Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Dale (Arch) Doo Dads. 20750– Dandee patch mfg. co. Its a Dandee

20757, 25651-25654, 30770-30772, tube patch. 49377. 3671436722, 42943–42946, 49337- Dando co. Dando course in selling. 49342.

4766. Dale (Avon) pseud. See Dale (Allen) Dane (Clemence): Dale (C. S.) Face to face with Satan. Lover. 42972. 15540.

Shivering shocks. 10432. Daley (E. E.):

Way things happen. 19446. Leopard scene. 24201.

Dane (Essex) One act plays. 10383. Romeo & Juliet scene. 24307. Dane (Ethel) Michael Angelo. Daley (Jack) Vaudeville via wire- 10353. less. 35391.

Dane (Oscar) : Dallas, Ga., map. 14435.

Gayety theatre. Billy Watson. Dallas, Tex., direct. 42947.

2288–2291. [etc.] Dallas, Tex., map. 1356, 1357, 41499.

Bon tons. 21237. Dallas art assn. :

Keep smiling. [etc.] 11737, Catalogue. 49343.

11738. Third ann. exhibition. 15541.

Nothing in town. 5060Dallas income tax service. 1923 in

5062. come tax acctg. primer. 4764.

Dane (Oscar) convention entertainDallas morning news:

ment studio co. Gayety theatre. A. B. C's of adv. [etc.] Gayety theatre program & newsette. 36723-36749.

[etc.] 31537–31540. Advent of the home furnishing Dane (Oscar) studios: season. [etc.] 30773–30780.

Gayety theatre. Breezy times. Advertising. [etc.] [etc.] 49344–49370.

[etc.] 50306-50311. Festival of of fall styles. [etc.]

Gayety. 2288–2291. 42948-42958.

Get up a party. [etc.] Wallace (J. E.) Beauty brought

5060-5062 about by bright adv. [etc.]

Radio girls. 8494. 46900-46903.

St. Louis is dead. [etc.] Dallas telep. co. Telep. direct. 8186.

15947, 15948, 31539. Dallix (George) :

Whirl of girls. 43698. Au bord de l'abîme. 42959.

Danenhauer (H. L.) Treasure Oak Refuge de l'amour. 8187.

nursery cat. 8189. D'Alroy (Marceline) You said it Daniels (E. J.) Watch dogs daily

Marceline. 30732–30734, 36750- cost card. 30781.

36752, 42960_42969, 49371-49375. Daniels (E. W.) Momentarily insane. Dalrymple (Dolly) Dolly finds an 49378. adv. man. 42970.

Daniels (J. J.) Cripple. 49379. Dalsey (Jules) Belief. 41287.

Danielson, Conn., direct. 30782. Dalton (A. C.) A. M. D. G. Manner Danielson & son: of serving mass. 8188.

Attleboro steam & elec. co. 52 Dalton (Test):

days at hard labor. 47975. Adam's apple. 14132.

Blackstone Valley gas & elec. co. For brides only. 28887.

Like a flood of radiant sunshine. Dalton, Ga., map. 7448.

48301. Daly (H. F.) Rate chart. 11384.

Electric shop. Sunlight after sunD'Ambra (Lucio) See Ambra

set. 49797. (Lucio d')

Danks (J. C.) Atta boy Cohen in A Damerell (E. O.) Treatise of corn close shave. 24048. culture. 4765.

Danly machine specialties. Your die Damon (G. A.) Man around the cor- problems. 20758. ner. 41376.

Dannenfelser (F. M.) Outline of D'Amour (Rafael) Collégienne. 19191. course. 42973. Damrosch (Frank) Automatic serv- Danner (R. L.) Safety first. 42974. ice reg. 42971.

Danton (V. J.) Higher hand. 3796. Damrosch (Walter) Univer. schl. Dantzscher (W. F.) Heartbreaker. music ser. 49376.

35157. Dana (Gorham) Suppl. to Automatic Danville, Ill., direct. 2038. sprinkler protection. 15542.

Danville, Ill., map. 19512, 24441. Danbury, Conn., direct. 2037.

Danville commer, news. Farmer as an Danbury, Conn., map. 3944.

invester. [etc.] 15544–15547. Danckelmann (Mary) Art-dress- Danya, inc. New way to rouge. league. 15543.


pt. I, n. S., v. 20

Danyl-Helm (Madame) Retour Daugherty (N. L.) Color-blind. d'Eurydice. 8191.

28831. Daprato statuary co.:

Daugherty (W. H.) As he

he lived. Cal. of Catholic feast & fast days. 8195. [etc.] 15548, 15549.

Daughters of the Amer. Revolution. Daprato altars. 8192.

Colonial chapter. Flag of the U. Eccles. art rev. 25792, 43277.

S. A. 30783. Religious art. 247.

National soc. Buel (E. C. B.) Darby (A. E.) Two of a kind.

Manuel des Etats-Unis. 20282. 10470.

White Plains chapter. Coles (E. Darby (Edmund) See Darby (A. E.) G. H.) Hist. sketch of the WashDarby. First natl. bank. How the ington headquarters. 49021.

home bank promotes thrift. [etc.] Dauler oil co. Some rules for playing 11385, 11386.

golf. 8196. Darbyshire (Leonard) Oil royalties. Daus (F. F.) Daus' tip-top dupli25655.

cator. 25656. D'Arcy (H. A.) :

Dau's blue bks. inc. Dau's N. Y. blue

, . Face upon the floor. 3777.

bk. 2041. Letter of the law. 8193.

Dauthendey (Max) Diversions of an Nellie's Christmas. 36753.

empress. 47204. Darcy (Paul) :

Da Vall (G. Y.) Father's four thouAnge de la mort. 11387.

sand. 30784. Dame aux cheveux courts. 8194.

D'Avanzo (Antonio) Liver special. Jeunesse d'un coeur. [etc.] [etc.] 49381, 49382. 42975, 42976.

Davega (S. B.) co.: Dardanelle, Ark., map. 7449.

Brown (J. L.) Importance of care. Darien, Conn., direct. 36754.

15122. Daritz (G. H.) Mississippi River,

Richards (Vincent) Tennis. map. 35517.

18217. D'Arlincourt (A.) See Arlincourt Davenport (C. C.) Merry Christmas. (A. d')

20760. Darling bros., ltd. Shone system of Davenport (C. E.) Their Engl. 41439.

pneumatic sewage ejectors. 42977. Davenport (Wm.) Care of the body. Darn E-Z laboratories:

49383. Columbus would have offered | Davenport, Ia., map. 29255.

America to a dozen kings. [etc.] ) Davenport bed makers of America : 36755-36758.

Fourteen davenport bed suits. To the hosiery buyer. 20759.

[etc.] 4767, 4768. Darrow (H. B.) Broadcast. 3741,

Having co. 25657. Darrow (P.

(P. C.) Darrow ptg. co. How to help folks. 42997. Complete paper direct. 2039.

Hundreds of styles. 11388. Darrow (Whitney) :

It is found in well appointed Merediths entertain. 1270.

homes. 20761. 68–70 Berkeley place. 1301.

1923 will be a bigger, better yr. Darrow ptg. co. Complete paper

2042. direct. 2039.

Davenport hosiery mills : Darsie (D. L.):

Fred (T. W.) Story of a pair of At the local country clubs. [etc.]

silk stockings. 37451. 42978–42996.

Sales ideas that will pay diviCampbell & Barber beaten in semi

dends. [etc.] 30785, 36775, finals. [etc.] 36759–36773.

49384, 49385. Darst (H. H.) O. bankers assn. Im- Davern (W. C.) Stove league fuel

provement & proper recognition. form the sticks. 49386. 17909.

Daves (J. C.) Gen. soc. of the CinDarst (W. G.) Let's co-operate. cinnati. Proceedings. 31546. 49380.

Davey (C. P.) Course of the essenDartmouth college. Dept. of eco- tials. 4769. nomics. Outline for thesis. 2040.

Davey (W. E.) Humus & its relation Daubin (F. A.) Saint of Hoonan

to plant growth. 30786. road. 14335.

Davey tree expert co., inc.: Daudet (L. A.) Chambre nationale. Decaying tree. [etc.] 30787. 36774.

30788. Daugherty (H.) Amer. pioneer. Boys' How should you choose your tree hdbk. 10829.

surgeons. 4770.

nos. 1-12, 1923

David (A. C.) Palladiator. 3076, Birthday greetings. [etc.] 11390– 20762.

11400, 19389_49476. David City, Neb., map. 1358.

For your hospitality. [etc.] Davidson (Doré) Fatherhood. 15550.

36777, 36778. Davidson (F. C.) Flight to Venice. On your graduation. 8198. 35117.

Davis (A. S.) Unknown death. 49477. Davidson (G. A.) jr. Southern trust & Davis (Arthur) Christmas will &

commerce bank. Great bridge. testament. 4838. 9818.

Davis (Bert) Dealer in fur. 19204. Davidson (Isobel) :

Davis (C. E.): Fifth reader. 2043.

Anti-snoring corp.

Shut your Sixth reader. 15551.

mouth. 41996. Davidson (Lowell) Mutual casualty Tourist-through-route. 18817.

co. of Chicago. Non-participating Davis (C. F.): casualty policy. 9154, 9155.

Ford car owners' protective assn. Davidson (V. E.) Where is

is my

Co-operators' certificate. 50194. wandering boy? 14386.

Message to eight million Ford Davidson (W. L.) Gale (Mary) How

car owners. 43601. to do batik. 5056.

Davis (C. M.) Prayer bk. amdts. Davidson (W. V.) Punched card sys- 15554. tem. 36776.

Davis (C. T.) Psyching Percy. 35300. Davidson college (Dramatic club of) Davis (D. R.) Davis (0. B.) DeFour plays. 24141.*

struction. [etc.] 49482, 49483. Davidson press, inc. Rochester indus., Davis (E. C.) How's this, [etc.]

inc. Rochester portable typewriter. 30947, 30948. 3199.

Davis (E. S.): Davie (French) Grandolino system of

I've got a great idea. 24170. impounding phonetics. +2998.

Morning after. 47311. Davie press, inc. Northrup (C. L.) Oh Hal. 29009. Scientific money system. 873.

Truth. 47411. Davies (G. R.) Bus. economics &

Davis (Elizabeth) Tinsel. 2071. statistics. 20763.

Davis (Elmer) Times have changed. Davies (L. T.):

$199. Davies' par value card. [etc.]

Davis (Emanuel) Ancient order of 2044-2046, 4771, 8197, 11389,

mechanics of the world. Funeral 15552, 25658-25659, 30789, 42999, 43000, 49387, 49388.

ceremony. [etc.] 19971, 19972. N. Y. (City) Cashier's guide.

Davis (Esther) Dream girl. 7121.

Davis (Eugene):
2835, 9201, 12636, 12637, 27215-
27217, 39116-39118, 52337-52339.

Logic ser. 20764, 20765.

Source of authority. 49478.
Direct. of curb, bond & con-

Davis (F. A.) co.:
solidated exchange brokers.
2836, 5821, 12638.

Davisco compendium of coaching
Finan. index. 698.

points. 15555.

Richards (Arthur) Bacillus Davies (W. H.) True travellers.

acidophilus. 54390. 47410.

Davis (F. E.) : Davies (W. W.) Transfusion. 10461.

Bankers development Co. ConDaviess (M. T.) No respecter of per

tract. [etc.] 14901–14903. sons. 43001. Davis (A. C.)

Chattel mortgage. [etc.] 20766– Stories of the U. S.

20768. 15553. Davis (A. L.):

Davis (Frank) Greenwich Village Laconia, N. H., map. 14472, 14473.

gingerbox. 28908. Mass., map. 1428.

Davis (G. M.) regulator Co. Valve N. H., map. 14501.

specialties. 4839. Squam Lake, N. H., map. 29535.

Davis (Gustav) Hai. 19249. Davis (A. M.) co.:

Davis (H. S.) Kanza. 26546. All bundled up. [etc.] 2047

Davis (J. A.) Get more adv. [etc.] 2070.

49480-49481. Although it's your birthday.

Davis (J. C.) 20. Gambling wives. [etc.] 43002–23069.

20769. At Eastertime. [etc.] 248–273.

Davis (J. D.) Eastern shore of Md. Bes' wishes of de season. [etc.]

11401. 30790–30946.

Davis (J. F.) & sons co. Indirect susBest wishes. [etc.] 4772-4837. pension. 49479.

pt. 1, n. S., v. 20

Davis (J. M.) Trial help for N. J. Schl. arts mag. Flowers & springlawyers. 2072.

time. 18328. Davis (J. M.) pub. co., inc. Gulick Sellner (Eudora) Costume de(Betty) Fairy tales. 16055.

sign. 18366–18368. Davis (J.

(J. S.) Stale bread loss. Davis-Smith co.: 15556.

Almanac & manual. 35818. Davis (J. W.):

Milk price tester bd. 49485. D. C., map. 19518.

Davidson (C. W.) God wrote his GosStories of the U. S. 15553.

pel in His nature. 30949. Davis (Jacob) Everlast boxing rec- Davison (F. B.) Amer. home welord bk. 15780.

fare exhibits assn., inc. PronounceDavis (James) Pract. bk. of wall ment. 41945. paper. 274.

Davison pub. co.: Davis (James Clay) Eternal ques. Davison's knit goods jobbing & other poems. 20770.

trade. 43079. Davis (M. W.) Solace. 43070, 43071 Davison's knit goods trade. Davis (Morris) Prohibition. 34942.

30951-30952. Davis (0. B.) Destruction. [etc.] Davison's mattress direct. 2073. 49482, 49483.

Davison's silk trade. 2074, 2075. Davis (Owen):

Davison's textile blue bk. 25661, Blow your own horn. 7054.

25662. Home fires. 19267.

Davison's textile buyers guide. Icebound. 24171, 31518*. .

2076. Peacocks. 47343.

Davison's textile direc. 25663. Robin Hood. 7329.

Davison's (J. K.) sons, inc. : Davis (P. A.) Progressive chem, lab. Jewelry of true craftmanship. manual. 1903.

49486. Davis (R. E.) Vocabulary bldg. Pearls. 30950. 36779.

Dawn puh. co., inc. Rutledge (G. K.) Davis (R. H.) God wills. 36780.

Flag draped skeleton. 27887. Davis (S. A.) Rising power of

Dawson (J. M.) Skeleton in the Ethiopia. 43072.

closet. 15557. Davis (S. B.) Davis (J. C.) Eter

Day (Donald) : nal ques. 20770. Davis (Sam) Lure of the sagebrush.

Army moves up. [etc.] 8200

8204. 4840.

Bus. in Russia. 15558. Davis (W. B.) co.:

Cheka renews terror. [etc.] First time I ever called on a

49487-49189. banker. 49484.

Finns reject ultimatum of Moscow Men's store of Cleveland. 43073–

rulers. [etc.) 43080, 43081. 43077.

French fail in parley. [etc.] Davis (W. C.):

275, 276. Dental pulps

pulps & pulp canals. League permits Lithuanians to [etc.] 25660, 36781–36784.

control Memel. [etc.] 4841, Management of pulpless canals.

4842. 43078.

Lithuania wins big diplomatic Davis (W. W.):

fight. [etc.] 11402–11406. Too many crooks. 35378.

New war in east Europe. 2077. Trap. 24345.

Russia wages war on plague. When is a twin. 29127.

20771. Davis (Wesley) Sand walker. 19387. Russian clergy appeals to U. S. Davis, Okl., map. 24442.

[etc.] 25664, 25665. Davis, W. Va., map. 14436.

Russians adopt Redskin tactics. Davis & Geck, inc. Hubbard (Elbert)

36785. Another little journey. 21449. Day (Elias): Davis press, inc.:

Baumgartner at the telep. 14108. Lemos (P. J.) Gifts that a boy Introd. for John Qualen co. 19115. can make. [etc.] 51482, 51483. Potato soup. 14322.

Good ideas for animal toys. | Day (F. L.) Sea. 35326. 5460.

Day (F. W.) Daymycoglyphs. 4843. Good ideas for Easter. Day (H. B.)

Day (H. B.) Heartstrings. 3793. 16663.

Day (Mrs. J. F.) Day (F. W.) Day. Friendly trees. [etc.] 44502- mycoglyphs. 4843. 44504.

Day (R. P.) Anne Rutledge. 3726.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Day (W. C.) Hist. of the San Jacinto Dearborn (W. F.) Shaw (E. A.)

Comparison campaign. 3205.

of the intelligence. Day (Z. S.) (Z. S.) Because you're


18372. [etc.] 20772-20775.

De Aryan (C. L.) Spirit of friendDay & Meyer. Murray & Young, inc. ship. 49497. What storage should mean. 36786.

Deardorf (John) Minstrelism à la Dayton (F. E.) What happens when

Tutankhamen. 24245. the state comes to market for fine

Deardorff (H. B.) : art. 19452.

Do unto others. 8207. Dayton (Frank) Return of Harvey Old sugar camp. 20779. Blake. 7324.

Song of the sea wind. 11411. Dayton (H, S.):

Dearing ptg. co. Have you a daughFashion show. 19225.

ter? [etc.] 30953-30959. Saturday night & no hot water. De Armand (L. G.) Little

Little spino24310.

graphs. 30960. Toot & come in 19424.

De Bardeleben (Mary) LambuthWish you were here. 35414.

Bennett bk. 11412. Dayton (K. M.):

De Bargis (René) See Bargis (René Bunk. 10185.

de). Loose leaves. 35204*.

De Bargis (Trotet) See Bargis Dayton, 0.:

(Trotet de). Catholic fraternal direct. [etc.] 49490, 49491.

De Barthe (Joseph) Abraham LinDirect. 11407.

coln. [etc.] 30961, 30962. List of 649 Dayton retail groceries.

De Baun (R. W.) Can a protective 4844.

tariff help the farmer? 3695. Map. 41500.

De Beck (W. M.): Dayton fan & motor co.:

Barney Google. [etc.]

[etc.] 278, 279, Dayton motors. 2078.

2079–2083, 4846, 4847, 8208–8212, Pro-[fan]-ity. 8206.

11413, 15565–15571, 20780–20782, Dayton scale co.:

25669–25673, 30963–30966, 36787Kennedy (I. G.) Bigness of little

36795, 43082–43093, 49498–49511. things. 12163.

De Beer (A. R.) Four flush. 35121. Scales ann. 25666.

De Beltrand (J. B.) How to work. Dazey (Frank) Peter Weston

[etc.] 25674-25677. 3859.

De Bérys (José) See Bérys (José de)

Debisschop et Calchas. Filatures et De l'humour. 15933.

arrestations célèbres. 15572. De Acosta (Mercedes):

De Brimont (Renée) See Brimont Jacob Slovak. 7208.

(Renée de) Sandro Botticelli. 7332, 14336*. Deadwood, S. D., map. 24443.

Debtor register. 36796. Deamude (J. R.) Home study course.

Debutante. Movie types galore lurk

in realms. 30967. 11408–11410, 15559_15562. Dean (C. E.):

De Buysieulx (Georges) See BuysiInfantile idealism. 25667.

eulx (Georges de) Stand, system. 49492.

De Caillavet (G.-A.) See Caillavet Waste & want. [etc.] 20776,

(G.-A. de) 20777.

De Cameron, inc. Babani. 15573. Dean (G. W.) Cal. of prayer. 16442.

De Capdevila (Francesca) First lesDean (J. S.) To prevent war. To prevent war. 4845.

sons in weaving. 8509. Dean (Randle) Old Adam. 24266.

De Carleton (Jimmie) Ambition. Deane (N. C.):

[etc.] 25678-25683. Before the jury. [etc.] 49493–

Decatur, Ill., direct. 15574. 49496.

Decatur, Ill., map. 7450. Two of a kind. 277.

De Chant (J. F.) Bus. fundamentals. Waving girl of the Savannah.

30968. 15563.

De Chant (W.) Rept. of a special inDeans (Harris) Husbands are а.

vestigation. 49512.

De problem. 41350.

Chazel (Henry) See Chazel Dear old Santa Claus. 25668.

(Henry de) Dearborn (E. B.)

Steno short type Decker (Alfred) & Cohn: system. 20778.

Dealer's adv. service. 20783. Dearborn (Ned) Dearborn fur farm. What they wear everywhere. 15564.

8213, 36797.

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