Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923


Ivey (P. W.) Arousing int. [etc.] Jackson motor supply co. Automotive

& garage equipment. 16303.
Ivins (J. S.) son, inc.:

Jacksonville, Fla., direct. 16304.
Better butter thin. [etc.] 21552- Jacksonville, Fla., map. 47504–47520.

Jacksonville, Tex., map. 24492.
Butter jumbles. [etc.] 16300 Jacob (A. G.) First yr. hygiene out-

lines. 16305.
Iwasaki (Y. T.) Three modern Jap- Jacob (Max) Isabelle & Pantalon
anese plays. 35375*.

J. & M. novelty co.

Bride's souvenir. Jacobi-verlags (Edition) See Edition

Jacobi-verlags, a. g.
J. K. M. co. Daisy doubling score for Jacobs (A. H.):
mah jongg. 44175.

Age of desire. 29631.
Jaburg-Miller co., inc. Catalog. 16302. Children of dust. 19680.
Jaccard (Jacques) Thoroughbreds. Jacobs (D. W.) Covenant of Abra-

ham. 47195.
Jack (E. J.) Every Amer. 26467. Jacobs (E.


Europe studied
Jackson (F. T.) Ever-ready ref. through projects. 26469.

Jacobs (G. W.) & co.:
Jackson (Fred) :

Andersen (H. C.). Flower maiden.
Cold feet. 10205.

[etc.] 10851, 10852.
Home sweet home. 14227.

Grimm (J. L. K.) Golden bird.
Jackson (H. A.) Hagan system of

[etc.] 11784, 11785.
boiler water conditioning. 50986.

Heward (Constance) Twins &
Jackson (H. E.) agency. Hartley

Tabiffa. 31882.
Everett Jackson agency. 8717. Jacobs (J. M.) Out West. 50990.
Jackson (Harrison) :

Jacobs (Louis) One woman's man.
Devil's protege. 14182.

Porter Roache, J-R. 47352.

Jacobs (M. E.) Fuller (E. I.) Ku
Jackson (Harry) Denver express. klux bubble. 26075.
14392 (2)

Jacobs (R. E.) :
Jackson (J. A.) Play with a punch. Index to sts. 38159.

Shreveport, La., map. 24615.
Jackson (J. J.) Doctrine of sanctifi- Jacobs (William) Toodle aye. 24343.
cation. 12032.

Jacobs & Chaney new Mich. digest.
Jackson (Jack) Jack & Flo Jackson's 12036, 16306, 32058.
material. 14243.

Jacobsen (E. A.) Non-sketching stud-
Jackson (Joseph) Amer. colonial ar- ies. 32059.
chitecture. 21557, 26468,

32055, Jacobsen pub. co.:
38156. 50987.

Cobb (H. P.) Shoe factory acctg.
Jackson (Lee) Instr. in pub, speak-

192, 4630, 11270, 15372, 20498,
ing. 12033.

25440, 30513, 36456, 42742, 49006.
Jackson (O. W.) Jackson (0. W.) & Hide and leather. Buyer's index.
Our salesman's creed. 44176.

Jackson (R. W.) Long Beach Signal Jacobsohn (Herman) Jewn Amer.
Hill oil field, Calif., map. 7477.

industry. 44179.
Jackson (Thomas J.) Celina, O. Back Jacobson (Leopold) :
to the Bible. 32056.

Dorfmusikanten. 3769.
Jackson (Thomas Jay) Orlando, Fla. Katja, die tänzerin. 14246, 28943.
Triplets. 12034.

Tanzgräfin. 10450.
Jackson (Thomas Jefferson) Dazey,

Was mädchen träumen. 3908.
N. D. Land & labor monetary sys- Jacoby (C. M.) Marriage. 24234.
tem. 12035.

Jacovatos (N. H.) Bensinger iron &
Jackson (Thomas Jefferson) Dear- steel trade ('o. 8718.

horn, Mich. Bill to provide for the Jager-Schmidt (A.) Ricochet. 7325.
realization of the constitutional ail- Jahn (H.) Hand composition. 19128.

Jahn & Ollier engraving co. Williams
Jackson (W. C.) Curse. 24103.

(M. B.) Art inst. of Chicago color
Jackson & Perkins co. Growth of a prints. 56004.
half century. 50989.

Jaloux (Edmond):
Jackson Co., Ark., map. 3960.

Branche morte. 21558.
Jackson Co., Minn., map. 1446..

Sophiana. 14180.
Jackson drug co. Tide tabs. & st. James (A. A. S.) Torch. 7391.
direct. 32057.

James (C.) Letania en honor de la
Jackson highway, map. 35487.

heata Teresa. [etc.] 32060-32063.

pt. I, n, S., v. 20

James (D. (.) mfg. co. Spur & worm Jarvis (A. J.) Brighton-mystic sys-

gear speed reducing transmissions tem. 16361.

Jarvis (Anna) Mother's day off. sou-
James (E. L.):

venir service. 21586.
Admits Germany can issue loan. Jarvis (C. D.) Three wise men.

Agreement signed to meet our

Jaske (J. C.) Perfect system. 21587.
claims. [etc.] 3206432095.

Jaspar (F. H.):
Allies are aroused by prince's re-

Origin of money. 38162.
turn. [etc.] 50991–51078.

To make your bank the commu-
Allies consider Turks. [etc.]

nity's own. 44196.

Jasper, S. C., map. 35488.
Allies cool. [etc.] 12037–12077.

Jayne (H. B.) Gleanings from the
Allies pledged to limit Russian

Gwallia studio. 26486.
share. [etc.] 8719-8731.

Jayne (H. H. F.) Jumblies. 7212.
Blunt no by Paris to German of-

Je sais tout. 8732, 12081, 16362, 21588,
fer. [etc.] 26470_26476.

38163, 44197, 51080.
Brussels parley. [etc.] 5321-

Jeambey (E. L.) Lost in the desert.

Cabinet approves Poincare's reply.

[etc.] 21559-21576.

(Albert) Quinzième station.

Final demand on Berlin. [etc.]

Jeannette, Pa., direct. 11779.
French determined. [etc.] 514 Jeannin elec. co. Jeannin single

phrase repulsion. 38164.
Poincare rejects newest proposals. Jed pub. co.

Getting a better job.

James (Felix) :

Jefferies (Norman) Sing them again.
Matilde. 38161.

19815, 41815.
Signal. 21577.

Jefferis (J. W.) Crown of thorns.
James (G. W.) ir. And the centurion

marveled. 21578.
James (H. C.) Coup bk. 44194.

Jefferson (Alrs.
(Mrs. E. P.) )

Rip Van
James (H. G.) Petroleum refining in-

Winkle. 35429 (5)
dustry. 26477, 26478. -

Jefferson (Joseph) Rip Van Winkle.
James (Lauchlin) Poppy peril. 21579.

35429 (5)
James & Law co. W. Va. Comm. on Jefferson, Tex., map. 41535.

accredited Bible study. Bible study Jefferson City, Mo., map. 41536.
syllabus, 41108.

Jefferson co. Jefferson lamp. 44201.
Jameson (A. A.) Camp Dixie. 12078, Jeffersons ptg. co. Sangamon County,

Ill., direct. 18309.
Jameson (A. E. F.) Susan in charge. Jeffery (Joseph) Prosperity. 32099.

12080, 16354, 21580, 26479, 32095. Jeffery (Mary) Whither. 24369.
Jameson (A1rs. Falconer) See Jame- Jeffery-Dewitt insulator co. Rugged
son (A. E. F.)

insulators. 26487.
Jameson (P. R.) Humidity, its effect. Jeffrey (W. R.) jr.:

Lighted cross. 12082.
Jamestown, O., map. 10561.

Star of Bethlehem. 51082.
Jamestown metal desk co., inc. Metal Jeffrey mfg. co.:
desks & tables. 51079.

Jeffrey coal mine equipment.
Janes (Gerald) Baptist press. Bap-

[etc.] 51083–51085.
tist press printing price list. 48075. Jeffrey material handling equip-
Janesville, Wis., direct. 21585.

ment. [etc.] 44202, 44203.
Jannelli (Altagracia de) See De Jan- Reducing handling costs. 12083.
nelli (Altagracia).

Jeger (L. M.) Stand. securities corp.
Jansma (Jacob) Silent messengers. Cash or time payments? 6702.

Jellico, Ky., map. 24493.
Jaques (B. E.) Helen Hyde & her Jenbach (Béla) :
work. 26485.

Blaue mazur. 3736.
Jaques capsule co., inc. J-a-k-e-s jin- Siegerin. 14342, 14343.
gle bk. 2503.

Jenkins (Burke) Wimple wants à
Jaquins (E. A.) Making money make wife. 32100.
money. 16359.

Jenkins (Harry) & sons. Famous
Jares (A. F. W.) Clover leaf. 16360. Jersey (attle. 4951.
Jarvie (A.) Fort. 1258.

Jenkins (R. L.) Season of silk. 8736.

nós. 1-12, 1923

Jenkins (S. H.) Internatl. code of Jerome mining properties, Ariz., map.
rules. 51086.

Jenkins (W. C.):

Jeromsky (Stephane) Plus blanc que
Chicago's big southend develop- neige. 24286.

ment. [etc.] 12084, 12085. Jerrard (H. G.) Story of three sis-
Exceptional possibilities. 32101. ters. 12100.
Lake Calumet harbor now as- Jerrie (L. F.) Expers. to acc. 5318.
sured. 2504.

Jersey City, N. J., map. 29330.
Magic city of steel. [etc.] 21589, Jersey journal:

Egyptian royal burial. 21609.
Popular romance of money & First sketches. [etc.] 12101-
banking. 44204.

Jenks, Gwynne & co. Ten yr. cotton

Jersey silk mills, inc. Truhu thoughts.
statement. 51087.

Jennings (G. E.):

Jessen (J. C.) :
Cat's claws. 41303.

Cinema contest syndicate. Plans,
Isabel, Edward & Anne. 41356.

rules & regulations. 25385.
Jennings (J. E.) First mortgage corp.

Motion picture memory contest.
Jennings plan of making first mort-

gage loans. 50077.

Jessop (Edith) Shamus O'Brien.
Jennings (K. Q.) Scarlet letter. 47455 (2)

Jessop (G. H.) Shamus O'Brien.
Jennings (R. N.) Scourge. 7337.

47455 (2)
Jenő (Heltai) See Heltai (Jenö)

Jessop (J. E.) Yr's. work in rural
Jenquin labs. Ext. cod liver oil pills.

supervision. 44249.

Jett (C. C.) Regeneration of Xerxes.

Jensen (E. M.)

(E. M.) Vikings in Amer.

Jevne (Jack) Clear as crystal. 7084.

Jewel (Alice) :
Jensen (Johannes) Snow white cabi-
net clothes dryer. [etc.] 28683,

Aphorisms. [etc.] 16372–16376.

Internatl. soc. of applied psychol.

[etc.] 16377-16379.
Jensen (Marie) Soldier of the cross. Poems & songs. 18082.

Jewelers' circular pub. co. Jewelers'
Jepson (Edgar) Broker's man. 2505. circular buyers' direc. 32132.
Jerauld (J. D.) Bakersfield Califor- Jewell (F. M.) Jewell model for biol,

nian. $500 in cash given away. 21610..

Jewell (Richard) pseud. See Chansky
Jergens (Andrew) co.:

(L. W.)
Blackheads are а confession. Jewell elec. instrument co. Radio in-
[etc.] 32102-32104.


Blackheads indicate. [etc.] 8737- Jewett (H. S.) Music mirror. 2506.

Jex (John) In open court. 28924.
Is your skin. 524, 12087.

Jillson (G. M. R.) Golden wedding
Is your skin oily? [etc.] 38165,

day & other poems. 32133.

Jillson (W. R.):
Sallow skin is a skin that is

Bibliog. of the geol., &c., of the
asleep. [etc.] 51089–51091.

John Day region. 21611.
Sensitive skin. [etc.] 16365-

Jillson (G. M. R.) Golden wed-

ding day & other poems. 32133.
There is a constant danger. 26488. Pract. talks on photo-engraving.
What particular skin problem.

[etc.] 44205-44207.

Jiménez Gimena (Luis Four horse-
Jeritza (Maria) Your beauty. 5345,

men of the Apocalypse. 47231.
12088, 16368, 21591, 26489, 32105, Joachim (Leo) Buy-words. 50257.
38167, 44208, 51092.

Jockey club. Amer. stud bk. 8753,
Jerome (Emery) Milan, Mich., map. 47840.

Joffa (M. E.) Rational use of meat.
Jerome (Helen)

Dust in his eyes. 34951.

Johanson (N. J.) Dialogue on the
Jerome (J. K.) Anthony Strong'nth'-

flag & seal of the U. S. A. 16380.
arm. 525, 5751.

John (E. M.) bldg. co. Subscription
Jerome (William) Billy boy. 14152. agreement. 16381.

pt. I, n, S., v. 20

John Hancock mutual life insur, co.: Johnson (C. L.) Information on eye-

Carlton (M. M.) Abraham Lin- sight. 44253.
coln. 4551.

Johnson (C. W.) J. & M. novelty co.
Almanac of Amer. statesman. Bride's souvenir. 5320.
[etc.] 48678, 48679.

Johnson (E. L.) Twenty four de-
Amer. Indian. 42531.

ferred payment auto. purchase plans.
-- Daniel Boone, great pioneer. 38179.

Johnson (E. M.) Bible assertions.
Daniel Webster. 36283.

John Adams. [etc.]

[etc.] 20336, Johnson (E. R.) Transportation in

the U. S. 527.
Liberty. [etc.] 11096, 11097. Johnson (E. S.) Song of man's free-

Theodore Roosevelt. 15229. dom. 51117.
Healthy schl. child. 21612.

Johnson (E. W.) Virgin. 19441.
John Hancock made the signature Johnson (Edmond E.) What it
famous. 26492.

means to you. 32138.
Manning (E. G.) Estate conser- Johnson (Edward E.), inc. Johnson

vation & life ins. trusts. [etc.] brass well screens. 16383.

Johnson (Gilbert) Bk. of light. 32139.
Like father, like son. 38721. Johnson (H. H.) Johnson (M. M.)

Some annuity experiences. CO. Famous Old trusty incubator.

528, 51118.
Preventing diptheria. [ etc. ] Johnson (H. L.) Johnson's pract. in-
51113, 51114.

struction. 44254.
Your estate as it is. 44250.

Johnson (J. A.) Natl. assn. of re-
1923 hist. almanac. 3684.

tailers. Natl. assn. of retailers' col-
John Martin's house. See Martin's lector. 2782.
(John) house.

Johnson (John) corp. Filter presses.
Johns-Manville, inc. :

Asbestos protected metal. [etc.] Johnson, Joseph & G. M. Josselyn &

Co. Cat, of information. 26501.
Hdbk, of specs. & data. 16382. Johnson (L. E.):
Handy roof fixings. [etc.] 26493– Ark. swap. 24044.

Brother elks. 35033.
Johns-Manville asbestos built-up Her silent partner. 35162.
roofing. 21613.

Hurry-up bride. 35173.
Johns-Manville sales bul. 26496, Never touched me. 35255.

Our village band. 7289.
Johns-Manville vapor tight in-

Trouble brewing. 24346.
sulated tank tops. 38175.

Never the twain. 19338.
Non-burn asbestos brake band That's all. 14363.

lining. [etc.] 12104, 12105. Johnson (L. 0.) Chem. note bk.
Safeguard your roofing 2507. 44255.
Selling helps. 8751.

Johnson (M. M.) co. Famous Old
Johns-Pratt co.:

trusty incubator. 528.

Johuson (M. T.) America's child.
Noark enclosed fuses. 2508.

Noark service system. 26498.
Johnson (B. A.) Through European

Johnson (Marjorie B.) Life in letters
car windows. 8755, 21614, 26499,

& art music. 38180.
32137, 38176.

Johnson (Martin) African films, inc.

Trailing African wild animals.
Johnson (B. F.) My little Ting Ling

Toy. 28998.

Johnson (Melvin B.) Elaine. 47212.
Johnson (B. T.) Facts about the Johnson (N. M.):
Electra oil field. 5349.

Few pointers about wobbly auto
Johnson (Burges) Mother Goose

wheels. 21615.
paint bk. Dancing cut outs. 670. Few suggestions for buyers of
Johnson (C. A.)
(C. A.) Bull & the bear.

used cars. [etc.] 32140–32142.
[etc.] 12106, 12107.

New car buyer. 26500.
Johnson (C. C.) Lubin (K. M.) Promises. [etc.] 38181-38183.

Gymnastic facial exercises. 44601. Johnson (O. R.) Natl. automatic tel-
Johnson (C. E.) What do you know ler corp. Auto-teller converts good
about office lighting? 51115.

intentions into cash. 52212.
Johnson ((. E.) & co. Down go prices. Johnson (Oliver) & co., inc. Helpful

hints. 44256.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Johnson (Otto):

Joker poker billiards mfg. co., inc.
Eleven o'clock. 41325.

Rules for joker poker billiards. 529.
Indian's magic. 10295.

Joliet, Ill., direct. 44257.
Michael Strokoff. 7263.

Joliet mfg. co. From oats to eggs.
So this is America ? 47387.

Suspicion. 35365.

Joliet township high schl. & junior
Johnson & Johnson :

college. Hist. & social science cur-
Absorbable membranes in surgery. riculum. 26503.

Jolly (L. S.) Ten essentials of sell-
Bk. with a mission. 51120.

ing. 19129.
Dobbs (H. J.) Making of sur- Jonas (Julius) Love's combination.
gical catgut. 36885.

Johnson bronze co. Johnson bronze Jones (A. H.) Van Camp products
bushings. 12108.

co. Get your share. 13857.
Johasone (Otto) Top o' the hills. Jones (B. T.) Off. list of open &

prepay stations. 2600, 26673.
Johnsrud (H. C.) Algol. 14731. Jones (Bob) Modern woman. [etc.]
Johnston (B. K.) Sound the call. 51124, 51125.

Jones (C. B.) Organizing

Organizing service.
Johnston (Bertha) :

Organize your estate. 53925.
Lyrical lines for lassie & lad. Jones (C. E.) Jones brass & iron

speciality co. Designers & buyers
Talking bird & singing leaves & ref. 26508.
golden water. 47401*

Jones (C. R.) Davis (Arthur) Christ-
Johnston (Mrs. C.F.) Little pilgrim's mas will & testament. 4838.
page. 2509, 38184.

Jones (D. E.) pseud. See Callahan
Johnston (F. A.) Fusible plug in- (D. E.)
vestigation. 26502.

Jones (E. DeW.):
Johnston (Mary) Nemesis. 5350.

De Valera firm in conviction.
Johnston (R. F.) paint co.:

[etc.] 44260, 44261.
Blue bird for happiness. 8756.

Ireland still sings. 51126.
Johnston's lino-nu. 5351.

Jones (E. M.) Study outline of the
Johnston (T. T.) Day on Mt. Tom. new psychol. 2510.
[etc.] 21617-21620.

Jones (E. R.) Queen's smile. 35305.
Johnston (W. & A. K.) ltd. See, for Jones (F. D.) :

map entries, this index under names Jones' picture card primer. [etc.]
of places.

51127, 51128.
Johnston (Wm.) & co. Masonic direct. Jones self-correcting problems.

[etc.] 12109, 16384.
Johnston City, Ill., map. 1406.

Jones (F. R.):
Johnstone (A. E.) Progressive ser. Ala. Workmen's compensation
high schl, course. 21621.

law. 47719.
Johnstone (Mabel) Am I a goop? Alaska. Workmen's compensa-

tion law. 47722
Johnstone (T. A.) Dance mad. 28847. Calif. Workmen's compensation
Johnstone (Tom) Plain Jane. 14316.

law. 48646.
Johnstone (Will) Buss. 19175.

Col. Workmen's compensation
Johnstown, N. Y., direct. 422.

law. 49081.
Johst (Hans) :

Conn. Workmen's compensation
Propheten. 19371.

law. 30601.
Wechsler & händler. 47432.

Workmen's compensation
Joint com. Natl. council of teachers of

law. 25687.
English. See Natl. council of teach- Digest of statutory provisions.

Joint exhibition board, Philadelphia

Ga. Workmen's compensation
chapter. A. I. A. & T. Square club.

law. 50348.
Amer. inst. of architects. Yr, bk.

Hawaii. Workmen's compensa-

tion law. 50634.
Joint rules com, representing the Natl. Ind. Suppl. to the workmen's
collegiate athletic assn., the Y. M.

compensation law pamphlet.
C. A. and the Amateur athletic

union :

Ill. Workmen's compensation
Off. basketball rules. 51123.

law. 50879.
Spalding's off. basketball guide. Ia. Workmen's compensation
40453, 40454.

law. 50981.



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