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pt. 1, n. s., v. 20


Greenville, N. C., map.
Greenville, Tex., map. 19535.
Greenwald (G. P.) Be a natl. repre-
sentative & be a leader. 31641.
Meridian day.

Greenwood (Albert)

7261, 31642.

Greenwood (M. E.):

Food makes the man. 47224.

Milky way. 47303.


Neighbors & teeth.
Greenwood, S. C., map. 19536.
Greenwood co. :

Easy to tell at a glance. 11780.
For your protection. 43841.
Greer (J. W.) Looking ahead. 11781.
Greer, S. C., map. 1382.

Greer pub. co. Rapid calculator &
percentage bk. 2330.

Greeters of America. Charter no. 31.
Greeters' guide to Washington.

Greeting card shop. All routes lead
to the greeting card shop. 50491.
Greevy (M. J.) In fields run red.

Greger (G. G.) Sphere ideal. 2331.
Gregg (A. S.):

George W. Stone. 11782.

Henry Ford would wreck the pie
counter. 37671.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Gregory (W. T.) What we know
about the knights of the Ku Klux
klan. 37672.

Greig (Peter) Correct clothes for
men. 21314-21316, 26163-26165,
31645-31648, 37673-37676, 43842-
43846, 50493-50504.

Gremmer (T. B.) Chance meeting.

Grendon (Felix) Soft snap. 41429.
Grennan mfg. co. :

Flange that fills a need. [etc.]
21317, 21318.

Story of slam bank casters. 43847.
Gresar (Fred de) Tiger Lily. 1293.
Gresham (H. C.) Christian, the di-

vine name. [etc.] 50505, 50506.
Greul (W. H.) Merchant pig iron
situation. 50507.

Greulich (Millard) Baby's finan. rec.

[blocks in formation]

Griffin (C. L.)
Griffin (C. P.)

ventors. 31650.

Griffin (Cora)
Griffin (E. C.)
Griffin (U. C.)



Machine drawing.

Information for in-

See Griffin (E. C.)
Gods & men. 14213.
Spite fence. 3886.

Griffin (William) Henry Ford has no
private office. 43848.
Griffith (A. M. M.):

Sympathetic friend. 7376.
Whither. 7416.

Griffith (C. B.) Cotton yr. bk. 8135.
Griffith (C. E.) Great composers of
the world. 16036.
Griffith (C. J.):

Notion anal. 43849.

Ry. employee's time bk. guide.

Griffith (D. W.) inc.:

Paddy-the-next-best-thing. 24806.
White rose.


[blocks in formation]

Wreck of the Lady Rose. 8556.
Grimshaw (F. C.) Evangelical church
Holton, Kan., Men's Bible class. By-
laws of the Viola Haag memorial
fund. 4919.

Grindle fuel equipment co. What
pulverized coal is doing for malleable
foundries. 37677.

Grinnell (J. E.) John Bargrave,
gentleman. 24103.*
Grinnell (R. L.):

Fairymagic. 24130.

Mr. & Mrs. Robin Redbreast find
a winter home. 47305.
Vegetable dream. 24355.

Grinnell, Ia., map. 1383.
Griswold (Grace)

Main line. 10335,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Market, Va. 8558.

Grosner (S. S.):

On the side. 7284.

Picture of Dorian Gray. 19362,

Solitaire. 35348.

Gross (A. M.) Fruitman's guide.

Gross (H. W.)

St. Louis, Mo., map.
24627, 24628, 35551.

Gross (Philip) hardware co. Come
women. 31652.

Gross (Phillip) hardware & supply
co. Catalogue. 16038.

Grosser (Emil) Empire stock tonic
Health in the poultry flock.


Grosser volkskalender. 26176.
Grosset & Dunlap:

Chapman (Allen) Ralph on the
midnight flyer. 15275.

Cory (D.) Little Jack Rabbit &
Mr. Wicked Wolf. [etc.] 2013,

Magic umbrella. 15476,


(P. K.) Pee-Wee
Harris f. o. b. Bridgeboro. [etc.]
50094, 50095.

Garis (L.) Gloria. 15940, 15941.
Hope (L. L.) Bobbsey twins
camping out. [etc.] 16194-

Roy (L. E.) Polly's southern
cruise. 18267.

Tale of Grandma Goose. [etc.]
14888, 14889.

Thorndyke (H. L.) Honey Bunch.

Grossman (B. A.) Rather clever that.

Grossman (Julius) inc. If the shoe
fits. 50512.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

[blocks in formation]

Gruber (A. L.) Song poems. 31653.
Gruber yarn corp. Olivia Twist knit-
ted wardrobe. 2334.
Gruelle (J. B.) Bed-time stories. 437,
448, 5159-5164, 11786-11809, 16039-
16050, 31654-31727, 37679-37748,
43854-43887, 50515-50549.
Gruelle (Johnny) Magical land of
Noom. 2335.

Grünbaum (Fritz) Dorine & der
zufall. 7117, 28859.

Gruendler (G. J.) mfg. co.. inc.
Gruendler freezer refrigerator bk.

Gruening (E. H.) If the women
played poker as the men do.
Grünwald (Alfred):

Bajadere. 10164.


[blocks in formation]

Guardian savings & trust co.:

Beating Smiley's rec. [etc.]

Capitalizing your bus. Good will

[etc.] 50559-50570.

Guardian way of banking. 5166.
Ownership certificate guide

Guarno (Kelly) Real life of Wally
Reid. [etc.] 2350, 2351.

Guastalla (Claudio) Belfagor. 19167
Guatemala, map. 24470.

Gudebrod (G. H.) Philos. of a bundle
boy. 11813.

Guenther (H. W.) Shadow of content
Guenther pub.

co. Finan. world

[blocks in formation]

Guiterman (Arthur) Ten bks. I have
enjoyed most. 31738.

Guiterman (E. W.) Discharge ptg

Guitet-Vauquelin (Pierre) Passion
aragonaise. 50572.

Guitry (Lucien) Souvenirs. 37758.
Guitry (Sacha):

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

walls. 11816, 11817.

H & H novelty co. Christmas cheer.
[etc.] 16063, 16064.

H. K. adv. service, inc. Story of a
letter head. 21327.

H-O cereal co., inc.:

Do you also guide her eating?

Food for growing children. 451.
How can child happiness be built.

Is choosing food as easy as pick-
ing flowers. 37762.
H. S. B. W.-Cochrane corp.:

Creasey ice breakers. 21328.
Creasey motor driven ice break-
ers. [etc.] 26234, 26235.

Vail (D. P.)

feed water.

Haaren (J. H.)
Haas (Arline

Haas (Edna)

Treatment of boiler

Primer. 38634.
de) See De Haas

Legend of the birth-

day flowers. 21329.

Haas (Harlow) When Christmas
came. 47438.

Haase (Frederick) Department store.

Habberstad (C. C.):

Man of feeling. 10340.
Simple Simon. 10434.

Haberdasher co. Haberdasher's red
bk. direct. 452, 31743.
Haberdasher's red bk. direct. 452,

Haberstock (Joe) My creed. 50576.

Haberstro (Albert)

slogan. 21330.

Habit. 26236.

This is my daily

[blocks in formation]

8988, 8989.

Maquet (Charles)

latins. 51861.


Très sport. 9944, 13782, 18826,

23747, 40862, 46690, 55630.
World, map. 14575-14577.
Hackensack trust co. Dependable exe-
cutor. [etc.] 43898-43909.
Hackett (J. D.) Calculation of labor
turnover. 50577.

Hackett (Walter) Captain Apple-
jack. 14160.

Hackleman (C. W.) Society forms.
Hackney (E. S.) Oct. rain cal. 50578.
Hadcock (C. H.) Philadelphia. 37763.
Haddad (Max) Rafick as-souhad.

Haddon press, inc. Mother Goose
paint bk. 670.

Haddonfield, N. J., map. 19538.

Hadley (C. R.) co. Gordon (R. W.)
Exhibit & bk. of instr. 5140-5145,

Hadley (Fremont):

Dope shift brings in $10,00. [etc.]

Kidnappers trimmed woman.
[etc.] 26237-26239.

Hadley press, inc.:

Lexington times. Rambler's
rambles. 44539.

Saul (H. W.) Lexington at
work. 45921.

Härting (Otto) Verwechselt. 7403.
Hafelfinger (F. T.) D. C. Complete
list of the drug stores. 11441.
Hafer (E. G.):

Barbara makes a splash. 7036.
Cheer up, Chad. 47176.

Doris comes to town. 7118.

Eureka awakes. 3774.

Points of interest. 29031.

Tumult. 7398.

Welcome home, Jimmy! 47433.

Hafner (Frank):

Excellent cake decorations. 5172.
Few suggestions how to use. 453.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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