Lapas attēli

pt. I, n. S., v. 20

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Crannell (P. W.) Crannell's pocket Credit guide & adjustment co. Cedar lessons. 49266.

Rapids, Ia. Credit rating rept. Cranston (P. F.) Exile. 14196.

1558. Cranston, R. I., direct. 30709.

Credit ref. co., inc. Credit ref. & Cranston, R. I., map. 29250.

trust bk. 20729. Crauford (E. W.) Merchants credit

Credit reporting co. of New England. bur. Merchants money-getter col

Greater Boston charge bk. 49272. lection system. 12505.

Credit service exchange. Merchants Craumer (H. S.) Hathaway case.

guide. 20730.

Creditors bur. Creditors bur. form
Craven (Frank) Spite corner. 7365. letters. 30710.
Craven (G. B.) Ford the logical man. Creditor's protective bur. Collection

contract agreement. [etc.] 240, Cravenette co. Fletcher (F. I.) Dry

wit. 31422.

Cree (Dugal) :
Cravens (H. L.) Blue bk. credit co.

Corp. chart
chart sales

sales presentation. Blue bk. credit ref. 25171.

[etc.) 49273, 49274.
Cravens (J. P.)
P.) Citified country

Graphic visualized psychol. chart. editor. 36669.

36673, 42906. Cravens, Dargan & Roberts. What

Home budgeting plan. 2026.
happened. 2025.

Creek Co., Ill., map. 29251.
Craw (F. J. C.) Mother mine. 239. Creesy (G. B.) :
Crawford (C. H.):

Creesy (G. B.) co. Profitable use ('ostumes for persons taking part

of surplus funds. 49276. in Bible pageants. [etc.]

Mem. of agreement. 49275. 15516-15519.

Creighton (Bertha) Oh Pickles. Pageants to illus. sermons. [etc.]

36670–36672, 49267-49269.

Creighton, Vlo.. mar. 24438.
Crawford (H. V.) Way of life. Creo-clipt co., inc.:

Approximate no. of sq. ft. 4754,
Crawford (I. W.) Text bk. on church

work. 4750.

Thatched effect. 8171.
Crawford (J. H.) Bank check writ-Creosone co. Adv. copy. 42907.
ing instr.

Crépaux (Loui) Italian method ex-
Crawford (James) Love supreme. plained. 49277.

Cresca co., inc. Adventures in flavor.

Crawford (M. J.) When a man is
down & out. 42902.

Crescent helt fastener co. Crescent (rawford (N. A.):

helt fasteners. 11367. Poems of John Keats. 42903. Crescent truck co. Elec. indus. trucks Today's poetry. 4752.

& tractors. 36674.
Crawford pub. co. Eng. direct. 8332, Cressman (R. B.):

Don't cheat yourself. 42909.
Creager (S. H.):

Gleason-Tiebout glass co. Don't
Greater Pico st. assn., inc. Pico

cheat yourself. 37536.

Cressy (W. M.) :
boulevard. 43835, 50478.

Cressy's hist. 42910.
Greater Santa Monica club. Santa
Monica. 50479.

End of a perfect troup. 7127.
Have dinner with us. 49270.

Creston, Ia., map. 19509.
Santa Monica. 42904.

Crete, Neb., map. 24439.

Crichton (R. W.) Kingdom
Cream of wheat co. Baby specialist's

of advice. 49271.

heaven. 42911.

Crider (C. S.)
Creamer (A. J.) Creamer corres. schl.

) Hoosier rhymes.

Creamer's penmanship grade stands.

Cridersville, O., map. 24440.

CirCreamer (Michael)

Crigler (R. L.) Detroit news.

Publicity. 3694.
Creamer corres. schl. Creamer's pen-

cus. 20796.
manship grade stands. 15520.

(trimmins (Daniel) Kindred love Creamery package mfg. co. Equip

7219. ment & supplies. 4753.

(tripe (Myrtle Text bk. of the laws Creative process in bus. 25257.

that govern life. 42912. Credit adjustment co. of Florida. Col. Crippen (H. F.) Crippen cumulative lection & adjustment service. 42905. bond purchase plan. 8172.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Crisfield, Md., map. 29252.

Cross (G. M.) : Crisp (Melbourne) Anchor chain, Ciska. 19186. inc. Anchor chain. 4211.

Four bricks under a wall. 14204. Crissey (W. L.) Gladiolus farm. When older. 14385. 11368.

Cross (George) Right of faith Crist & Schilken co., inc. :

15523. C & S shower door. 49278.

Cross (J. H.) Human race. 19280. Shower stall door. 25601.

Cross (M. R.): Criswell (C. A.) Secret waves.

Just a little souvenir. 47272. 14337.

Dearly beloved. 28849.

Unfair sex. 7400. Crocker (F. B.) Management of

Cross (Ruth) See Cross (M. R.) dynamo [etc.] 30712, 30713. 36675,

Cross (S. H.) Cross (J. H.) Human 36676.

race. 49280. Crocker (H. S.) co., inc. :

Cross (William) Tab. for conver-
Crocker's forms for St. work.

sion of kilograms. 26884.
San Francisco, Calif..

Crosse (T. L. S.) Just one time more. direct.

49281. 39815. Crockett (A. S.) Ocean rec.

Crossen (E. C.) Why have a tooth15521,

ache. 20731. 30714.

Crothers (Rachel) : Crockett (E. V.) Tithe. 54623.

Mary the 3d. 31518*. Crockett motor co. Ford truck chassis.

Old lady 31; Little journey. 30715.

47301*. Croisset (Francis de) Vignes

Vignes du

Nice people. 10206*. seigneur. 7404, 47425.

Crouch (H. E.) Administration of an Croix. Catastrophe européenne. 7956. estate. 8173. Crompton & Knowles loom works: Crouse-Hinds co. Crouse-Hinds imAutomatic stationary mag. 4756.

perial headlights. 244, 245. Center filling stop motion. [etc.] Crowe (Frederick) land appraiser. 25602–25604.

Frederick Crowe's ann. 1923 list. Mech. warp stop motion. 11369. 8174. Cromwell (Frederick) Choo-choo

Crowell (T. Y.) co.: four. 47179.

Action, poems & plays for chilCrone (A. J.) Pioneers of Deerwood.

dren. 24026*. 49279.

Herzberg (M. J.) How to use Cronin (C. P.) Florida. 42913.

Roget's internatl. 26335. Cronin (E. W.):

Shakesperian synopses. 14341*. Act well your pt. [etc.] 242. 243.

Spyri (Johanna) Jo, the little Girlhood days. 25605-25606.

machinist. 28184. Cronk (K. S.) Way. 41453.

Crowell pub. co.: Crook (J. L.) jr. Silver Spruce. Build. Crowell good will. [etc.] 18443.

49282, 49283. Crosby (G. E.) jr. Master John Howes (E. P.) How to start a Fitch of Windsor. 10316.

co-op. kitchen. [etc.] 31966, Crosby-Chicago. :

31967. O'Connor & Goldberg. Fashion Natl. market coverage. 36678.

pre-eminence in shoes. [etc.] Natl. markets. 30716.

Parks (Mrs. C. B.) First aid to
Pleasant people. [etc.]

dolls. 45535. 53848, 53849.

Richardson (M. R.) How to Spinal colyum. 22804, 22805.

start a co-op. laundry. 33905. Crosley (P. S.) Ljungstedt (Mrs. Schuyler (Helen) What to make. Milnor) Marriages by inference.

54651. 16688.

Crowley (D. I.) Duplex check bk. Crosley mfg. co. Simplicity of radio. 30717. 25607.

Crowley (T. D.) & co. Instr. for use. Cross (Charles) Footologist. 8449,

2027. 11684, 42914.

Crowley & Lunt: Cross (E. A.) Cross Engl. test.

Berkshire Co., Mass.. direct. 25608–25610.

36098. Cross (Ephraim):

Casco Bay, Me., direct. 36313. Another snapshot of Spain. 4757. White Mts. of N. H. White Mt. Passion play. 15522.

direct. 41130.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Crown rheostat & Supply Co. Illus. Cummings (H. J.) Williams (A. J.) cat. 8175.

App-a-week club. 41145. Crown stove works. Crown gas Cummings (John): ranges. 25611.

Graphic representation of statisCrowther (Samuel) Science of mod

tical results. [etc.] 42917ern bus. 42915.

42919. Croy (Homer) Blue sky. 14155,

Introd, to statistics. 2465. Cruikshank (J. R.) N. Y. (City), Statistical aggregates. 5307. map. 7496.

Statistical tabulation. 49285, Crum (W. L.) Introd. to the methods 49286. of economic statistics. 49284.

Cummings (M. H.) Raleigh register, Crystal art service, inc. :

Unfinished rhymes. 23008.

. Bul. 11370, 36679.

Cummings (Robert) jr. Expansion of Ritz-Carlton hotels. 25612.

college fraternities. 49287. . Crystal Falls, Mich., map. 1354. Cummings (W. L.) Chem. service Cuba, map. 1355, 19510.

bul. [etc.] 49288, 49289. Cudahy packing co.:

Cummings & Johnson. King Tut Cudahy's Puritan has an enticing Ankh-Amen. 20733, 36681. flavor. 20732.

Cummins (A. B.) Ry, transportation Unmatchable flavor. 25613.

in the U. S. 30721. Why of better ham. 30718.

Cummins (S. L.): Cudahy vineyard & development co.

Bluebeard [and] Haroun el RaProfit sharing sharing land certificates.

shid. 35027.* 8176.

Goldilocks & the three bears. Cuddy (Lucy) Shepherdess & the

35136.* chimney sweep. 24314*.

Cumulative daily digest of corp. news. Cudowna opowieść. 8177.

2029, 11372, 25617, 36682. Cué (Baltasar Fernández) See Cunard steamship co., ltd. : Fernández Cué (Balta sar)

Anchor line, Anchor-Donaldson Cullen (E. E.) Creditors bur. Form

line. Transhipment services. letters. 30710.

11373. ('ullen (J. F.) :

Liverpool route. 15524. How to get a husband and how

Tonnage & kilo conversion tabs. to hold him. 3799.

30722. Shield. 3880.

Cunliffe (R. B.) Plan your progress. Cullen (T. J.):

25618. Brotherhood of r. r. trainmen. 8178.

Cunningham (B. V.) ) Pintner-CunWestern N. Y. polit. chart. 36680.

ningham prim. mental test. 13133, Cullimore (Clarence) Elem. drafting.

13134. 11371. Cullinan (Ralph) Black waters.

Cunningham (E. T.) inc. : 24057.

Camfield (R. W.) Cunningham Cullum (G. W.) Cullum's private for

radio tube data bk. 42507. mulae. 30719.

Your share of Cunningham vacuum Culpepper (Carl) Wood & McKinley.

tube bus. 36683. Profits from payrolls. [etc.] 41219,

Cunningham (Eugene): 41220.

Fifty-sixth immortal. 25619. Culver military academy. Preparing

Jungle-thing. 49290. for manhood. 42916.

Scar. 42920. Cumberland, Md., direct. 2028.

Cunningham (H. F.) Gifts.

7159. Cumberland cheml. co. Are you as

Cunningham (J. M.) Production in young as your father. 25614, 25615. St. Lucie Co. 30723. Cumberland Co., Ky., map. 19511.

Cunningham (Jack) Even change. Cumming (Blanche) Miss is as good

15525. as a mile. 10360.

Cunningham (L. S.) Rules that govCumming (R. L.) :

ern the production of the different Children. 10201.

sex. 8179. Helping yourself. 10271.

Cunningham (Leon) Neighbors. 47319. Nightshade. 3847.

Cunningham (R. E.) Psychol. & peTut-Tut. 10467.

dagogical helps. 4758. Cummings (A. F.) Manual of Gold- Cunningham (T. H.) Fear & a а wyn cosmopolitan branch operations.

remedy. 15526. 30720..

Cunningham (W. C.) Your opportuCummings (G. D.) New octuple arith. nity. 15527. 25616

Cupola. 20734.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Cupples & Leon co.:

Curtis (M. E. D.) Fraternity, Baker (W. F.) Boy ranchers.

charity, loyalty. 25624. 25037.

Curtis & Cameron, inc. Copley Chadwick (Lester) Baseball Joe. prints. 15531. 15271.

Curtis Co. After 5 o'clock. 24861, Emerson (A. B.) Betty Gordon. 25625. 25819.

Curtis pub. co.: --- Ruth Fielding. 15738.

Adv. charts. [etc.] 36689, 36690. Every-home bks. 49291.

Adv. in farm publs. 15532.
Garis (H. R.) Curlytops.
Curlytops. 26085.

Carpenter (Ethel) All-imporMiller (Agnes) Linger-nots.

tant accessories. 30374. [etc.] 26973-26975.

Chicago, Ill., map. 41492. Penrose (Margaret) Radio girls.

Country gentleman circulation. 18034.

[etc.] 42922-42925. Curci (Amelita Galli-) See Galli

Parlin (C. C.) Sales opportuniCurci (Amelita)

ties to farm families. 27628. Curel (François de):

Reed (A. H.) Paper used & Ivresse du sage. 7207.

wasted in ptg. the Saturday Savage girl. 10421. .

evening post. 39678. Terre inhumaine. 7379.

Table of leading advertisers. Curley (J. M.) Ten bks. I have en

30728. joyed most. 25620. Curran (C. P.) ptg. co.:

Curtis 1000, inc. Catalog 42926. McCord (R. J.) jr. End of the

Curtiss (H. T.) St. Francis D'Assisi
& other poems.

road. [etc.] 5513, 5514.
- Failure of success. 8946.

Curwood (J. O.) Great lie. 10258. Curran (Helen) E-Motay products

Cusack (T. F.) Ivanhoe. 49297.

Cushing (C. C.): co., inc. Bottled romance plus profits. 8329.

Jinx. 35186.

Marge. 35226. Curran (Hugh):

Master of the inn. 35231. Cosgrave party takes lead. (etc.) 3668436687.

Nancy Stair. 35251. De Valera sees sure victory.

Poppy-kiss. 35293. [etc.] 30724-30727.

Topsy & Eva. 35380. Dublin again under fire. 11374.

Cushing (Sherwood) Poultry bk. of Dublin under arms. [etc.] 20735,

knowledge. 4760.

Cushing (Tom) Laugh, clown, laugh. 20736.

28950. Hunger strike ends. [etc.] 49292, 49293.

Cushman (C. R.) Personal message. Irish dail will quit Saturday.

25626. 25621.

Cushman (L. P.) My gift. 4761. Irish republic chief in South. Cushman (P. A.) Thermodynamics 2030.

recapitulated. 49298. Two free State troops shot. 15528. Cusi (Fernando) Capture red goverCurran (T. P.) Near life's end. 35253. nor. [etc.] 49299_49301. Current finance. 49294.

Custer, S. D., map. 29253. Currey (J. A.) Portland roses. 25623. Custom house guide: Currier (D. E.) Candles cast

Custom house guide. 8180. brighter light. 49295.

N. Y. (City), map. 7497. Currier pub. Co. My game of golf. Customers & merchants protective 4759.

assn., inc.

Boost for better, bigger Curry (R. U.) Your hair & how to bus. 20739. keep it. 42921.

Custot (Pierre) Sturly. 30729. Curry (S. J.) Devil's gold. 10213, Cutler (Bernard) New Haven Co., 35381.*

Conn., direct. 17147. Curtice (J. F.) Five heart songs. Cutler (Bliss) Apotheosis. 49302. 49296.

Cutler (W. H.) Once a mo. reminCurtis (A. D.) New era in store der. 49303. lighting 36688.

Cutler mail chute co. Cutler mail Curtis (Billy) Say it in Eng. 7334. chute cat.

[etc.] 49304, 49305. Curtis (G. M.) Starting with line- Cutter, Calif., map. 29254.

bred male & females. [etc.] 20737, Cutting (Elizabeth) Love-nest. 49306. 20738.

Cuyahoga Co., O., map. 14434. Curtis (Louis) Mollère. 10507(4), Cuyler & Mohler. Catalogue. 30730, (5).


pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Cuzzort (Belva) Health lessons. Daily communion reminder. 36705, 42927.

36706. Czechoslovakia, map. 29298.

Daily facts. Home the haven of Czerny (Ludwig) Blonde geisha. refuge. 20748. 14154.

Daily finan. America: D-K motor test clubs co.:

Bethlehem steel. [etc.] 30754Diploma. [etc.] 20740–20742.

30763. Just a minute. 25627, 25628.

Col. fuel & iron may have valuOne armed paper hanger. 30735.

able oil 'properties. [etc.] Dabney (J. P.) Primal poet. 49307.

25642-25647. Dague (M. E.) Sister Mary's kitchen.

Stand. oil success on an economic 49308, 49309.

basis. 49319. Dague (Mrs. Wm.) Sister Mary's

Daily jour. co.: kitchen. 36691.

Peoria transcript. Mrs. Tiernan Dahl (André) Amer. clinic. 19159.

Vaughn here. 54032. Dahl (J. L.) Garage utilities Co.

That bonus check. 36707. Hi-lo horse. 8492.

Daily news: Dahlquist (F. C.) As man to man.

Big alimony for Mrs. Stillman. 11375.

[etc.] 30764-30768. Dahlstrom metallic door co. Dahl

Dentist's air castle amours. strom hollow metal doors & trim.

[etc.] 36708-36713. 49310.

Ewing (Donald) Death lure

claimed. 20977-20985. Daiger (J. M.) & co. Current finance. 25622, 49294.

Decisions changed in Rosen

bluth Dail



Dail's vaticinator.
(H, W.)

2031, 20743, 20744.
Dailey (Charles):

Flo & Stillman parted. 4763.

Frank Gould waited 20 yrs. to Agent in Tokio asks boycott of Japan silk. [etc.] 42928–

complain. [etc.] 15537-15539.

Hansen (J. C.) 42941.

Juanita Hansen Amer, radio experts defeat Japan

reveals enchanted hell. 11833.

Harpman (Julia) Ward cash in China. [etc.] 20745, 20746. Bandit chiefs plan to give up

buried witnesses. 26292.

James (Lauchlin) Poppy peril. captives soon. [etc.] 30736–

21579. 30753.

Paris divorce lures Stillman. Bandits hold U. S. army men in

33557. pesthole. [etc.] 25629-25641.

Stanley (Imogene) Jilted girl Cabinet awaits fight results in China revolt. [etc.] 15534,

accuses diplomat. 9848.

Vice-consul faces 15535.

girl today.

8185. Canton in panic. 2032.

Daily news pub. co. Scripps (R. P.) China cabbages securities. [etc.] 11376–11378.

Consuls slow to aid captives. 34058.

Daily racing form pub. co.: China organizes to oust soviets.

Amer. racing manual. 1690. 246. China ready to war if powers

Daily racing form. Daily racing

form charts. 25648, 25649, demand control. [etc.] 36692

49320_49335. 36703.

Entries & past performances. Chinese battle foreign ships on

11379. great rivers. [etc.] 49311

Daily rec. co. Des Moines, Ia., map. 49317.

29260. Intrigues rob Gen. Wu of Chinese

Daily trade rec. co. Riemer (Harry) power. 4762.

Comprehensive range of cotton. Red army lines Manchu border.

6446. 8181.

Dainty products Co. 90 days foot Dailey (J. G.):

comfort in every 35 cent can. King Komo sez. 8182.

49336. Old John's dead. 49318.

Dairy research div. F. C. Mathews co. Daily (T. J.) Cat fish & the nigger. Bul. 44796–44815. 36704.

Daisy Dingle bk. 25650. Daily bond buyer. Tax-free vs. tax.

Dakota central tel. co. Toll operating able bonds. 8183.

practice. 30769. Daily communion cal. 8184, 15536, Dale (Allen) Sugar-canes & sap20747.

heads. 20749.

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