Lapas attēli

pt. I, n. S., v. 20

Chicago tribune-Continued.

Ryan (Thomas) Dublin frees four. [etc.] 6507-6511,

Dublin rejects De Valera. [etc.] 27888-27892.

Ireland to put guns in hands of all citizens. 18280.

Ireland to seek Yankee loan.
Santo (V. de) Airquake over Mt.
Etna. [etc.] 34006-34012.

Alarm in Vatican. [etc.] 39834-39850.

Boom in Italy keeps men home from Amer. [etc.] 4591215917.

Catholics quit Mussolini. 23184-23195.

Fascist leader quits. [etc.] 27918-2792:

Fascisti copies U. S. civil laws. [etc.] 51591-54594.

Fascisti ouster of Freemasons bow to church. [etc.] 0520_6524.

Italian state rys. hit for $50,000,000. [etc.] 13363-13367.

Italy forms powers bloc. 3245.

Italy hints at bolt. 9645.

Would limit France. 992. Saunder's (Minnett) All Social

ists call world to relief of Ruhr. 34019.

Socialist chief calls for war.
Schultz (Sigrid Berlin drafts

new proposals on reparations.

Wilson. [etc.] 2:32:21-23223.

German farmer gets more than Yank for corn [etc.] 39886-39889.

German farmer keeps crops as only life raft. [etc.] 5464051612.

Ruhur is seething. [etc.] 31041-31043. Seldes (George) Amers. die of hunger

in Russian Colony. 23214-23260.

Another Ruhr town rebels. [etc.] 6.50-6531.

Bankers help Berlin. [etc.] 18362-18365.

Bavaria hands ultimatum to falling Berlin [etc.] 40109-401-10.

Berlin dances to crazy tune. (etc.) 46018-16036

Berlin Zeppelin coming direct here. '[etc.] 13395–13406.

Bill Haywood lonely. [etc.] 3279-3285.

Bishop Blake in Moscow [etc.] 27998–28008.

Boyhood chums beg Lenin for horses. [etc.] 1009-1011.

Chicago cheers Yank. [etc.] 54717, 54718.

Cross & red flag vie for Russian favor. [etc.] 34086

34096. Sheean (Vincent) Allies censor League. [etc.] 46053-46063.

Allies present final demands to Ismet to-lay. [etc.] 3410+ 34116.

Belgium turns to Britain in Ruhr dispute. [etc.] 4014840180.

Big harvest in Ruhr. [etc.] 54739-51756.

France is active. [etc.] 28019--18022. Skene (Don) Boyish Havers

(aptures open. [etc.] 34283-34293.

Carp flattens Nilles. 28137.

Lenglen-Ryan barely win doubles finals. [etc.] 18548, 18549.

Molla decides to plar. [etc.] 13513-13518. .

Royalty sees Vinny 'win from Frenchman. [etc.] 40405, 40406.

Suzanne sends Molla down. 23484. Snell (Edmund) Bad egg. 28151. Steele (John) Afghan tribes (lefy

British on India frontier. [etc.] 55220-55243.

Allister wins the one girl. [etc.] 40506–40556.

Angora plans note. [etc.] 13611-13636.

Baldwin hints British step to end Ruhr (rises. [etc.] 23571-23593.

Baldwin holds job. [etc.] 34379-34404.

Baldwin raises tariff on tires from America. [etc.] 4642946457.

Bonar Law wins defense. [etc.] 9852-9856.

Britain seeks U. s. aid. [etc.] 28259-28290.

British army on Rhine may be ordered home. [etc.] 109+ 1099.

British arrests of Irish rebels bares death plot. [etc.] 18639–18647.

British change views. [etc.] 3111-3415.

British discuss crisis. [etc.] 6725-6731.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Steele (Robert) Amer. cuts cost White (John) Argentina has to of radium. [etc.] 13637-13639.

trim sails. [etc.] 46971-46980. Baldwin speech gives hope.

Argentina puts skids under [etc.] 28291-28294.

all big alien firms. [etc.] 13992, British budget economies.

13993. [etc.] 18648, 18649.

Argentine house drops fight. British traders focus eyes

23921. on Ruhr. 6732

-Britten speech against kings Bus. light. [etc.] 34405–

wins Argentina. [etc.] 5597134409.

55973. French action nips rally on

President of Brazil seizes London market. 9857.

state control. 1194. Gilt edged & mines feature

Santiago fails. 28655. London trading. [etc.] 23594- Wilgus (Walter) Cause of a 23597.

quarrel. [etc.] 41138, 41139. Gloom settles in London.

Defiant Moros fortify hills. [etc.] 55244–55247.

[etc.] 46998–47004. Industrials & rails droop in

Filipino threat stirs Moros. London trading. [etc.] 40557–

[etc.] 55995–55997. 40565.

Williams (Paul) Admits passive

war will end. London market bright. 3416.

[etc.] 41146–

41162. London market strong

Barred from mines. [etc.] [etc.] 1100, 1101.

14011-14031. Stewart (A. W.) Belfast cheers

Bavaria seeks stern military duke's entry. 13648.

rule. [etc.] Swift (O. P.) Amers. get ready.

[etc.] 4701447019.

Begin taking coke. [etc.] [etc.] 1123, 1124.

Balfour denies

Bul. [etc.] 10090–10094. charges. [etc.] 13693–13699.

Bury Essen dead. [etc.] Chicago girls brave death.

23945–23959. [etc.] 3463–3468.

Crown prince of Roumania Kemal recruits vast new

ignores his Lizi. [etc.] 6946, army for Thrace war. 9893.

6947. Lord Ampthill broke helping

Cuno at Munster. [etc.] son sue wife. 18725.

34841-34860. Turks deprive U. S. war

Doughboys sad as wacht am ships of liberty. [etc.] 6775,

Rhine is ended. [etc.] 3646, 6776.

3647. Szatmary (Eugene) Beat Ham

Four die in Rhine battle. burg reds. [etc.] 55517-55522.

56005. Wales (Henry) After U. S. aid.

French in Dortmund. [etc.] 23821-23856.

[etc.] 1207, 1208. Aids dying captain. [etc.]

Krupp given 15 yrs. in prison. 41015-41067.

[etc.] 28671-28676. Air flivver does 80 miles.

Wills (Frank) Await Allies' [etc.] 28554–28583.

order. [etc.] 1211, 1212. Allied order bars ex-Kaiser

British, French scheme. from Germany. [etc.] 55802

47034. 55845.

-Turk cabinet ready to sign Allies admit U. S. claim.

pt. or pact. [etc.] 14047[etc.] 13913-13934.

14050. Allies bow to terms of U. S. Wright (Frederick) Calles re[etc.] 34720–34761.

veals his program. [etc.] Await more tanks. [etc.]

47074-47079. 35743580.

Civil war splits

Mexico. -Belgium sends more. [etc.]

[etc.] 56091–56096. 18890–18898.

Mex. chases Bolshevik chief Boyden pushes plan, [etc.]

out of capital. [etc.] 41228– 1161-1166.

41231. Bristol speeds to direct U. S. Chicago trust co.: [etc.] 6889-6894.

Bank, first mortgage real estate Bull. [etc.] 46855–46895.

bonds. 42121. Wells (Frank) Turks call 25 Descent & distribution of property. troop classes. 28689.

7993. 10079924-6


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Chicago (Univ. of):

Law for the hotel man. 36379, Barnes (N. W.) Cases & prob

42631. lems. 70.

('hild's own bk. 25374.
Flickinger (R. C.) Carmina la- Chilhowee, Mo., map. 19498.
tina. 50139.

Chillicothe, O., direct. 42632.
Goodspeed (E. J.) Paul. 426. Chilton co.:
Meine (Franklyn) Cases & prob-

Bus. Outlook for 1923. 4591. lems. 16887, 51954.

Chilton auto. direct. [etc.] 4589. Morrison (H. C.) Studies in sec

1590, 8003, 15326–15329, 20439, ondary educa. 5712.

20440, 25375, 25376, 36380 Mowrer (E. R.) Classified index.

36383, 48841-48846. 17032.

Chilton trade list. 8004, 30464. World, map. 41667.

Comparison between factory caChicago, Wilinington & Franklin

pacity. [etc.] 11213-11225. coal co. Story of fire. 25372.

Estimated comparisons of costs, Chickerin g bros. Acoustigrande.

income & profit. [etc.] 30462, 20437.

30463. (thico, Calif., direct. 42625.

How to buy for greater profit. (hieftain. 25373, 48836.

25377. Chiesa (C. D.) Three of Salu. 7995. List of officers. 36384, 36385. Child (F. W.) Square table. 18837. Where most retail sales are made. (bild (M. P.) To the pure. 3899.

25378. ('luild (R. W.) Bottom of the barrel. Chilvers (H. G.) Virtue's reward. 11209.

14378. (hild health organization of America: Chimes. 25379.

Andress (J. X.) Story of Rosy Ching-Chong co. Ching-Chong. 4592.

Cheeks & Strong Heart. 14821. Chipman chemical eng. co. Chipman Child helth almanac. [etc.]

method of track weeding. 30465. 1585–4587.

Chippewa Falls, direct. 25380. Four new publs. 7996–8000.

Chisholm (B. O.) House that VolGoldsmith (Cliff) Wisdom of stead built. [etc.] 1949, 1950. Prof. Happy. 5101, 5102.

Chisholm & Chapman. Buying & sellGriffith (E. G.) Wonderful win- ing foresight. [etc.] 20442–20447. dow. 5157.

(h'ttenango, N. Y., map. 35457. Health plays. 7180.

Chittenden (C. L.) Manual of data House the children built. 10280. for alternating current motors. Little vegetable men. 10325.

48847. Magic oat field. 28971.

Choate (Robert) No coal strike. Smith (C. H.) Nutrition class. 36386. 6616.

Choos (George): Wonderful window. 10501.

Battling Buttler 41285. Child welfare pub. co. Adv. contract.

Stormbird. 29079. 20438.

Choteau District oil field, Mont., map. Childers (J. F.) Chieftain. 25373.

14421. Childlow (David) Germos bread. 7994.

Chou (H. C.) Chou's scoring table. Children's welfare fed. Before they

11226. go to schl. [etc.] 42626-42630. Choudens. Hulla. 14230. Childress (W. S.) Bunc. 48838. (howchilla, Calif., map. 39233. Childs (Art) Yarns of the big woods. Chown (C. M.) C. M. Chown's re4588.

tail repts. 1951. Childs (C. F.) & (0.:

Chrisholm (W. T.) Common salt as Comparative chart showing means a chemical product. 20441. authorized. 48889.

Christell bros. Protect your wife. Grouped liberty loan war posters. 11227. [etc.] 11210-11212.

Christensen (B. K.) When you want Childs (C. M.) & co., inc. Hand a girl. 27381. pressed colors. 8001.

Christensen (C. W.) Horace Greeley Chili's (F. H.) Interstate succession meant Ia. 15330. of wills. 15325.

Christensen (James) Hour of her Childs (L. W.) Health program of

delight. 48848. the Cleveland pub schls. 48840. Christian (T. L.) Green bag. 26160. Childs (Leslie):

Christian life calendar co.: Law for the dentist. [etc.] 176, Centenary art calendar. 48730. 177.

Christian life calendar. 48849.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Christian service calendar. 48850. Hubbard (Walton) Our Divine New world movement cal. 52324.

inheritance. 2-139. Southern Baptist convention cal. Kilpatrick (W. D.) Religion of 55081.

Christian science. 2543. Christian science monitor:

Kimball (E. A.) Ans. to quesBurning coal twice. 36387.

tions. 51312. Germany prepared to pay. 30466. Lathrop (J. C.) Christian Christian science pub. co. Hering (H.

science. 2586, 2587. S.) Christliche wissenschaft die

Leonard (F. H.) (Christian wissenschaft der erlösung. 50703.

science. 2001. Christian science pub. soc. :

North (S. K.) English folk dance. Bell (Frank) Christian science.

39272 1773.

Norwood (E. P.) Davey Winkle Bergengren (Ralph) Betsy and

in Circusland. 6210. Christopher Columbus plant a Roberts (Octavia) Hurralı for garden. [etc.] 30154-30156

Lincoln. 13262.
Betsy & the funny man.

Lost mavericks. 0450.
[etc.] 20121, 20122, 36092-

Ralph makes

makes a bargain. 36094.

9591. Betsy attends an auction, Ross (P. V.) Christian science. 48204.

3207. Betsy goes a-snowshoeing. Seeley (P. S.) Christian science. 10938.

3267, 3268. Betsy has a spring house- Sequeira (David) Felipe Pedrell. cleaning. 25130.

1013, 6556, 6357, 9720. Betsy jr. feeds the squirrels. Tutt (J. M.) Christian science. 1786.

3521, 3522. How Betsy's rabbits were Young (Bicknell) Christian named Bun (etc.) 42223,

science. 3674. 42224.

Christianer (L. F.) Selected tricks. Mrs. Murphy goes away. 48851. 14992.

Christiansen (Einar)

Charites porSnow gentleman. 7781.

trait. 14169. Chadwick (C. W.) Christian Christiansen (J. C.) 10 songs. 25382. science. 1919, 1920.

Christie (Agatha) Grey cells of M. Christian science monitor. Burn- Poirot. 15331-15336, 20118, 2:5383. ing coal twice. 36387.

Christie (AL E.) Screen comedy. Germany prepared to pay. 25381. 30466.

Christie (H. K.) Air brake rigging. Cook (G. S.) Christian science. [etc.] 188.52-18861. 1994.

Christman (D. G.) Great conflict. Corby (B. K.) Christian science. 1952. 2000, 2001.

Christmas (M. F.) Stuyvesant heights Coulson (L. C.) Christian Sci- schl. of music. Tiny tips from toneence. 2018.

land. 55425. Doorly (J. W.) Science of mind. Christmas club. Christmas greetings. 2110.

30167. Ewing (M. G.) Christian Sci- Christmas will & testament. 4838. ence. 2207, 2208.

Christo cola CO., inc. Co-operative Flinn (J. J.) Christian science. blotting. 800.. 2257.

Christodora house. Branch (A. H.) Graham (A. J.) Chr'stian Sci- Hymm for Manhattan. 20176.

ence & the reparable past. Christon (George) Bondage. 141.36. 2313.

Christopher (A. J.) Oscillator wire Greene (S. W.) Christian Sci- terminal. 20419. ence. 2328.

Christopher (Will) This little bk. of Guyol (Louise) Twilight tales, poems. 20150. 21326.

Christopher Morley. 1827. Hering (H. S.) Christian science. Christophers (B. C.): 2388.

Henry V (King) 3797. Hervey-Bathurst (A.) Christian Midsummer-night's dream. 1272.*

science applied to mankind. Christy (Irs. H. C.) My interview 2405.

with my husband. 20451. Hill (F. C.) God's revelation of Chronicles of America. Vincennes. spiritual healing. 2407.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Chronicles of America pictures corp. : Circle A products corp.:

Chronicles of America. 10667, Handling the growing crowds. 14588.

[etc.] 42635_42637. Daniel Boone. 47606.

Shall we load a car for you? Frontier woman. 47616.

30472. Chuck (W. J.) Wong (Pauson) Im- Cirin (Sava) Cirin's perpetual cal. proved authentic rules. 47062.

11229. Chuckles co., inc. Chuckles. 47182.

Citator pub. co. Citator. 1956–1959, Church & Dwight co.:

4593, 4594, 11230, 11231, 15340– Friend in need. 178, 179, 8006. 15343, 25386, 30473-30475, 36395, Useful birds. 36388.

42638, 42639, 48866. Church kalendar. 42633.

Citer-digest co. Ruen (H. C.) CiterChurch service, inc. McAlpine (C. A.)

digest. 54508. Printed preaching. 2647.

Citizen pub. co. Columbus citizen. Churchill (A. J.) Ry. dining & sleep- A. L. Columbus, jr. [etc.]

, [etc.] 42798– ing car training service. Sleeping 42805. car & train porters. 45749.

Citizens bldg. & loan assn. of South Churchill (W. S.) Memories of the

Chicago. You can do what Bill did. House of Commons. 42634.

20453. Churchill, Hall, inc. Thoroughly de

Citizens natl. bank of Hammond, Ind. pendable washing machine. 30468. Church well (P. J.) Van Church

Working prin. 36396.

Citizens savings bank. Twenty tales (Krig) Sane system of reducing.

of thrift. 4595. 9967.

Citizen's service bureau. Permanent Churgel (Samuel) Play this on your

court of internatl. justice. 48867. piano. 48862.

Citizens telep. co. of Ky. Telep. diChute (E. H.) Quicker sticker.

rect. 11232. 15337

Citizens telep. exchange. Telep. diCicero, Ill., direct. 30469.

rect. 20454. Cimarron, Kan., map. 14422.

Citizens trust & savings bank. East Cimarron co., Okl., map. 19499.

Chicago, Ind. 29273. Cincinnati, O., direct. 48863.

Citizen's wholesale supply co. Golden Cincinnati, O., map. 14123, 29234.

rule self-instructor. 30476, 30477, Cincinnati & suburban bell telep. co.

4596, 4597. Telep, direct. 1953, 30470, 48864.

City baking co.:
Cincinnati Bickford tool co.:
Cincinnati Bickford 21/2, 3 & 342

Could any housewife take such

scientific care [etc.] 4:26-10foot 24-speed radial drills. 1954,

42648. 1955.

Message of these new wrappers Cincinnati Bickford 4, 5 & 6 ft.

Tetc.] 36397–36399. drills. 20452.

City direct. co. of Knoxville. KnoxCincinnati Bickford 9 & 10 foot

ville, Tenn., direct. 12227. master radials. 180.

City dye works. Bear for service. Refuteless reasons. 36389–36394.

15344. Cincinnati Catholic fraternal direct. 11228.

City natl. bank. At the end of the Cincinnati cloak & suit co. To help

rainbow. 20-155. you sell. 15338.

City of Paris dry goods co. City of Cincinnati enquirer. Welcome, Cin

Paris rack score. 4598. cinnati. 36995.

City of Springfield schl. comm. Cincinnati, Fifth-third natl. bank.

See Springfield (City of) schl. Ohio Valley, map. 29448.

comm. Cincinnati freie presse co. Umschau.

City Point, Me., map. 41479. 1145, 3525, 6832, 13791, 23732, 23758,

City savings & loan co. Girard sav28464, 34636–34642, 40880-40892,

ings system. 8007.

City 46743-46748, 55659455665.

City transfer & storage Cincinnati musical festival assn. Off.

transfer & storage co. 20456. 25th music festival. 15339.

City trust & savings bank. Santa's Cincinnati times-star. Route bk. of

message to Christmas savers. grocery delicatessen stores. 54474. 20457. Cinema contest syndicate. Plans, rules Cizkowski (Edward) Rept. of a & regulations. 25385.

special investigation. 48868. Cino (Francesco). Venuta di Maria Claflin (C. A.) co.:

S. S. del monte a Racalmuto. 47423. Nob-lok hose couplings (etc.) Ciprico (H. H.) Pharisees. 48865.

42649, 42650.

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