Lapas attēli

pt. I, n, S., v. 20

Lascelle (Ward) productions. Mind

Morian (Jacques) Oraison
over motor. 1596.

dominicale illustrée. 2758.
Lascelles (Harold) Bk. of instr. Lauriat (C. E.) jr. Sargent (G. H.)

Lauriat's. 18314.
LaSchum (E. E.) Rept. of a spec. Laurie (J. M.) Acorn. 14691.
investigation. 38407, 38408. .

Lauris (Georges (le):
Laska (Edward) We've got to have Conquête. 44482.
money. 19447.

Gisèle s'évade. 8860.
Lasker (E. De B.) Here am I. 38409. Lauwick (Hervé) :
Lassen (M. C.) Days of the wk. Ne m'épousez pas! 14298.

Singe vert. 35341.*
Last mile home. 5143.

Lauzanne (Stéphane):
Las Vegas, Ner., map. 14476.

Invaders of Essen Soon out of
Latham (Ira) Moto-calculator.

sight. 2588.

Père Joffre. 38416.
Lathrop (C.P.) Come prima. 3756.


Laval (de) steam turbine co. See De

Lathrop (F. W.):

Laval steam turbine co.
Exercises for the supervised study Lavedan (Henri) Catherine. 7066.

period. [etc.] 51153, 51454. Lavine (Morris) :
Home project plann ng. [etc.] Amers. reptd. going to free Clara.
38110, 38411.

[etc.] 26664, 26665.
Teacher transition. 12269.

Bars of cell sawed by Carson.
Lathrop (J. C.) Christian science.

[etc.] 32339–32352.
2586, 2587.

Clara arrives here Friday. [etc.]
Latimer (J. W.) Our Indian bur.

38417, 38418.
sistem. 514.12.

Crime ring exposed. 44433.
La Tosca (0. La Tosca complexion Tiger woman traced through
powder. 2151.3

source of funds. 21846.
La Tour (Maxine):

Law (G. A.) How to face clarinet
Homme qui ressuscite. [etc.] mouthpiece. 21851.

3114, 0415, 12:270. 12271.

Law (George):
Trahie par sa meilleure amie. Among the Pueblo Indians. [etc.]

26666, 26667, 38419.
La Tour-Albrecht (Georg) Faschings-

How the farmer is answering the
kavalier. 28878.

challenge. 32353.
Laub (D. K.) Strictly confidential.

Indians block palm monument bill.

[etc.] 21847-21850.

Our friends of the wild. 5446.
Laudenbach (Henri) But each man

Solves old age with live interests.
kills the things he loves. 24064.
Laughlin (C. S.)

[etc.] 16635, 16636.
Vagrant verse.

When the elements rage. 569.

Law (Harrison) Law's statistical
Laughlin (M. J.) Cal. of the colonies.

tables. 21852.

Law (Hartland) Big trees. 2589.
Laumann (E. M.) Aventure amou- Law digesting co. Washington (State)
reuse et tragique. 14479.

Sup. ct. Wash. decis. 46921, 55893-
Laundryette mfg. co.:

Best gift for brides. [etc.] 32337, Law list pub. co. Amer. law list. 7652.

Lawler (Finn) Lawler says first land
Buttons saved are the symbols of clearing in N. Wisc. was at Lac

the work. [etc.] 38413-38415. Vieux desert. 12274.
Famous wringless laundryette. Lawler (L. B.) Two Latin playlets.
[etc.] 44180-14481, 51457.

, .

Laun-dry-ette sales promotion Lawrence (E. H.) Truth about Fic-

campaign. [etc.] 12272, tion. 35382.*

Lawrence (G. A.) Streak. 19408.
Laurel, vd., map. 24504.

Lawrence (H. E.) Alice in Player-
Laurel bk. co.:

land. 5447.
Davidson (Isobel) Fifth reader. Lawrence (H. J.) H. J. Lawrence

acctg. & income tax recs. 2590.
Sixth reader. 15551.

Lawrence (H. W.) Henry Ford presi-
Laurel Springs, X. J., map. 1412.

dential bananas. 32354.
Laurens (Henri):

Lawrence (J. D.) :
Métivet (Lucien) Délurette et Add yrs. to life. [etc.] 16637–
Lambine. 2711.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Bank trust income bond. [etc.] Lea & Perrins. Seasoning suggestions.

Bldg. assn. income plan service.

Leach (A. B.) & co.:
[etc.] 38420, 38421.

Careful rev. of fundamental sta-
Home builders community trust

tistics. 51458.
plan [etc.] 32355–32359.

Independence. 2594.
Identification pocket savings bank.

Leach (C. F.) Descr. & planting di-

rections. 44488.
Living trusts. 8861.

Leach (J. E.) If you want to have
Savings endowment bond. 2591.

a home. 51459.
Lawrence (J. E.) Jubilee minstrel Leachman (H. B.):
first-part. 35189.

Fisher jewelry Co. Diamonds &
Lawrence (Jeanette):

watches on faith. 31398, 31399.
Ginger snaps. 19242.

Ryer. Featuring these specials
Hokey pokey. 19264.

for to-morrow. 39786.
Nerve. 19337.

Ryer jewelry co. Pearls, pearls,
Lawrence (R. B.) Cannibal love af.

pearls. [etc.] 33980, 33981.
fair. 10189.

10.000 radio outfits free.
Lawrence (R. W.) Count. 47191.

Lawrence (V. S.):

Leacock (Stephen):
Can't miss. 24070.

Conjuror's revenge. [etc.] 38423–
Kelly's vacation. 47275.

Two fellows & a girl. 10469.
Lawrence (W.) pseud. See Meyers

Retroactive existence. 51460.

Stephen Leacock exposes to view.
(W. L.)

[etc.] 16642-16647.
Lawrence, Mass., direct. 44484.

To nature & back again. 44489.
Laws (A. C.) Finishing the chapter. Lead, S. D., map. 35495.

Leader specialty co., inc. Leader spe-
Lawson (A. W.) Lawsonomy. 34959. cialty co., inc. 16648.
Lawson (J. H.):


(B. M.) Traffic problem.
Processional. 29035.

Roger Bloomer. 35316.*

League for betterment of retail auto.
Lawton (Thomas) Beauty secrets.

merchandising conditions. Greatest

auto. salesman in the world. 8863.
Lawton, Okl., map. 41545.

League for industrial democracy:
Lawyers co-operative pub. co.:

Soule (George) Intellectual &
Amer. law repts. annot. 47791.

the labor movement. 23506.
Law bks. & their use. 38422.

Thomas (Norman) Challenge of
Lawyers repts. ann. 16640.

war. 23699.
Lawyers guaranteed direct., inc. Law- Leahy (T. F.) North America, map.
yers guaranteed direct. 2592.

29436, 29437.
Lawyer's list. 26668.

Leather belting exchange. Rept. of
Lawyers repts. ann. 16640.

proceedings. 16649, 38426.
Lay (C. E.) Dixie flyer. 44485. Leavell (B. A.) Manual of instr.
Layburn (H. H.):

How to be a debater. 44486. Leavitt (Dudley) Leavitt's farmer's
Peace for all the world. 5448.

almanack. 2595.
Random shots. 8862.

Leavitt (J. A.) Syllabus of the Four
Layne (M. E.) Washing the outside Gospels. 38427.
of the screen. [etc.] 21853, 21854.

Leavitt's farmer's almanack. 2595.
Layne & Bowler corp. Indestructible Leavittsburg, O., map. 3965.
screen. 21855.

Leavy (E. T.) Our everyday frac-
Layton (Mrs. F. P.) Simplified har-

tions. 8864.
mony lesson. [etc.] 32360, 32361.

Lebanon, N. H., direct. 573.
Lazarus (S. F.):

Lebanon, O., map. 35496.
Her bridal knight. 19260.

Lebanon, Pa., direct. 16650.
Little Miss Mischief. 10324.

Lebanon boiler works. Uniflow im-
Matching wits. 19313.

proved return tubular boilers.
Mirror of life. 19318.

16651, 16652.
Lazenby (F. A.) & co. Test wind.

Le Baron (Betty) pseud. See John-

son (B. F.)
Lea (F. H.):

Le Baron (J. K.) Best laid schemes.
Above rubies. 44487.

Crooked stick. 16641.

Leblanc (Maurice) Dorothée. 16653.


pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Le Blauc (Josephine) Drafting & Lee (Russell) Fly gal & the dumb
cutting foundation. 15618.

cop. 28885.
Leblond (Ary) Amour sur la mon- Lee (U. G.) Chronometric chart.
tagne. 38428.

Leblond (Marius) Amour sur la Lee, Mass., direct. 32365.
montagne. 38428.

Lee, Mass., map. 29340.
Le Boulengé (Léon) Sacrifice. 7330. Lee & Kirby, inc. Ad. arts & crafts.
LeBourdais (D. M.) Wrangel Island. 29830, 51470.

Lee bros. Superior hand-embroiderer.

Lech (Simon) Now I know. 14303.

Lectures pour

tous. 8865.

12277, Lee paper co. Eytinge (L. V.) Blue
16654, 21858, 38429, 44491-44493, bk. of bus. letters. 50004.

Lee trailer & body co. Lee-Rolet
Lécuyer (Mme. A. H.) Egarée. dump body for the Chevrolet truck.


Leece-Neville co.:
Lécuyer (Raymond) Lécuyer

Lécuyer (Mme.
A. H.) Egarée. 21859.

Instr. bk. 12279.
Lederer (W. J.):

Leece, Neville elec. lighting sys-
Man from Richmond. 28976.

tem. 32366.
Perfume & music. 35284.

Leece, Neville elec. starting &
Pictures. 35287.

lighting system. 51471.
LeDuc (A. S.):

Leech (C. A.) Program for a com-
Every taper alight on this Christ-

munity observance. 44498.
mas tree. [etc.] 21860, 21861.

Leech (W. S.) Joy & Dido. 51472.

Leecraft (A. S.)
I cannot see your candle's ray.

Devil's ink well.


Leeland (Pauline) Canned scandal.
My pages ride this Christmastide.

[etc.] 2596, 2597.
Lee (Barbara) :

Lees (James) & sons co.:
Barbara Lee adapts newest fall

Knitting & crocheting with Min-
lines. 38430.

erva yarns. 32367.
Barbara Lee shows charming new

Minerva baby bk. [etc.] 12280,

models. [etc.] 32362-32364.

Minerva bk. for knitting. 8868,
Exquisite frocks for the limited

16656, 21863.
purse. 21862.
Fall frocks for mademoiselle.

Lees, Bradner co. Lees, Bradner data

sheets. 44499.
[etc.] 44494, 44495.
Silk frocks for the miss. 12278.

Leesburg, O., map. 3966.

Leeton, Mo., map. 19556.
Youth's dancing hrs. 51465.
Lee (C. E.) Advanced lecture on

Leetonia, O., map. 35497.

Lefax co. Dellinger (J. H.) Lefax
mortgages. [etc.] 41271, 41272.

radio hd. bk. 15579.
Lee (C. V.) Lee bros. Superior hand-

LeFeber (Lester)
embroiderer. 44496.

Rept. of a spec.

investigation. 38432.
Lee (E. M.) Kick. 19285.
Lee (Elisha)

Leffingwell (Nat):
Supervision & disci-

Days of forty-nine. 47199.
pline. 51466.

Signal. 24316.
Lee (F. P.) Mysterious way. 24254.

Leffler (E. G.) Co-op. merchandise
Lee (G. H.):

distributing assn. Would you like
Civics. 51468.

to make some money? 42831.
Lee way of preventing. 5449.

Lefforge (Rush) Customers savings
My trip to the Mediterranean.

acct. certificates. 16657.

Legal aid soc. of N. Y. city. 21 facts
Lee (Harry) White heather. 10492.


about the poor man's lawyer. 51473.
Lee (Jack) Lecture on the dope evil. Legal cal. 5454.

Legal code corp.:
Lee (M. E.) Stop, look, listen. 51469. Internatl. legal ann. 38146.
Lee (N. H.) In a year. 3804.

Legal telegraphic code. 5455,
Lee (Retta) Partners. 47341.

Lee (Robert):

Legal direct. pub. co.

Fisher's pro-
Blame ruffian elements. [etc.] bate law direct. 8423.

Legal reform bur. to eliminate the
Governor lets La. take up Klan loan shark evil, inc.:
burden. [etc.] 574–577.

Francis (C. S.) Why a higher
Portrait of old Skip. 2598.

charge is necessary. 11712.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Genthner (Joseph) Is the small Leich (F. M.) Shriner's greeting.
loans bus. necessary ? 5077.

Hodson (Clarence) Fair rate of Leidich (Christian) C. Leidich's
int. 5241.

cruise aider. 21868.
Financing the workingman. Leigh (C. S.) Agromeck. 14715.
[etc.] 11895, 11896.

Leigh (Magda) ) Not a gentleman's
Raby (R. C.) Draft of a uniform job. 32368.
pawnbroking bill. 13205.

Leigh (William) Origin of the life
Le Gallienne (Eva) 10 bks. I have clock. 51481.
enjoyed most. 38433.

Leighton (Frederick) Selected re-
Lege (Uraine) Bifurcated hopping

gents. 44501.
gale. 51474.

Leighton (Harry) Breaking even.
LeGear (L. D.) Dr. LeGear's poultry 35030.
schl. course. [etc.] 21864-21866.

Leighton (Isabel):
Legenda. 16658.

Liberty hall. 14258.
Legetts, N. C., map. 41616.

Morning after. 19326.
Leggett (F. H. She succeeds. 51475.

Tomorrow. 47408.
Legion of Amer. watchmen, inc. Those Leinert valve CO. Leinert patented

things which are worth living for. automatic 6-inch plate. 16661.

Leininger (G. C.) Always buying.
Legnago (Verona) Calcolatore paghe

[etc.] 26671, 26672.
istantaneo. 16859.

Leiser (A. E.) Williamsburgh sav-
Legrand (Georges) Quand passe la

ings bank. Home service dept.
folie. 51477.

Household budget & acct. bk. 3648.
Le Grand (Maurice) Marche nup-

Leiser (Joseph) Belle of Shushan.
tiale. 51478.

Lehi City, Utah, map. 3967.

Leissing (A. H.) Mass. new law
Lehigh & New Eng. r. r. co.:

system. Mass. small claim collector.
Enlarging the circle. 16659.

Lehigh & New England r. r. co.

Leitch (A. M.) Honor avenged.
Traffic dept. Reducing the high

cost of distribution. 38434.

Lejeune (J. A.) Brief hist. of the
Lehman (B.) Berol (F.)
Berol (F.) System of

U. S. marine corps. 21869.

Leland (F. A.)
memory training. 14996.

Off. list of open &
Lehman (C. H.) Intercommunication prepay stations. 2600, 26673.
in modern bus. 21867.

Leland (H. E.) Household rec.
Lehman (D. A.):

Bk. of instr. 2599..

Leland co.:
Our int. in your glasses does not

Household rec. 16662.
end. 8869.

Leland's household rec. quart.
Lehman (E. E.) Farm economy.


Lelievre (August) Elem. theory of

music. 579.
Lehman (E. L.) Vital-diet health

Le Maire (George) Sure shot Dick.
system. 5457.

Lehman (E. Linwood) Jeune homme

Le Mars, Ia., map. 41546.
pressé. 47269.*

Le Mière (M.) Cousins de la Joy-
Lehman (G. B.) Blending of species.

nerie. 5458.

Lemondale (Ezekiel) jr. See Hub-
Lehman (H. M.) Story of the bell.

bard (D. J.)

Lemont optimist-news. Community,
Lehmer (D. N.) Sierra glamor.

city & neighborhood film adv. 5159.

Lemos (P. J.):
Lehmkuhl (H. W.) Reagents, stains Friendly trees. [etc.] 14502-
& culture media. 12282.

Lehnherr, Barton radio co. Instruc-

Gifts that a boy can make. [etc.]
tions for bldg. 51480.

51482, 51483.
Leiber (Allen) Royal Amer. 29059.

Good ideas for animal toys.
Leiber (Fritz) His conscience. 47251.

Leibowitz (J. S.) :

Good ideas for Easter. 16663.
Author's wife. 10160.

Lemoyne, Pa , map. 24505.
Dated ahead. 10211.

Lengbach' (Georg) Blaue Heinrich.
Leibowitz (Solomon) See Leibowitz 7052.
(J. S.)

Lennon (A. W.) Service co-operation.
Leibson (I. B.) Columbus. 35061. 51484.

pt, i, n. S., v. 20

Lennon (P. G.) Forgive. 14203.

Leser-Lasario (B. M.) Vowel type
Lenormand (H. R.) Failures. 35106*. breathing method. 44510.
Lenth (G. C. D.) Clay products assn.

Lesh (L. L.) Wings. 8875.
Run-off & discharge diagrs. 1967. Lesh (Olga) :
Lentz (A. B.) Circle constr. suppl. Entr'acte. 28867.

Wind of spring. 24376.
Leo (Maurice) pseud. See Connelly Lesher, Whitman & co., inc. Lesher
(J. H.)

mohair. 26676, 26677.
Leo (R. W.) Savage girl. 10421. Leshnick direct. co.:
Leochman (H. B.) Maylone, Flynn. Alton, East Alton, Ill., direct. 20.
Wives. 32626.

Danville, Ill., direct. 2038.
Leominster, Mass., direct. 12283.

Leslie (A. G.) Scenario of Christo-
Leominster, Mass., map. 10572.

pher Columbus. 16665.
León (Valeriano) Al toro, que es una

Leslie (F. M.) Scenario of Christo-
mona! 1238.

pher Columbus 16665.
Léon (Victor) Glueckskinder. 14211.


Leslie (M. E.) Literarium monumen-
Leon (Walter de) See De Leon (W.) tum in memoria. 44511.
Leonard (A. A.):

Leslie (Noel) Q. E. D. 3866.
Do you know why 87 per cent of Lesnicki (Ludwig) Tajemnica czer-

all promotions fail. [etc.] wonej maski. 8876.
32370, 32371, 51485, 51486.

Lesser (S. L.):
Gold mine man. 26674.

Circus days. 24734.
Ounce of story with a ton of Daddy. 7531.
moral. 8870. -

Lessing (Bruno) Something to think
Leonard (Benny) Snap in punches. about. 2602–2604, 5461-5473, 8877–

8885, 12284, 12296, 21870, 21871,
Leonard (C. J.) Ans. to problems in 38438-38464, 44512-44527 51488-
Technical math. 51214-51215.

Leonard (F. H.) Christian science.

Lester (A. G.) Listen to Lester.

16666, 32373, 32374, 44528.
Leonard (G. R.) & co., inc. :

Lester (David) Save your hair. 2605.
Leonard's express & parcel post

Lester (Elliott) pseud. See Liebman

rate bk. 8871.

(E. L.)
Suppl. no. 6. 51487.

Lester (F. M.) Yesterday's candles.
Leonard (Martia) Fantasia in G

(olf). 28876.

Lestico (H. H.) Daily change sheet.
Leonard (S. A.) Wis. (Univ. of)


Sentence recognition test. [etc.]

Let there be light. 4439.
Leonard (W. E.) Red bird. 24294*.

Letourneau (H. G.) How to establish
Leonard (W. W.) Mr. Faux Pas' first

yourself in the peanut bus. 2606.

Lett (G. W.) Opening of closed.
kiss. 3838.

Leong (J. B.):

Letterpress methods corp. Suggestions
Pa-kwa. 8872.

for using automatic compensating
Rules and directions. 16664.
Leonhardy (Alma) Individual algebra

underlay Dittman process. 21872.

Leutz (C. R.)
exercises. [etc.] 49593, 49594.

Super-heterodyne re-

ceivers. 44529.
Leopold, Solomon & Eisendrath :

Levee (M. C.) :
Good stuff. 8873.

Brass bottle. 19667.
Proofs of illus. 32372.

Isle of lost ships. 7546.
Lepina (Antonio Fernández) See Fer-

Jealous husbands. 41745.
nández Lepina (Antonio)
Le Queux (William) Secrets of my

Leveille (E. A.) Freight traffic. 21873-

life. 38435-38437, 44506, 44507.
Le Rouge (Gustave):

Level (Maurice) Ame de minuit.
Aventures de Todd Marvel. 44508. 44530, 44531.
Secret de Wang. 26675.

Levene steel products corp.

Leroux (Gaston) Rouletabille chez steel shelving. 26678.
les bohémiens. 8874, 44509.

Levenson (Jacob) Is it possible?
Le Roy (Nat):

Love will find a way. 24220. Lever (A. H.) How storage helps in
Thrown together. 29089.

marketing. 51507.
Léry (Maxime) Chevaux de bois. Levey ptg. co.:
7074, 47177.

Bank almanac. 1924. 48060.
Lesage (A. R.) Turcaret. 35094*.

Bank drummer. 16667.

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