (Tea room
Pick of the wool. [etc.] 44533– inst. of the Lewis tea room train-

ing course. 26685–26687, 44538.
Second ann, rev. 51511.

Lewis motor mart Co. Catalogue.
Setting the pace. 16669.

Signals. 38469,

Lewisohn (S. A.) Managerial achieve-
Yr, old giant. 580.

ment. 51514.
1923—three of the giant sellers. Lewiston, Me., map. 24506.

Lewiston, N. Y., map. 41547.
Lewis (A. F.) & co. Ptg. trades blue Lewiston, Pa., map. 35498.
bk. 915, 3144, 13184, 54219.

Lewistown, Mont., map. 1413.
Lewis (Barran) Wide open spaces.

Lewkowitz (I.) :

Jewelry. 5476.
Lewis (C. B.) Christmas fun with New jewelry for old. 51515.

the brownie chimney sweeps. 47181. Lewsley (J. E.) R. r. rooster. 38472.
Lewis (Clifford) Lewis hotel train- Lexington, Ill., map. 35499.

ing schls. (Tea room inst. of the) Lexington, Ky., map. 7474, 29341.
Lewis tea room training course. Lexington, Va., direct. 16671.
26685-26687, 44538.

Lexington herald:
Lewis (E. B.) Plot & plot sources. Abundant service. [etc.] 21888–
5475, 26682.

Lewis (E. E.) Lewis Engl. composi- Grocery-store conven'ence. [etc.]
tion scales. 32379.

Lewis (E. M.) Uncle Sandy, detec- Lexington times. Rambler's rambles.
tive. 35386.

Lewis (E. S.) Up to date wrestling. Libby co. Jaques (B. E.) Helen Hyde

and her work. 26485.

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Libby, McNeill & Libby:

Life insur. sales research bur. Your
Greater richness. 32380.

future agents. 51519.
Now try Mrs. Christie's sunshine Life line pub. co. Life line precepts.
bread. 26694.

Liberal, Kans., map. 14477.

Life planning inst. :
Liberté. Debisschop et Calchas. Fila- Davenport (Wm.) Care of the
tures et arrestations célèbres. 15572.

body. 49383.
Liberty Co. Liberty, the univer. card Self anal. 12301.
game. 2608.

Textile indus. 8893.
Liberty mutual insur. co. Add a mu- Life service, inc. Explanation of
tual auto. saving check. 8891.

terms. 26697.
Liberty natl. bank. How much do you

Life wire direct. Pubrs. Duquesne
know. 5477.

telep. bk. 26720.
Librairie Delagrave. See Delagrave Lifsey's tours, inc. Lifsey tours. 2615.

Liftchild (Charles) U. S. natl. bank.
Librairie Gallimard. See Gallimard Savings acct. 46778.

Ligada (Paul) Lecture on teaching,
Librairie Hachette. See Hachette 1232.

Liggett (Carr) Bk. of the Rhymer's
Library bur.:

club. 21895, 51521.
Cards & filing supplies. 5478. Liggett & Myers tobacco (0.:
Liby. furniture. 2609.

Ageing in wood makes tobacco
Unit filing cabinets in wood. 21894.

mild. [etc.] 38476-38480.
Lichtblau (Harold) Dr. Puffer & pa- Day in & day out Fatima. [etc.]
tient Pincus. 35080.

32386, 32387.
Lichtenberg (M. H.):

Don't I know it? [etc.] 21896.
Missing links. 8892.

They wear away. 2610.

I'd like it mild. (etc.) 12302.
Lichty metal products co.:

Monitor metal bldg. products. . If you ever smoke a pipe. 14510.
[etc.] 32381, 32382.

One of the greatest elec. signs.
Ventilation for live stock. 26695.

Liddell (F. J.) Safety radio system. Velvet Joe's almanac. 3510.

What. 515.22.
Lieb (Hermann) Dope. 28858.

Light (A. G.) Coming show mag.
Lieber & Lewis. Love-rogue. 41372*. 8056.
Liebfreed (Edwin) To a meadow Light (C. P.) jr. Bomb. 20161.
lark. 51516.

Lightfoot (F. J.) Bits of Arden.
Liebman (Charles) Probation officer. 51523.

Lightolier co.:
Liebman (E. L.):

After sunset Lightolier. 2016,
Mazie speeds it up. 24238.

Richard Wagner. 19378.

Lightolier lamp catalog. 14341.
Roarin' Pete. 19381.

Lighton (Frederick) Selecteil regents.
Liederman (E. E.) Muscular develop-

ment. 12300.

Lignereux (Georges) Sainte Odile.
Lief (Max) Snapshots. 51518.

Lietz (A.) Co, Solar ephemeris. 5480. Lillard (J. E. S.) Nocturne. 29006.
Life extension inst. :

Lillard (W. W.):
Health membership. [etc.] 38473, Travel. 2618.

U. S., map. 1499, 1503.
How to live long. 51518.

Lilly (J. F.) Martin (L. W.) co.
Life in an Eskimo home. 6238, 6239. Perfect auto 5570.
Life inst. :

Lim (Yan-Chow) Double score tables.
Economic salvation. [etc.] 2611- 16674.

Lima (C. A. de) See De Lima (C. A.)
Heaven everywhere. 16672.

Limerick (O. V.) Acid dentifrice as
Life insur. almanack. 26696.

an intelligence test. 28320,
Life insur. co. of Va.:

Limouze (A. H.) Star of Bethleheni.
Archer (W. W.) Silent father. 2619.

Linares Rivas (Manuel) :
Looking ahead. [etc.] 32383– Abolengo. 14131*.

Como Dios nos hizo. 7088.
Tim of New Orleans. 38475.

Mala ley. 24228.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Lincoln (Abraham) To Mrs. Bixby. Lindsay (Howard) Blue sky. 14155.

Lindsay (L. E.) Oklahoma, map.
Lincoln (E. A.) Comparison of the 19597.
intelligence. 18372.

Lindsay (M. M.) Compilation & in-
Lincoln (E. S.) Belgrade Lakes, Me.,' terpretation of finan. statistics.
map. 29176.

Lincoln (F. S.) When autumn comes.

Lindsay (Vachel) 10 bks. I have er-

joyed most. 38482.
Lincoln (Janie) Janie Lincoln's Lindsay, Calif., map. 29343.
toilet preparations. 12304.

Lindsay & Brewster, inc. Auto guide.
Lincoln, Neb., direct. 32388.

[etc.] 26700-26712.
Lincoln, Neb., map. 24507.

Lindsey (B. B.) Training not pun-
Lincoln city direct. Lincoln, Neb., di- ishment. 8895.
rect. 32388.

Lindsey (S. M.) Bible baptism.
Lincoln chemical works. Open road 26713.
to your success. 16676.

Lindskog (Frederik) A. B. C. ry.
Lincoln Co., Okl., map. 7475.

guide. 51525.
Lincoln highway, map. 29342.

Lindstrom (J. W.) Duplex & apart-
Lincoln press.

St. Louis weather bk. ment houses. 5482.

Linebarger (I. B.) As a little child.
Lincoln telep. & teleg. co.

Toll oper-

ating practice. 16677.

Liner service co. State gazette, Dy-
Lincoln trust co. :

ersburg, Tenn. Campaign closes
Lincoln educa. Savings contract. Wednesday night. [etc.] 23568,

Lincoln trust Christmas club.

Linfield (C. S.) Christian science &

its eternal unfoldment. [etc.],
Lind (V. J.) Lind, Hendrickson co.

44550, 44551.
Complete home gymnasium outfit.

Ling (Milton) Romance à la carte.

Lind, Hendrickson co. Complete home Linger (C. H.) Rept. of a special in-
gymnasium outfit. 38481.

vestigation. 38483.
Lindau (J. W.) Planning your spend. Lingo (C. L.) Bases for freight
ing. [etc.]
[etc.] 582, 583.

charges, 21899.
Lindberg (Folke) Health is wealth.

Link (A. S.) Right lawyer. 29052.

Link belt co. :
Lindberg (J. C.) English gram. for Link-belt chain & equipment.
secondary schls. 21898.

Linde air products co.:

Link-belt elec. hoists. 12305.
Fetherston (T. C.) Cast iron Linkoff (J. J.) Daily Amer. handi-
welding. 37240.

capper. 2620.
Oxy-acetylene tips. 53952.

Linnell (Gertrude) Borrowed wings.
Lindell (A. G.):

Van of the ages. 19135.

Linser-verlag, g.

m. b.
b. b.

h Surya
Whence. 21021.

(G. W.) Ursprung. 28360, 28361.
Linden, Mich., map. 24508.

Linsky (F. B.) :
Linder (Marx) Take one bottle.

America & the Jew. 47142.

Cupid & calories. 7100.
Lindley (Bessie) Symphony orch- Linthicum (C. W.) Triangle stores
estra. 8894.

adv. club. 51527.
Lindner (Henry) Destroyer of

Linton (M. H.) White fly. 41460.
women himself destroyed. 28850. Lion chemical laboratories. I'd like
Lindquist (F. 0.) Master course of

to have. [etc.] 21900–21911.
selling force. 44545-44519.

Lion dry goods co. Announcing the
Lindsay (A. A.) Scientific prayer.

Lion store's semi-annual sales.

2621, 32390.

Lion store. It's the silliest thing.
Lindsay (Donald) Danckelmann

(Mary) Art-dress-league. 15543.
Lindsay (G. F.):

Lionel trading co., inc.. Fleur celeste.
Fowler (L.
(L. H.) Architectural

monograph. 8466.

Lipman (Clara) Live statue. 24211.
Weyerhaeuser forest products. Lippincott (H. M.) Acct. of the
Your future home. 28653.

people. 16678.

pt. 1, n. s., V. 20

Lippincott (J. B.) CO.:

Little acorns. 38493.
Evans (Mary) Costume silhou- Little, Brown & co.:
ettes. 49829.

Brooks (Harry) First bk. in
Hale (E. M.) Lippincott's silent

arith. 7862.
reader. 50582.

Farnol (Jeffery) Sir John Dering,
Lipschutz (Abe) :

15813-15817, 21020-21024, 25917-
Babies must play. 7030.

25919, 31320–31325, 37203–37205,
Enchanted garden. 41327.

His majesty's embassy & other
Evolution of light. 3715.

plays. 28914.
George's peaches. 35129.

Mass. Sup. jud. ct. Mass. repts.
In an electric shop. 24174.

44754 44763, 51888.
Lovin' Sam. 7003.

Meyer (Zoe) Garden of happi.
Thrill of a courtroom. 24342.

ness. 32690.
Two horsemen of horseplay. Stewart (G. B.) Jumping into

the jungle. 34424.
Lipson & Adelson. Declaration of Treasury of plays for men. 35381*
prin. [etc.] 51529, 51530.

Little leather library corp. :
Liquid carbonic co.:

Kielty (Bernardine) Sidewalks
Always efficient ice
ice cream im-

of N. Y. 16475.
prover. 5484.

$5,000 in cash prizes. 21914,
Wonderful stabilizer for water. Little Main st. stores, inc. Little Main

st. 12307.
Lisa (Mona) Canned scandal. 10187. | Little Rock, Ark., map. 19557–19559.
Lisbon, Me., map. 1414.

Little wonder heater co. Cameron's
Lisbon, N. H., map. 3968.

perfection jr. 21915.
Lisle (Ann) :

Littlefield (Addie) Song of joy is in
My romantic husband. [etc.] the air. [etc.] 54596, 54597.

Live Oak, Fla., direct. 51552.
Our marriage adventure. 584, 585,

Lively (C. E.) & co. Lively's paints.
2622–2626, 5485, 5486, 8896–8901,

16679-16686, 21912, 21913, 26714-

Livermore, Ky., map. 29344.
26718, 32391, 32392, 38484-38491,


Livermore & Knight co.:

Eastern stand.
List (W. B.)

12308, 15705,
Savings fund system.

36936, 36937, 43274, 49719.
Lister (C. C.) Stand. specimens for

Sibley (F. S.) Human elem. the
grading 51544.

most neglected factor. 23281.
Lister (H. B.) Clytemnestra. 41310.

What New England mfrs. must do.

Lister (L. U.) Listmore savings guide.
[etc.] 5487, 5488.

Livermore fire brick works. Structures
Lister (L. W.) Birth of the golden

of everlasting beauty. 26721.
poppy. 7048.

Livestock service of the Capper farm
Listina (Adrian) pseud. Jem Mace

press. Helping Holsteins. 51553.
was first foreign contender. 51513.

Living arts. 8903.
Litchman (F. B.) Marblehead. 38492. Living church ann. 51554.
Littell (C. G.):

Livingston (Arthur) Each in his own
Automotive specialty CO. Cat. way, & two other plays. 47208.

Livingston (L. J.) Water & beer.
Elec. appliance co. Cat. 15723. 16687.
McCoy motor supply CO. Cat.

Ljunggren (E. H.) Instr. in the art

of improvising an instantaneous wa-
Kilmer & sons co. Cat. 44391.

ter heater. 44559.
San Antonio machine & supply co.

Ljungstedt (Mrs. Milnor) Marriages
Catalogue. 45901.

by inference. 16688, 32395.
Littig (Frank) Littig's new harmony Lloreda (Mario) Maria. 14641, 29725.
self instructor. 44554.

Lloyd (A. D.):
Little (A. E.) co., inc. Little (A, E.)

Lincoln Co., Okl., map. 7475.
Ser. of six letters. 12306.

Treatise on the elem. vaporite.
Little (C. A.) Wife tells sword fight

story. 32393.
Little (R. H.):

Lloyd (F. R.) Tampa Havana co.
Barkless airdales of Hollywood.

This is the individual cigar smokers'
[etc.] 44555-44558.

own co. 23671.
Not Hollywood. [etc.] 51545– Lloyd (Frank) Outline of the hist. of

drama. 5489, 26722.

aos. 1--12, 1923

Lloyd (Gladys):

Lockrow (U. D.) Scout first aid.
Complete Christmas bk. 47187*. 16691.
Mother Goose dramatized. 10362. Locks (A. L.) Rept. of a special in-
Vacation. 29108.

vestigation. 38499.
Lloyd (Harold) 10 best bks. I have Lockwood trade jour. co., inc.

read. 21916.

wood's direct. of the paper & allied
Lloyd (J. C.):

trades. 44561.
Agent's contingent comm. agree-

Lockwood's direct. of the paper & al-
ment. [etc.] 8904, 8905.

lied trades. 44561.
Table for basing extra or contin-

Lodge (Sir Oliver) Elect. theory of
gent comm. of agents. 32397.

matter. 38500.
Lloyd (John) Firpo knocks out Her-

Loeffel (G. J.) Ukollect system.
man in Havana fight. 32396.

Lloyd (M. M.) This new & arid West.

Loeffler (E. H.) Slickers. 19400.

Loewenberg (Herman) Storm. 3889.

Loewenthal securities Co.
Lloyd (W. A.) Christos anesti. 8906.


trust certificates. 51558.
Lloyd bros. Gleaner. 38497.

Loftis bros. & co. Diamonds, watches,
Lloyd George (David):

jewelry. [etc.] 8909-8911.
England profits. [etc.] 12909,

Log cabin baking co. What is your

test of a good loaf. 16692.
Lloyd George appeals for united
action. 51555.

Log cabin products co. Taste of ma-
Lloyd George sees a red Germany

ple. 587.

Logan (H. H.) Duro metal products
as menace. 5490.

(0. Lilly hoist controller. 4894,
Lloyd George sees crash. [etc.]


Logan (Henry) Color lighting & dis-
Lloyd, Thomas co.:

play work. 44563.
Thomas (J. J.) Why you. 46582.

Logan, Utah, direct. 44564.
23 tests of a good appraisal serv- Logan, W. Va., direct. 38501.
ice. 44560.

Logan, W. Va., map. 7476.
Lloyd's reg. of shipping. Lloyd's reg.

Lohse (Charles) Rept. of a special
of Amer. yachts. 26723.

investigation. 38502.
Lobeck (A. K.) Physiographic diagr. Loisellier (Louis) Sécurité commer-
of Europe. 586.

ciale. 16693.
Localized adv. corp. Main st. 8907.

Lokensgaard (K.) Outlines of the
Locke (A. H.) Vindicator. 26724.

catechism. 26727.
Locke (A. T.) Alimony. 16689.

Lomax (A. C.):
Locke (E. L.):

Beyond the world. 3733.
Merchant agreement with U. S.

Cur. 3758.
savings assn. 26725.

Lombardo (Carlo) Bambola della
United savings assn. Membership

prateria. 24052.
card. 28496, 28497.

Lombardo (P. T.):
Locke (Edward) Yesterdays. 24380.

Companion of the sick. [etc.]
Locke (Harry):

See Arizona. 51556.

Thibault (B. C.) Catholics &
Southwestern States, map. 10638–

Protestants. 3487.
10640, 14538.

London (Abraham) Modern Engl.
Locke (J. F.):

Apprenticeship course for ptg. ap- London, England, map. 24509.
prentices. 38498.

London, Ky., map. 35500.
Punctuation for printing appren- London daily mail :
tices. 21917.

Exquisite bust of Tutankhamen's
Locke (Margie) You can do it.

wife. [etc.] 13960–13963.

Weigall (A. E. P. B.) Carnarvon
Locke (R. J.) Mr. Wong. 7266.

crest. [etc.] 10021-10030.
Lockesburg, Ark., map. 41548.

London shoe co., inc. Change your
Lockhardt (W. F.) How to make shoes each time you change your
forms for concrete bldgs. 16690.

suit. [etc.] 51559, 51560.
Lockhart (Marion) Histoires, contes Lone (Loretta de) See De Lone
et récits. 21918.

Lockhart (V. W.) Jackie Coogan. Lone star gas co.

Extension tables.

Lockport, La., map. 3969.

Long (Mrs. Arthur) Two ways of
Lockport, N. Y., direct. 26726.

love. 44565.

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