Lapas attēli
[blocks in formation]

11043, 20285, 25246, 30320, 42417-Burg (R. E.) Cahoba coal field, Ala.,

[blocks in formation]

pantomime bk. 42424.
Burdick-Allen co Hoyt (Lansing)
Simple rules for mar-chong. 38080.
Bureau of economic Fox standard.
Bur. of economic Fox stand. certi-
ficate. 30323.

Bureau of health. Carey (E. E.)
Active yrs. of promise. [etc.] 4540-

Bureau of health analysis, inc. Pre-
liminary sales outline. 15163.

Bureau of independent pract. research.
Bodemer (C. A.) Whole truth.

map. 35451.

Burgess (C. P.) I am Elmira college.

Burgess (Frank) Boston gears.
11049, 30213, 48516.

Burgess (Gelett):

Goop dialogues. 36217-36225,

42425-42463, 48517-48562.
Ten bks. I have enjoyed most.

Burgess (John) Who am I? 11050.
Burgess (T, W.):

Bashful hero. [etc.] 48563-

Bobby Coon. [etc.] 30325-30328.
Buster Bear. [etc.] 122-137,

Burgess (Yorke) Burgess elec. schl.
Modern radio practice. 1878.
Burgess battery co. :

Burgess complete radio atlas.

Burgess index of radio broadcast-
ing stations. [etc.] 48579,

Burgess elec. schl.
practice. 1878.

Modern radio

[blocks in formation]

Burleigh (L. A.):

Combination mah jongg score pad.

Combined score sheet & doubling
tabs. for mah jongg. 30330.

Bureau of indus psychol. Three little Burleigh (P. B.) Prospect & policy

skunks. 7914.

Bureau of indus. service, inc. Locke

(A. H.) Vindicator. 26724.


holder. 4509.

(T. R.)

Superman from

Calif. 48583.

Light & power wiring. 1879.

Bureau of salvage. Plus plan for Burling (B: B.):

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

manual. 7918.
Burnham (M. M.)

Burnham vibra-

scope. 142, 7917.
Burnham, Pa., map. 35450.

Burning of H. M. S. Gaspee cal. 1881.
Burns (B. K.):

I am a concrete road. 48590.
Jury woman. 7213.

Woman on the jury. 29134.

Burns (F. M.) Tutankhamen. 7919.
Burns (J. F.) Nazarene.
Nazarene. 47317.
Burns (Jabez) & sons. Ground coffee.

Burns (Jerome F.) Economics.

Burns (Nat) Why women leave
home. 29130.

Burns (P. E.) Cupid broadcasting.

Burns (Shirley)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Kerr (G. W.) How to grow sweet
peas. 16468.

Burr (H. S.) Classification test.

Burr (Victor)

Burrage (C. D.):

[blocks in formation]

Germany & the Lusitania medal.

[etc.] 20291, 20292.

Grand army of the republic. 11058.
Burrell (Elmer) Adventures in a
gusher oil town. 25253.

Burrell (J. A.) Course in contem-

porary Engl. fiction. [etc.] 4434,

Burrell (J. L. A.):

Clock. 10204.

Great secret. 7171.

Marja. 24233.

Mr. Katz gets 'em fixed. 35238.
Slave girl from Rhodus.

Burrell (P. J.) How the West was
won. 24168.

Burroughs (E. R.):

Moon maid. 25254-25256, 30331,

Tarzan & the golden lion. 1883,

Burroughs adding machine co. Bur-
roughs instr. bk. 15171.

[blocks in formation]

Burt (A. L.) co.:

Breckenridge (Gerald) Radio boys
in darkest Africa. 30233.
Grove (H. P.) Cathalina at Grey-
cliff. [etc.] 21320-21322.
Wyman (L. P.) Golden boys

along the river Allagash.

19080, 19081.


Burt (Arthur) co. Oh Cinderella.


Burt (K. N.):

Leopardess. 11059, 11060, 15172-

Singed wings. 23035.

Burt (Struthers):

Ten best bks. I have enjoyed most.

To save her soul. 7920.

Burton (A. L.) & co., inc. Burton's
classified adv. jingle contest. 143.
Burton (A. N.):

Canned. 47172.

Try-out. 47412.

[blocks in formation]

Judgment day. 3814.

[blocks in formation]

Puts & calls on stocks. 36236.

Burwell (Townsend) See Burwell Butler (K. H.)

(J. T.)

[blocks in formation]

Butler (M. L.)
Butler (N. M.)

tion. 11062.

Butler (R. G.):

Bridal vows. 20295.
Job. 10306, 10307.

Bldg. the Amer. na-

[blocks in formation]

Anticipated protection.



Commonwealth trust co.

As your


Butte, Mont., direct.

financial sec. [etc.]


Washington loan & trust co. An-
ticipated protection. [etc.]
55898, 55899.

Business property owners' & managers
assn. of Los Angeles. Pacific coast
conf. of bldg. owners & mgrs. Office
bldg. problems. 27587.

Business service co. Bus. service sys-
tem. [etc.] 48608-48613.

Butman (G. A.) Heroic story. 42480.

Butter merchandising.
Butterfield (A. W.)


Butterfield ptg. co.:



15-get it-15.

Brown Durrell co. Playfair over-
alls. 30270.

Dreyfus (Jacob) & sons. Con-
gress flannel shirts. 15646.

Congress sweaters. [etc.]
31039, 31040.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Stetson (Walker) CO. Monitor Byrnes (J. A.) How to say the rosary.

[blocks in formation]

Buxton, Westerman co. Sales manual.

Buyers' blue bk. co. Buyers' blue bk.
11077. 25261.

Buyers' guide for silks & ribbons.

Buyers' red bk. bus. direct. 1885.
Buysieulx (Georges de) Veille du

bonheur. 24356, 47421.

Buzza co. Road to Christmas. 15182.
Byars (W. V.) World's best orations.

Byers (A. M.) co. Rept. on wrought
iron pipe. 20297.

Byesville, O., map. 10529.


(Spring) White chips.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Forbidden paradise. 1887.

Her accidental husband. 10699.
Mary of the movies. 7925.
Strumwasser (Jack) Innocence.

Temptation. 10741.

C. B. C. sales corp. Morgan (Leota)
Traffic in hearts. 44999.

Cabaret girl tells her life story. 15185.
Cabiglo (Anna) Opportunity. 7287.
Cable (E. J.) Geog. of Ia. 15186.
Cable (H. M.) co. Confidential sales
plans. 15187. 15188.

Cache la poudre. 25269.
Cactus club. And the third day.

Cade (J. E.) How men get things.

Cadillac investment co. Trust agree-
ment. 25270.

Cadillac motor car co. :

Brake adjustment. [etc.] 36240-


[blocks in formation]

Cadiz, Ky., map.

Cady (E. H.):

pected. 11078.

Byng (J. W.)

Creditors group loan

plan. 42483.

[blocks in formation]

Cady (Harrison) Peter Rabbit pic-
ture. 48639-48642.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Caillavet (G. A. de):

Missel d'amour.

[blocks in formation]

California co-operators corp., inc.

two heads are better than one.

California current digest. 1888.
California dairy council.

men. 10664.

Bldg. of

California de-hydro fruit CO. De-
hydro grapes. 1889.

California door co. Catalog. 7927.
California druggist weather chart cal.

California food products direct.

California information bureaus, inc.
Circle tour of Mt. Tamalpais.
[etc.] 25277, 25278.

California map co. Los Angeles,
Calif., map. 14479-14481.
California names. 15197.

California schl. of artistic whistling.
Calif. schl. of artistic whistling.

California state automobile assn. See
for entries of maps, this index under
names of places.

California state life insur. co. After
eleven yrs. 36250.

California state music teachers assn.
Pub. schl. com. Outline. 20303.
California state spiritualist assn.
Calif. state spiritualist assn. 1890.
California state teachers college.
Automotive instr. 42493.

California University Extension divi-

[blocks in formation]

Call pub. co.

Woodman (Charles)

Modern orchestra. 41223.
Callaghan & co. :

Callaghan & co's. Ill. cumulative

digest. 7928, 15198, 36251,


Jacobs & Chaney
& Chaney new Mich.

digest. 12036, 16306.

Wis. digest cumulative quart.

10099, 19041, 41199.

Callahan (Bob & Chas.) Yes, yes.

Callahan (Charles) Yes, yes. 7426.
Callahan (D. E.) Burnt candles.

[blocks in formation]

Callahan (Jack)) Freddie. [etc.]
146-149, 1891-1900, 4522-4524, 7929-
7939, 11083, 11084, 15199-15214,
20304-20307. 25279-25288, 30345,
30346, 36252-36262, 42494 42503,

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