Lapas attēli
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pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Famous players-Lasky corp.-Cont.



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To the ladies. 41833.

To the last man. 29783.

Trail of the lonesome pine. 10745.
Two tough tenderfeet. 35750.
White flower. 4128.

Winthrop (S. V.) To have & to
hold. 6972.

Woman proof. 35759.

Woman with four faces. 19850.
World's applause. 1655.

Wright (Rae) You can't fool
your wife. 34916.

You can't fool your wife. 10754.
Zaza. 35760.

6th ann. Paramount-week cele-
brates the greater movie season.

Famous tailors corp.

Dealer's confi-
dential net price list. 4953, 37202.
Fant (P. A.) Amore e lavoro. 41280.
Fantl (Alfred) Fantl's tariff facts.

Fant (Alfred) co., inc. Manner &
method of doing bus. 15808.
Fanwood, N. J., direct. 901.

Farabed mfg. co., inc. Farabed. 2226.
Faragoh (F. E.) Folio. 50031.
Fareleigh (Margaret):

Call it a night. 35040.

High tide, low tide. 35164.

Farger (G. A.) Finger print auto-
graphs. 15809.

Farques (Marie, Choses divines et
petits enfants.


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Russell (Holmes)


Farley (J. R.):


23125, 23126.

It isn't done.

My American wife. 27884.
Prodigal daughters.

Rustle of silk. 14657.



nos. 1-12, 1923

Farm elec. utilities corp.:

It just had to be the Ford pt.
plant. [etc.] 8365-8368.
It stays on the job. 4954.
Farm implement news co. :

Farm implement news. Repair di-
gest. 25904.

Farm implement news buyer's
guide. 8369.

Farmer (J. M.) Phipsicli. 18051.
Farmer (M. V.) Once more. 29014.
Farmer (Virginia) See Farmer (M.

Farmer. Twelfth Minn. auto truck &

tractor census. 8370.

Farmer cal. 50034.

Farmers deposit savings bank:

Day dreams. [etc.] 31312–31319.
Fortune hunters. [etc.]



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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Federal printing co. Thank you & a
suggestion. [etc.] 21033. 21034.
Federal profit sharing co. Fed. cou-
pons. 37209.

Federal reserve bank of Philadelphia.

U. S. Treasury dept. How other
people get ahead. 13845.
Federal schl. of applied cartooning.
See Minneapolis. Fed. schl. of ap-
plied cartooning.

Federal schl. of commercial designing.
See Minneapolis. Fed. schl. of com-
mer. designing.

Federal schls. See Minneapolis. Fed.

Federal st. guide. 15826.

Federal telep. & teleg. co. How to
make radio receiving apparatus.

Federal trade information service.
Rural credits act. 8375.

Federal used car bur. Federal used
car market rept. 50041.
Federalsburg, Md.. map. 35473.
Federated fruit & vegetable growers,
inc. Federated fruit & vegetable
growers. 8376.

just got married. 31333.
Feiker (D. R.)
Descr. 20887.
Feingold (G. A.)

tests. 4969.

Felch (G. E.):

Gill's handy voucher.


World's Christian cantonment

club. Preamble of by-laws.

Feld (R. C.) Coolidge's childhood
[etc.] 43470–43472.

Felder and Walz. Cass Co., Neb., map.


Feldhake (J. A.)


It can be done.

Feldman (A. F.) Sacrifice. 10418.
Feli (Mme. Victor) Maître. 8377.

Felice (Harry de) See De Felice

Felix (Oskar) Schwarze rose. 19389.
Fellman (B. F.) Spirit filled life.

Fellman (Pauline)


Suppressed spirit.

Fellow (H. C.) Odes of brotherhood.


Fellows (A. B.)
Fellows (P. E.)

map. 41613.

If ill, suffer. 11630.
Rochester, N. Y.,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

See Pérez

Fernández (Pedro Pérez)
Fernández (Pedro)
Fernández Ardavín (Luiz or Luis):
Doncel romantico. 1253.

Rosa de Francia. 35317.

Fernández Cué (Baltasar) Poncho
Gaitán, el amigo de los pobres.

Fernández de la Puente (Manuel):
Mamá Felicidad. 47297.
Manolita la inclusera. 1269.
Fernández del Villar (José):
Cándido Tenorio. 35045.
Clavo. 7083.

Paso del camello. 35278.
Fernández Lepina (Antonio):
Agapito se divierte. 1237.
Lo que no te esperas. 24212.
Mi compañero el ladrón. 7262.
Fernberg (C. L.) Money wolf. 24250.
Ferndale, Mich., map. 10545.
Ferrar (Jules) Made good. 3832.
Ferrari (Frank) Victor Polyglott.

Ferrèol (Ruggero) Pipino Re. 7303.
Ferrero (Guglielmo) Entre le passé
et l'avenir. 8386, 11644, 15835, 43488.
Ferri-Pisani. Opprimés. 25954.
Ferriday, La.. map. 29287.
Ferrier (Paul) Wreck. 4150.
Ferris (A. B.):

Friend of all men. 47363*.
Good Samaritan. 47363*.
Ferris-Dunlap co. Catalogue.


Ferry (A. J.) Is Christian science
Christian. 37239.

Ferry & co. :

New method of ukulele instruc-
tions. 15837.

Save 30%. 50054.

Ferry-Hanly ad. co. Golden rule
grocer. This sign stands for best
quality. 15983.

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