Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Haldeman-Julius (E.):

Is progress an illusion. [etc.]
Caught & Dreams & Compound

int. 43916.

Hamblen (E. S.) Guide to Nietz-
Embers. 31767.

sche. 5178.
Great men of science. [etc.] Harvey (Alexander) Essays on
8563, 8564.

Aeschylus. [etc.] 50623, 50624.
Irish fairy tales. 31766.

Essays on Sophocles. 43950.
Irish folk song. 37766.

King enjoys himself. 28945.
Is progress an illusion. [etc.] Lowell (D. 0. S.) Esperanto for

beginners. [etc.] 54581.
Haldeman-Julius (Mrs. E.):

McMichael (C. B.) Short stories
Caught & Dreams & Compound

from the Spanish. 51714.
int. 43916.

Marryat (Frederick) Privateers-
Embers. 31767.

man. 51873.
Haldeman-Julius co.:

Mason (John) Evolution made
Bowers (J. H.) Lincoln-Douglas

plain. 51886.
debate. 42262.

Molière (J. B. P.) Précieuses
Brandes (George) Life of Michel-

ridicules. 52104.
angelo. 46362.

Moritzen (Julius) Henrik Ibsen.
Carlyle (Thomas) Thomas Car-

lyle's philosophy of clothes.

Proverbs of Germany. 52132.

Morris (William) Thirteenth cen-
Carrington (Hereward) Life.

tury prose tales. 27051.
[etc.] 48693, 48694.

Outline of economics. 31527.
--- Psychical research. 36302, Power (R. A.) Hints on animal

husbandry. [etc.] 54179, 54180.
Crawford (N. A.) Poems of John Raspe (R. E.) Surprising ad-
Keats. 42903.

ventures of Baron Munchausen.
Today's poetry. 4752.

Dumas (Alexandre) Terrorism

Renan (Ernest) Life of Jesus.
in France. 36903.

9564, 9565.
Durant (Will) Guide to Aris-

Shah (C. C.) Proverbs of Hin-
totle. [etc.] 25771.

dustan. [etc.] 46040, 46041.
Guide to Francis Bacon.

Sanskrit proverbs. 54729.



Euripides. Bacchantes. 49826.

news reporting. 6565.
Fenton (C. L.) Animals of an-

Hist. of architecture. [etc.]
cient lands. [etc.] 4975, 4976.

54758, 54759.
Man & his ancestors. 31364.

Hist. of painting. 46064.
Finger (C. J.) Autobiog. of Ben-

Stevenson (R. L.) Father Da-
venuto Cellini. [etc.] 43498-

mien. 55276.

Swasey (Robert) Wit & wisdom
Essence of Confucianism.

of Dickens. 55480.

Vedder (H. C.) ed. Words of
- Life of Napoleon. [etc.]

Jesus. 28531, 28532.
31382, 31383.

Von Keler (T. M. R.) Bizet's
Oscar Wilde in outline. 37275.

Carmen. [etc.] 46842-46845. .
Sailor chanties. 25965.

Essence of the Talmud. 6872.
Five weeks in a balloon. [etc.]

Essence of the Koren. [etc.] ]
55740, 55741.

40995, 40996.
Gambs (J. S.) Guide to Malthu-

Mystery of the iron mask.
sianism. 50294.

Goldberg (Isaac) Dante. [etc.]

Richard Strauss's Salome.

Gottschalk (L. R.) Tragedy of Willis (F. M.) Theosophy in out-
Jean Paul Marat. 37657.

line. 56018.
Gunn (J. W.) Humor & wisdom Hale (B. F. R.) Ten bks. I have en-,
of Abraham Lincoln. 50574.

joyed most. 26248.
Life & works of Jonathan Hale (C. D.) Gay gladiolus. 26247.
Swift. 43894.

Hale (E. M.) Lippincott's silent
Haldeman-Julius (E.) Great men reader. 50582.
of science. [etc.] 8563, 8564. Hale (E. T.) Alligator bait. 43917.

Irish fairy tales. 31766. Hale (G. B.) Industrial banking.

Irish folk songs. [etc.] [etc.] 21331-21534.

Hale (J. H.) In the toils. 10507 (3).

pt. I, n, S., v. 20

Hale (M. C.) Guest flag. 7173.
Hale (P. H.) :

Childhood's days. 16067.
Loving & true. 21335.

Why we go to Halifax. 37767.
Hale (V. S.) Bk. of etiquette. 37768.
Hales (E. D.) Minister's bairn.

Halévy (Ludovic):

Bettina. 7042.

Carnen. 14164.
Haley (R. M.) God's smile. 43918.
Hall (A. F.) Symmes (H.) Songs

of Yosemite. 23665.
Hall (A. N.) Handicraft for boys.

Hall (B. F.) Hall, Higgins coal co.

Pass bk. 50584.
Hall (E. H.) Guide to the Cathedral

church. 456.
Hall (Esther) Prodigal daughters.

Hall (F. M.) Halls ready reckoner of

stock cost. 16068.
Hall (Frieda):

Grace. 7166.

Imagination. 3802.
Hall (G. C.) North Topeka, Kan.,

direct. 17871.
Hall (G. M.) Terry's honeymoon.

Hall (G. S.) Ten bks. I have en

joyed most. 37769.
Hall (Gladys) Diary of a professional

movie fan. 2362.
Hall (Holworthy) White collar beg-

gar. 43919.
Hall (Houston) Auto supplies. 3255.
Hall (I. L.):

N. Y. & N. J. lubricant co. Lubri-

cation of ball & roller bearings.

Lubrication of logging cars.

Lubrication of silk mill ma-

chinery. [etc.] 17155, 17156.
Hall (Jean) Girl's own story. 11820.
Hall (Julian) Her first lesson. 10272.
Hall (L. E.) Hall's typing to music.

Hall (M. C.) Diagnosis & treatment

of internal parasites. 21337.
Hall (M. P.) Lost keys of masonry.

[etc.] 26250-26252.
Hall (Reita) My mother's garden.

Hall (Sam) Tod Sloan picks Papyrus.

Hall (Thrasher) Insur. service & ad-

justment bur. Some needed insur.

law's. 21520.
Hall (W. C.) To a child's eyes.

Hall (Warren) Bur. of indus. psychol.

Three little skunks. 7914.

Hall (Wilbur) It's all in the cutting.

Hall & McCreary co. Clark (A. G.)

Four & twenty famous tales. 42654.
Hall & McNamara. It costs to die.

Hall, Higgins coal co. Pass bk. 50584.
Hall-Mack co.:

Easter helper. 16070.
Pageantry for Easter. 19352.
Yale (E. D.) Pageantry for Eas-

ter. 19084.
Hall of time adjustable calendar.

Hall-Welter co., inc. :

Bank notification. 16071.
Stand. accident insur. CO. of

Detroit. $10,000.00 forgery

bond. 13576.
Hallam (M. D.) Alice Marden.

Hallesby (0.) Hovedforskjellen mel-

lem positiv og liberal teologi. 50585.
Hallettsville, Tex., map. 41524.
Halligan (E. V.) Retail dealer.

Hallinan (Joseph) Bible. Student's

N. T. compilation. [etc.] 1801-1801.
Hallock (T. P.) I am the bank bk.

Hallock pub. co. Hallock (T. P.) ) I

am the bank bk. 50586.
Hallowell (E. G.) At the stage door.

Halls (F. L.) Hotel episode. 7199.
Hallstead (W. G.) Trusie stoops to

conquer. 26253.
Hally (P. J. M.) My creed. 50587.
Halman (D. F.) Four to six. 7151.
Halsey (E. R.) South Orange, N. J.,

map. 4001.
Halsey (Frank) Patent medicine

man. 24280.
Halsey, Stuart & co. Worth looking

Halsted st. state bank.

For your
protection. [etc.] 11821-11823.
Halton (Theo):

Durchgang der Venus. 7124.

Mädels von Davos. 14269.
Halvorson (Marie) :

Minneapolis hotel training schl.

Hotel housekeeping. 52087-

Minneapolis hotel training

(ourse. 5676.
Ham (W. D.) Sealed evidence. 37771.
Haman (J. B.) Rules & regulations

governing the issuance of travel

club certificates. 31768, 50588.
Hamblen (E. S.) Guide to Nietzsche.

Hamblin (H. T.) Art of living.

. 5179.
Hambrick (W. L.) Way to the city

four square. 11824.

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nos. 1-12, 1923

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Hamburg (E. A.) Hamtonian. 5180. Hammermill paper co.:
Hamburg, N. Y., map. 24471.

Better letter campaigns. 21339.
Hamill (H. F.) Fur coats. 3783.

Better letterheads. [etc.] 43923–
Hamill (H. S.):

Alexander the Great. 47139. Hammerstein (Oscar) 2d. Second
Young Evans decides for himself.

yr. 35329.

Hammerton (J. A.) Wonders of the
Hamilton (A. S.) Statistics fraternal


16074, 21340, 26267, 31769,

soc. 16072.

37774, 43927.
Hamilton (B. E.):

Hammett (J. L.) Hammett's pro-
Bible bookfinder. 50589.

gressive no. matching strips. 31772.
Hamilton pub.
pub. co. Hamilton's

Hammond (C. S.) & co.:
handy ref. time bk. 50590.

New England, map. 24559, 24560.
Hamilton (Bernard) See Hamilton New Jersey, map. 24562, 24563.
(W. B.)

New York (State) map. 24566–

24569, 29417.
Hamilton (C. M.):
Neb. power co.

World, map. 3665, 10651, 24718–
One day while

working in the fields. 52291.

Hammond (Edward) pseud. See
Tell & sell. 37772.
Hamilton (Clayton):

Cady (E. H.)
Double cross.

Hammond (G.) Bald Knob. Chamber

of commerce. Data on the resources
Half-married. 19251.

of White Co. 25040.
Thirty days. 29085.

Hammond (H. C.)
Hamilton (Cosmo)

Calif. mile-0-
Society. 7357.
Hamilton (D. G.) Auto ins. rates.

meter. 31773.
Hammond (W.

A.) Hammond's

mah-jongg rack. 457, 12412.
Hamilton (Frederick) Auto. owners.

Hammond (W. E.) Money back sales
[etc.] 11825-11827.

plan. 2364.
Hamilton (Gordon) Nautilus. 22321.

Hammond, Ind., direct. 37778.

Hamilton (Hale) :

Hammond, La., map. 35480.
Double cross. 35084.

Hammond & Harff. Philadelphia en-
Tut-Tut. 14373.

tertainment direct. 45637.
Hamilton (R. J.) Thrill of good

Hammonton, N. J., map. 41525.
health. 11828.

Hamp (Pierre) Maison avant tout.
Hamilton (T. E.) Anglais tel qu' on 47295.
le parle.

Hampton (E. L.) Talking tree.
Hamilton (T. M.) Why you should

belong to the motor tourists of

Hampton (J. D.) Spoilers. 24822.
Amer. 16073.

Hampton (W. J.) Religion of the
Hamilton (W. B.) Giant. 7157.

presidents. 50591.
Hamilton, O., direct. 26254.

Hampton play corp. Zeno. 29143.
Hamilton-Brown shoe co. Adv. serv-

Hanau (Cesare) I. P. D. T. 3800.
ice. 8566.

Hanau (R. L.) Dental eng. 458.
Hamilton Co., O., map. 3955.

Hanbery (Welch) Long Beach telep.
Hamilton credit bur. co. Hamilton

direct. 5182, 21342.
credit rating bk. 11829.

Hanbury (I. M.):
Hamilton natl. bank. Service with

Columns of culture. 26269.
security. 2363.

Isabelle M. Hanbury lecturer,
Hamilton pub. co. Hamilton's handy

&c. 21343.
ref. time bk. 50590.

Hancock (E. S.) Long Beach finance
Hamilton trust CO. Count your

co. Long Beach finance co. 44568.
change. [etc.] 26255–26266.

Hancock, Md., map. 35481.
Hamlin (Fred E.) Ex-Kaiser in exile.

Hancock Co., O., direct. 396.

Hand (E. H.) Everlasting peace.
Hamlin (M. P.) Rock. 47363*.

Hamlin (Scoville) :

Hand bk. of Amer. private schls.
Cause of the world war. 47129.

Facing the facts. 7001.

Handbook of autos. 11830.
Hamman (L. M.):

Handley (L. de B.) Swimming for
Absolutely no pain. 5181.

women. 31775.
Health & success thru the teeth.

Handy day cal. 459.

Haney (J. G.) Idol. 28920.
Hammer (L. H.) Path to permanent Haney (L. H.) Ry. traffic & rates.
peace among nations. 41269.



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pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Hanff-Metzger, inc. Proving the Hansen (J. C.):
payads. 21345.

Juanita Hansen reveals enchanted
Hanline (M. A.) Birthday of the

hell. 11833.
Infanta. 21056.

Majority of film stars use dope.
Hanly (E. S.) To my old friend.


Superior two-way plumb level,
Hanna eng. works:

Hanna air hoists. 50592.

Writhing terror of dope's clutch.
Instr. bk. covering maintenance.


Hansen (J. G.):
Mumford molding machine co. Dear Emily—Emily-dear! 24106.
Foundry molding machines.

Next of kin. 29003.

Hansen (R. M.) Men of Mars. 24241
Riveters. 26270.

I lansen (Victor) Vic's movie hand-
Hannagan (Steve) Feminine freedom writer. 26271.
is all bosh. 50593.

I lansen (Wilhelm) :
Hannahs mfg. co. Hannahs tabs. for Rosines skælmsstykker. 29057.
liby. 31776.

To i et glashus. 29093.
Hannan (J. W.) Prohibition profanes Hansen, Ind., map. 1385.
divine law. 21346.

Hanson (D. L.) Where bus, men stay
Hannay (J. 0.):

young. 37781.
Fighting spirit. 31777.

Hanson (Earl) Rockety-I. 18236.
King Tommy. 37779.

Hanson (W. G.) Harris (Nick) prof.
Rate of exchange. 21347.

detective schl. Nick Harris prof.
Hannigan (John) Sailor Jack Blues. detective schl. 43945.

Hanson & Van Winkle co. Illus. bus.
Hannock (Franklin) Newark, N. J., cat. 8571.
map. 24572–24574.

Hanson bros. scale co. Handy Han-
Hanny (W.) Hanny's rev. of the yr. son's handbook. 26272.
cartoon. 2365.

Hanthorn (Alice) :
Hanover, Pa., direct. 21348.

Bradley's silent reading seat
Hanover Township (Bd. of education

work. 37782. 37783.
of) Hooker (Elizabeth) Schl. sur- Silent reading stories. 21349.
vey of Hanover Township. 50821.

Happy New Yr. cal. 50597.
Hanscome (A. L.) Professional men's

Harbison & Gathright. Harness, sad-
clearing assn. Advantage & benefits.

dles. 26273.
[etc.] 45709-45711.

Harcourt, Brace & co., inc. :
Hansel (R. S.):

Bowers (C. R.) ) Bowers movie
Coal-clay & & rock products Co.

bk. 36137, 36138.
Profits that are forever great.

Junior play bk. 24190.*
[etc.] 1978, 1979.

Puppet plays. 19373, 29041.
Electrocar corp. Opening a new Hard (William) :
field. 2163, 2164.

Americans seek Russian riches.
Field that is ripe with golden

[etc.] 37781-37831.
promise. [etc.] 50595, 50596.

Borah's ct. plan gets backing.
Finance realty & constr. CO.

[etc.] 31778-31795.
From suburban land. 2240.

Hardbarger (H. G.) Columbus & sur-

Hansel (R. S.) adv. service. I

roundings. 16077.
have your interesting letter.

Hardeman Co., Tenn., map. 7463.
[etc.] 2366-2369.

Harder (Emil) Birth of Switzerland.
Hansel (R. S.) inc. Analysts & 11834.

finan. writers. 8569.
Hygeia ice & storage co., inc. Will

Hardgrave (E. J.) Collectors int. &

it stand for the acid test. 8677.

penalty tab.

Hardin (J. H.) Corbin, Ky., map.
Pearle's, inc. Eliminate the mid-

dlemen. 3094.
Premier stores corp. What you

Harding (H. A.) Tuberculin testing

of cows. 31796.
save & gain. 3138.
Hansel (R. S.) ady, service. I have

Harding (H. E.) Why men fail.

your interesting letter. [etc.] 2366-

Harding (L. W.) Sleeping beauty.
Hansen (C. H.) Arrow-bank-ads.


Harding (M. L.):
Hansen (D. B.) & sons. Religious ar: Bird from Mars. 10173.
ticles. 11831.

Voices. 41451.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Harding (R. J.) Best city charter. Harn (0. C.):

Dutch boy's lead party. 37846.
Harding (R. T.) Kansas City bird Natl. lead co. Dutch 'boy's jingle
store. Million dollar bird store.

paint book. 2807.

Harned (W. E.) Typewriting studies.
Hardinge co., inc. Hardinge conical 8576.
mills. 5184.

Harnwell (A. J.) Holly & cypress.
Hardman (Cecilia) Notelets. 5185, 35169.

Harp (Dorothy) Quill annual. 18162.
Hardt-Warden (Bruno):

Harper (D. R.) Dark moments. 1250.
Schöne mama. 10425.

Harper (E. E.) Song services. 37847.
Tanz in's glück ... 3893.

Harper (F. F. G.) co. U. S. tariff
Hardware age service. Bul. 2370, act. 8577.

11835, 16078, 21350, 26275, 31797, Harper (F. R.) Our state. 37848.
37833, 43931, 50599.

Harper (G. A.) Second course in
Hardware age verified list. 2371.

algebra. 847.
Hardware buyers catalog direct. 5188, Harper (H. D.) Ans. to Fundamentals
16080, 26277, 43933.

of practical mathematics. [etc.]
Hardwick, Mass., direct. 1177.

55940, 55941.
Hardwick & Magee co. Yardstick. Harper (Irene) Her silent partner.

Hardwood mfrs. inst. H-M-I hard- Harper (M. H.) Married life of Helen
wood costs acct. 37834.

& Warren. 463, 21353, 37849, 43939.
Hardy (C. F.) Christmas greeting. Harper (Stuart):
[etc.] 50600, 50601.

Facts of vital int. to you. 50609.
Hardy (F. E.) At-one-ment legion Guaranteed income life assurance

co. Assured income bond. 26177.
Hardy (Thomas) Famous tragedy of Mysteries of life ins. explained.
The queen of Cornwall. 41328.*

Hare (W. B.) Aunt Jerushy on the Harper & bros. :
war-path. 24049.

Bus. Engl. problems. 37853.
Hargear (W. A.) jr. Hargear, Dun- Copley (F. B.) Chapters from
lap co. Colldex advertiser. 31798.

the life of F. W. Taylor. 49198.
Hargear, Dunlap co. Colldex adver-

Walker (A. P.) Sandman's
tiser. 31798.

stories of Snowed-in hut. [etc.]
Hargis (O. P.) Soldier eagle. 43934.

55846, 55847.
Hargrave (E. J.):

Harpers Ferry, W. Va., map. 1386.
Edward J. Hargrave secret serv-

Harpman (Julia) Ward cash buried
ice. 26278-26280.

witnesses. 26292.
Natl. bus. service. Service con-

Harpootlian (C. A.) Romance of the
tract. [etc.] 27111-27116.

oriental rug. 50610.
Hargrave (G. J. A.) Science of sell- Harrett (M. C.) Math. for printers.
ing. 8572.

Harkness (Robert):

Harriman (G. W. R.) Harriman geo-
Gospel song. 8573, 16083.

graphic code route. 26293.
Piano. 43935.

Harris (-) Ink spot & a blotter.
Harlan (Lew) pseud. See Stoneman 41355.

Harris (A. K.):
Harlow (S. B.) Her one third int. Jellyfish. 47268.

Old walnut. 47333.
Harman (R. V.) Art of living to- Harris (A. M.):
gether. [etc.] 50602-50604.

Back pay. 21354.
Harman (S. P.) Selling securities by Black flag from Boston. 465.
mail. 50605.

Groan o' the gallows. 26294.
Harman (William) Off. hist. of U. S. Sea horror. 16089.
soldiers' home. 16084.

Harris (Arthur) :
Harmon (E. G.) Home laundry.

New assistant. 7271.

New doctor. 7272.
Harmon (0. G.) Ozark ballads. Harris (C. K.):

Crimson girl. 21355.
Harmonie verlag. Gasthaus zur liebe. Gamblers all. [etc.] 2373-2375.

Harris (Edna) Ten commandments
Harmsworth's children's encycl. 460, for raising children. 21356.

2372, 5189, 8574, 11836, 16086, 21351, Harris (F. A.) Novel embroidery de-
26281, 31799, 37835, 43935, 50606.

signs for novelite spreads. 8578.

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