Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

Girard aut. co. Buying a used car
with safety. 50382.

Girls' kalendar. 5089.

Githens (W. L.) Chattel mortgage.
[etc.] 50383, 50384.
Gitlin (Murray):

[blocks in formation]

Gizinski (J. F.) Art master of No-
rymberg. 10159.

Glacier National Park, Mont., map.

Glacken (R.
(R. M.) Only way out.

Glad tidings pub. co. :

Jones (Bob) Modern woman.
[etc.] 51124, 51125.

Sayles (H. F.) Grace cards for
the table. 9654.

Gladding, McBean & co. Price list.

Glafcke (B. H.) Ads. in rhyme.

Glamorgan pipe and foundry co. Con-

tinuous cauticizing in soda. 37535.
Glaser (B. J.) Perfect bkkeeping
system. 31573.

Glasgow (S. M.) Men of the church.

Glasgow, Ky., map. 14450.

Glass (Charles) Stranger in Cedar
Corners. 29080.

Glass (Everett) André. 28789.
Glass (James) Place for recreation.

[blocks in formation]

Glassmire (Bert) See Glassmire (Al-

Glasson (R. F.) Some talks to Gray
salesman. 43756.

Gleason (O. W.) Rummage dona-
tions. 29062.

Gleason (R. E.) Palestine as I saw it.

Gleason-Tiebout glass co. Don't cheat
yourself. 37536.

Gleed (J. W.) Wealth of the spirit.

Gleig (Charles) Long nose. 19302.
Glen bros., inc.

plants. 5091.

Dependable trees &

Glen St. Mary nurseries co. Southern

planting facts, 1924. 50386.

Glendale, Calif., direct. 11749.

Glendale, Calif., map. 7460.
Glendale evening news.

Evolution of

a successful man. [etc.] 21262-

Glendome nurses' club & registry.
Glendome nurses' club. 15979.
Glenn (E. R.) New types of high
schl. physics tests. 2301.
Glenn (Mabelle) Reading lessons in
music appreciation. 37537.

Glens Falls insur. co. Local newspa-
per adv. series. 37538.

Glens Falls, N. Y., direct. 421, 31575.
Glens Falls times & messenger. Mer-
chants & mfrs. cash sales. 31576.
Glenside, Pa., map. 29302.
Glick (C. C.):

[blocks in formation]

Weirich (M. C.) Rime of the

ancient mariner. 6920.

Globe co. Chester (Dennie)
world. 7973.

Globe-Democrat pub. co.

Globe grain & milling co.
Domestic science dept.
pes. 26126.


49th state.

Globe mills.

Bk. of reci-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Quick curtains. 19375, 24293*.
Goodman (L. B.) Ill. voters' hdbk.

Goodman & Suss, inc.:

How to know good clothes. [etc.]
50435, 50436.

Starbuck (John)

Modern mer-
chandising of men's clothing.

Goodnow (E. P.) Four to six. 7151.
Goodrich (Arthur) Warrior priest.

Goodrich (B. F.) rubber co. What's
that. 26141.

Goodrich (John) Havoc. 15381.
Goodrich (W. W.) inc.


[blocks in formation]

Goodwin (John) Playing for mil-
lions. 427, 5118, 8518, 11758,

(J. T.) George Gordon.

Goodwin (Tod) See Goodwin (J. T.)
Goodwin shop. Rules for fitting ma-
ternity corsets. 50452.

Goodyear mfg. co. Best-in-the-long-
rain. [etc.]
[etc.] 37632, 37633.
Goodyear tire & rubber co. :

Advantages that save your money.

[etc.] 37634-37647.

Better-but costs no more.

Buy Goodyearite.



[etc.] 8545-

[blocks in formation]

Gordel (G. P.) pseud. See Schumann
(C. H.)

Gordon (A. J.) King Farnsworth of
Maine klan. [etc.] 37649-37654.
Gordon (Frank) Internatl. creditors.
assn. Internatl. creditors assn. serv-
ice. 2471.
Gordon (G. L.)
Gordon (Griff)
Gordon (H. K.)
Gordon (J. L.):

Prexy. 29033.
See Gordon (G. L.)
Bill & co. 10172.

Day when everything goes wrong
[etc.] 37655, 37656.

Secret of nerve control. 50453.

Gordon (J. M.):

Balance. 4271.

Bridge. 11001.

Busy bee.


[blocks in formation]

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Gordon (J. M.)-Continued.

Master key. 44781.

Northern star. 53823.

Out-look. 13054.

Pals. 6276, 9432, 27608, 39387,


People's friend. 54031.

Roxtrust. 27870.

Safety first. 54555.

Signal. 46095.

Yours truly. 47106.
Gordon (J. P.) co. :

Gordon aut. fabric goods. 43803.
Gordon catalog. 26146, 31613.
Gordon auto. tire covers. [etc.]
2308, 2309.

Gordon booklet. 16007.

Gordon tire covers, seat covers.
[etc.] 21292-21294.

Gordon (Jacob) Alone. 47140.
Gordon (Kilbourn) Three steps down.

Gordon (Leon) White cargo. 41459.
Gordon (L. H.) Borderer. 7056.
Promise of a prin-

Gordon (M. M.)

[blocks in formation]

Gorham, Me., direct. 13984.

Gorky (Maxim) pseud. See Preshkov
(A. M.)

Gorman (H. H.) O. Auto. laws of
O. 22808.

Gorman (J. B.) Keeps alive the spirit.

Gorsse (Henry de):

Chouquette et son as. 24083.
Coup d'Abélard. 7095.

Premier passade. 7313.

Trois poules pour un coq. 7395.

Goshawk (F. R.) Salesman's pocket
letter writer. 16008.

Goshen, N. Y., map. 19532.
Gospel art cal. 5147, 50454.
Gospel trumpet co. :

Berghouse (N. L.) Recitations &
dialogs. 14994.

[blocks in formation]

Rept. of a
special investigation. 47879.
Baker (J. L.) Rept. of a special
investigation. 48035.
Batchelder (E. E.) Rept. of a

special investigation. 48104.
Bates (F. V.) Rept. of a special
investigation. 48121.
Bates (M. B.)
Bergen (J. L.)
investigation. 42222.
Bernstein (L.)

Bhaer (A. L.)

Rep. of a special

Rept. of a special

Rept. of a special

Rept. of a special

investigation. 36104.
Bierbaum (S.) Rept. of a special
investigation. 48276.

Billstein (A. H.) Rept. of a
special investigation. 48282.
Bond (R. H.) Rept. of a special
investigation. 36128.
Brown (E. C.)

Rept. of a special
investigation. 36166.
Bullerjahn (A. D.) Rept. of a
special investigation. 36211.
Cantrell (H. R.) Rept. of a
special investigation. 48669.
Cassidy (P. E.) Rept. of a
special investigation. 36316.
Chamberlain (W. D.) Rept. of a

special investigation. 48744.

Cizkowski (Edward) Rept. of a
special investigation. 48868.

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