Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Clark (Norman) Rept. of

a Locks (A. L.) Rept. of a special special investigation. 42655.

investigation. 38499. Cox (O. J.) Rept. of a special Lohse (Charles) Rept. of a special investigation. 49259.

investigation. 38502. De Chant (W.) Rept. of a special Lowman (Seymour) Rept. of a investigation. 49512.

special investigation. 51604. Deeb (M. G.) Rept. of a special Maas (W. C.) Rept. of a special investigation. 49513.

investigation. 44619. Donel (A. W.) Rept. of a special Miller (D. E.) Rept. of a special

) investigation. 43146.

investigation. 38950. Dramdahl (F. E.) Rept. of a Miller (J. J.) Rept. of a special special investigation. 49640.

investigation. 38954. Drewke (A. R.) Rept. of a Munroe (A. L.) Rept. of a special investigation. 36897.

special investigation. 52176. Duke (C. E.) Rept. of a special Nelson (H. F.) Rept. of a special investigation. 36902.

investigation. 39093. Emerson (W. J.) Rept. of a Perkins (T. C.) Rept. of a special investigation. 36984.

special investigation. 541035. Farrell (W. A.) Rept. of a Peterson (E. J.) Rept. of a special investigation. 37207.

special investigation. 39428. Fenlon (J.) Rept. of a special Piasio (G.) Rept. of a special investigation. 50052.

investigation. 54113. Fieux (E. D.) Rept. of a special Place (George) Rept. of a special investigation. [etc.] 50057.

investigation. 54131. Fleissner (W. M.) Rept. of a Rept. of a spec. investigation. special investigation. 50130.

[etc.] 31616-31624. Flogaus (Howard) Rept. of a Rhoades (C. L.) Rept. of a special investigation. 37359.

special investigation. 39697. Ford (Walter) Rept. of a special Robinson (J. M.) Rept. of a investigation. 37416.

special investigation. 15815. ! Gage (C. H.) Rept. of a special Stant (E. J.) Rept. of a spec. ininvestigation. 50289.

vestigation. 46396. Garrett (J. S.) Rept. of a special Staub (E. J.) Rept. of a special investigation. 50299.

investigation. 46422. Gelardi (Antonio) Rept. of a Steed (R. L.) Rept. of a special special investigation. 43701.

investigation. 40505. Greenstone (J.) Rept. of a special Stuart (0. G.) Rept. of a special investigation. 50490.

investigation. 46505. Havens (A. V.) Rept. of a special Traber (W. D.) Rept. of a special investigation. 37906.

investigation. 40858. Hayden (W. H.) Rept. of a Treeful (P. T.) Rept. of a special special investigation. 43957.

investigation. 46689. Hinckley (W. O.) Rept. of a Truck owners conference, inc. special investigation. 38026.

Analysis of truck cost. 40869. Holtrop (L.) Rept. of special in- Trullinger (Ross) Rept. of a spe

. vestigation. 31946, 38062.

cial investigation. 40870. Howell (K. J.) Rept. of a Vernor (James) jr. Rept. of a

. special investigation. 38077.

special investigation. 40941. Jordan (Tool) Rept. of a special Werle (John) Rept. of a special investigation. 38195.

investigation. 55912. Klewin (Charles) Rept. of a Wichert (E. F.) Rept. of a spespecial investigation. 51343.

cial investigation. 41136. Koenig (Norman) Rept. of a Woodhouse (H. V.) Rept. of a special investigation. 44435.

special investigation. 47069. Lamb (Edward) Rept. of a

Zeigler (C. H.) Rept. of a spespecial investigation. 44458.

cial investigation. 56140. Lance (H. J.) Rept. of a special Gould (Jacques) Clever ones. 19187. investigation. 51409.

Gould (L. M.) Brief hist. of W. H. La Schum (E. E.) Rept. of a a 48083. special investigation. 38107,

Gould & Griffin. Old Homestead. 38408. LeFeber (Lester) Rept. of


a special investigation. 38432. Gould storage battery co. Gould uniLinger (C. H.) Rept. of a special power battery. 21296. investigation. 38483.

Gould's St. Louis red-blue bk. 21297.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Goward (P. F.) Hummuh mus.: saw.

Graham (Dale) Eb. Martin's bank 50157.

acct. 16017. Gower (J. M.):

Graham (G. M.) Graham four-in-one In the kaleidoscope. 3805.

computing table. 43815. Unknown soldier. 41447.

Graham (Harry) Deportmental ditGower, Mo., map. 3952.

ties. 31626-31629, 37660–37662, Gowin (E. B.) :

43816. Anal. of finan. statements. [etc.] | Graham (J. B.) Manual of service 50458-30463.

for the primary dept. 50782. { "hoice of stocks. [etc.] 43808– Graham (J. H.) Patches. 29026. 13812.

Graham (M. S.) Call it a day. I)eveloping finan, skill. 8552.

19177. Getting the most from your

Graham (P. C.) In Fla. where fish(ourse. 50461.

ing is good. 50466. Grabbe (C. D.) Deuce. 24109.

Graham (Sammy): Grabin (C. H.) Oh, when we are Jelly roll café. 47269. millionaires. 26149.

Way of life. 47431. Grabler mfg. Co. Catalog H. 43813. Graham (W. J.) Estate and inheriGrace (W. R.) & co. Gelles (Ber- tance tax ins. manual. 37663.

nard) Buying Amer. cotton. 37478. Graham, Va., map. 10552. Grace Baptist church :

Graham bros. soap co.

Introd. GraConwell (R. H.) America's vic- ham products. 5148. tories. [etc.] 11316–11328. Graham, Sanson & co. Miracle of int.

Anxious waiting for work. 16018. [etc.] 19148–49171.

Gralewicg (Paul) Bolszewia W Bible definition of mob law. Detroit. 21299. [etc.] 25528–25540.

Grambsch (R. M.) Loose leaf shop Grady (F. W.) Directions for play- manual. 7916. ing usona. 13814.

Grammer (L. E.) : Grady (J. J.) Movie suckers. 130.

Cold Bay oil dist., Alaska, map. Grady (W. E.) Modern English

14427. series, 37658.

Kanatah, Alaska, map. 14467. Graeser (Albert) Il faut qu'une Grammes (L. F.) & sons inc.: porte. 14232.

Catalog 21300. Graf (Max) Fog. 24754. .

Escutcheon pins. [etc.] 31630, Graf (l'eter) Married boy. 14280.

31631. Graffam (G. M.) Common sense Grammes blocking & routing nails. auditing. [etc.] 50464, 50465.

50467. Graft motor supply co. Automo. ac- Grammes metal greeting seals. cessories. 26150.

37664. Gratin (Margaret) My father. Grammezine. 50468, 50469. [etc.] 16010_16016.

Leave it to the Bull dog nail Grafton, W. Va., map. 24466.

puller. 11771. Graham (A. J.) Christian science. Grammezine. 50468, 50469. 2313.

Grampa co. Morton (D. J.) GramGraham (Bothwell) Self-evolution of pa's toy shop. 2761, 2762. God. 37659.

Grand-Asher distributing corp.: Graham (C. C.) Simplex budget bk. Always late. 35590. 2314.

Boy in blue. 41683. Graham (C. E.) & co.:

Covered schooner. 29655. Beautiful animals. 25092.

Dark knight. 35626. Billy Bingle bk. 25152.

Don't play hookey. 29667. Child's own bk. 25374.

Hats. 41719. Christmas bk. 21298.

Hollywood bound. 35656. Daisy Dingle bk. 25650.

Hot sands. 47626. Dear old Santa Claus. 25668.

Laughing gas. 41750. Ducky Quack. 25758.

Love birds. 47638. Friendly animals. 26072.

Love trap. 29719. Fuzzy Bear. 26077.

Lucky rube. 29720. Polly Pingle bk. 27685.

Mama's baby boy. 29722. l'uppy Squint. 27735.

Man of position, 24790. Graham (C. W.) Cigarras hormigas. Mark it paid. 29726. 24084*.

Mine to keep. 29728. Graham (Hrs. D. E.) Call it a day. Other men's daughters. 35701. 19177.

Paging love. 24807.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Rolling home. 24810.

Neb. druggist weather chart cal. Satin girl. 41810.

45115. Sleepwalker. 29767.

New England druggist weather Some nurse. 35732.

chart cal. 45128. Southbound limited. 29769.

New Jersey druggist weather Taxi please. 35741.

chart cal. 45142. Grand assembly, Order of Jeanne

N. M, druggist weather chart cal. d'Arc. See Order of Jeanne d'Arc

45144. (Grand assembly)

N. Y. druggist weather chart cal. Grand executive assembly of free po

45147. litical & religious America. Const.

N. C. druggist weather chart cal. 43817.

45392. Grand league of the Protestant women

N. D. druggist weather chart cal. of Amer., inc. :

45393. Ritual. 37665.

0. druggist weather chart cal.

45427. Ritual of the Protestant juniors of Amer. 50470.

Okl. druggist weather chart cal. Grand Pasture no. 1. Goat's club of

45445. Amer. See Goat's club of Amer.

Or. druggist weather chart cal. Grand Pasture no. 1.

45481. Grand Rapids cal. co.:

Our market cal. 45491. Ala.-druggist weather chart cal.

Penn. druggist weather chart cal. 41880.

45559. Alaska druggist weather chart

Service calendar, 1924. 46038. cal. 41882, 42005.

S. C. druggist weather chart cal.

46322. Arizona druggist weather chart cal. 42004.

S. D. druggist weather chart cal. Calif. druggist weather chart cal.

46323. 42491.

Tenn. druggist weather chart cal. Col. druggist weather chart calen

46576. dar. 42788.

Tex. druggist weather chart cal. Del. & Md. Md. druggist weather

46578. chart cal. 43098.

U. S. weather cal. 46782. Fla. druggist weather chart cal.

Utah druggist weather chart cal. 43558.

46803. Formula cal. back. [etc.] 43818,

Va. druggist weather chart cal. 43819.

46838. Ga. druggist weather chart cal.

Wash. druggist weather chart cal. 43727.

46922. Home cal. 44049.

W. Va. druggist weather chart cal. Id. druggist weather chart cal.

46957. 44102.

Wis. druggist weather chart cal. Ideal weather chart cal. 44103.

47042. Ill. druggist weather chart cal.

Wy. druggist weather chart cal. 44117.

47091. Ind. druggist weather chart cal. Grand Rapids direct co. Grand 44125.

Rapids, Mich., direct. 31632. Ia. druggist weather chart cal. Grand Rapids, Mich., direct. 31632. 44171.

Grand Rapids, Mich., map. 41523. Kansas druggist weather chart

Grand Rapids show case co.: cal. 44318.

Making toilet goods pay better. Ky. druggist weather chart cal.

[etc.] 37666–37668, 43820_43823. 44381.

Selling more & better garments. La. druggist weather chart cal.

50471. 44576.

Selling more & better shirts Mich. druggist weather chart cal.

[etc.] 21301, 21302. 44914.

Grand Rapids vapor kiln. VaporMinn. druggist weather chart cal. 44974.

graph. 2315. Miss. druggist weather chart cal.

Grand Saline, Tex., map. 19533. 44977.

Grand union tea co. How to sell Mo. druggist weather chart cal. Grand union products. 31633. 44978.

Grandfield, Okl., map. 35478. Mont. druggist weather chart cal. Grandjean (Marcel) J'te veux! 44988.


pt. I, n, S., v. 20

Graner (K. A.) Practical French Gravestein highway, map. 29514.
course. 43824.

Gray (C. D.) Signal systems for
Granger (L. D.) Wire cloth, its manu- power stations. 43832.
facture and uses. 26151.

Gray (C. J.):
Grant (Anderson) :

Ill., map. 29315.
Adventure enough. 7018.

Indiana, map. 29320-29322.
Lead kindly light. 10318.

Mich., map. 10584, 10585.
White lie. 7413.

U. S., map. 29572.
Grant (H. D.) Grant's sectional auto Wis., map. 29613.
route. 2316.

Gray (D. B.) Trade abuses. 132,
Grant (J. P.) House of I am. 7200. 11774, 16019.
Grant (J. R.) Pupil's workbk. 5149. Gray (David) Goodness knows.
Grant (L. B.) :

Back to Araby. 7032.

Gray (Dorothy) Story of Dorothy
Every man's sister. 7132.

Gray. 43833.
Grant (Margaret) Child of love.

Gray (Eden) Daughters of Bahylon. 26152.

41316. Grant Co., Ark., map. 1381.

2321. Grantham (James) Wholesale price

Gray (Edna) Did you forget? movements. 43825.

Gray (G. V.) Culinary recipes for the

use of extract of malt. 31637. Granville-Barker (Harley) See Bar

Gray (Gilda) 10 best bks. I have ker (H. G.) Granville telep. CO.

read. 21305.

Telep. direct. 21303, 50472.

Gray (1. M.) List of speeches from Graphic rec. corp. Selden (G. C.)

the plays of Shakespeare. 26154. Stock market simplified. 6549.

Gray (J. F. F.) Songs of triumph, Grass Valley, Calif., map. 35479.

50476. Grass Valley extension mines Gray (J. H.) Economic order. 16020.

Grass Valley, Calif., map. 35479. Gray (J. O.) Inspiration. 21306. Grasset (Bernard) Hemon (Louis) Gray (M. E.) Instr. in letter writing. rois nouvelles. 8613.

43834. Grasset (Pierre) Don Juan bourgeois.

Gray (S. H.) Hist. sketches.

2322, 8553.

11775, 16021, 26155-26157. Grasty (C. H.) :

Gray (Mrs. S. H.) Gray (S. H.) Fine rec. on the Rhine. 11772.

Hist. sketches of parliamentary French await our leadership.

repting. 16021, 26155-26157. 5150.

Gray (W. N.) Little sermons on Hope to win German favor. [etc.]

thrift. 11776. 2317-2320.

Gray motor co. Glasson (R. F.; Observer ignored by Rhineland bd.

Some talks to Gray salesmen. 431.

Grattan (Harry):

Graymaroon. 21307.
Buying a gun. 14158.

Graystone (Hurst) pseud. See Nebel
Plumbers. 14319.

Stung. 19410.
Graven (W. S.) Many Amers. attend

Grearson & Lane co., inc. Charm in opening of world court. 31635.

every line. 5151.
Graver corp. First water softener for

Great Barrington, Mass., map. 21167.
Great Britain, map.

a raw water ice plant. [etc.] 50473,

Great divide. Success with turkeys.
Graves system of

Graves (E. L.)
indus. financing. 26153.

Great Falls, Mont., direct. 433.
Graves (Earnest) Forty winning Great Falls blueprinting co. :
plays in football. 43826–43828,

Bowdoin Dome, Mont.. map. 50475.

14407. Graves (M. B.) Tick of the clock. Choteau District oil field. Mont., 21304.

map. 14421. Graves (W. E.):

Toole Co., Mont., map. 14550. Canton, O. First natl. bank. Great Lakes tours assn. Lake Erie

Bearers of your dreams. [etc.] Niagara Falls trail, map. 29338. 36268-36278.

Great northern fur dyeing & dressing Merry Christmas. 11773.

co. : Ten per-cent club. [etc.]

[etc.] 43829– Fur facts of value. 16022. 43831.

Northern seal fashions. 2326. Unconquerables. 31636.

Northern seal slogans. 50477.


nos. 1-12, 1923

Great northern ry.:

Greene (A. E.) Greene elec. furBus. of your own in poultryland, nace co. Elec. furnace information. [etc.] 25348–25349.

16026. Land of opportunity now. 15296. Greene (Alexander) Greene & GoetsHeritage of Lebanon. [etc.] chins, inc. Car symbols. [etc.] 42582-42585.

16024, 16025. Great western creditors' assn. 101 Greene (G. G.) Mech. drawing. collection system. 434.

49819. Great western tailoring co. Style! Greene (H. C.): sheet. 26159.

Hey Rube! 7187.
Greater Pico st. assn., inc. :

Listen in. 43840.
Pico boulevard. 50478.

Greene (H. M.) Lost man. 7233.
Pico boulevard the backbone of Greene (J. A.) Bexar Co., Tex., map.
Los Angeles. 43835.

19476. Greater profit venture league. Multi

Greene (J. H.) Joss on the focsle. ply money quickly. 43836.

[etc.] 31638, 31639. Greater pulling power. 8966.

Greene (L. F.): Greater Santa Monica club. Santa Chaos. 3746. Monica. 50479.

Hearts astray. 7182. Greater service homebuilders invest- His private secretary. 7190. ment assn. Message for you.

Greene (0. C.) Syracuse grade cross13837.

ing. 3698. Grebe (A. H.) & co., inc. Cat. of Greene (s. W.) Christian science. Grebe radio receivers. 50480.

2328. Greece, map. 3953, 14452, 29303, Greene (W. T.) Unpatented ideas. 29304.

8554. Greek & Phoenician settlements, map. Greene & Goetschins, inc.

Car sym29276.

bols. [etc.] 16024, 16025.

] Greeley corp. Carter score sheet. Greene electric furnace co. Electric [etc.] 50481, 50482.

furnace information. 16026. Green (A. K.) 10 best bks. I have Greenebaum (M.): read. 21309.



bk. Green (A. N.) Henry V. (King).

50487. 3795*.

Ry. rev. 51281. Green (Albert) Natural semi-tone Greenewald (Valentine) Greenewald method. 21308.

system. 11778. Green (D. D.) Back to Africa. 7031. Greenfield (L. D.): Green (Eleazer) When the wood Complications. 7089. thrush sings. 43838.

Counsellor. 19196. Green (F. W.) Green's marine direct. Greenfield, Mass., direct. 435. of the Great Lakes. 31640.

Greenfield tap & die corp. Drills, taps Green (H. J.) I see by the papers. & dies. [etc.] 5152, 5153. 28918.

Greening nursery co. Gen. catalog. Green (J. A.) Midsummer-night's 21311. dream. 1272*.

Greenleaf (C. H.) Hist.-old man of Green (J. C.) Cal. rec. of daily as- the mountain. 50488. signments. 50483.

Greeno (F. L.) & co., inc. Automatic Green (J. D.) Diary of Colonel J. D. insur. reg. 5154. Green. 43839.

Greenough (W. A.) & co.: Green (J. F.) Jesus. 16023.

Brockton, Mass., direct. 1850. Green (J. P.) Locomar. 2327.

Nashua, X. H., direct. 22263. Green (M. M.) Nearly a hero. 19335. New Bedford & Fairhaven, Mass., Green (M. N.) Rhymist conception of

direct. 12631. cause and effect. 50484.

Green's marine direct. of the Great Green (Paul) Wrack P'int. 10502.

Lakes. 31640. . Green (Theodore) Impersonal. Green's nursery Co. Green's nursery 50485.

co. 2329. Green (William) What is the retail Greensboro, X, C., direct. 37669, 50489. clerk doing for you? 50486.

Greensburg. Pa., direct. 11779. Green bag. 26160.

Greensfelder (E. L.) Mark Twain. Green Bay, Wis., direct. 11777.

19310. Green Farms, Conn., direct. 41119. Greenstone (J.) Rept. of a special inGreen Lake Co., Wis., map. 24468. vestigation. 50490. Greenberg (Morris) Blackboard Greenview, Ill., map. 14453. drawing. 21310.

Greenville, Ky., map. 24469.

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