Lapas attēli

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

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Harriss (W. H.) Daily communion
reminder. [etc.] 36705, 36706.
Harriss, Irby & Vose. Arbitrage bus.
cotton. [etc.] 37856-37897.

Harrold (Elmer) Booklet for the
Harrold exposure scale. [etc.]
5193, 5194.

Harrold (T. J.) Life, light & hope
to a storm-tossed people. 37898.
Hart (G. P. E.):

Pract. ptg. price list index. 2379,

Hart (H. B.) Versailles bus. men cal.

Hart (Hornell) Test of social atti-
tudes & interests. 8590.

Hart (J. A.) Road back to Erin.

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Horticulture as a
profitable profession. 8592.

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Christmas gift to
Hartmann (L. J.) Limitation & pos-
sibilities. 28764.

Hartmann trunk co. Bon voyage.

Harton mfg. co. Bristol steel golf
shaft driver. 50617.
Hartough (E. W.):

Steel-frame flat cars. [etc.]

Steel gondola & hopper cars.

Steel house cars.

Tank cars.

[etc.] 31804,


Hartshorne (Hugh):

Schl. of the Christian life. 11854,

[blocks in formation]

Essays on Sophocles. 43950.
Euripides. 49826.

Harvey (J. R.):

Oregon, map. 41599.
San Francisco, Calif.
Harvey (John Martin-)
Harvey (J.)

Harvey adv. agency, inc.:


See Martin-

Beware the cough or cold that
hangs on. [etc.] 31807-31809.
Creosene co. Adv. copy. 42907.
Harvey tourist auto guide. 21364,
26305, 37904, 43951, 50625.

Harward mfg. co. Inside dope. 467.
Harwood (J. V.) Study of the const.

Harwood, Mo., map. 24472.

Haskell (Elsie) Over the counter.

Haskins (F. L.) Fakes & near fakes
of oildom. 21365.

Schl. of the Christian life proj- Haskins (G. S.) Just like a woman.

21362, 37900.



[blocks in formation]


Hasley (I. F.) Jane Marvin. 21366.
Hassler (R. H.) inc.:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Plain talk about your car. 2383.
Hassold (F. A.) Shepherd's story.

Hastings (F. de G.) My scrap bk.

Hastings (H. G.) co. Hastings seeds
cat. 5198, 43952, 50629.

Hastings (H. W.) Hastings graphic
systems. 8597, 8598, 8826, 8827,
21367, 26306, 50630.

Hastings pavement co. Hastings as-
phalt block pavement. 468.
Haswell (James) Patrick & Rebecca.

Hat trade pub. co. Amer. hatter
direct. 26, 24910.
Hatch (E. S.) Captain's kid. 14161.
Hatch (H. B.) Two minute talks.

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pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Hatcher (Thurston) studios. Keep
sweet memories always with you.

Hatfield (A. N.) Physical culture
course. 21368.

Hatfield (H. R.) Principles of acct.

Hatry (Otto) Speedy, positive & per-
manent guide. 31810.

Hatton (Fanny) Waning sex. 35396.
Hatton (Frederic) Waning sex.

Hatton garden press. London, Eng-
land, map. 24509.
Hauber (H. M.) Sunbeams. 5199.
Hauck mfg. co.:

Advantages & economies of fuel oil
burning. 26307-26309.

Hauck Venturi fuel oil burning
rivet forge. 21369.

Hauck Venturi low pressure oil

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Protected by seclusion. [etc.]

Willows. Twelve months journey.

Willows maternity sanitarium.
Cat. [etc.] 19028, 19029.
Hawthorne (O. L.):

After the storm. [etc.]
[etc.] 470-475
Because of you. 8600.

For every man. [etc.] 50636-

Yrs. between. 43956.

Hawthorne (V. M.) Parisian youth

brow co. Parisian youth brow et
la crême. 53973.

Hawthorne, Calif., map. 10555.
Hay (C. L.) Child in the temple

Hay (E. L.) Tom-tom. 7389.

Hay (H. H.) sons. Hays guide to
Portland. 26313.

Hayden (W. H.) Rept. of a spec. in-
vestigation. 43957.

Hayden, Stone & co. Mining co's &

[blocks in formation]

nos. 1-12, 1923

Haynes (D. 0.) & co. Era apprentice
[etc.] 8601-

course in pharmacy.

Haynes (F. J.) Assets of a Dodge
bros. dealer, 26314.

Haynes (J. E.) Haynes new guide.

Haynes (J. P.) Community traffic
management. 12264.

Haynes (R. A.) Prohibition inside
out. 37909-37949, 43959.
Haynes (W. S.) co. Boehm flutes.

Haynes auto. co. Haynes character
cars. 476.

Haynes-Griffin radio service. Haynes
(A. J.) Ideal all-round radio re-
ceivers. 2384.

Haynes-Langenberg mfg. co. Front
rank on the firing line. 21371.
Haynsworth (M. F.) Illus. union
home builders. 16103.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Cuzzort (Belva) Health lessons.

Gannon (J. F.) Drill exercises &

problems in arith. 15938, 31529.
Vaillant (René) Exercises on
Balzac's Eugénie Grandet.

Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon.

Wells (Webster) Modern first yr.
algebra. 1184.

Heating & piping contractors natl.
assn. Com. on standardization.
Eng. standards. 21373.

Hecht (Ben) Hand of Siva. 35149,

Hecht co. Baltimore news. Men's
clothing st. at the hub. 36022.
Heckler (Franklin) Bldg. & loan
assn. acct. 43961.

Heckling (G. L.) Oh what's the use.

Heddon's (James) sons. Better bait-
casting results. [etc.] 21374-21376.
Hedman mfg.
mfg. co. Bank evidence.
Heffner (H. C.)
Hegarty (A. L.)
Hegarty (T. J.)
tic. 43963.
Heger products co.

Dan Patch. 43962.
Benefit shop. 14146.
A B C of chiroprac-

Authentic care &

treatment of birds. [etc.] 50652,

Heide (Henry) inc.:

Are you a joob? 43964, 43965.
Brand new order of joobilant
joobs. [etc.] 50654-50659.

Heifetz (Louis) Chronology. 37951.
Heights savings & loan co. Gold cou-
pon income bond. 11862.

Heil (Henry) chem. co. :

Apparatus for the teaching of high

schl. chem. 37952.

Complete cat. & price-list.


Heilbroner (Louis):

[blocks in formation]

Base ball blue bk.



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

geared locomotives. 2385.
Helburn (Theresa) Ten bks. I have

enjoyed most.
Hella temple, Ancient Arabic order,
nobles of the mystic shrine. See
Ancient Arabic order, nobles of the
mystic shrine. Hella temple.
Hellener (J. R.) & co. :

Deal in fish. 47200.
Flap goes the flapper. 47222.
His friend in need. 47252.
Never again. 47321.
Renting Jimmy. 35313.

Heller (B.) & co. Chicago insecticide
lab., inc. Directions for using. 7987,
20432, 20433.

Confidential wholesale price list.
[etc.] 8609-8611.
Heller (D. F.) Heart shop. 24157.
Heller (F. W.) Legal code corp. Le-
gal telegraphic code. 5455, 5456.
Heller (W. E.) & co. Computed sched-
ule. 8612.

[blocks in formation]


Hellpot (W. F.) See Hillpot (W. F.)
Helm (W. P.) jr. America's oldest
war widow. [etc.] 50663-50692.
Helms (E. E.) God in history. 50693.
Helpers from the hills. Community
betterment campaign comm.
of Don't-you-worry. 16105.
Heltai (Jenö) Kis cukrászda. 3818.
Hembree (U. J.) Two rulers. 31813.
Hemon (Louis) Trois nouvelles. 8613.
Hempfield foundries co. Iron, semi-
steel & steel pipe. 26319.
Hempstead (J. B.) Gilda lily. 23901.
Hempstead, N. Y., direct. 478.
Hempstead schl. dist., N. Y., direct.

Hen (H. E.) pseud. See Hendricks

[blocks in formation]

Devil dust.



Love gyp. 50696.

Henderson (G. S.) Mother Goose

mutiny. 47312.

Henderson (H. W.):

Henderson's tax & holiday desk
cal. 16108.

Internatl. program pocket mag.

Henderson (John) Perspective good
things. 16109, 31817.

Henderson (P.) & co. Henderson's
wheats, grasses, clover. 26320.

Henderson (Ray) Wolfgang Ama-
deus Mozart. 21378.
Henderson (Sara):

Bunch of keys. 28815.
Dolly has the flu. 28856.
Easter eggs. 28864.
Lineman. 28959.
Mother Goose mutiny.


Tommy & the calories. 29095.
Toothbrush fantasy. 29096.

Henderson (W. E.) Chem. & its uses.

Henderson (W. K.) iron works & sup-
ply co. Cat. 26321.
Henderson, Ky., map. 24474.

Henderson corp. Henderson construc-
tion system. 50697.

Hendricks (B. C.) Brief lab. outline
of qualitative anal. 47878.
Hendricks (H. E.)

ord. 50698.

Poultryman's rec-

[blocks in formation]

Pung-chow score pad. 2386.

[blocks in formation]
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