Lapas attēli

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Doubleday, Page & co.-Continued. Downie (J. H.):

Thomas (Sir Basil) Negro is Compound & compound technic. greatest Soc. problem [etc.]

[etc.] 25746, 25747.

Partial dentures. 43223.
Secrets of Scotland Yard.

Yard. | Downing (D. F.) Modern treatment 3491-3505.

of syphilis. 43224. . Tuttle (W. C.) Law of the Downing (H. H.): range. 46701.

Deep fat frying [etc.] 36894, Underhill (Ruth) Finkelstein &

36895. Juliet. 23764.

Lesson on waffles & griddle cakes. Von Ziekursch (T.) Phantom

43225. wolf. 46847.

Modern cake baking. 25748.
Wilson (E. H.) Travel tales of a Downing (H. U.) Part A of annota-

plant collector. 1214, 14051, tions. 49637.
19031, 23968, 28690, 34873, Downing (Jean) Now you know.
34874, 41193, 41194, 47037,


Downing (Wink) Now you know. Dougan (Marjorie) Plays & panto

24261. mimes. 47350.

Downs (B. W.) Radio broadcasting Dougherty (A.) Draw poker. 15645. station direct. 291. Dougherty (F. L.) Butler. 10186. Downs (D. G.) Hist., explanatory. Dougherty (G. E.) Dougherty's all 31037. touch typewriting. 36893.

Downs (Jean) pseud. See McClinDoughty (E. C.) Photographic work

tock (J. E.) of Edward Crosby Doughty. 25744.

Doyle (A. C.): Doughty-Marsh college of chiroprac- Adventures of a spiritualist. tic. Asthma. [etc.] 43210-43219.

2124, 2125. Douglas (E. R.) Rept. 20828.

Forbidden subject. 31038. Douglas. (G. W.) Spiritual healing. Memories & adventures. 43226, 43220.

43227. Douglas (L. C.) Affairs of the heart. Doyle (E. J.) Start small. 8267. 4869.

Doyle (Edward) Greed. 35143. Douglas (Lester) Briggs (Isabel) Doyle (Frederick) Story of the

Funny farm. [etc.] 42279, 42280. House of Stone. 11470. Douglas (Lyle) Bag o’tricks. 43221. Doyle (J. T.) Press clippings. 10460. Douglas (W. L.) shoe co. Complete Doyle (Marion W.) Press clippings. details. 4870.

10460. Douglas. Ariz., direct. 8266.

Doyle (Martin W.): Douglas-Pectin corp. :

Points scientists may

have All-important link certo. 25745. .

missed. 19117. Bradley (Alice) Jams, jellies, &

Theory of the dawn. 14109. marmalades made with certo. Doyle (Patricia) Ebb tide. 4871. 36143.

Doyle (S. A.) Vindicator. 26724.

Doyle & Waltz printing co. Plea to Douglas printing co. :

mothers. 49638. College Park, Mich., map. 29242. Detroit,

Whispering sage.

Drago (H. S.)


Drake (C. B.) & co., inc. Stop!! Douglasville, Ga., map. 29269.

Look !! Listen !!! 15644. . Dourm (H. W.) Important example

Drake (C. L.) World's great card of additions. 43222.

mysteries. 25749. Dover, Mass., direct. 45117.

Drake (C. S.) Improved score card. Dover, Me., map. 41507.

4872. Dover, X. J., direct. 12559.


Drake (Carlton) Drake (C. S.) Dovsky (Beatrice) Mona Lisa.

proved score card. 4872. 352-12

Drake (R. R.) Hope. [etc.] 25750, Dow (L. F.) co. Dow's bank out

25751. fitter. 49636.

Drake hotel co. Drake. 49639. Dow, Jones & Co. Wall St. jour. Drake, Riley & Thomas. Kimball (R.

Daily movement of for. exchange. H.) Comparative table of drainage. [etc.] 1170, 1171.

[etc.] 51317-51321. Dowd (C. G.) Barnum (P. T.) Art | Drakeland natl. corp. Autotrade, inc. of money getting. 7740.

This service bk. 48012.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Dramatic pub. co.:

Drovers jour. pub. co. Yr. bk. of figBetty, the girl o' my heart. 7044. ures of the live stock trade. 15650. Bobbie Bennett plays for children. Drown (W. F.) Three ring wheel of 10177.

fortune. 11473. Pompion pie. 7308.

Druck (R. B.) Patriotic observance Tumult. 7398.

of Thanksgiving. 34947. Dramdahl (F. E.) Repts. of special | Drucker (A. E.)

Drucker (A. E.) Address by August investigation. 49640.

E. Drucker. 31044.
Dransfield (Jane):

Drucker (A. E.) co.:
Blood o' kings. 24059, 35381 *.

Beautiful hands. 49641,
Joe. 24185.

Prophylaxis. 25754. Draper (L. 0.) shade co. Draper ad- Druckerman (S.) Reverend's hdbk. justable window shades. 36896.

36900. Draper (Ruth):

Drug & chemical credit assn., inc. At a children's party. [etc.]

Brown bk. 15651.

Drug & chemical markets, inc.:
Charwoman. [etc.] 34945, 34946.

Chrisholm (W. T.) Common salt. Drault (Jean) Six cent mille francs.

20441. 4873.

McKesson (John) jr. Five decades Draw poker. 15645.

in the opium bus. 12391. Drayton (Jude) pseud. See Blaufox

Rosengarten (Frederick) Cin(J. D.)

chona & the quinine indus. Drégley (Gabriel) Gatte des fräu

27860. leins. 28897.

Schleussner (Philip) DevelopDreher (D. F.) Dreher's simplex st.

ment of cyanide production. & house no. guide. 11471.

27933. Drei masken-verlag, a. g.:

Simon (George) Salicylate proBajadere. 10164

duction & prices. 28112.
Blonde geisha. 14154.

Drug products co., inc.:
Braut des Lucullus. 10181.

Asthma. 49642.
Damen vom Olymp. 35070.

Shanley (E. E.) Differentation
Dolly. 41323.

of human types. 18369. Fahnen. 28874.

Drug sales co., inc. Dr. Brown's Frühling. 10243.

secret. 4875.
Heilige Ambrosius. 10267.

Druggists circular, inc.:
Madame Pompadour. 3831, 10329.

Druggists circular. Chain drug
Mädi. 24226, 35216.

stores in the U. S. 49643. Milliardensouper. 10355.

Chain drug stores in the U. S. Peitsch und ...? 10391.

49643. Perlen der Cleopatra. 47346.

Drumm, Standish comm. co. Price Schöne rivalin. 24311. 35323.

chart. 43232 Schönste der frauen. 24312, 35324.

Dryden (Wheeler) Suspicion. 10441. Süsse Susi. 35361.

Dryer (C. R.) Geog. of Ind. 15652. Tanzgräfin. 10450. Trommeln in der nacht. 29101.

Dryz (C. F.) Dryz silver fox ranch.

inc. Dreiser (Theodore)

Treatise on the raising of 10 best bks. I

silver foxes. 8270. have read. 20829.

Dryz silver fox ranch, inc. Treatise Dresser (H. W.) Sphere of thought.

on the raising of silver foxes. 8270. 4874.

Du-All mfg. CO. Du-All reversible Drew (D. C.) Group leadership. 43228.

mops. [etc.] 25755–25756. Drewke (A. R.) Rept. of a special

Dual city blue bk. 15653.

Dubius (A.) pseud. See Behrendt investigation. 36897.

(Alexander) Dreyfus (Jacob) & sons: Congress flannel shirts. 15646.

Du Bois (Boica) When you make Congress sweaters. [etc.] 31039, your will. 49644. 31040.

Du Bois, Pa., direct. 25757. Drinkwater (John):

Dubuque, Ia., map. 29270. Outline of lit. 2126, 8268, 11472, Dubuque times-journal co. Dubuque 15647-15649, 20830, 20831, 25752,

times-jour. Dubuque & trading area. 25753, 31041–31043, 36898, 36899,

2127. 43229_43231.

DuCharme elec. mfg. co. Premier Robert E. Lee. 24304.

proposition. 36901. Driver-Harris co. Alloys for elec. Duck (W. B.) co. Radio & elec, supresistance. 8269.

plies. 31045.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Duckham (W. C.) Choice garden Dull (C. E.) Lab. exercises in physroses. 8271.

ics. 20834. Ducklow (A. G.):

Duluth, Minn., direct. 294. Car measurement tables. [etc.] Duluth, Minn., map. 24450, 29271, 4876, 4877.

41508. Rapid checking of car shipments. Duluth direct. co. Duluth, Minn., di292, 293.

rect. 294. Ducky Quack. 25758.

Dumas (Alexandre) Terrorism in Ducorsky (Joseph) Gear shifting at

France. 36903. a glance. 15654.

Dumestre (Gastone) Pipino Re. 7303. Dudgeon (Frank) U-2-U real estate

Dumont, N. J., map. 1364. sales bd. I hereby give the right.

Dun (R. G.) & co. Mercantile agency. 6829.

Ref. bk. 659, 16908, 26935, 44882. Dudley (Bide) Lady Loco. 28949.

Dunbar (A. R.) Amer. mining & metalDudley (H. J.) Dr. every day. 15655.

lurgical manual. 29914. Dueweke (Bernard). Dueweke heat

Dunbar (W. L.): ing service co. Your furnace. 49645.

Between the moon & Kate. 41290. Dueweke heating service co. Your

Moon shine. 35244, 47310. furnace. 49645.

Dunbar bros. Dunbar springs. 49646. Dufek lens co. Prospectus. 2128.

Dunbar pattern co. Style letter. Duffey (A. N.) Mirah breaks loose.

49647. 10358. Duffield (F. P.) Thearle-Duffield fire- Duncan (H. Campbell) See Campworks co. of Chicago. Calif.'s vision

bell-Duncan (H.) of the ages. 18786.

Duncan (J. C.) : Duffield & co. Baker (Margaret)

Hutton (W. E.) & co. What's Black cats & the tinker's wife.

doing in the market. 5273, 36017.

5274. Duffus silver fox co. Silver & black What's doing in the market. 295, foxes. 11474.

296, 11476–11480, 15660-15661, Duffy (F. J.) Summary of lectures on

20835–20839, 25759-25761, elem. elec. 15656-15658.

31046–31054, 36904–36913, 43239– Duffy (Fae) Mutes. 47315.

43244, 49648-49655. Duffy (J. T.) Russian entertainers. Duncan (T. D.) Recollections of 3873.

Thomas D. Duncan. 295.

Duncan (W. C.): Duffy (P. G.) Is any sick among

Dreamer. 7122. you. 11475.

Lily of the valley. 14260.
Dufresne (Maurice) Petits mariés de
Locronan. 35285.

Love apples. 10326.

Duncan, Okl., map. 14438. Dugan (W. F.):

Duncan's (John) sons. Lea & PerAll in a bottle of hootch. 28786. Dishing out the dirt. 28854.

rins. Seasoning suggestions. 2593. In a bird store. 28921.

Dundee, Mich., map. 24451.

Dunellen, N. J., direct. 901. Modern telepathy. 28988.

Dugan (s. 0.) : On the side walks of New York.

Drama of the morning milk. . 29013.

43245. Who's who & why. 29128.

Polk's Polk sanitary milk co. Vernon shorthand. Dugert (V. D.)

best. 45659. 47124.

Polk's milk baby. [etc.] Duggar (J. F.) Teacher's hd. bk.

54156, 54157. 15659.

Dunham (C. H.) Tiverton, R. I., Duke (C. E.) Rpt. of a special inves- direct. 55599. tigation. 36902.

Dunham (Curtis) : Duke (S. W.) Two poems. 20832.

Fame. 28875. Duke (W. H.) Duke's master agent. Poetry of motion. 29030. 20833.

Dunham & co.: Dukemar (D. P.):

For income & for profit. 20840. Double pardon. 7119.

Mo. investment plan

plan rec. bk. Ducal opal. 35087.

8272. Du Lany (Albert):

Dunham mills, inc. Dunham knit Limb of the law. 3828.

jacket. 15662. Tears of silence. 3895.

Dunkin (G. S.): Dulin (Dorothy) Cotton-tail pictures Ezra's soul mate. 7138. to color. [etc.] 43233–43238.

Monkey's toot!). 1273.

nos. 1-12, 1923

One blind eye. 29015.

Remember. 36926.
Worm. 24378.

Who was right? 301. Dunkin (Scott) pseud. Sir Dunkin Duplex shock absorber corp. Duplex, (G. S.)

the shock absorber for rough roads. Dunkinfield A. S.) Washington 49667.

(State) Washington ins. direct. Du Pont (E. B.) Little red auto 46920.

stories. 49668. Dunkle (H. E.) Machine drawing. | Dupont (Marcel) Fragilité. 20844. 50508.

Du Pont de Nemours (E. I.) & co., Dunkle (W. W.) Egyptian coon, inc.: 24119.

Carley (E. F.) Clearing loggedDunlap (C. H.) :

off lands. 20334. Elec. household appliances. 7656. Du Pont fabrikoid leather cloth. Elec. signal systems. 1692.

[etc.] 25768, 25769. Dunlap & co.:

Rules for the maintenance. Dunlap hats. 2129.

20845. Turn-over. 49656.

Du Puy (Elisabeth) :
Dunlop tire & rubber corp. of Amer. :

Antinous. 14137.
Ahr (Edward) & son. Thirty-
five yrs. on the highways.

Devil-worshippers. 14181.

King's rival. 14247.

Pawk doctor. 14308.
Built on honor [etc.] 36914

Duquesne (W. P.) St. Paul, Minn., 36919.

map. 29499. Dunlop swings wide its doors.

Duran (Léo) Daimyo. 41315. 49657. Dunmore (Weston) pseud. See Henry

Durand (N. C.) Quill-osophy. 2137.

Durand (Ralph) End of the race. (G. A.)

25770. Dunn (Charles) Embarrassing moments. [etc.] 298–300, 2130-2136,

Durant (B. G. H.) Art of writing 4878, 7879, 8273-8285, 11481, 11482,

sales literature. 31060-31062. 15663–15670, 20841-20843, 25762

Durant (Harry) Golden hour. 7163. 25765, 31056-31059, 36920_36924,

Durant (Will): 43256-43253. 49658-49665.

Guide to Aristotle. 25771.

Guide to Francis Bacon. 49669. Dunn (Mrs. E. D.): Gypsy. 47240.

Du Rant (W. P.) Day triumphant.

2138. In the moonlight. 10292. Dunn (J. A.):

Du Rant pub. co.: Pigeons of Wong Foo. 25766.

Du Rant (W. P.) Day triumYellow head. 11483.

phant. 2138. Dunn (J. S.) Our inheritance. Duranty (Walter): 11484.

All Russian prices up with those Dunne (M. K.) Instr. booklet.

of grain [etc.] 31063-31084. 36925.

Amers. mining Russian asbestos. Dunning (Frances) Friend in need.

[etc.] 11485–11497. 7153.

Angora censures Ismet. [etc.] Dunning (P. H.) Friend in need.

4880_4893. 7153.

Big shipping deal. [etc.] Dunning (Pearl) Mother Goose's

20846–20859. rose garden. 49666.

Bolshevik film thrills Moscow. Dunning (William) Wreck of the

[etc.] 49670–49705. Stormbird. 25767.

British Moscow agent prepares to Dunod. Moreux (Th.) Méthode

depart. [etc.] 15672-15699. simple pour prévoir le temps. Calls Turk's freedom Russia's 9103.

sole care. 8287-8291. Dunsany (E. J. M. D. P., 18th baron) Enemy of Tikhon loses church Plays of near and far. 1282*,

post. 25772-25776. 14318**.

Five men directing destiny of Dunwoody (W. H.) indus. inst.

Russia. [etc.] 302-306. Math. for plumbers. [etc.] 43254- Godless Christmas staged in Mos43256.

cow. [etc.] 2139-2145. Duplex envelope co., inc. :

Soviet is awaiting events in GerChurch finance. 15671.

many. 43259. Open E. Z. knife. 8286.

Duraplex security assn. Loss of that Personal every member canvass. receipt will cost me more than $500. [etc.] 43257, 43258.


pt. I, n. S., v. 20

Durfee (Minta) See Arbuckle Dye (Clarkson) Great secret & (M. D.)

psychology. 15702. Durgin (W. R.) ReQua (Juanita) | Dyer (B. H.) co. Selling system of

Tropical tree brings hair to life. B. H. Dyer co. 43269. 13228.

Dyer (F. B.): Durham (P. J.) Co., inc. Famous

Our first bk. 49710. fire fighter. [etc.] 43261-43266.

Third reader. 15703. Durham mfg. co.:

Dyer (J. O.): Catalog of stationers tin boxes. Corrected & epitomized lessons of 31085.

Texas hist. 31089. Thirty-five yrs. on the highways.

Derivation of the name of Gal31055.

veston. [etc.] 49708, 49709. Durham, N. C., direct. 36927.

Indian names confusing. [etc.] Durhamville, N. Y., direct. 882.

36930–36932. Duriron co, inc. Centrifugal pumps.

Robinson Crusoe of Texas coast.

4895. [etc.] 43267, 43268. Durkin (A.) Honor the ranks. 31086. Dyer (W. E. S.) W. E. S. Dyer, engiDurling (C. A.) Heuser (H. F.) &

neer & arch. 49711. co. U. S. bank notes & counterfeits. Dyer (W. J.) & bro. Musical merchan

dise catalog. 49712. 16142 Durnin (N. W.) Computing regrind

Dygert (V. D.) Brief hist. of short

hand. 34948. ing costs. 49706.

Period mouldings. Duro metal products co.

Lilly hoist Dykes lumber co. controller. 4894, 20860.


See PerelDuro pump & mfg. co. Duro elec. & Dymow (Ossip) pseud. engine driven pumps. 11498.

man (0. I.) Durocher (Leon) Life & exploits of Dynes (Eldon)

Dynes (Eldon) Dynes millwork cost A. C. Townley. 25777. .

guide. 15704. Du Rocher Macpherson. See Mac- Dyon (R. O.) Finding your phone no. pherson.

made profitable. 43270.

Scandal on the Durwyllan co., inc. Directions for the Dyrenforth (James) use & installation of triplewear.

shelf. 35322. 31087.

Dzerigian (Paul) Wizard. 43271.

Dzhanumova (E. F.) Mes rencontres. Duryea (J. B.):

36933. How to use suggestion in selling E. I. co.: life insur. 36928.

Avery (J. M.) Radio frequency What is work? 31088.

amplifiers. 36009. Du St. Esprit (Julie) Rabboni, heart

Muhleman (M. L.) How to tune to heart before the tabernacle.

your radio set.

[etc.] 17034, 15700.

17035. Dusenbery (H. S.) Making magic Peck (A. P.) Radio quests. anpay. 15701.

swered. 39406. Duston (Merle):

E. M. F. elec. yr. bk. 11501. Duston's radio log & call bk. E. R. V. mfg. co. Instr. for operating 11499.

the radio health high frequency inTwelve popular hk. ups. 49707. strument. 49713. United States, map. 14556.

Eagan (L. W.) U. S. govt. life insur. Dutton (E. P.) & co.:

31090. Each in his own way, & two other Eagan (Thomas) Terry o' the silver plays. 47208 *.

screen. 7380. Kaye-Smith (Sheila) End of the Eager (E. J.) Remaking the flag. House of Alard. 16440.

7321. Du Val (Billy) See Du Val (W. C.) Eagle, Id., map. 29272. Duval (Minon) Niesse (Carl) Ninon Eagle oil & supply co. Oils, mill supDuval's act. 14118, 14119.

plies & eng. specialties. 20861. Du Val (W. C.) Tale of two violins. | Eagle ptg. & binding co. Pittsfield, 35367.

Mass., direct. 900, 54127. Duvernois (Henri):

Ea keley (C. W.) $1,000 self-endowFaubourg-Montmartre. 19226.

ment plan. 8292, 31091. Roman des quatre. 20165.

Earl (J. L.) Wall mottoes of a ne'er Servante. 36929.

do well. 49714. Seul. 14339.

Earl (Maud) Such is fame. 35360. Dwinell-Wright Co. Save the birds, Earle (B, T.) Tut-ankh-amen. 8293. 11500.

Earle (E. C.) In a year. 3804.

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