Lapas attēli

nos. 1-12, 1923

Brogan, Or., map. 1332.
Brokaw bros. London tower.

London tower. 15085. Bronner (Milton) France's scheme in

Ruhr. 15086. 1.5087. Bronson (J. R.) Pictorial chart.

30243. Bronson Canode ptg. co.:

Internati. brotherhood of black

smiths, drop forgers & helpers. In memoriam. [etc.] 50952


Resolutions of condolence. 48383. Bronx bd. of trade. Progressive

Bronx. 7860. Brooke (D. H.) Brooke no game.

11007. Brooke (Tucker) Henry the Sixth.

41345*. 41345** Brooke, Smith & French, inc. Brooke,

Smith & French turnover plan.

25215, 42295. Brooke, Stokes & co.

Bulwark of vision is capital. 11008. Brookes (M. K.) Buckled. 10183. Brookfield farm. Herefords for New

England. 1851. Brooklyn, N. Y., map.

Y., nar. 1333, 14408, 19479, 29191, 33419. Brooklyn blue bk. 1852. Brooklyn daily eagle:

Brooklyn daily eagle auto guide of

L. I. [etc.] 15088, 15089.
-- winter resort direct. 48384.

almanac. 1853. Brooklyn designing cutting & tailoring

schl. One of a ser. 11009. Brooklyn hosp. equipment Co., inc.

Aseptic steel furniture. 1851. Brooklyn shielil & rubber Co. Riund

rubber goods. 7861. Brooks (Alan Stormbird. 29079. Brooks (Amy) Dorothy Dainty's

(astle. 30244. Brooks (Annie) Case of Jacob Ben

ton. 48385. Brooks (F. B.) Tenth muse. 3896. Brooks (Florence E.) When the flag

changed. 36163. Brooks (Fred E.) William Crapo

Durant. 15090. Brooks (G. E.) Putting it across.

42296. Brooks (Harlow) Diseases of the

esophagus. 1870. Brooks (Harry) First bk. in arith.

7862. Brooks (J. I.) Europe its difficuities.

48386. Brooks (Jonathan) Feed box fool.

42297. Brooks (K. L.):

Nevertheless what saith the Sorin

ture? [etc.] 48387-48388. Son of God. 112.

Brooks (L. W.) Battle hymn of klans

men. 15091. Brooks (M. M.) New England town

meeting. 19111. Brooks (Nat) Shloimali uf dem radio.

19397. Brooks (S. M.) adlv. agency:

Any transaction. [etc.] 48389,

Exchange natl. bank.

Bus. goes where it is genuinely invited.

[etc.] 49956–49961. Exchange trust co. Courtesy is

the only medium of exchange.

[etc.] 49962, 49963. Brooks bros. Comparisons 1818–1923.

25216. Brother Bill's letters. 11233. Brotherhood home investment trust.

3% loaning. 11010. Brotherhood of light annual. 30245. Brotherhood of locomotive firemen &

enginemen's mag. Killingsworth (J. A.) Birth of the violet. (etc.)

5+1, 542. Brothers of the Christian schls.:

Second reader. 7863.

Third reader'. 1856. Brough (R. B.) Investigate. [etc.]

11011-11016. Broun-Green co. Devoe (W. B.) Cor

porate (al. & quide. 20798. Brower (H. W.) Love of God made

manifest. 30246. Brower (T. L.) Fear. 1+200. Brown (A. H.) Queen of the Follies

bergere. 2020.7. Brown (Alex.) & sons. Handy-digest

fed. income tax. 7864. Brown (Alison) Songs of the North

land. 48391. Brown (B. F.) Poems of life in the

country. 1.50922. Brown (Benedict) Fixem. 31940. Brown (Bernice) Johnny Geraldy.

36161. Brown (C. F) Phone sale worth more

than four times cash sale. 48392. Brown (C. G.) Sacramento, Calif.,

map. 1.0625, 19610. Brown (C. M.) Negroes leaving the

South. 20206. Brown (Cyril):

All German states & chief parties.

[etc ) 48393-18115. All Germany talks of civil war

danger. [etc.] 25217-25226. Angry resistance down'in Ruhr

mine. 11017–11023. Berlin fear's worst. [etc.]

4160. Berlin in doubt as loan closes.

[etc.] 15093-15121.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Brown (Cyril)-Continued.

Brown (W. W.) California's ideal Calls

our recognition Russia's tour. 25228. great desire. [etc.] 30247- Brown & Bigelow, inc. Big idea about 30267.

mailing cards. 30269, 36169. Crown prince gets leave to return Brown & Parham adv. nov. service. [etc.] 42298 42308.

Economy memo pad. 7869. Cuno cabinet plans aggressive Brown & Sharpe mfg. co. Construcpolicy. [etc.] 113–116.

tion & use of the no. 21 automatic Cuno in Reichstag backs Wirth milling machine. 48447. policy. [etc.] 1857–1870.

Brown co. Unique ideal achieved. Cuno to send note. [etc.] 20207- 48448. 20218.

Brown Co., Wis., map. 1335. Fights French use of Ruhr sta- Brown Durrell co. Playfair overalls. tistics. [etc.] 7865–7867.

30270. Poincare's speech gives Berlin Brown hoisting machinery co. Brownshock. 36165.

hoist lumber handling machines. Brown (E. C.) Rept. of a spec. inves- 36170 tigation. 36166.

Brown-Lipe gear co.: Brown (G. D.) From coast to coast, Brown-Lipe gear transmission ad. 20219.

36171. Brown (G. G.) Kosher cal. 7868.

Brown-Lipe multiple disc clutch Brown (G. M.) Pittsburg Co., Okl.,

pattern. 25229. map. 29478.

Brown, Lisle & Marshall. Rhode IsBrown (H. C.) Cutler (Bliss) Apo- land investments. 42310. theosis. 49302.

Brown, Robertson co., inc. Catalog of Brown (H. J.) How life begins. emery prints. [etc.] 48449, 48450. 10701.

Browne (Frank) Leaves from my Brown (H. J.) productions. Sheriff

life. 1872. of Tombstone. 41814,

Browne (J. A.) Browne (R. A.) Brown (H. M.) Web. 36167.

Elk's alphabet. 48451. Brown (H. R.) Lawyer's list. 26668. Browne (M. W.) Cold storage temBrown (J. H.) Life chart. Life chart. 36168.

peratures. 30271. Brown (J. L.) Importance of care. Browne (R. A.) Elk's alphabet. 15122.

48451. Brown (J. P.) Ill. incidents. 1871.

Browne (R. E.) Brown (J. S.) jr.

Einstein theory. Radio blues.

30272. 29044.

Browne (W. C.) Trade direct. of Brown (L. A.) : Facts. 15123.

lithographers. 18819.

Brownell (H. M.) Innocence. 55369.

Study outline for

hist. 36172. Brown (Lillyn) Roll on. 24306. Brown (Mabel Smith-)

Brownell (J. R.) Brownell's protec

See SmithBrown (Mabel)

tive method. 7870. Brown (Martin):

Brownell (W. L.) Dad's boy. 20220, Cobra. 19190.

25230, 30273, 42311, 48452. Exciters. 54430.

Browning (J. L.) Where you go I go.

10490. Brown (M. B.) Aunt Abigail speaks.

Grand exec. as47151.

Browning (L. R.) Brown (May B.) References required.

sembly of free political & religious 24295.

America. Constitution. 43817. Brown (N. C.) Adventure for two.

Browning (Robert) Plays. 14318*. 14133.

Browning (W. N.) Science & religion. Brown (N. K.)

48453. Tex. auto. manual. 48416.

Brown's direct. of Amer. gas cos. Brown (V. L.) 2X2=5. 35428.

25232. Brown (Richard) Reliable short cuts Brownsburgh, Ind., map. 14409. in boiler heat balance. 42309.

Brownwood, Tex., direct. 15124. Brown (Royal) No trouble at all. Brownwood, Tex., map. 10526. 30268.

Brubach (Marius) Enfant-géant. Brown (Seymour) Adrienne. 1236.

1873. Brown (T. A.) Today is Monday. Bruce (H. A. B.): 47407.

Aim high. [etc.] 20221–20266. Brown (W. H.) Robin. 14332.

Anarchists. [etc.] 42312-42349. Brown (W. S.) Teaching & coaching Anxiety neuroses. [etc.] 36173– swimming. 25227.


nos. 1-12, 1923

As to fixed ideas. [etc.] 30274– Brunswick, Balke, Collender co.:

Ann. frivolity revue. 36196.
As to psychoanalysis. [etc.] Billiard tab. cat. 30289.

Gallagher (T. J.) Hist. of the As winter nears. [etc.] 48454

18.2 balk line game of billiards. 48479.

43682. Associated newspapers. Aids to Bruys (Paule):

alertness. [etc.] 15125–15151. Eliane. 36197. Bravo, Mariano. [etc.] 4461

Lettres qui tuent. 11025. 4485.

Bryan (A. S.): Bruce (L. N.) Souls reborn. 35353.

Well-dressed man. 4486-4489, Bruce (Robert):

7896–7900, 11026-11030.
Brandywine battlefield district, What to wear. 48486.
Pa., map.

Bryan (C. C.) From over the river.
Three old plainsmen. 7895.

7901. Bruce (Stanley) Unknown. 29106. Bryan (J. S.): Bruce (William) O God of our fa- Valley ranch horse-back trip. thers. 42350.

11031, 11032. Bruce pub. co.:

Valley Ranch schl. for boys. Cavileer (J. W.) Model boat

28519. bldg. 11109.

Bryan (R. S.) Estate-the ans. 1874. Ermeling (W. W.) Mechanical | Bryan (W. G.): drawing. 49819.

Developing added desire for furFoust (J. L.) Teacher's standard

niture. 42352. class bk. 31475.

St. Louis post - disptach. Two

. Industrial-arts magazine. 16277.

thousand dollars a month. [etc.] Solar (F. I.) Solar's hand craft

23159, 23160. projects. 6645-6652.

Bryan (W. J.) Ten bks. I enjoyed Thompson (Bertha) Rake knit

most. 30290.
ting patterns. 23701.

Bryan, O., map. 10527.
Welch (R. L.) Elements of sheet

Bryant (Charles) Salome. 1625. metal work. 13973.

Bryant (G. H.) Magnetic power. Bruckner (Al) Bruckner (Al) serv- [etc.] 25234, 25235.

ice. Al Bruckner holiday service. Bryant (L. M.) 2000 yr. old horses. [etc.] 48480, 48481.

42355. Brueckerlite mfg. co. Instrs, for in- | Bryant (Lane) inc. : stalling Brueckerlites. 117.

Baby's own bk. [etc.] 4490, 4491, Bruegger (E. P.) Discharged. 35078.

30291. Bruegger (Frederick):

Bk. of bargains for expectant Discharged. 35078.

mothers. 15153. Haiti. 35149.

Slenderizing fashions for stout Mirette. 10359.

women. [etc.] 42353, 42354. On the quiet. 10380.

Stylish apparel for the expectant Slaves. 14348.

mother. 7902. Bruehl (W. A. R.) Passing on an

Bryant (S. 0.) Disillusion of evoluestate. 20267, 25232.

tion. 48487. Bruhn (L. M.) Story bldg. with Bryant & Stratton college, inc. : blocks. 48482.

Better training for better posiBrumfield (W. R.) Pic-co-pak sys

tions. [etc.] 25236, 25237. tem. 15152

Bryant & Stratton college for bus.

training. [etc.] 20272, 20273. Brundidge (H. T.):

Bryant & Stratton courses. 30292. Head of St. Charles Co., Mo.,

Bus, administration. 36198. schls. 42351.

Their success may be yours. 42356. 13 students in P. & S. medical schl, 48483.

Bryant electric co.:

Apparellage électrique. [etc.] Brunnel (H. C.) Ice mfrs. security.

42357, 42358. 48484.

Bryant silent call hosp. signal sysBrunner mfg. co.:

tem. 4492. Air profits. 48485.

Wiring devices. 20274. Temple at Ephesus. 11024.

Bryce (C. T.) Bound or free. 28805. Bruns-Nordeman co., inc. Private tele. Bryce (Margaret) : graphic code. 20270, 20271.

Handsome evening gowns & wraps. Brunswick, Ga., direct. 25233.


pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Bryce (Margaret)--Continued.

Buddy (Bon Bon), inc. See Bon Bon Hist. costume. [etc.]

[etc.] 7903-7906. Buddy, inc. New clothes for old. [etc.] | Budget pub. co., Glass factory direct. 1793-4195.

15978. Bryn Mawr college. Macdonald (J. | Biihler (H. A.): M.) Uses of symbolism. 5516.

Am lebensquell. 7022. Buchanan (Barry) Scarlet chandu. Mädels von Davos. 17269. 2:1311.

Buel (E. C. B.) Manuel des EtatsBuchanan (F. G.):

Unis. 20282. Day after to-morrow. 47198.

Buel (T.)

( Barge canal register. Health Rose-ree series. 48488.

30300. Buchanan (F. R.) It is happening

Bueler (II. G.) Modern Eng. gramnow. 36199.

mar method. 48198. Buchanan (Thompson) Pride. 10401.

Buena Vista Co., Ia., map. 29194. Buchanan (Uriel) Keeping young. Buenretiro (A. L.) Fiebre verde.

48489. Buchannon, W. Va., map. 19480.

24134. Buchbinder (Bernhard) Botschaf

Buescher band instrument co. Story terin Leni. 3739.

of the saxophone. 18499. Bucher engraving co. Bucher ann.

Buettner (T.) & (0., inc. : guide. 42359_42361,

Design for quilting. [etc.] Buck (C. E.) Bus. letter manual.

18500-18503. 18190.

T. B. C. design for a work of art. Buck (('. V.) Borrowed fire. 7907.

[etc.] 12371-2113. Buck (F. R.) Stars of wisdom. 19112.

T. B. C. linens. 1103.). Buck (O. M.) Working with Christ

Buffalo, N. Y., direct. 18504. for India. 15154.

Buffalo, N. Y., map. 7740, 1410, Buckley. (E. B.) Roberts (A. L.)

19481, 29195. Dental state board ques. & ans.


Buffalo auto bumper co. .

Make night 18226.

driving safe. 48503. Buckley (E. J.):

Buffao blue bk. 15158. Adv. bad acets. for sale. [etc.]

Buffalo box factory. Corrugated 18+91-48497.

boxes. 7910. Campaign against price fixing.

Buffalo ('enter, Ia., map. 41481. [etc.] 42362-42369.

Buffalo chamber of commerce, Buffalo, Do you take options like this N. Y., map. 7140, 19481, 29195. [etc.] 30293-30299.

Buffalo courier & enquirer. Own your Easy slip to make. [etc.] 20275–

home. 15159. 20280.

Buffalo evening news. Rose (M. A.) Exactly what happens. 1875.

Evolution of the newspaper. 19250. If this scheme is offered to you.

Buffalo express.

Attends meet on in[etc.] 36200–36210.

vitation from Kleagle. 30301. Ingenuity in squeezing out of con

Buffalo Lithia Springs corp. Hypertension.

252-3. tracts. [etc.] 11033, 11031. Possibly you did not know you

Buffalo office & law supply co., inc. had this protection.

direct. [etc.]

Bolsco lawyer's diary & 26210, 25241.

124414. Small cause for a great catas- Buffalo real estate bd. Offer to purtrophe. [etc.] 7908, 7909.

chase. [etc.] 11036, 11037. Suggestion to bus. men's assns. Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh ry. 4496.

map. 29199. This will unsettle bus. [etc.] Buffalo times, inc. : 15155, 15156.

Buffalo Sunday times. $ You may have an order. 118.

to the persons submitting the Buckley (F. R.) Habit. 20281.

nearest estimate. 11038. Buckley, Dement & (:0. Buckley, De

$10.000 in gold. 20283.

. ment mailing list. 12370.

Buffum (1. E.) Armell & awake at Buckrose (J. E.) pseud. See Jameson last. [etc.] 1497-1503. (A. E. F.)

Bugbee (W. N.) : Buck's stove & range co.:

Daughters of Rebekalı. 35072. Buck's stack-test pipe & pipeless Denton (C. J.) Graduates' own furnaces. 25242.

bk. [etc.] 19542, 19513. Buck's stoves. 15157.

Tuskerville radio club. 35090. Budd (H. J.) Krishnamurti (J.) Ezra Pringle's legacy: 35104. Message from the head. 51380.

Happy day's on the farm. 33150.

pos. 1-12, 1923

Kiddies' karnival. 35193.

Increase sales. [etc.] 11577, Neighborhood novelty affairs.

11578. 47318.

Sell spring fashions. [etc.] Rainbow Christmas. 35307.

15767, 15768. Rainbow inn. 35308.

$114,881,040 in bldg. operaVan Dorn's merry Christmas.

tions. 2190. 35390.

First voter's primer. 48508. Uncle Sandy, detective. 35386.

Purvis (Samuel) Army invisible. Bugle. 15160.

[etc.] 39657–39665. Buick-Cadillac co. This sale closes

Boy carpenter of Nazareth. tonight. 30302.

[etc.] 22996–23002 . Builders' commer. agency of Chicago.

Castles of imagination. B. C. A., a ref. bk. 11039, 48506.

[etc.] 3152-3155. Builders hdbk. 1876.

Christianity's fourth dimenBuilding age pub. corp. Beautiful

sion. [etc.] 13199—13201. bungalows. [etc.] 25244, 25245.

Divine fatalism. 6372. Building news pub. co. Philadelphia.

Final goal-what? [etc.] Direct of arch. & bldg. trades. 3103.

9.529, 9530. Building owners & managers assn.

Folks with fire-proof faith. Seattle, Wash., map. 19624, 41630.

[etc.] 51257-51263. Buis (Jeannot des) See Des Buis

Full-grown man's religion. (Jeannot).

[etc.] 18157, 18158. Bula (F. B.) Heart seeds to plant.

Habits-helps or hindrance. 7911.

[etc.] 45729-45738. Bula (L. E.) Bula (F. B.) Heart

Marvelous motherhood. [etc.] seeds to plant. 7911.

27755, 27756. Bull, (C. E.) Perfect tribute. 7299, United States, map. 4010. 19358.

Bulletin pub. Co.: Bull (H. S.) Amer. citizen. 30303.

VcGrath (Tini) Antonio EsBull & Rockwell co. Internatl. Secu

trada. [etc.] 32458–32486. rities trust of Amer. How are in

Ben O'Brien. [etc.] 26785vestment trust bonds secured?

20798. [etc.] 50968-50979.

Chinatown guides of oldi Bullard (J. E.) Bullard gross profit

days. 38610. & selling price. 48507.

McGrath tells about when Bullard machine tool co.:

football men had to box. [etc.] Bullard mult-au-matic. 119.

21984-22013. Bullard process of carburetion.

Reminiscences. 606-615, 7912.

2634-2662. 5519-5530, 12355Eng. data. 45044506.

12383, 16768–16776. Bullerjahn (A. D.) Rept. of a spec. Waldorf (Dolores) Hungry heart. investigation. 36211.

41014, 55801. Bullet proof vest corp. Bullet proof Bullinger's monitor guide, inc.: vest. 36212.

Monitor post oflice, express & Bulletin co.:

freight guide. 1877. Bakers, chefs & other hotel & res- Transit time of steamer mails to taurant workers. [etc.] 3030+

Eng. 30318. 30317.

Bullis & Holden. Camp. 42415. Evening bulletin. Big boy in Bullitt (W. C.) Wickedest man in Phila. 25875.

the world, 7417. Biggest in Phila. [etc.] Bullock (Calvin) : 31231-31237.

Beet sugar. 42416. Breezing along [etc.] Equipment trust certificates. 20937-20943.

48509. Bul. direct of radio broad- Great western sugar co. 20284. cast stations. [etc.] 49884 Mountain states telep. 7% stock. 49890.

30319. Bul., first in Phila. [etc.] Sugar prices & the tariff. 15161. 43411-43418.

Twenty yrs.

of sugar.

[etc.] Bul.. list of 9148 shops.

11010, 11041. [etc.] 37079-37087.

U. S. golf assn. Rules. 23785. Bus. will be good. [etc.] Bullock (F. F.) jr. As the spirit 356, 357.

moves. 35003, 17149. Get Philadelphians to ride on Bunce (J. H.) co. Do you know? your ships. [etc.] 4932-1933.


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