Lapas attēli

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

[blocks in formation]

Baker (J. L.) Rept. of a spec. investi-
gation. 48035.

Baker (J. W.) Fundamentals of ac-
countancy. 7806-7812.

Baker (Joe) inc. Kevin-Sunburst oil
field, Mont., map. 1407.

Baker (Judge) foundation. Case stud-
ies. 20042-20045.

Baker (L. G.) Cockrum & co. 101
educa. game directions. 49009.
Baker (M. C.) Point of view. 14896.
Baker (M. L.) Wise & the foolish
virgins. 29131.

Baker (Margaret) Black cats & the
tinker's wife. 36017.

Baker (N. H.) How to be successful
selling portraits. 20046.

Baker (O. D.) co. O. D. Baker cos.
hair mattresses. 48037.

Baker (R. A.) Profane music. 10898.
Baker (R. & L.) co. Indus. tractors
& trucks. 4269.

Baker (R. C.) Listen-in radio rec.

Baker (W. E.) jr. Kennel & kennel

[blocks in formation]

Baker (W. H.) co.:

Dakota playmaker plays. 24103.*
Malted milk & Marcia. 28975.
Vaudeville doubles. 29110.

Descr. of the educa. exhibit.

Parloa (Marie) Chocolate and
cocoa recipes. 39401.

Baker (William) From America to
Honolulu. 19238.

Baker, Or., map. 14402.

Baker, Carver & Morrell, inc. Charm
of printed fabrics. 42113.
Baker-Goodyear co. Broader horizon.

Baker, Jones, Hausauer, inc. College
annuals. 14897.

Baker, Voorhis & co. Official pasters.

Bakersfield, Calif., direct. 14898.
Bakersfield, Calif., map. 1314.
Bakersfield, Mo., map. 35439.

Bakersfield Californian. $500.00 in
cash given away. 25039.

Bakersfield morning echo. Bachelor's
dream. 20047.

Bal (Wm.) co. Bal fibre fifty trunks.

[blocks in formation]


O. code service.

Bales (A. H.) Bales progressive
shorthand. 36019.

[blocks in formation]

Bobby. 19172.

Out-a luck. 7290.
Rainy day. 29047.
Ballard (M. J.) Trail & trials of
Morman pioneers. 30083.
Ballard (W. R.) Matthews (M. A.)
Criminal negligence of the unin-
sured. 3716.

Balleisen (E.) Handy Andy & his
sister Mandy. [etc.] 48043-48058.
Balliett (Mrs. L. D.) Univer. music.

Ballin (Hugo) productions, inc.
Vanity fair. 7592.

Ballou (Harry) Getacar. 25044.
Ballowe (L. M.) Adventures of
Alien. 7714.

Ballston Spa, N. Y., direct. 642.
Baltic-America line, inc. Soviet Rus-
sia. 7715.

Baltimore, Md., Charles st. assn. in-
formation bur. Charles st. 42119.
Baltimore, Md., direct. 42118.
Baltimore, Md., map. 3923, 14403,
19474, 29166.

Baltimore & Ohio system, map. 24399.
Baltimore bargain house. See Amer.
wholesale corp.

Baltimore news. Men's clothing st. at

the hub. 36022.
Baltimore optical co.
Baltimore tube co.
vestigating com.
Balyeat (M. S.)

Slogans. 10900.
Rept. by an in-

Secret of beauty.

[blocks in formation]

Bancroft-Whitney co. :

Amer. law repts. annot. 47791.
Calif. current digest. 1888.
Lawyers repts. annot. 16640.
Bangor, Me., direct. 42120.
Bangor, Pa., map. 24401, 41477.
Bangor, Wis., map. 1315.

Bangor & Aroostook r. r., map. 29169.
Bangs (J. K.):

Dramatic evening. 14392 (3)
Proposal under difficulties. 14392

Bangs (Mrs. J. K.):

Dramatic evening. 14392 (3)

Proposal under difficulties. 14392

Banjo diagram inst. Picking instruc-
tions. 48059.

Bank almanac.


Levey printing co.

Bank business
business builders associates.
Newspaper advertisements. 25047.
Bank direct. of New England. 25046.
Bank, first mortgage real estate, bonds.

Bank of America. Fowler (D. F.) Or-

phan's guardian. [etc.] 50233, 50234.
Bank of Maysville. Burden of wealth.
[etc.] 7721-7732.

Bank of N. Y. & trust co. About trusts.

Bank of the Manhattan co. Greatest
family in the world. 25048.
Banker, Evans, Brisebois co. :

Better homes. [etc.] 42123-42126.
Better your home. [etc.] 10902,

For better homes. 7733.
Furniture sale. 25049, 30084.
June brides. [etc.] 20051, 20052.
Bankers & brokers direct. 7734, 25050.
Bankers auto supply, inc. Paramount
merchandising plan. 14900.

Bankers box co., inc.:

Bankers boxes. 4275.

Liberty the ideal storage case.

Bankers capital corp.:

Financial inst. 42127.

Quotation bul. 48061.

Bankers credit assn. Psycho-logical

collector. 48062.

Bankers development co.

[etc.] 14901-14903.

Bankers economic service.


Little serv-

ice you will appreciate. 14904.
Bankers educa, bur. This bank is the
doorway to success. 25051.

Bankers encycl. co. Bankers encycl.
10904, 30086.

Bankers equipment service bull. 69,
10905, 25052.

Bankers joint stock land bank of Mil-
waukee. Tax exempt, trust fund
bonds. 42128.

[blocks in formation]

adv. service. [etc.]
14907-14909, 25053, 25054, 48065-❘

Bankers service corp. of Penn. Pitts-
burgh, Pa., direct. 18070.

[blocks in formation]

Bankers utilities co.. inc. Press demo-
crat thrift campaign. Catch those
nickels. [etc.] 13166-13177.
Banking trust & mortgage co. Va. stat.
rel. to inheritance taxes. 14910.
Banks (N. W.) Checkers-rules. 48073.
Banks, Huntley & co. Los Angeles
banks. 42130.

Banks law pub. co. Official pasters.

Bannerman (Francis) sons. Military
goods catalogue. 1744, 10906.
Bannock Co., Id., direct. 13137.
Banta (George) pub. co. Ritchel (C.
S.) Manual of interior guard duty.

[blocks in formation]

Bar register co., inc. Bar register, an-

nual. 48076.

Baraga, Mich., map.

Barbee (Lindsey)

Rescued by radio.

Barber (H. L.) Law of finan. success.


Barber (S. M.)


Barber (W. L.)

America's making.

Cleburne finance co.

Cleburne finance co. 20488.

Barber (William) You. 5081, 5082,

Barber-Goodhue (A. H.) co. Book of
machinery & supplies. 36025.

Barber ptg. co., inc. Wedding and soc.
forms. 48077.

Barbour (Mildred)

48078, 48079.

Starved hearts.

Barbour flax spinning co. Barbour's

linen threads. 10907.

Barca (Pedro Calderón de la) See
Calderón de la Barca (Pedro)
Barclay (R. S.) Oh! what a family!

Barclay (W. C.)

Organizing the
church for its educational task.

Barcley (G. A.) Surgical corsetry.

Barcus (J. A.) Rutledge (Mary) His
fortieth birthday. 34972.

Bard (Andreas) Bride of Bagdad.

Bard (M.) Ibolya. 10284.

Barde (André) Pépé. 14312.
Bardin (J. C.) Second Samuel. 19391.
Bardwell (J. C.) Co-insur. clause in
fire insur. 36027.

Bareham, (H. J.) Price guide for
plumbers. 1748, 25056.

[blocks in formation]

Bargis (Trotet de) Notre pauvre
amour. 36029.
Bargone (Charles)
Barham (T. A.)
co., inc. Plans.
Barile (Michael) Promise. 29040.
Baring (Maurice):

His majesty's embassy & other
plays. 28914.

Triangle. 36031, 36032, 42132.
Barkan (Jacob) Barkan system street
direct. co., inc. How to get there.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Barker (Harley Granville) :

Heritage of the actor. 31634.
Macbeth. 28969.

Merchant of Venice. 28979.

Secret life. 29070.

Barker (Reginald) Titles. 7737.
Barker motor car co. Auto sale [etc.]

[blocks in formation]

Barnesboro, Pa., map. 29171.

Barkoff (C. L.) Tiny companion. Barnesville, O., map. 1316.


[blocks in formation]

Barnet (J. B.) Jubilate Deo. 36052.
Barnett (Basil) He who loves last.

Barnett (G. W.) hardware co. Hard-
ware catalog. 30107.
Barnett-Kennedy corp. Auto. deplace-
ment pts. direct. 1727, 14874, 14875.
Barnhart (W. L.):

Light your front with a cheer sign.

Why is specialty selling. 42164.
Barns (B. A.) Geog. of Mich. 25071.
Barns (F. E.):

[blocks in formation]

Barok (G. D.):

Columbus, O., real estate invest-
ment guide.

Natl. system.

Baron (Samuel):


30108, 36054.

Fannie Blake. 24133.
Ignorance. 7261.

Baron de Hirsch trade schl. Martin
(V. H.) Notes on sign painting,


Barone (P. J.) Pract. advice. 20063.
Baroody (E. T.) Word picture. 7741.

Barr (F. E.) & co. Purity, quality
economy service. 20064.

Barr (H. M.) Cinderella. 24085.

Barr (L. S.) Congratulations. [etc.]

Barratt (L. B.):

Buss. 19175.

Remuddled house. 19377.

Saturday night & no hot water.

Wish you were here. 35414.


100799-24 3

Barre, Vt., direct.



[blocks in formation]

Barrick (C. W.):

Bus. organization. 48092.
Safeguarding the future. 1760.
Barring, Mo., map. 29170.
Barrington, N. J., map. 1317.

Barron (C. H.) Lewiston, Me., map.

Barron (G. H.) Lewiston, Me., map.

Barron (Mrs. L. G.) My wish. 48093.
Barron (W. P.) Tale of a rooster.

Barrows (T. B.) Nita. 10372.
Barroy (Michel) Cricket on the
hearth. 10209.

Barry (C. A.) Sayrco ice cream co.
Mystery brick contest. 23203.
Barry (Frederick) Syllabus of the
hist. of science. 36057.
Barry (Griffin) Rasputin. 14928.
Barry (Philip) You & I. 19461*,

Barry (Tom) Toujours. 29098.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bartlett (C. O.) & Snow co. Machin-
ery for handling materials. 30109.
Bartlett (Donna):

Wives of to-day.
Woman haters.
Bartlett (I. W.)

Bartlett (J. S.)

Do you know?
Bartlett (Sterns)

quer. 14931.


Geog. of N. J.

Wis. bankers' assn.

She snoops to con-


Bartlett (Terrell) engineers.

mont, Tex., map. 29173.
Bartman (F. A.) Martyr. 35230.
Bartol (J. R.):

Community disc. systems, inc.
Community disc. system. 11297.
- Community systems of sav-
ings. 8057.

Barton (C. L.) Radio-active water.
Barton (C. V.)
Barton (Eugenia)
Barton (0. R.)

Voices. 41451.

Etiquette queries.

Adventures of the

twins. 1761, 4324, 10910, 14933,
20066, 25076, 36059, 48095.

Barton, Durston &, Osborn, inc. For
H-O sales representatives. 48097.
Barton mfg. co. :

Care of your shoes. 1762.
Here's your Dyanshine.

Barton salt co.

bk. 48099.
Bartow (H. E.)

Bartsch (Hans):


Barton's farm profit

Supt's guide. 36060.

Egi és földi szerelem. 3771.
Frank (Paul) Liebesschiff. 8473.
Im jenseits. 10287.

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