Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Earle (Robert) pseud. See Under-
wood (Earl)
Earle (Swepson):

Chesapeake Bay country. 2146.
Map. 10538.

Earle (Wm. P. S.) pictures, inc.
Dancer of the Nile. 35624.
Earll (L. H.) Community Bible con-
test. 36934.

Early Germanic kingdoms, map. 29282.
Earnest (R. L.) Seminole. 28012.
Earnshaw press corp. Adams (J. Q.)

& co. Get the dict. habit. 14692.
Earthman (G. W.) Great educa. con-
test now on. [etc.] 31092-31094.
East Alton, Ill., direct. 20, 41221.
East Belfast, Me., map. 41479.
East Chicago, Ind., map. 29273.
East coast of Fla. ry. co. East coast
of Fla. 2147.

East Liverpool, O., map. 14439.
East Montpelier, Vt., direct. 1757.
East Orange, N. J., Bd. of educ.
Samples for rating & correcting
hand writing: 31095.
East river savings inst.

anniversary. 25779.


Easter (Esther) Easter (Esther)
schl. of classical dancing. Rhythm.

Easter (Esther) schl. of classical danc-
ing. Rhythm. 36935.

Eastern aluminum co. :

Club of five membership bk. 2148.
Every woman wants this polish.
[etc.] 49715-49717.

Opportunity to get $10 worth of
aluminum free. [etc.] 25780-

Eastern hardware & supply co. Hard-
ware catalog. 49718.
Eastern Hemisphere,


map. 1365,

[blocks in formation]

Easton car & construction co. Quarry
car practice. 15706.

Easton free press. Classified buyer's
guide. 20863.

Eatherly (C. B.) Hillsborough Co.,
Fla., map. 29307.

Eaton (C. A.) Well dressed indus-
tries. 29720.

Eaton (C. A.) shoe industries:

High-cut boot for winter sports
wear. [etc.] 49721, 49722.
Spreading two seasons into four.

Eaton (Cynthia) John Taylor Arms.

Eaton (E. R.) Eaton schl. of photo-
engraving. Eaton schl. of photo-
engraving. 2150.

Eaton (J. E.) Calif., map. 35452.
Eaton (J. K.) Blossom (H. H.)
Landscape beautiful. 15034.
Eaton (R. B.) Check. 35054.
Eaton (R. W.) Eaton's true blue
Bible contest. 20864.

Eaton & Gettinger. Howard (F. B.)
N. Y., where to go. 26389.

Earon axle & spring co. Eaton bump-
ers. 49723.

Eaton bros. Eaton's ranch. 15708.
Eaton schl. of photo-engraving. Eaton
schl. of photo-engraving. 2150.
Eau Claire, Wis.. direct. 25790.
Eau Claire bk. & stationery co. Ull-
rich (F. T.) Study of soils. [etc.]
46740, 46741.

Eaudemort laboratories.

tals. 49724.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

duce slap tongue on the saxo-
phone. 23810.

Ecclesiastical art rev. Eccles. art rev.

Echard (Margaret):

Chaperones. 10194.
Cupid aboard. 24101.
Everybody's daddy. 35101.
Gob of relations. 10252.
Heart fixer. 35155.

Heir to a harem. 10268.
House of David. 35170.
Kiss of a vampire. 10314.
Mama's boy. 10338.
Movie mad. 10363.
Nobody much. 24259.
Oh Henry! 24264.
Papa's wild. 24276.
Step-family. 24326.

Sweethearts again. 24331.
Undressed kid. 24350.
When do we eat? 10487.

You ought a see Phil! 24382.
Eckle (Louis) Cookie recipes. 2152.
Ecker (E. C.) Facts. 43278.
Ecker (H. G.) Central Pocahontas
coal co. Hampton Roads schedule.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Edgar (A. E.) How to plan & adver-
tise a sale. 15714.

Edge Moor iron co. Which boiler is
best for the paper mill. 31101.
Edgerton (E. I.) Solutions to exam-
ples in bus. 15715.

Edgerton (J. S.) Monster composite
shriner coming. 4899.

Edginton (May) Secrets. 14338.
Edible Gelatin mfrs. of Amer. Edible
Gelatin in ice cream. 43315.
Edinburg. Ill., map. 10544.

Edinger (Gaston) Confession d'un
juré. 49766.

Edison (T. A.) inc:

Durand (N. C.)



Managing the firm's mail. 2157.
Edison (W. R.) Republic housing &
investment organization. Loan con-
tract bond. 947.

Edison lamp works of Gen. electric

[blocks in formation]

This is one of the sts. [etc.]
11508. 11509.

Edition Jacobi-verlags-a.
von Davos. 14269.

g. Mädels

Edition Vuvag, or Verlag und vertrieb
a. g., Edition Vuvag:

Jahr ohne liebe. 19278.
Lady Chic. 14253.
Schwarze rose. 19389.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]

Hazen European hist. series. 49777.
Edwards & Deutsch litho. co.


int. & discount time teller & desk cal.

Edwards & Franklin co. Boys. [etc.]

Edwards bros. :

Stuhlman (0. J.) Physics lab.
experiments. 46506.

Watson (E. E.) Freshman math.

Edwardsville, Pa., direct. 14006.
Edwardy (F. W.) River & harbor im-
provements. 43321.

Eells (A. M.) Church attendance
plan. 20870.

Effacée. 46317, 46318.

Effingham, Ill., map. 19519.

Egan (G. W.)

position sheet.

Egan (Thomas)

Egan's on-hand dis-


Minstrel boy. 24244.
Egan-Dryfoos distributing Co., inc.
Kutie kid A B C bk. 11512.
Eganhouse (J. G.) Test your own
vision. 43322.

Egelston (C. P.) Help yourself to the

right position. 2161.

Eger (Rudolf) Frühling. 10243.
Eggers (J. H.):

Bread is the best food. [etc.]

Burgess (T. W.) Buster Bear.

[etc.] 122-137, 11051-11056.
Co-insur. clause exposition. 11513.
Dot & Don & the animals. [etc.]

Kiddy cards. 4901, 4902.
Eggertsville-Snyder, N. Y., map. 19520.
Eggleston (M. W.) Growing toward
God. 11514.

Egri (Lajos) Hakuba & Hekuba.

Egypt, map. 19521.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ross (Jean) Trouble in
campfire. 54462.

Soldier of the Cross. 47388.
Sue. 47398.

Thanksgiving of Praisegod Penty.

Today is Monday. 47407.

Welcome home, Jimmy! 47433.
When Christmas came. 47438.
When their missionary came.

Wish garden. 47449.

Wrong mummy. 47453.

Eldredge (J. W.) Are you a 'possum. Electric

[blocks in formation]

Electric appliance co. Catalogue.

Electric machinery mfg. co. New line
of E. M. automatic starters. 49793.
Electric power club:

Instrs. for the care & operation

of power transformers. [etc.]
25803, 49794, 49795.

Instrs, for the installation. 43325.
Spec. for bldg. equipment control
apparatus. 36971.

Electric safety razor corp. of Amer.
Concerning the gentle art of shav-
ing. 49796.

Electric shop. Sunlight after sunset.

Electric storage battery co. :

Exide batteries. [etc.] 4905,
11515, 11516, 15724, 15725,
25804, 25805, 31152,



Exide ironclad batteries. 8308.

Electrical trade pub. co. :

Distribution list. 31153.

E. M. F. yr. bk. 11501.
Electrified water & machine co., inc.
Profitable bus. 25806.

Electro dental mfg. co. Electro den-
tal unit in action. 11517.
Electro laboratories co. Battery
troubles ended. [etc.] 8309, 8310.
Electro surgical instrument co. Elec-
tro surgical instrument co. 15726.

[blocks in formation]

Elin auto supply co.

equipment. 25811.


Eline's, inc. Eline's vest pocket dict.
2165, 49800.

Eliot (H. M.) Elem. prins. of farm
management. 4906.

Eliot (S. A.) jr. Tragedies of sex.

Eliott (Gilbert) & co. :

Insur. cos. 20874.

Nat. bank stocks. 36975.

State bank stocks. 43329.

Eliseo (P.) & son. A vigilia é Natali
a Napoli. 34979.

Elizabeth, N. J., direct. 340.

Elizabeth, N. J., map. 7454, 41510.
Elizabeth City, N. C., map. 14440.
Elizabethtown, Ky., map. 7455.
Elkins, W. Va., direct. 43330.
Elks (Ladies of) Grand lodge. Const.
& by-laws. 43331.
Elkton, Ky., map. 24453.

Ellensburg, Wash. Polk's Ellensburg
& Kittitas Co., direct. 43332.
Ellerbe (Alma) Sky cabin. 2166.
Ellerbe (Paul) Sky cabin. 2166.
Ellers (Edith) Thoughts in verse.

Elless auto supply co.
equipment. 11518.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ellicott machine corp.:
A. B. Wood patent


pumps. 25812.

Song parodies. 341.

[blocks in formation]
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