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nos. 1-12, 1923

Callin (L. w.) Daughter of liberty.

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Callaway (William):

Cameron (J. E.) Train yard & enE R A critic criticised. 15215.

ginemen's time & seniority bk. Song of E. R. A. 25289.

7940. Callaway mills, inc. Private code. Cameron (James) : 4525.

Course of the essentials. 1769. Callias (S. de) Jerry. 48657.

Manual of lessons. 30351.

Cameron machine co. Paper mer7105.

chants who roll their own. Call ster (J. C.) Triumph of Good

4526. Will. 29100.

Cameron (James A.): Calloway (A. A.):

Study & comparison of methods. Dreamland children. 150.

1901. Vivian says. 30347.

Cameron (N. W.) Pract. exercises in Calodikes (C. S.) Golden bk. 20308.

arith. 1108-11089. . Calonge (Enrique) Chica del sereno. Cameron (T. H.) Our own organiza7070.

tion. [etc.] 36264, 36265. Calson (0.) Bouquets. 30348.

Cameron (W. H.) Gen. consideraCalthrop (D. C.) Ivory mask. 20309, tions. 42505. 25290, 30349.

Cameron, No., map. 24413. Caltoft (W. H.) Calif. inf. bur., inc. Cameron, Tex., map. 1340. Circle tour of Mt. Tamalpais [etc.]

Cameron & Barkley Co. Automotive 25277, 25278.

equipment & supplies. 25293. Calumet baking powder co.:

Cameron machine co. Paper' merCarney (Cleve) Cakes & pastries. chants who roll their own. 4526. 30373.

Cameron, Michel & co., inc. InvestDowning (H. H.) Deep fat fry- ment coppers. 42506. ing [etc.] 36894, 36895.

Camfield (R. W.) Cunningham radio Lesson on waffles & griddle tube data bk. 42507. cakes. 43225.

Cami (Henri) Dupanloup. 35089. Modern cake baking.

Camillus (Rev. Father) Problem of Home economics dept. Mod- life. 48659. ern biscuit baking. 25291.

Camman (E. A.) Choosing the basic Calumet region, map. 29273.

cost plan. 48660. Calvary M. E. church, Auxiliary guild. | Cammer (Joseph) Alladin. 35589. Favorite recipes. 42504.

Camp (J. M.) U. S. steel corp. Calvert (Bruce) When the whistle Chemists com. Methods of the blew. 20312.

chemists. 1151. Calvert (Ramon) Lincoln trust co. Camp (M. J.) And today. 20313. Lincoln educa. Savings contract. Camp (S. H.) & co.: 44543.

Analysis of applied science. [etc.] Cal-vertiser co. Cal-vertiser pad sheet.

25294-25297. 15192.

Camco bul. [etc.] 42508–42510.

Camco Camas, Wash., map. 1339.

corset. [etc.] 20311

20316. Camasio (Sandro) Tre sentimentali.

Goodwin shop. Rules for fitting 3902.

maternity corsets. 50452. Cambria (Frank) Hist. of the thea

Suggestion. 11090. tre. 48658.

Camp (Wadsworth) 10 bks. I have Cambridge, Mass., direct. 30350.

enjoyed most. 42511. Cambridge, Mass., map. 3935.

Camp (Walter): Cambridge, O., map. 29214.

Development of modern football. Cambry (Adrienne) Retours du

15217. chemin. 15216, 25292.

Good health in the home. 42512. Camden, Me., map. 29215.

Health & modern bus. 48662. Camden, N. J., map. 19185, 24412.

Keeping fit. 7941, 36266. Camden, S. C., map.


Camp Highland, inc. Camp HighCamden daily daily courier. Beginning land's mag.

11091. Monday. 36263.

Camp Hill, Pa., map. 7443. Camden District, Ark., map. 14416. Campaign, Ill., direct. 7967. Cameo rec. corp. Dixon (Mort) Campana (D. M.) Decorative de

Levi's week end. [etc.] 34943, signs. 48663. 34944.

Campbell (A. N.) Wicked's fate. Cameron (Helen) Hot lunch pageant.

19455. 47294.

Campbell (C. L.) Malissa. 35223. 1007994-24 -:)


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Campbell (Chas.) Bible of the ages. Canfield oil co. In the int. of safe 20317.

driving. 36267. Campbell (Clifford) Gift buyers Cannaday (J. E.) Notes. 42515– guide. 20318.

42526. Campbell (Evelyn) Discontented Cannan (C. C.) : husbands. 48664.

Getting a shoe-full. 7948. Campbell (F. B.) In the hr. of need.

Little stories of big successes. [etc.] 151, 152.

1902, 20331. Campbell (F. E.) :

Making money with Cannan. Announcement. 48665, 48666.

[etc.] 155, 156. Arrangements. [etc.] 30352

Shocking stories. 42527. 30362.

Cannon (Claude) Joker. 28940. Correcting a fallacy. [etc.] Cannon (R. L.) Defense of classic 11092-110994.

church music. 15223. Cost. [etc.] 20319-20330.

Cano (Melchior)

(Melchior) V.ctoire sur soiDay & night. [etc.] 4527-4535.

même. 25301. Deeply impressed. 7942-7945.

Canton, 0. First natl. bank. Bearers Campbell (F. J.) Here's how. 11095.

of your dreams. 36268–36278. Campbell (H. L.) Manual of foundry

Cantoni (Cesare) e f. o. Leggenda di prins. & practice. 7946.

Liliom. 41361. Campbell (John) & co. Personality.

Cantor (Eddie) : 1536.

Snappy stories of hist. 353-15. Campbell (Lansing) Uncle Wiggly Ten bks. I have enjoyed most. crayola drawing bk. 30363.

36279. Campbell (Lawton) See Campbell

Cantrell (H. R.) Rept. of a spec. in(C. L.)

vestigation. 48669. Campbell (Louise) Yellow & white.

Canty (T. J.) Evening of a knight. 3916.

14193. Campbell (R. P.) Thirty-six paradise

Canudo (-) Roue. 11728 . rol. 25298.

Canup (C. E.) Canup football score Campbell (Robert) West of the Rock

bk. 48670. ies. 24361.

Canute co.

Canute water for gray Campbell (W. A.) Arith. by grades.

hair. 18671. 15218–15222.

Canutt (Yakima) Bulldogger. 15224. . Campbell-Duncan (H.) Susanna &

Capart (Jean) Praises Carnarvon for her elders. 14357.

guarding finds. 15225. Campbell, Metzger & Jacobson:

Capdevila (Francesca de) See De Bedspreads, scarfs, vanity sets.

Capdevila (Francesca) 7947.

Cape & South Shore blue bk. 25302. Cat. art needlework materials &

Cape Arundel, Me., map. 41539. accessories. 42513.

Cape Girardeau, Mo., map. 29218. Instr. for crocheting. 153, 154,

Cape Porpoise, Me., map. 41539. 25299, 25300.

Capek (Karel): Campkin (A. C.) Camp-Kamp system,

Makropulos. 7250. 48667.

R. U. R. 31518.* Canaan, Conn., direct. 36098.

Capital punishment will end. 4436Canada, map. 24414, 29216, 29570.

4440. Canaday (J. E.) jr. X-ray, senior no. Capitol natl. bank. How much am I 19033.

worth today. [etc.] 4537, 4538. Canadian Pacific ry., map. 29217. Capizzi (Angelo) : Canal-commer. trust & savings bank of Cuntenti e gabbati. 28844.

New Orleans. Safety service. 30364. Ombra. 47334. Canal Winchester, O., map. 1341.

Zii di l'America. 47455. Candee (A. M.) Questions & assign- Caplin (J. F.) Progressive chem. ments. 30365.

lab. manual. 1903. Candler (W. H.) Candler system co. Capper (Arthur) Livestock service of

Candler system course of touch type- the Capper farm press. Helping writing. 48661.

Holsteins. 51553. Candrian (Adolf) Physical culture Cappick (M. L.) Trading with our cure of pyorrhea. 48668.

neighbors. 36280 Candrian (H. A.) Candrian's double Caproni (P. P.) & bro., inc.: indexed st. no. guide. 2514.

Cat. of plaster reproducticns. Canepa (J. B.) co. Tested & ap

30367. proved recipes. 30366.

Roosevelt statue. 48672.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Car-owners service co., inc. Plans. Carlock (W. B.): 48673.

Lessons on love & & marriage. Caravel service. Will you live forever.

25304. 15226.

Your own ghost. 24383. Caraway (W. B.) Legend of Darda

Carlotta (Sister Esther) See Esther

Carlotta (Sister) nelle Rock. 20333.

Carlson (C. S.) Care of teeth, hyCarb (David) : Life goes on.

giene & dietetics. 20335. 24205.

Carlson (J. S.) Hvarför böra vi Where God dwells. 19453.

bibeholla och bevara. 15228. Carbo-oxygen co. Cat. of pts. 42528.

Carlson (Robert) Paddle ball. 48676. Carbondale, Pa., direct. 15227.

Smiles & kindness. Card

Carlson (W. H.)
Nebraska. [etc.]

48677. 30368-30370.

Carlton (Carle) : Cardui cal. & weather chart. 4539.

Mirette. 10359. Cardwell (Martha) Lecture on money. On the quiet. 10380. 25303.

Carlton (E. C.) Mfrs. natl. service Carelli (Cara):

assn. Payment persuaders. 51859. Gilded youth. 19240, 24146, 35131. Carlton (Edgar) Reconstructing the Go West young man.


world. 30371. Carew (A.) Our country's flag. 30381.

Carlton (H. F.) Shadow. 14341. Carewe (Edwin) pictures corp. I am Carlton (M. M.): the law. 14628.

Abraham Lincoln. 4551. Carey (A. B.) What bargain did you Almanac of Amer. statesman. buy. 157.

[etc.] 48678, 48679. Carey (A. V.) New names for old. Amer. Indian. 42531. 19310.

Daniel Boone,

great pioneer. Carey (Allen) Niesse (Carl). Afri

25305. can ambassador. 34967.

Daniel Webster. 36283. Carey (E. E.) Active yrs. of promise.

John Adams. [etc.] 20336, [etc.] 4540-4547.

20337. Carey (Philip) mfg. co., or Carey

Liberty. [etc.] 11096, 11097. (Philip) Co.:

Theodore Rooseve't. 15229.
Archs. spec. 4548.

Carlyle (Anthony) Alley cat. [etc.]
Bldg. dealer bus. on Carey 50- 20338–20340. 30372.
50 plan. [etc.] 48674, 48675.

Carlyle (Thomas) Thomas Carlyle's
Bldg. hints. [etc.] 36281, 36282. philosophy of clothes. 48680.
Carey elastite rail filler. 42529.

Carmean (J. H.) Formula & blank Carey (T. J.) Payne (F. M.) Vest

form. 25306. pocket bkkeeper. 18021.

Carmelite fathers : Carey, O., porcelain co. Price list &

Hevig (Paschasius) Novena in discount sheet. 42530.

honor of St. Josenh. 31881. Carey ptg. co., inc. Ready ref. diary.

Novena to Blessed Teresa of the 7949.

Infant Jesus. 15230.

Carmelite monastery: Cargill (T. U.) Cargill bros. Dollar

Devotions. 20341. d'me-puzzle. 4549.

Pra ver Saint Michael the ArchCargill bros. Dollar - dime - puzzle.

angel. 25307. 4549.

Carmen (Julius) Etiketa. 48682, Carhart bros. foundry, inc.. Good 48638. heating plant. 4550.

Carnarvon (G. E. S. M. H. 5th earl Carle (John) & sons:

Care of babies. 30382.

Carnarvon tells of wonders.
Imperial granum.
What your

physician wishes to tell you. Problems at

at tomb Carnarvon's 21485.

theme in his last article. 15231. Carleton (Jimmie de) See De Carle- Carnegie. Okl., man. 10531. ton (Jimmie)

Carnegie inst. of tech. Research bur. Carleton (Will) La Guerre, the of retail training: Par sene street artist. 7225.

Mannal for a yard goods dept! Carley (E. F.) Clearing logged-off

20342. lands. 20334.

Manual for infant's dent. 11099. Carlisle (Bert) Nu-way sales co. We Manual for millinery dent. 25308. want you to try. 27525.

Manual for muslin underwear & Carlisle, Pa., map. 29219.

petticoat depts. 158.

pt. I, n. S., v. 20


Carnegie steel CO.

Extracts from Diamonds & the world war. [etc.] Carnegie pocket companion. 20343.

11101-11103. Carney (Cleve) Cakes & pastries. Exploiting the Amer. tourist. 30373.

[etc.] 20345–20347. Carney (E. M.) Jolly adventures of German women have cut the cost Billy Van & Betty Camp. 20344.

of living. (etc.) 30375-30380. Carney (L. A.) Awakening 10161. Great factories in Riga. [etc.] Carney (W. L.) Manning traffic bur.

42532-42536. Manning traffic bur, is operated on Holland from an airplane. [etc.] a purely mutual basis. 5558.

1905-1906. Carns (C. R.) Cupboard. Cupboard. 28845.

Napoleon chose Antwerp. [etc.] Caro (T. de) De Caro good luck

7950, 7951. dollar. 48681.

Carpenter (H. B.) Scarlet letter. Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio ry, map. 23205. 29220.

Carpenter (H. J.) Ana. of finan. Carolina motor Co., inc. Tourist's statements. 36300. road guide. 4552, 4553.

Carpenter steel co.: Carolina playmakers, ir c. :

Carpenter alloy-steels. 1907. Agatha 10147.

Carpenter stentor tool-steel. Berry-pickers. 101418.

36301. Black rooster. 412 12.

Carpenter's world travels: Gaius & Gaius, jr. 41334.

Carpenter (F, G.) Behind the John Lane's wife. L0308.

scenes in the capital of GerMamma. 10339.

many. (etc.) 36286–36299. Marvellous romance of Wen Chun

Bohemia has richest radium Chin. 19311.

mine. [etc.] 48685-48691. . Nat Macon's game. 41394.

Carpenter visits Reichstag. Thrice-promised bride. 10456.

25310-25313. Wilbur's cousin. 10496.

Danes do their buying at botWrack P’int. 10502.

tom prices. [etc.] 15232, 15233. Carolina-Texas field, Tex.,

Exploiting the Amer, tourist. 19487.

[etc.] 20345–20347. Caroline, pseud. See Raftery (Caro

German women have cut the line).

cost of living. (etc.) 30375 Ciron direct ('0., inc. :

30380. ('olumbus, Inc., direct. 30591.

Great factories in Riga. l'onnersville, Ind., direct. 25514.

[etc.] 42532-42536. L'!isville, Ky., direct. 16703.

Plain truth about Germany. Michigan City, Ind., direct. 44913.

11101-11103. New Albany, Ind., direct. 22325. Carque pure food co., inc. Natural Carow (J. W.) Basketball recording. foods of Calif. 42537. 1904.

Carr (A. N.) Bus. teacher. 48692. Carpenter (Drs. Elmer) Mother's Carr (J. F.) Italy." 15234. poems. 25309.

Carr (R. N.) Buildg. the schl. orchesCarpenter (Ethel) All-important ac- tra. 42538. (essories. 30374.

Carr (S. J.) Ogus, Rabinovitch & Carpenter (Ethel D. S.) To have a Ogus co, O. R. O. co., millinery cut Christmas long-remembered. 11100.

& ad service. 17907. Carpenter (F. A.) Eclipse turns eyes Carrabine (Oscar) Stephen Girard.

of world on Southern Calif. 36284, 35357. 36285.

Carrick (A. V. L.) Backgrounds of Carpenter (F. G.):

Oriental beauty. 25314. Behind the scenes in the capital of Carrier eng. corp.

Carrier ejector Germany. [etc.] 36286–36299. processing cabinet. 1908. Belgium effaces evidence of war. Carriero (G. R.) E' una sacrosanta [etc.] 159, 160.

verità. 7952. Carpenter (F. G.) Bohemia has rich- Carrillo (E. A.):

est radium mine. [etc.] 48685- Heraclio Bernal. 4724). 48691.

Santa. 47371. Carpenter gives motor car views. Carrington (Hereward): [etc.] 4554 4556.

Life. [etc.] 48693, 48694. Carpenter visits Reichstag. Psychical research. 36302, 36303. 25310-25313.

Carrington, O., map. 19488. Danes do their buying. [etc.] Carroll (F. G.) Priest's slayer Syra15232, 15233.

cuse woman. 48697

nos. 1-12, 1923

Carroll (F. J.) Birth of the West. Painters' color mixing guide. 48695.

1910. Carroll (H. M.) Mah jongg as played What paint is best. 7953. with cards. 25315.

Carterville, Ill., map. 14417. Carroll (M. R.) Women & the labor Carthage, N. Y., direct. 42555. movement. 48696.

Cartledge (G. H.) Quantitative prins. Carroll, Ia., map. 19489.

of chem. 1911. Carroll Co., Ia., map. 10532.

Cartwright (G. W.) Permanent prosCarrolltown, Pa.,, map. 35453.

perity league. 15240. Carson (James B.) June, dear. Cartwright (R. S.) Cartwright (G. 35191.

W.) Permanent prosperity league Carson (John) Be kind to a man of Amer. 15240.

when he is down. [etc.] 42539, Carvalho (Claire) Wall within. 47430. 42540.

Carver (C. N.) Queen Vashti. 41414. Carson City, Nev., direct. 13227.

Carver (T. N.) Trading in futures. Carta Michelin Italia, map.

29325- 48712 29328.

Carver (Willard) Verbatim rept. Carter (Ad) Just kids. 30383, 36304- 15241.

36310, 42541-42552, 4869848611. Carver chiropractic college, Alumni Carter (Barrington) Zigabooland. assn. Carver (Willard) Verbatim 7428.

rept. 15241. Carter (E. A.):

Cary (Lucien):
Message of love. 1909.

Dashing stranger'. [etc.] 48713,
Winner of souls. 4557.

48714. Carter (E. G.) Skill ball. 36311.

Daughter of the day. 20351. Carter (Blrs. Frank) See Carter

Casa editrice A. Mondadori. See Mon(E. A.)

dadori (Casa editrice A.) Carter (H. V.) :

Casa editrice Imperia. See Imperia Abating diabetes. [etc.]


(Casa editrice)

Casa musicale Sonzogno, s. 8.:
Combating cancer electronically.

Pipino Re. 7303.
[etc.] 30384-30386.

Varaldo (Alessandro) Sirenetta. Carter (Howard):

9976. Carter tells how he found the

Casanovas (Joaquin) Sculptor of tomb. [etc.] 20348, 20349.

democracy. [etc.] 48715, 48716. Pharaohs hid tombs from evil

Casavis (G. N.) Tekmar makrobiotispirits. 30387.

tos. 25318. Carter (J. H.) Christ applied psychol.

Casazza (me. Gatti-) See Gatti20350.

Casazza (Mme.)

Cascade Co., Mont., direct. 433. Carter (Louise):

Cascaden (W. W.) Emotional factor Ma Adams. 24221.

in mental tests. 15242. Maid, wife, widow. 19305.

Casco Bay, Me., direct. 36313. Carter (L. J.):

Case (J. A.) Conservation of energy. Defaulter. 3764.

48717. Eye witness. 3776.

Case (J. S.) Brooklyn blue bk. 1852. Flaming arrow. 3781.

Case-Hoyt corp. Some big bus. SucToo proud to beg. 3900. Carter (Nelson)

cesses & why. 7954. Nelson Carter's handbk. 15236.

Case nicture corp. Leavenworth case.

35673. Carter (0. M.) Three little bus. men.

Casey (L, M.) Irish consul. 14240. 29088.

Cashel (J. A.) Two century ref. Carter (Paul) Mariah. 14278.

cal. 11104. Carter (R. G.) Bob Hanson. 25316.

Caskey (G. M.) Alabama scare crow. Carter (S. B.):

[etc.] 11105-11108. Copy of by-laws. 15237.

Casner (N. L.) Norman Casner stores. Stock lease-holders contract.

36314. 25317.

Cason (D. C.) Want-ad proverbs. Carter (Violet Bonham-) See Bon- 25319. ham-Carter (Violet)

Caspar (C. N.) co. Weights & measCarter (William) co. Mark the fol- ures. 15243.

lowing wk. in red on your cal. Casper, Wy., direct. 48718. 36312.

Caspian, Mich., map. 14418. Carter white lead co.:

Cass (Maurice) In the garden of Paint headquarters. 15238, 15239. Kama. 41353.

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