Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Lifilindex for auto-research in Kub (M.) St. Paul, Minn., map.
personality. [etc.] 38366,


Kuehne (W. H.) Guide to saxophone
Minn. Federal inst. of psychol. repairing. 16532.
Lifil personal anal. 9092.

Kuemmel (W. C.) Chic Amer. dress
Minneapolis. Federal schls., inc. cutting, designing & tailoring schl.

Creative salesmanship. 52083– 1938.

Kugler (Benjamin) Amer. window
Krebs (Theodore) Columbus, O., map. safety device co. Cat. 19952.

Kuh, Nathan & Fischer co. Sincerity
Kree (P. M.) What became of the service. 557, 5435.
hair? 38368.

Kuhlman (A. H.) Everyman's need.
Kreider & Rotzel. Forest Glen. 16531. 14195.
Kreidler (D. C.) co. Bizzy-wizzy bk. Kuhlman (J. H.):

Christmas pageantry. 51390,
Kreymborg (Alfred) :

Puppet plays. 19373, 29041.

Quick work for Easter. 16533-
Silent waiter. 35381.*

Vote the new moon. 35381.*

Kuhn (Bert):
Kriebel (A. C.) Law of personal in- Big tidal waves cause millions
fluence. 8845.

loss. 12233.
Kriebel (H. W.) Montgomery Co., Bulletin. 26620.
· Pa., map. 29387.

Honolulu hears big Bill boom
Krieger (H. J.) Soul of a dog. 7363.

champeen city. 32309.
Krim (A. I.) Philo Judaeus. 54111. U. S. army bosses. 38375.
Krishnamurti (J.) Message from the White sox rookie at U. of Hawaii.
head. 51380.

risin (J. W.) Louisville, Ky. City Kuhn (E. B.) Magic lunar circus.

officials & employes direct. 5495. 14114.
Kroder (Conroy) Ghost intrigue. Kuhn (E. H.) Bumpo the clown.
[etc.] 51381, 51382.

Kroeger (H. W.) Instructions inside Kuhn (Henry) Revolutionary act.
baseball game. 8846.

Kroeger & Ritter:

Kuhn (S. O.):
San Juan Basin, map. 29506.

Our country. 44444.
San Juan Co., N. M., map. 14534. Our govt. 559.
Kroll (Herman) Hot desert. 7198. Kuhn (W. M.) Co-ordinators service.
Kroll map co.:

Everett, Wash., map. 41515.

Kuhn (Walt) Dogs & dogs. 34957.
Puget Sound Country, map. 24613. Kuhn motor co. Pub. opinion is chang-
Kromer (Theodore) :

ing. 32310.
Down on the farm. [etc.] 24022– Kujawa (Jan)

My philosophy.

Dutchman's visit to the show. Kullman (P. C.):
[etc.] 19130–19132.

Kullman (P. C.) co. Advantages
Hunting a job. 47130.

of holding Radio corp. of Amer.
Krompier (Isidore) Krompier design-

[etc.] 44445, 44446.
ing acad. of dresses. Krompier sys- Radio, the third yr. 12235, 16536.
tem of dress designing. 8847.

Kumler (J. M.) Jack's stunt bk.
Krone bros. Lane (Eleanor) Free- 51393.
hand drawing. 12247.

Kummer (Clare):
Kronenberg (Molly Maid Mathilde. Bridges. 3740.

Rescuing angel. 10412.
Kronenberg (O.K.) Klakahma. 14250. Kummer (F. A.):
Kroner (Fred) hardware co. Cata- Bubble. 26621.
logue. 38369.

Woman who talked in her sleep.
Kruger (P. W.) Pulpiderm and

kaodentin. [etc.] 51383-51385. Kun (Emil) Nomographic chart.
Kruse (0. A.) Application for mem- 21799.

bership. [etc.] 26618, 26619. Kunau (Oscar) :
Kruszas (M. L.) McEachen'ą (R. A.) Auto knitter hosiery co., inc. Auto
Katckizmas maziems vaikams.

knitter instr. bk. 25017, 25018.

Schl. of modern dress, inc. New-
Krysto (Christina) Romance of Sac-

way course in fashionable
ramento. 38370-38374, 51386-51389.

clothes-making. 27936–27940.


pt. I, n, S., Y. 20

Kunderd (A. E.) Kunderd gladioli. Ladies of the invisible empire, inc.

Supreme grand council. Const.,
Kuntz (V. S.) Circle of wisdom. edicts & rules. 2577.

Ladoga, Ind., map. 14474.
Kuppin (Louis) Vocal therapy. Laederich (M. A.) Fairy Health's

party. 19223.
Kurkjian (V. M.) Ashbed Libarid. La Farge (C. G.):

Pendulum. 1282.
Kurtz (B. T.) Second greatest god-

Waster of men. 29119.
dess. 35328.

Lafaye (S. P.) New Orleans, La.,
Kurtz (M. J.) Your money. 38378. map. 7494, 14505.
Kurtzmann (C.) & co.:

La Fayette inst., inc. :
Ads for Kurtzmann dealers.

Davies (G. R.) Bus, economics
[etc.] 44447-44450.

& statistics. 20763.
Voice of the Kurtzmann owner.

Haney (L. H.) Ry. traffic &

rates. 21344.

Warfield (G. A.) Bus. corres.
Kusell (Daniel) Great lie. 10258. .

Kusterer (C. C.) Outline of plan for
operation of motors service. 44451.

La Fayette motors corp. La Fayette
Kwong (T. W.) Guide to the game of

manual of operation. 26625, 44453.
sparrow. 16538.

Lafayette South Side bank of St. Louis.
Kyes (H. M.) Margaret lifts the

Making dreams come true. 51397.
gauntlet. 19308.

Lafferty (G. E.) Save vs. spend. 2578.
Kyger (J. C. F.) Modern hotel &

Laflin (L. E.) jr. Simon Peter.
how to finance it. 51396.

Kyle (J. H.) Bomb. 20161.

La Follette (R. M.) Ruhr is like
Labaree (L. W.) Milford, Conn., map. darkest Russia. [etc.] 51398–
41567, 41568.

Labey (Louis) pseud. See La Bis-

Lafort (Nick) Three mile limit.
sonière (Louis).

Labiche (E. M.):
Jeune homme pressé. 47269.

La Grande, Or., map. 14475.
Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon.

La Grange, Ind., map. 10568.

La Guerche (Jacques) Isabelle Fédor.

26173, 43850.
Labiner (Marvin) Inventor's advisor.

Lahey (G. F.) Plan of natl. golf show.

La Bissonière (Louis) Little hunting Lahn (Hugo) Roumania army fights
trip. 7229.

Magyars. 560.
Labor forum. Ind. state fed. of labor.

Laidley (M. F.) Teachers' manual.

32314, 38380.
Laboratory products co. Directions to

Laingsburg, Mich., map. 35493.
parents. [etc.] 16539, 21800–21801.

Laird (E. C.) Safety holder co.
Labour pub. co., ltd. Pitman's pay.

Safety bed cover holder. 39794.

Laird (Rose) Winning beauty from
La Chaussée (P. C. N. de) Préjugé à

the passing yrs. 44455.
la mode. 35094.*

Laird & Lee, inc. :
LaChoy food products. LaChoy sauce

De Rivas (F. M.) Laird & Lee's
sprouts. 26623.

vest pocket stand. Engl.-Span.,.
Lackey (Alexander) Normachart.

Span.-Engl. dict. 8223.

Laird & Lee's diary. 44456.
Lackey (W. L.) Key to chart. 16540. Laird extension inst. Burton (Rich-
Laclede, Christy clay products co.: ard) Short-story writing. 7922.
Stowe stoker. 38379.

Laison (Frank) Sol. of the problem:
Suprafrax. 26624.

for world peace. 34958.
Laconia, X. H., map. 14472, 14473. Laist (T. F) Material & constr.
Lacretelle (Jacques de) Belle journée. costs. 12237, 32315-32317, 38381.

Lait (Jack) Efficiency man. 14190.
Ladd (F. P.) Not what they seem,

La Jard (Thurston) McClurg (Gil-

bert) Brave, new world of Tex..
Ladies birthday almanac. 12236.

Ladies of Elks Grand lodge. See Elks Lake Arthur club. Lake Arthur club.
(Ladies of) Grand lodge.

Ladies of the golden north. Ritual. Lake Co., Ind., map. 24502.

Lake Co., Minn., map. 29337.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Lake Erie-Niagara Falls trail, map. Lambert (Madeline) Count the cost.

Lake of the Woods Co., Minn., map. Lamborn, Hutchings & co. Colton.

Lake Providence, La., map. 24503.

Lamburn (R. C.) William gets
Lake shore ice cream co. Anticipat

wrecked. 16541.
ing a regular treat. [etc.] 12238–

La Monde (Bessie) Duplicity. 3770.
12240, 32318.

Lamont (E. E.) Hop. 10279.
Lake shore mortgage & investment co.

Lampasas, Tex., map. 19552.
Mistakes men make with money.

Lancaster (J. R.) Lancaster mileage

coupon system. 12246.
Lakeland, Fla., direct. 32319.

Lancaster, Calif., map. 19553.
Lakeport, Calif., map. 41543.

Lancaster, Mass, direct. 42731.
Lakeside press, Training dept. Course

Lancaster, N. Y., map. 35494.
in ptg. estimating. 12241

Lancaster, Pa., direct. 32320.
Lakeville, Conn., map. 41544.

Lancaster, Pa., map. 1410.
Lakewood, N. J., map. 1409

Lancaster iron works, inc. Pressure
Lakin (F. J.) Christian natl. redemp-

tanks. 8851.
tion. 2579.

Lancaster mills. Some plan for mak-
Lally (Tony) Girls. 28767.

ing the 1923 spring gingham. 16542.
Lally column co. Lally handbk. 44457.

Lance (H. J.) Rept. of a spec. in-
Lamar (E. D. B.) Sidney Lanier. vestigation. 51409.

Lancey (H. W.) Modern Aegis of
Lamar, S. C., map. 29339.

protection for your loved ones.
Lamar & Barton :

De Bardeleben (Mary) Lambuth-

Land (F. S.) Art of living together.
Bennett bk. 11412.

[etc.] 50602–50604.
Hogan (B. C.) Manual of service

Landay (Maurice) :
for the primary dept. 50782.

Caur triomphe. 21802.
Mouzon (E. D.) So-called funda.

Joli-Mai. 8853.
mentalism. 52162.

Mozart. 28995, 28996.
Parker (F. N.) What we believe.

Landeck (Benjamin) Saved from the

sea. 10422.
La Mare (A. T. de) co., inc. See De Landers (W. P.) City of peace &
La Mare (A. T.) Co., inc.

other lines. 41460.
La Mare (Walter de) See De la Mare Landis (C. S.) Rifle-craft.

Rifle-craft. 16:43.

Landis (Frederick) Hoosiergrams.
Lamb (A. J.):

26627-26632, 32321-32324.

Landis (R. G.) Rich mixtures.
Black is white. 47161.

Come along Mandy. 41311.

Lando (Harry):
Conscience man. 47189.
Lamb (Edward) Rept. of a spec. in-

Love à la carte. 35208.

Maybe. 41382.
vestigation. 44458.
Lamb (H. A.)

Old scout. 35266.
Baiting of the war-

Lane (C. G.) Mem. of freight rates.
riors. [etc.] 38382-38385.
Lamb (H. W.)

Fireside industries.

Lane (Eleanor) Freehand drawing.

Lamb (M. C.) Manufacture of chrome

Lane (F. R.) Nancy Stair. 35251.
leather. 561–564, 12242–12244.

Lane (H. A.) Real estate tabs.
Lamb-Seichepine (Claura) Write to

mother tonight. 51406.

Lane (Loring) Honolulu country
Lambart-Taylor (Maude) Theosophy

club. 2580.
in Dante's Divine comedy. 26626. Lane (R. B.) Jealousy. 3811.
Lambert (H. W.) Marine's message

Lang (G. E.) Maupassant (G. de)
from Flanders. 28977.

Prétendu naturalisme. 38754.
Lambert (I. C.) Legionnaire speaks. Lang (J. J.) Corp. cal. 5439.

Lang (J. W.) Music copying & auto-
Lambert (L. B.) :

graphing. 8854.
Descr. of my long distance crystal Lang (M. W.) Epigrams on human
radio set. 5438.

personality & life. 32325.
Hear Atlanta on crystal. 12245. Lang (Margarete Filet- und tüllar-
How to build one of Leon Lam- be'ten. [etc.] 13942, 13943.
bert's long distance crystal sets. Lang

(Matheson) Purple mask.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Lang (Walter) Dog sense. 26334. Lapeer Co. press. Pamphlet of in-
Langah (David) Charts chiropractic formation & co-op. 21807.
adjustment. 2581.

La Peyrade (R. de) See De la Pey-
Langdon (Harry Dry goods. 7123. rade (R.)
Langdon (W. C.) Ind. univ. memo- | Lapham (Anna) Staff work for
rial masque. 12248.

Rebekah lodges. 12251.
Lange (A. D.) Insur. pictorial. Lapham (S. C.) Red Doc III. 5141.

Lapidos (S. P.):
Langen (Albert):

Two natures in man. 47414.
Propheten. 19371.

Wife of two husbands. 14389.
Till Lausebums. 19422.

Lapp insulator co., inc. :
Wechsler und händler. 47432.

Bul. 21808.
Langenus (Gustave) inc. Six articles Lapp insulators. 26634.

for woodwind players. 16545.

La Prade (Malcolm) Checkmate.
Langer (C. H.):

Walton schl. of commerce. La Raine (Anna) Last stand. 12252.
Constr. acct. 41072.

Larbaud (Valery) Butler (Samuel)
- Fed. tax course. 1174, 6897. Nouveaux voyages. 48623.
Langford (J. H.) Langford base ball Larchmont, N. Y., direct. 697.
bat. 38387.

Lardner (Ring) 10 bks. I have en-
Langham (Byron) :

joyed most. 38391.
David's great victory. 51412. Laredo oil district, Tex., map. 3964.
Significance of God's dealings in Laredo oil fields, Tex., map. 1411.
Moses' time. [etc.]

21803– Large (A. T.) Pegleg mine found.

Langille (A. H.) Our community | Larish (F. A.) Bill of lading. 16548.
savings plan. 8855.

Larison (E. L.) Nascent phases of
Langlade (Henriette Sine détective. some basic chem. indais. 10061.

Larity (H. I.) Vaudeville doubles.
Langley (E. F.) Mademoiselle de la 29110.
Seiglière. 35214.

Larkin (J. F.) jr. Bigam's bigamies.
Langley (W. C.) & co.:

Federal income tax table. 51413. Larkin (R. E.):
Over 140 elec. light & power state- All pie. 19156.
ments. 21806.

Fighting back. 28882.
Langlois (E. H.) Rule of nine. Kentucky cardinal. 19284.

Thing of beauty. 41440.
Langlois Co. Racine, Wis., map. Larkin co., inc.:

Larkin bk, of better homes. [etc.]
Langner (Lawrence):

8857, 38392, 38393.
Five one-act comedies. 1257*.

Larkin economy stores. 51416.
13th apostle. 19465.

Larkin plan. 565.
Langwith adv. & pub. co. Langwith's

Langwith's Larmore (C. H.) Great western cred-
Ia. & motor guide. 38389.

itors' assn.

101 collection system.
Lanigan (E. J.) Baseball cycl. 434.

Larned (W. T.) Jim Daggett. 41359.
Lanoë-Villène. Au pays de Bacchus. | La Rozière (Marie Petitjean de) See

Petitjean de la Rozière (Marie)
L'Anse, Mich., map. 10569.

Larrabee (Anna) Ninety & nine.
Lansing (Ambrose) What do discov- 38394.

eries made in ancient Egypt. 32326. Larrabee (B. C.) Selling talk. 32328.
Lansing (J. H.) Curative value of Larric (Jack) Millions in it. 28982.
raw food. 8856.

Larrimore (Stella) Goats. 41340.
Lansing (M. F.) Introd. Cyrus Larro dairyman. 8858, 26636, 44461.
Hamlin to our schl. 12249.

Larro dealer. 2582, 8859.
Lansing (M. L. 0.) Lansing (J. H.) Larrowe milling co.:

Curative value of raw food. 8856. Blasting for facts. [etc.] 26637-
Lansing, Mich., map. 10570.

Lanston monotype machine co.:

Larro dairyman. 8858, 26636,
Adjustments of the keyboard.


Larro dealer. 2582, 8859.
Elec. melting pot. 12250.

Larsen (H. J.) Los Angeles, Calif.,
Monotype monologue. 51414.

map. 29346–29350.
Lanyon (W.

(W. (.)

' Your heritage. Larsen (J. T.) Saving Amer.'s youth.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Larson (C. D.) Applied psychol. Pontious (F. A.) Demurrage &
21809, 26640, 38395, 51417.

car efficiency. 18088.
Larson (P. A.) Instrs. as to proced-

Rayson (E. C.) Acct. procedure.
ure in connection with co-nuptial

agreement. 21810.

Regan (J. M.) Financing a bus.

LaRue (C. 0.) Stand. unit cost esti-

Russell (E. A.) Appeal to the ap-
mator. . 32329.

proach. [etc.] 54515-54526.
LaRue (M. G.):

Samsel (R. C.) Higher account-
Fun bk. 16549.

ancy. 54572.

Under the story tree. 51418.

Sharfman (I. L.) Ry. regulation.
La Salle, Ill., map. 19554, 19555.

La Salle, N. Y., map. 10571.

Sikes (C. S.) Ry. acct. 23283,
La Salle extension univ.:

Accountancy. [etc.] 16550-16621. Strombeck (J. F.)

Some ways
Amer. law and procedure. [etc.]

of reducing freight charges.
21811-21839, 26641-26657, 32330-

32334, 44463-44475, 51419-51443. Terry (L. E.) Hotel acct. 18781.
Anger (H. D.) Canadian bus. Trimpe (W. A.) Freight claims.
law. 41994. .

Banta (V. F.) Acct. 14912.

Vierling (F.) Fiduciary acct.
Carpenter (H. J.) Anal. of finan.

statements. 36300.

Wiegand (W. B.) Acctg. for fire
(astenholz (W. B.) Higher ac-

ins. cos. 55986.
(ountancy. 36317, 42557, 48721, Willis (H. P.) Amer. banking.

Manual of income tax pro-

Wright (W. C.) Office & acct.
cedure. 15245.

system. 56104.
Chandler (W. H.) Express serv-

Bureau of bus. guidance. Hoop-
ice & rates. 15274.

ingarner anal. of vocational inter-
Childs (F. H.) Interstate succes-

ests. [etc.] 26658-26662.
sion of wills. 15325.

Dept. of bus. administration :
Effective bus. Engl. [etc.] 12253–

Bus. efficiency problems. 568,

16622, 21840.
Fyfe (R. W.) Freight classifica-

Model solution to bus. efficiency
tion. 15930.

problems. 44476.
Higher accountancy. [etc.]

[etc.] 566,

Dept. of

of modern foremanship.
567, 38396-38404.

Model solutions of modern foreman-
Hillyer (C. R.) Procedure be-

ship. 16623–16630, 21841.
fore the Interstate commerce

Dept. of personal management.
com. 26352.

Personal management. 51444.
Hough (B. O.)
(B. 0.) Ocean traffic &

Dept. of ry. station management:
trade. 21434, 21435.

Inspecting the car. [etc.] 21842-
Hunt (G. H.) Investigation of

freight claims. 21469.

Problems on accepting carload
Income tax procedure. 2583.

freight. 38405.
Johnson (E. R.) Transportation

Problems on daily balance sheet.
in the U. S. 527.

[etc.] 51445-51447.
Keen (H. F.) ir. Higher ac- Problems on ry. station activities.
countancy. 51222.

[etc.] 16631, 16632.
Kramer (H.
E.) Fifty-fifty.

Ry, station management. 44477.
Larish (F. A.) Bill of lading.

Dept. of sales personal. Manuai

of information. 51448, 51449.
La Salle points & pointers. 16634,

Indus. management dept. :
32335, 32336, 44478.

Budgets problems. 16633.
Lingo (C. L.) Bases for freight

Equipment problems. [etc.]

51450, 51451.
charges. 21899.
Moody (W. D.) Bus. leadership

Incentive problems. 12267.
through educa. 44991.

Promotion problems. 38406.
Morton (J. F.) Routing freight

La Salle points & pointers. 32335,
shipments. 669.

32336. 44478.
Personal efficiency. 18037–18040, La Salle steel co. '. S., map. 41647.

22966, 27649, 39427, 45573, Lasance (F. X.) My God & my all.

51 152.

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