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Campbell (Chas.)

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Bible of the ages.

Canfield oil co. In the int. of safe

driving. 36267.

Gift buyers

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In the hr. of need.

Campbell (Clifford)
guide. 20318.
Campbell (Evelyn)
husbands. 48664.
Campbell (F. B.)

[etc.] 151, 152.

Campbell (F. E.):

Announcement. 48665, 48666.
Arrangements. [etc.] 30352-

Correcting ી fallacy. [etc.]

Cost. [etc.] 20319-20330.
Day & night. [etc.] 4527-4535.
Deeply impressed. 7942-7945.
Campbell (F. J.) Here's how. 11095.
Campbell (H. L.) Manual of foundry
prins. & practice.


Campbell (John) & co. Personality.

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Campkin (A. C.) Camp-Kamp system.

Canaan, Conn., direct. 36098.
Canada, map. 24414, 29216, 29570.
Canaday (J. E.) jr. X-ray, senior no.

Canadian Pacific ry., map. 29217.
Canal-commer. trust & savings bank of
New Orleans. Safety service. 30364.
Canal Winchester, O., map. 1341.
Candee (A. M.) Questions & assign-

ments. 30365.
Candler (W. H.) Candler system co.
Candler system course of touch type-
writing. 48661.

Candran (Adolf)

cure of pyorrhea.

Cannan (C. C.):

[blocks in formation]

vestigation. 48669.

Canty (T. J.) Evening of a knight.

Canudo (-) Roue. 11728.

Canup (C. E.) Canup football score
bk. 48670.

Canute co. Canute water for gray
hair. 48671.

Canutt (Yakima) Bulldogger. 15224.
Capart (Jean) Praises Carnarvon for
guarding finds. 15225.

Capdevila (Francesca de) See De
Capdevila (Francesca)

Cape & South Shore blue bk. 25302.
Cape Arundel, Me., map. 41539.
Cape Girardeau, Mo., map. 29218.
Cape Porpoise, Me., map. 41539.
Capek (Karel):

Makropulos. 7250.

R. U. R. 31518.*

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(J. F.) Progressive chem.
lab. manual. 1903.

Capper (Arthur) Livestock service of
the Capper farm press. Helping
Holsteins. 51553.

Physical culture Cappick (M. L.) Trading with our


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[blocks in formation]

Carhart bros. foundry, inc.. Good
heating plant. 4550.

Carle (John) & sons:

Care of babies. 30382.

Imperial granum. What your
physician wishes to tell you.

Carleton (Jimmie de) See De Carle-
ton (Jimmie)

Carleton (Will) La Guerre, the
Par sene street artist. 7225.
Carley (E. F.) Clearing logged-off
lands. 20334.
Carlis'e (Bert)

Nu-wav sales co. We
want you to try. 27525.
Carlisle, Pa., map. 29219.

[blocks in formation]

Problems at tomb Carnarvon's
theme in his last article. 15231.
Carnegie. Okl., map. 10531.
Carnegie inst. of tech. Research bur.
of retail training:

Manual for a yard goods dept.

Manual for infant's dent. 11099.
Manual for millinery dent. 25308.
Manual for muslin underwear &
petticoat depts. 158.

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All-important ac-

Carpenter (Mrs. Elmer) Mother's
poems. 25309.
Carpenter (Ethel)
cessories. 30374.
Carpenter (Ethel D. S.) To have a
Christmas long-remembered. 11100.
Carpenter (F. A.) Eclipse turns eyes
of world on Southern Calif. 36284,

Carpenter (F. G.):

Behind the scenes in the capital of
Germany. [etc.] 36286-36299.
Belgium effaces evidence of war.
[etc.] 159, 160.

Carpenter (F. G.) Bohemia has rich-
est radium mine. [etc.] 48685-

Carpenter gives motor car views.
[etc.] 4554-4556.

Carpenter visits Reichstag.

Danes do their buying.

15232, 15233.

Carpenter's world travels:
Carpenter (F, G.) Behind the
scenes in the capital of Ger-
many. [etc.] 36286-36299.

Bohemia has richest radium
mine. [etc.] 48685-48691.

Carpenter visits Reichstag.

Danes do their buying at bot-
tom prices. [etc.] 15232, 15233.
Exploiting the Amer. tourist.
[etc.] 20345-20347.

German women have cut the
cost of living. [etc.] 30375-


factories in Riga.

[etc.] 42532-42536.

Plain truth about Germany.

Carque pure food co., inc. Natural
foods of Calif. 42537.

Carr (A. N.) Bus. teacher. 48692.
Carr (J. F.) Italy. 15234.
Carr (R. N.)

tra. 42538.
Carr (S. J.)

Buildg. the schl. orches-

Ogus, Rabinovitch &

Ogus co. O. R. O. co., millinery cut
& ad service. 17907.

Carrabine (Oscar) Stephen Girard.

[blocks in formation]


cuse woman.

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