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[blocks in formation]

Holland adv. co., inc.:

Holland illus. and copy service.
[etc.] 44036-44040.

Holland plan adv. for banks. 497.
Holland planned newspaper adv.
[etc.] 8651-8656, 16176-16178,
26364-26369, 38050-38053, 50786-

Simplex service for retail shoe
adv. 5243.

Holland furnace co. Manual for Hol-

land installer. 31918.

Hollander (G. C.):

Putting it across. 3865.
Yoke. 7427.

Hollenbeck (F. H.) Wrangell. 44041.
Hollenbeck (L. A.) Surplus value.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

dash co.

Holmes (E. W.)
(E. W.) pebble dash

Holmes system of pebble dashing.
[etc.] 26370, 26371.

Holmes (F. L.) La Vere alive in
prison. 50805.

Holmes (J. L.) Character or money.

Holmes (R. E.) Confidential bus.
anal. form. 50806.

Holmes (W. B.) Art of mixing dental
cements. 50867.

Holmes & Edwards silver co. :

Exquisite patterns in the new
super plate. [etc.] 38057-

It is as natural to associate the
exquisite beauty. [etc.] 21415,

Now a single quality super plate.

Holmes co-op. co. Catalogue. 2424.
Holmes news service. Holmes (F. L.)
La Vere alive in prison. 50805.

[blocks in formation]

Holstein-Friesian world, inc. Wood
(S. T.) Preparing for a pub. sale.

Holt (A. W.) Correspondence course.
[etc.] 31923-31938, 38060, 38061.
Holt (B. W.) Essential features of
securities. [etc.] 8658, 8559.
Holt (E. F.) Mowglis howl. 17031.
Holt (G. E.):

By the grace of Allah. [etc.]

Certain rich man. [etc.] 50808-

Holt (Henry) & co. :

Cyrano de Bergerac. 41314.**

Dul (C. E.)

Lab. exercises in

[blocks in formation]

Holway (B. A.) Finding your place

in pictures. 50816.

Holyoke, Mass., direct. 26376.
Holyoke, Mass., map. 1394, 24476.
Homan (J. G.):

And really sleep it away. [etc.]
44047, 44048.

Glands of power & success. 16183.
Home appliance corp.:


Ques. of importance. 5248.
Scott-Newcomb automatic heat
[etc.] 8662, 8663.
Home building assn. co. Santa's mes-
sage to Christmas savers. 26377.
Home calendar. 44049.

Home doctor pub. co. Carmen (Ju-
lius) Etiketa. 48682, 48683.
Home furnishing styles assn. of Amer-
ica, inc.:

Home beautifying ques. sheet.

Triple guarantee newspaper adv.
service. 5249, 16184, 21419.

Home guaranty assn.:

Appl. for subscr. to capital stock.

By laws. [etc.] 32143-32155.
Example A-no premium. 26378.
How home guaranty assn. matures
its shares. 38063-38067.

Home lore. 50817.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Hopkins, Mich., map. 41526.
Hopkins Co., Ky., map. 14459.
Hopkinsville, Ky., map. 41527.

Hoppe (Willie) Hoppe's hardest
shots. 11906.

Hoppin (E. M.) Girls' kalendar.

Hopter (I. E.) Uncle Tom's cabin.

Hopwood (Avery) inc.:

Alarm clock. 24030.

Little Miss Bluebeard. 28961.
Hord (P. A.) David. 10212.
Horder's, inc. Horder's office guide.
16199, 44060.

Horder's stationery stores. Office sup-
plies. 499.

[blocks in formation]

Ford, the univer. car service.
2432-2437, 8666.

50 renewed Fords ordered sold.

Horstmann (W. H.) co. :

Columbia bead bags. 5261.
Columbia bk. of yarns. 8667.
Columbia yarn bk. 50839.

Columbia yarn bk. of women's
blouses & suits. 21433.

Horton (C. H.) Horton (C. H.)
insur. agency. Lest you forget.

Horwitz (Charles) Stranger in
Cedar Corners. 29080.

Hosch (R. B.) Fabric check-o-graph.

Hosiery distributors syndicate. Fran-
chise product is here. [etc.] 5262,

Hosiery retailer.
profitably. 16202.
Hospital supply co. :
Catalogue. 500.

[blocks in formation]

Some verses with hope. 16206.
Houghton (E. F.) & co. Houghton's
absorbed oils. [etc.] 44080-44082.
Houghton (F. C.) Capacities of
steam heating risers. [etc.] 21437-

Houghton, Mifflin co.:

Bolenius (E. M.) Teacher's
equipment for the Bolenius
primary readers. 25173.
Hoyt (F. S.) Diagnostic prog-
ress scores in arith. 26392.
Monroe (W. S.) Standardized
educa. tests. 27030.
Stapp (E. B.)

Happyland. 9849.
Hourvitch (S. H.) No more war.

Hourwich (I. A.) Di entwicklung fun

der Amerikaner demokratie. 50843.
Housam producing co. Why prohibi-
tion? 35409.

[blocks in formation]

House (R. T.) Drama nuevo. 10219.*

Handling hosiery House furnishing jour. co.


trade mark guide. 26388.
House furnishing rev. co.
ers' direct. 4978.


Our natl.

Ann. buy-

[blocks in formation]
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