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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Walker productions.

Heart punch. 35156.
Barrett (G. E.) & co.,

inc. Comparison of returns. 48088.
Bates (Blanche) Blanche Bates in-
terviews her husband. 20069.
Bates (C. A.) Short talks on adv.
30111, 48106.

Bates (C. E.) & co. Chicago's most
important development. [etc.]

48119, 48120.
Bates (C. P.)
Bates (F. V.)

Lilac Corners. 41371.
Rept. of a special in-


Bates (G. E.) Off. freight shipper's
guide. 878.

Bates (J. V.)
Scotch girl.
Bates (K. L.)

hind & other

Exclusive interview by

Little Robin Stay-be-

Bates (L. A.) Introductory speeches.

[etc.] 19109,
Bates (M. B.)



Rept. of a spec. in-


Bates (W. H.) Aids to perfect sight.

Bates (Wm. H.)


Illinois, map.

Batesville, Ark., map. 24402.

Bathurst (A. Hervey-) See Hervey-
Bathurst (A.)

Baton Rouge, La., map.


Batt (J. Cossley-) See Cossley-Batt

Batten (George) co., inc.:

Do adv. men believe. 25081.
Follies of 1922. 4327.

Most disgraceful thing in the adv.
bus. 1764.

[blocks in formation]

Why not Jojack? 30112.

Batten (S. Z.) Why not try Chris-
tianity? 20072.

Battery pts. corp. Separator. 4328.
Battle (J. R.) co., inc. 2 big prob-
lems. 14936.

Battle Creek, Mich., map. 24403.
Battle Creek food co. :

Diabetic diet table. [etc.]

Message to American mothers.

Battleboro, N. C., map. 41616.

Baty (R. E.) Workman's manual.

Bauer (Inez) Success. 14356.


(Julius) Kongress tanzt.

Let's play store.



[blocks in formation]

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most.

Beach Haven, N. J., map. 1319.
Beach royalties corp. Sheegog (E.
T.) Speaking of royalties. 23270.
Beacon Falls rubber shoe co. Top
notch dealer cooperation. 14940.

Bawden bros., inc. Binc. 4379, 7861, Beacon folding machine co. Beacon

15014, 36106, 48283.

[blocks in formation]

Bay Path inst. Ann. cat. 48123.
Bayard (L. R.) Questioner. 24293.
Bayer (R.) Dyeing of woolen &
worsted yarns. 48124.
Bayfield, Wis., map. 35442.
Baylor co., Tex., map. 41478.
Bayne (Barbara) Royal favorites.

Bayne (S. F.) City Engl. bks. 14938,
14939, 30115, 30116.

Bayou Gaula., La., map. 1318.
Bayston (J. R.):

Chicago automotive inst.. inc.
Lesson. 48785.

Fusing metal on steel with weld-
ing torch. [etc.] 48125.

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Beaman (F. J.):

Broadway's daughter. 19174.
Cohen's kiss. 35060.

Mayor of Queensbury. 19315.
Shrinking violet.


Village postmaster. 10480.
Way of the world. 19445.

Beane (A. L.) Devil's anvil. 14942.
Beans (E. D.) Opportunity. 30118.
Bear brand hosiery co. Making of
world-famous hosiery. 25087.
Beard (D. C.):

Dan Beard outdoor schl. for boys.

Ten bks. I have enjoyed most.

Beard (J. T.) Coal age catechism.

Beard (P. A.) Party from the South.
Beard (Patten):

Cinderella's May party. 47183.
Fairy ring. 47219.

Little pageant of story books.

Penelope's Thanksgiving. 47344.
Robinson Crusoe's princess. 47366.
Wish garden. 47449.

[blocks in formation]

Beatty (E. W.) Bus. of your own.

Beatty & co., inc. Making your bus.
safe. 71.

Beaty (E. M.) He ne'er forgot the
prayer. 25088.

Beaumarchais (P. A. C. de) Mariage
de Figaro. 35094*.
Beaumont (Gerald):

Blue ribbon. 25090.

Lil' ol' red stockings. 14945.
Oh, Susanna. 36068.

Beaumont (R. H.) co.:

Beaumont cable. 25089.

Coal & ashes handling systems.

Beaumont (R. L.) Ductless glands.

Beaumont, Tex., direct. 14946.

Beaumont, Tex., map. 29173, 35443.
Beaunier (André):

[blocks in formation]

Siki. 14950.

Beckett would fight

Beckham (Alice) See Foote (A. B.)
Backham Co., Okl., map. 14404.
Beckhardt (G. G.) Fortuna's fan rev-
elations. 42181.

Beckhardt & Beckhardt. Fortuna's
fan. 42182.

Beckington (L. B.) Columbia readers.
1817, 7825.

Beckjord (P. A.)

Beckjord's Twin

Cities paper direct. 1769.
Beckley (Earl) Athena. 30044.
Beckley-Cardy co.

Cooke (E. V.) Cheerful children.

Donahey (William)


Weenie land. 49603.
Patriotic entertainments. 47342.
Smith (L. R.) Two hundred
games that teach. 55040.

Beckley Ralston co. Catalog. [etc.]
14951, 14952.

Beckmann (L.) co. Surveying instru-
ments. 10919.

Beckstrom (Theodor) Buddy Ameri-
ca's unidentified soldier. 73.
Beckwith (M. W.):

Christmas mummings in Jamaica.

Folk games of Jamaica. 14953.
Beckwith co. Gas range. 4335.
Bedaine (H. S.) Drovers jour. trav-
eler abroad. 20076.

Bedell (E. L.) Job sheets household
mechanics. 25093.

Bedell co. Bedell fashion cuts. 1770,
4336, 7760, 14954, 20077,
36070, 42183, 48130.

Bedford-Downs ordnance co.



[blocks in formation]

Sheriff of Pecos. 42189.

Up the China Sea. 30120.

Bedout ptg. co. Keys to selling by

letter. 48134.

Bee (M. C.) Disease simplified.
[etc.] 3685-3690.
Beebe (E. F.) Cousin



Beebe (William) Ten bks. I have en-
joyed most. 30121.

Beecher (H. B.):

Common things for common peo-

ple. 25086.

Scroll. 48135, 48136.

Beeckman (Mrs. Cornelius)

manners. [ etc. ]


25096, 30122.

36071-36076, 42190-42197, 48137-


Beeler (G. L.) Bus. handles. 10920.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Outline of operating methods.

Training dept. manual. 7767, 7768,

Bellamy (F. R.) Boy wanted. 41294.
Bellas, Hess & co. N. Y.'s latest spring
& summer styles. 7769.

Belle, Mo., map. 3924.

Belle Fourche, S. D., map. 35444.
Bellefair dress co. :

Season's on. 20110.

Typical of the early fall season's
vogue. 25112.

Belleville, Kan., map. 19475.
Bellevue hospital social service bur.
It would be a fine thing. 30137.
Bell'er (S.) Lights. 24206.

Bellinger (L. A.) Who is to blame?

Bellingham, Wash., direct. 30138.
Bellows (C. H.) Mortgage invest-

[blocks in formation]

Bellows Falls, Vt., direct. 74.
Belmont (E. R.) In the next room.

Belmont, N. H., map. 24404.
Belnap (C. M.) Unusual designs for
pay envelopes. 4339.

Belo (A. H.) & co. Marshall (Mrs.
T. P.) Tell me this. 32593.
Beloit mus. novelty co. How to obtain
music from a saw. 4340.
Belotti (A. L.) Modern income & ex-
pense record. 48185.

Belsito (Innocenzo) Where are you
heading? 4341.

Belton, S. C., map.


[blocks in formation]

Bender (Matthew) & co., inc.:
Alexander (H. D.) Bender's hdbk.

Bender's lawyers' diary ref. bk.

Bender's tax bk. 42206.

Official pasters. 48074.

Bender (William) jr. World's peace.

[blocks in formation]

Benelli (Sem):

Fool there was. 47225.

Love of the three kings. 7240.
Santa Primavera. 41417.

Benevolence rescue home work. Be-
nevolence rescue home. 25113.
Benevolent patriotic order of does of
U. S. A. Ritual. 30142.

Benham (C. E.) Road to happiness.

Benignus (William or Wilhelm):
Alte mühle. 42209.

In Central Park. 14969.
Lenzlied. 7772, 20112.

Benjamin (Claude) Peitsch und . .

Benjamin (Louis) Bankers weekly
advertising review. 25114.

Benjamin (René) Soliloque de Mau-
rice Barrès. 48187.

Benjamin & Kentnor co. Special east-
ern representatives. 36085.
Benjamin elec. mfg. co. Benjamin in-
dustrial lighting equipment. 48188.
Benjamin Franklin inst., inc. Bank-
ing practice. [etc.] 14970-14981.
Benjamine (Elbert):

Brotherhood of light ann. 30245.
Zain (C. C.) Brotherhood of

light. 56138.

First eighteen decanates ana-
lyzed. 14097.

Benner (G. H.) Redemption of Zach-
ary Finley. 14325.

Benner (J. H.) Dedemption of Zach-
ary Finley. 14325.

Bennett (Arnold):

Don Juan de Marana. 19208.
Friend making. 42210.

Ten best bks. I have enjoyed most.

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