Lapas attēli


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Hoke (S. W.):

Hollingworth (J.) Modern extracter.
Guide to new users of Hoke out- 2421.
fits. 16171.

Hollis (Nora) Living God of the
Hoke combination outfits. 44035. Bible. 50793.
How to use the Hoke-jewel outfit. Hollister (L. D.):

Apple sauce. 7026.
Wonderful Hoke-jewel lead burn-

Parade-rest. 7294.
ing outfit. 5242.

Hollister, Id., map. 1393.
Holcomb (A. E.) Shovel capacities. Holloway (B. R.) Price list of day

old chicks. 50794. .
Holcomb (J. I.) mfg. co.

. Holcomb | Holloway (Pearl) :
(R. A.) Holcomb's household helps. Holidays' Christmas party.

Holcomb (R. A.) Holcomb's house-

Paramount children's day bk.
hold helpş. 16175.

Holcomb (Walt) Safety of man. Paramount Easter bk. 8657.

Holloway (W. J.) True false state-
Holdson (C. H.) System of correct ments. 50795, 50796.
living. 11899.

Holly, Col., map. 14456.
Holdsworth (J. T.) Money & banking. Hollywood, Calif., map. 14457.

Hollywood squab farms. Make big
Hole (F. E.) Co-op. credit control. money raising squabs. 31920.
Dollars for debts. 8090.

Hollywood studio of the dance. Les-
Holg (Charles) Holg dental receipt- sons. 50797, 50798.
record bk. 38019.

Holm (Mrs. E. M.) Psychol. treat-
Holinquist & Becker. Salt River Val-

ment for the eyes. 44045.
ley, Ariz., map. 14532.

Holm & Olson, inc. Creating your
Holland (C. M.) Music notes to be landscape. 2422
used. 26363.

Holman (A. M.) Finger plays for
Holland (Edward) Dixie. 31917.

little ones. 5246.
Holland (I. J. von) See Von Holland

Holman (L. A.) George C. Wales.
(I. J.)

Holland adv. co., inc. :

Holman (Rex) Egg sample. 50799.
Holland illus. and copy service.

Holme (J. H.) Bk. of rules for play-
[etc.] 44036-44040.

ing the game of auto touring. 38055.
Holland plan adv. for banks. 497.

Holmers (C. M.):
Holland planned newspaper adv.

Calif. 38056.
[etc.] 8651-8656, 16176-16178,

Spirit of Christmas. 44046.
26364–26369, 38050-38053, 50786–

Holmes (B. M.) Criminal on the job.

[etc.] 50800–50804.
Simplex service for retail shoe

Holmes (C. N.) Waiting for the
adv. 5243.

train. 14379.
Holland furnace co. Manual for Hol-

Holmes (E. W.) pebble dash co.

Holmes system of pebble dashing.
land installer. 31918.

[etc.] 26370, 26371.
Hollander (G. C.):

Holmes (F. L.) La Vere alive in
Putting it across. 3865.

prison, 50805.
Yoke. 7427.


Holmes (J. L.) Character or money.
Hollenbeck (F. H.) Wrangell. 44041.

Hollenbeck (L. A.) Surplus value.

Holmes (R. E.) Confidential bus.

anal. form. 50806.
Holliday (Carl) Famous British Holmes (W. B.) Art of mixing dental
songs. 38054, 44042.

cements. 50867.
Holliday (R. C.) Ten bks. I have

Holmes & Edwards silver co.:
enjoyed most. 31919.

Exquisite patterns in the new
Hollingshead (R. M.) Whiz. 44043.

super plate. [etc.] 38057-
Hollingsworth (C. A.) Outline for the

study of principles of life insur. It is as natural to associate the

exquisite beauty. [etc.] 21415,
Hollingsworth (W. F.) Chain system

receipt bk. 44044.

Now a single quality super plate.
Hollingsworth (W. I.) & co. Los An-

geles, Calif., map. 29348.

Holmes co-op. co. Catalogue. 2424.
Hollingworth (H. L.) Psychol. of adv. Holmes news service. Holmes (F. L.)

La Vere alive in prison. 50805.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Holmquist & Becker:

Holway (B. A.) Finding your place
Pioneer mining district, Ariz., in pictures. 50816.
map. 29477.

Holyoke, Mass., direct. 26376.
Salt River Valley, map. 29500. Holyoke, Mass., map. 1394, 24476.
Holophane glass co.:

Homan (J. G.):
Logan (Henry) Color lighting. And really sleep it away. [etc.]

44047, 44048.
Holophane catalog. [etc.] 21417, Glands of power & success. 16183.

Home appliance corp. :
Holst (Gustav) Perfect fool. 16180, Ques. of importance." 5248.

Scott-Newcomb automatic heat
Holstein-Friesian assn. of America.

machine. [etc.] 8662, 8663.
Holstein-Friesian herd-bk. 2425, Home building assn. co. Santa's mes-

sage to Christmas savers. 26377.

Home calendar. 44049.

Holstein-Friesian world, inc.

Home doctor pub. co. Carmen (Ju-
(S. T.) Preparing for a pub. sale.

lius) Etiketa. 48682, 48683.

Home furnishing styles assn. of Amer-
Holt (A. W.) Correspondence course.

ica, inc.:
[etc.] 31923–31938, 38060, 38061.

Home beautifying ques.

Holt (B. W.) Essential features of

securities. [etc.] 8658, 8559.

Triple guarantee newspaper adv.
Holt (E. F.) Mowglis howl. 17031.

service. 5249, 16184, 21419.
Holt (G. E.) :

Home guaranty assn. :
By the grace of Allah. [etc.]

Appl, for subscr. to capital stock.

Certain rich man. [etc.] 50808–

By laws. [etc.] 32143-32155.

Example A--no premium. 26378.
Holt (Henry) & co.:

How home guaranty assn. matures
Cyrano de Bergerac. 41314.**

its shares. 38063-38067.
Dul (C. E.) Lab. exercises in Home lore. 50817.
physics. 20834.

Home rights league, inc. Home rights.
Eighteenth century French read- 5250.
ings. 35094.*

Home savings & loan co.:
Jeune homme pressé. 47269.*

Choose a safe pilot. [etc.] 26379,
Mademoiselle de la Seiglière.


Your guide to safety. 21421.
Morgan (T. H.) Lab. directions.

Home supply co.:

Free premium cat. 21422.
Taylor (E. H.) Ans. to exercises

Premium supply. 50818.
& problems. 28376.

Home telep. & teleg. co. of Spokane.
Holt (L. E.) Artificial feeding in Spokane & Spokane Co. telep. direct.
baby's first yr. 8660.

2428, 31947.
Holt (S. A.) Christian fellowship. Homer (F. L.) Some common birds

& wild flowers. 26381.
Holt (W. P.) Geog. of 0. 26373. Homer (Frances) :
Holt mfg. co.:

Joint ownership. 24187.
Caterpillar. 8661, 16181, 50815.

Over the rainbow. 7292
For every power need. 11901. Homer, N. Y., direct. 2012.
Getting things done. [etc.] 2426, Homer-Dixon (Homera) Vine & the

branches. 5251.
How are the sts. out your way.

Homestead baking co. Nature's two
[etc.]. 26374, 26375.

greatest foods. 38068.
Holtbid service Co. Holt (A. W.) Homestead, Pa. First spiritual church

Corres. course. [etc.] 31923–31938, of the soul. Other side of life.
38060, 38061.

Holton (P. B.) Life's error.

16182. Homestead gas & elec. supply co.
Holtrop (L.) Rept. of a spec. inves- Keep abreast of progress. 38069.
tigation. 31946, 38062.

Hominy, Okl., map. 1395.
Holubar (A. J.):

Homrighous (A. F.) Russian reducer.
Clark (Violet) Slander the 45868.
woman. 4601.

Honduras, map. 24477.
Robes of redemption. 5247. Honea Path, S. C., map. 24478.
Holubar (Allen) pictures Slander Honest ballot assn., inc. Help guard
the woman. 10730.

the ballot box. 44050.

pt. I, n, S., v. 20


Honig. Cooper Co. Findlay (Paul) Kitchen planned to save time.
Facts or guesses in flour margins.

[etc.] 31950, 31951.
(etc.) 37261-37274.

Hoosier tours. 11905.
Honnet (A. 1.) Improving the mid- Hooven & Allison co. :

continent paraffin oil market. 498. Delivers sturdy resistance. [etc.]
Honolulu, Hawaii. Polk-Husted direct

44054–44057, 50822-50826.
co's. direct. 38070.

Extra margin of safety. [etc.]
Honolulu Harbor, map. 3958.

21424, 21425.
Honsinger (Welthy):

Get rope that holds fast. [etc.]
Tan & Taro of Japan. [etc.]

50819, 50820.

When you buy rope. 16190.
Twins travelogues. 16187, 16188. Hoover (Hardy)

(Hardy) See America first.
Honti (Yandor) King Tutankha- 7340.

men's hat. [etc.] 31948, 31949. Hoover (M. M.) Course in elem. com-
Hood (T. L.) Engl. composition. position, 16191, 16192.


Hoover co.:
Hoofer mfg. co. Flange lubrication. Hoover service. 8664.

Modern housekeeping demands it.
Hooker (Brian) Cyrano de Bergerac.


Trip through the Hoover factories.
Hooker (Elizabeth) Schl. survey of

Hanover Township. 50821.

Hope (L. L.) Bobbsey twins camping
Hooker (R. JI.):

out. [etc ] 16194-16197.
Alexander products CO. Rept.

Hope (Muriel) Unveiling. 19435.

Hope & promise cal. 8665.


mining CO. Hopkins (C. C.) Scientific advertis-
Rept. 19964.

ing. 16198.
Baltimore tube co., inc. Rept.

Hopkins (Edwin) Arise & walk.

Bastian-Morley co. Rept. 10912. Hopkins (Ernest) Jewish passover.
Byers (A. M.) CO. Rept. on

wrought iron pipe. 20297.

Hopkins (F. M.) Ref. guides. 44058,
('overt (H. W.) co. Rept.

Rept. 8142. 50828.
Delco-light co. Rept. 8215. Hopkins (G. M.) Co.:
Investigating com. of architects &

Cleveland, O., map. 10540.
engineers. Aims & methods. Hudson Co., N. J,. map. 29308.

Pittsburgh, Pa., map. 29480.
Kelvinator corp. Rept. 21718. Hopkins (J. A. H.) Taxation. 50835.
Pa. wire glass co. Rept. 9451. IIopkins (L. A.) Inheritance taxes.
Petroleum heat & power co. Rept.


Hopkins (Lydia) Hist. of the Peking-
Scott & Fetzer co. Rept. 6539. ese. 21427, 21428.

United cork cos. Rept. 46768. Hopkins (0. D.):
Hooker (W. E.) More truth than Hearts are trumps. [etc.] 2429,
poetry. 21423.

Hooker (W. F.):

That's Los Angeles. 44059.
("edar trees & abandoned N. E. | Hopkins (R. F.) Lord's

trails. [etc.] 38071, 38072.

Hooker (W. F.) Ice. 44051.

Hopkins, Mich., map. 41526.
Hooker, Okl., map. 14458.

Hopkins Co., Ky., map. 14459.
Hooper (S. C.) Radio's control of Hopkinsville, Ky., map. 41527.
sealiny. 38073.

Hoppe (Willie) Hoppe's hardest
Hoopingarner (X. L.) La Salle ex- shots. 11906.

tension univ. Bureau of bus. guid-Hoppin (E. M.) Girls' kalendar.
ance. Hoopingarner anal. of voca- 5089.
tional interests. [ etc. ] 26658– Fopter (I. E.) Uncle Tom's cabin.

Hoops (11. H.) & co. Art decora- | Hopwood (Avery) inc. :
tions of character. 44052.

Alarm clock. 24030.
Hoosier cut stone co. Stone age.

Little Miss Bluebeard. 28961.

Hord (P. A.) David. 10212.
Hoosier mfg. co.:

Horder's, inc. Horder's office guide.
Attractive. 44053.

16199. 44060.
Don't let your kitchen work wear Horder's stationery stores. Office sup-
you out. 11904.

plies. 499.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Horlicks malted milk co.:

Gen. information. [etc.] 11907-
Directs. for preparing. [etc.]

21429, 21430.

Hostetter (C. A.) One hundred per
Horlicks. 16200.

cent Amer. standards. 50840.
Horn (Ernest) Direct. for using. Hot dog annual. 44064.
[etc.] 5252-5260.

Hot point oil & supply co. Hot point
Horn (J.

(J. B.) From anarchy to plan. 31959.
reason. 50837.

Hot Springs, Ark., direct. 44065.
Horn ice cream co.

Mystery brick Hot Springs, S. D., map. 24479.
contest. 31957.

Hotchkin (W. R.) Hotchkin success-
Horne (F. A.) Cold storage. 50838. ful store promotion service. 11910.
Horne (GrantChains. 7067.

Hotchkiss. Sinners. 24317.
Horne (John) Umpire wanted. Hotchkiss (G. B.):

Introd. to the course in bus.
Horne (Joseph) co.
Market place.


Lectures in adv. 44066.
Hornell (Elizabeth) Jeremiah. 47219.* Hotel bk. 26384.
Horner (C. F.) Cousin Mary. 35068. Hotels Statler co., inc. List of the
Horner (J. W.) Jones & Kroeger co. bks. 38075.

Retail lumber yard loose-leaf price Houdini (Harry) Ten bks. I have en-
list. 51132.

joyed most. 26385.
Hornibrook (E. A.). Two yrs. in Hough (B. 0.) Ocean traffic & trade.
Paris. 31958.

21434, 21435.
Hornthal & co. Casket cat. 2431. Hough (Emerson) :
Horowitz (Samuel) Just born. 38074.

Mother of gold. 26386, 44067,
Horrocks desk co. Horrocks desks.


Secret of Powder Basin. 11911,
Horse assn. of Amer. Saddle horses.

16204, 21436.

Hough (M. C.) :
Horse Cave, Ky., map. 7467.

Reason. 26387.
Horseheads, N. Y., direct. 342.

Some verses with hope. 16206.
Horseman (Pearl) St. Ignatius. Houghton (E. F.) & co. Houghton's

absorbed oils. [etc.] 44080 44082.
Horsnell (Horace) Advertising April.
Advertising April. Houghton

Houghton (F. C.) Capacities of
3723, 28782, 47135.

steam heating risers. [etc.] 21437-
Horst (Julius) :

Künstlerpreis. 3822.

Houghton, Mifflin co.:
Lumpenparadies. 10328.

Bolenius (E. M.) Teacher's
Horst & Strieter co.:

equipment for the Bolenius
Ford fan. 8455.

primary readers. 25173.
Ford, the univer. car service.

Hoyt (F. S.) Diagnostic prog-
2432-2437, 8666.

ress scores in arith. 26392.
50 renewed Fords ordered sold. Monroe (W. S.) Standardized

educa. tests. 27030.
Horstmann (W. H.) co.:

Stapp (E. B.) Happyland. 9849.
Columbia bead bags. 5261.

Hourvitch (S. H.) No more war.
Columbia bk. of yarns. 8667.

Columbia yarn bk. 50839.

Hourwich (I. A.) Di entwicklung fun
Columbia yarn bk. of women's

der Amerikaner demokratie. 50843.
blouses & suits. 21433.

Housam producing co. Why prohibi-
Horton (C. H.) Horton (C. H.) tion? 35409.
insur. agency.

Lest you forget. House (E. L.) Lessons in applied

physiol. 31961.
Horwitz (Charles ) Stranger in House (E. M.) League of nations.
Cedar Corners. 29080.

Hosch (R. B.) Fabric check-o-graph. House (Edwin) Col. House & his Col.

cowboy orch. 31960.
Hosiery distributors syndicate. Fran- House (R. E.) Voyage de Monsieur

chise product is here. [etc.] 5262, Perrichon. 29115.*

House (R. T.) Drama nuevo. 10219.*
Hosiery retailer. Handling hosiery House furnishing jour. co. Our natl.
profitably. 16202.

trade mark guide. 26388.
Hospital supply co.:

House furnishing rev. co. Ann. buy-
Catalogue. 500.

ers' direct. 4978.


pt. I, n. s., V. 20


House of art :

Howard (Harold) :
Anderson (W. R.) Evening & Natick, Mass., direct. 17059.
you. 14820.

Needham, Mass., direct. 45117.
B. P. O. E. [etc.] 14886.

Howard (J. G.) Quarterly astrologi-
F. & A. M. What is a Mason, cal planting tab. 26390. .

Howard (Keble) pseud. See Bell
Grafflin (Margaret) My father. (J. K.)
[etc.] 16010-16016.

Howard (M. N.) Black Mammy's
Hubbard (A. E.) My mother's apotheosis. 21442.
day. 16213.

Howard (R. T.) Pub. officials of
Lincoln (Abraham) To Mrs. Mass. 16208.
Bixby. 16675.

Howard (Shafter) Privateer. 41411.
McDonald (George) Baby. 16760. Howard (Sidney) Bewitched. 14148.
Proverb. 18145.

Howard, Kans., map. 41528.
Raskin (P. M.) What are the Howard inst. Sulphur baths at home.
stars made of? 18173.

Straub (C. E.) Difference. [etc.]

[etc.] | Howard-Severance co. Hair (M. C.)

Programs for circles. 11819.
To-day is the to-morrow. 18811. Howard's Long Beach mineral water
Wintle (W. D.) Thinking. 19034.

Howard's Long Beach mineral
House of Ralston. See Ralston (House water. 21443.

Howden (E. M.):
House of youth. Success in dress.

Hiring a cook. 7189.

Old, old story. 7282.

Howe (A. L.):
Houser (Ruth) Hair beautiful. 8668.

Honorable grand order of the but-
Houseworth (F. G.) Darien & vicin-

ton. [etc.] 16209, 16210.
ity. 38076.

Imperial throne. 503.
Housman (Laurence) :

Brother sun. 24190*.

Safety's melody. [etc.]

Dethronements. 14180*.

Howe (A. R.) Jute handicraft.
False premises. 3778, 14198*. .

Instrument. 3807.

Howe (J. B.) Civil govt. of Ind.
King-maker. 3816.

Man of business. 3834.

Howe (J. H.) Voice culture & artistic
Ways of providence. 501.
Houston (Dan) pseud. See

singing. 44084.

Howe (L. H.) co., inc. Lyman H.
(R. H.)

Howe's hodge podge. 1591, 1592,
Houston (Norman):

7554, 14637, 14638, 24788, 24789,
Red light Annie. 10409.

35679–35681, 41759, 41760.
Slavemaker. 3882.

Howe, Quisenberry & co., inc. :
Streets of sin. 24328.

Chicago surface lines. 11913.
Houston (T. P.) Wax age. 44083.

Subject of inheritance taxes..
Houston, Tex., map. 1396, 1397.

Housum (Robert) Careful mover.

Tobacco in continuous & growing

demand. [etc.] 31964, 31965.
Houtte (A. L. van) See Van Houtte

Howell (H. D.) Fire the boss. 5264.
(A. L.)

Howell (K. M.) Rept. of a spec. in-
Houwink (C. H.) Eva Bonheur.

vestigation. 38077.

Howell (Lois) See Mullally (L. H.)
Hovey (A. S.):

Howell (Virginia) Centenary comes
Hovey's double area earthwork to Methodism's aid in Brazil. 50849.
tabs. 31962.

Howell & Graves. Muscle Shoals.
Prospectus. 21441.

Hovey (J. R.) Plays of Maurice Howells (Elzina) Divinity, of the mo-
Maeterlinck. 35429 (4).

tion picture. [etc.] 21444, 21445.
How to play auction bridge. 16207. Hower (H. H.) Penn. is the standard.
Howard (E. A.) Child's garland of 21446.
verses. 50844.

Howes (E. P.) How to start a co-op.
Howard (F. B.) New York, where to kitchen. [etc.] 31966, 31967.

go. 26389.

Howes (M. E.):
Howard (Florence) Name of mother. Be ye doers of the word. 38078.

Easter greeting. 8671.
Howard (Garland) Zigabooland. Howes (S. M.) Howes fireplace fir-

tures. 38079.

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