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Amer. lumberman :

Adv. bul, no. 40. 35864.

Lumber shed. 47793.

Pract. acctg. system. 10828.

Amer. machinist. Machine shop ques.

Amer. mail order house. Amer. mail
order house. 4190.

Amer. management assn.:

Bunker (S. B.) Selecting the
supervisory forces. 48512.
Donald (W. J.) Man. 49604.
Hackett (J. D.) Calculation of
labor turnover. 50577.
Human organization in manage-
ment [etc.] 29905-29911
Kincaid (W. W.) Co-ordination
of executive activities. 51323.
Lee (Elisha) Supervision & disci-
pline. 51466.

Lewisohn (S. A.) Managerial
achievement. 51514.

Miller (Oscar) Conferring with
employees. 52072.

Morgan (E. B.) Selecting em-
ployees. 52127.

Amer. mfrs. for credit underwriters,
inc. Market guide for Latin
America. 1689.

Amer. mfg. concern:

Catalog of Falcon toys. 19932.
Falcon products. 24916.

Amer. map co. United States, map.

Amer. med. assn.:

Amer. med. direct. 14769.

Hand bk. of the House of dele-
gates. 14768.

Off. program. 24917.

Quar. cumulative index. 18161.

Amer. med. direct. 14769.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

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Off. handbk.

Amer. piano co. :


Ampico reproducing piano. 14771.
To increase your Ampico sales.

Amer. piano plate co. Harp in the
piano. 24920.

Amer. pin point. 35868.

Amer. pioneer. Boys' hdbk. 10829.
Amer. poultry assn. Show rules.

Amer. poultry schl. Baby chick. [etc.]
7653, 7654.

Amer. press. St. Louis times road
guide. 26600.

Amer. press assn. Rate bk. 29918.
Amer. press league. Once a yr.

Amer. ptg. co. Mexia, Tex., direct.

[blocks in formation]

Do you want to make money?
[etc.] 35869-35878.

Mills (Albert) If you want $100
a week. [etc.] 32776, 32777
Mo. money maker. 41955.
Amer. protective assn.:

Who are you among strangers.

Amer. protective endowment league.
Membership contract. 19935, 35879.
Amer. public health assn. Stand.
methods for the exam. of water &
sewage. 14772.

Amer. publicity bur., inc.:

Galloping Gus the hotfoot cuss.

Sight savers. 19936

Amer. pub. & eng. co. Our produc-
tions. 29932.

[blocks in formation]

Banking made plain. 2707.

Amer. pub. soc.:

Coakley (T. F.) Amer.'s debt to
Catholics. 36454.

Mannix (E. J.) God of gorillas.

Amer. racing guide. Consensus of the
best racing systems. 47810.
Amer. racing manual. 1690.
Amer. radiator co.:

Almost human. [etc.] 4192-4196.
Amer. ideals. [etc.] 10830, 10831,

Coal he shoveled in 30 yrs. [etc.]

Dust goes out & the children come
in. [etc.] 47811-47816.
How to fire properly. 7655.
Ideal smokeless water tube boil-
ers. 41957.

If you ever want to sell your
house [etc.] 14773, 14774.
Pride of a locomotive engineer.
[etc.] 29933, 29934.

Amer. radio & research corp. Voice
of the air. 19940.

Amer. radio relay league, inc. Rules
& regulations of the operating dept.
Amer. reforestation assn., inc. Fire.

Amer. releasing corp.:

Danger point. 1558.
Sign of the rose. 4106.
Super-sex. 7583.

Amer. River, map. 24387.
Amer. rolling mill co. :

Corrosion problem. 47817.
Mechanics of corres. 10832.
Amer. rose ann. 10833.

[blocks in formation]

[etc.] 1691-1698.
Brownell (H. M.) Study outline
for hist. 36172.
Common-law pleading. [etc.]

Crocker (F. B.) Management of
dynamo. [etc.] 30712, 30713,
36675, 36676.

Elec. household appliances. [etc.]

Elements of elec. [etc.] 29935-

Fox (J. S.) Civics. 26039.
Griffin (C. L.) Machine drawing.

Griffith (J. B.) Correspondence
and filing. 50509.

Harding (H. E.) Why men fail.

Hayward (C. B.) Elec. equip-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Parafusos para madeira. 14777.
Amer. seating co. Church furniture
[etc.] 35886-35888.

Amer. security & trust co. :

At your bank [etc.] 35889, 35890.
Good checking practice [etc.]

Amer. security credit co. Amer. se-
curity credit service. 47818.
Amer. service co. Dickinson (W. J.)
How to become a citizen. 49569.
Amer. sheet & tin plate co. Ref. bk.

Amer. shoemaking direct. 7662.
Amer. short-horn breeders' assn.
Amer. short-horn herd bk. 19941.
Amer. shorthand schools. Dickinson
shorthand in thirty days. 47819
Amer. social hygiene assn., inc.:

Diagnosis is not guesswork. [etc.]

Follow the golden rule. 41960.
Galloway (T. W.) Community &

its youth. 8491.

Amer. society for prophetic study.
Chalmers (T. M.) Present condi-
tions of Israel. 15272.

Amer. soc. for psychical research.
Proceedings. 24924.

Amer. society of bkplate collectors &
designers. Yr. bk. 35891.

Amer. soc. of heating & ventilating


[blocks in formation]

Amer. soc. of heating & ventilating

McConnell (W. J.) Further study
of physiol. reactions. [etc.]
21971, 21972.

Mech. engineering. Eng. index.
641, 9013, 22103, 26891, 32627,
38767, 38768, 44831, 44832, 51911.
Rules for the construction of low-
pressure heating boilers. 47825.
Amer. spectacle house. Spectacles free.

Amer. sports pub. co. :

Better tennis. [etc.]
Hahn (Archibald)


23710, 23711.
How to sprint.

[blocks in formation]

Adams (L. M.) Old Testament

story land. 24859.

Bartow (H. E.) Supt's. guide.

Stevenson (E. B.) Suppl. lessons.

Amer. surety co. of N. Y.:

Amer. surety co. of N. Y. 14778.
Where to get bus. 24933.
Amer. system co. :

Assured's line rec. & acct. [etc.]
24934, 24935.

Detail & essential factors. 14779.
Amer. telep. & teleg. co. :

Accident prevention. [etc.] 19942-

[blocks in formation]

Aerial cable constr. wire ties.
[etc.] 41965-41970.

Arrangements for obtaining. [etc.]

Bell telep. in prin. cities. [etc.]

Comn. leaflet. 1699, 7663-7665.
14780-14788, 29948-29983.
Transmission maintenance prac-
tices. [etc.] 24949, 24950.
Dept. of development & research.
Toll transmission practices. 47850.

Dept. of operation & engineering.
Toll transmission practices. 47851.
Amer. terra cotta & ceramic co. Amer.
pin point. 35868.
Amer. theosophical soc.:

Lambart-Taylor (Maude) Theos-
ophy in Dante's Divine comedy.

Theosophical corres. schl. Course
1. 55563, 55564.

[blocks in formation]

Amer. trotting assn. By-laws & rules.

Amer. trotting reg. assn. Wallace's
yr.-bk. 1172, 28589.

Amer. trust co. Trust established
now. 29987.

Amer. underwriter mag. & insur. rev.
Amer. underwriter's pocket chart.

Amer, warehousemen's assn. Proceed-
ings. 14790.

Amer. waterworks & elec. co., inc.,
map. 29573.

Amer. well works.:

Amer. deep well plunger pumps.

Amer.. running water systems.

nos. 1-12, 1923

Double suction centrifugal pumps.

Municipal installations. 19951.
Amer. white cross. Amer. white
cross. 7668.

Amer. wholesale corp. (Baltimore bar-
gain house) Baltimore price reducer.
4203, 10841, 14791, 24955, 29988,
41971, 41972, 47856, 47857.

Amer. window safety device co. Cata-
log. 19952.

Amer. wood working machinery Co.
of Rochester, N. Y. Chats on period
styles in furniture. 47858.
Amer. wringer co., inc. Horse shoe
brand wringer. 29989.

Amer. writing paper co.

Hdbk. of

quality-stand. papers. 10843.
America's foremost New Year resolu-
tion. 3231.

Americus, Ga., direct. 29990.
Amerikai magyar népszava (B. D. G.
co., inc.) Ujsag (Az) Mayerlingi
tragédia. 46736-46738, 55651.
Ames (J. M.) Ames' st. & city guide.

Ames (W. V. B.) co. Holmes (W. B.)
Art of mixing dental cements.

[blocks in formation]

Amory, Browne & co. :

Appliqué & embroidery. [etc.]

29992, 29994.

Charm of nurses.


[blocks in formation]

Ancient world. Map. 29624.
Andersen (A. O.) First forty lessons

in harmony. 24968.
[etc.] 35893-
Andersen (Arthur) & co. Gen. office
manual. 47876.

Children's clothes with the In-
dian head label. [etc.] 1701,

Colors that are fast. [etc.]

Andersen (H. C.):

Chief. 24079.
Convert. 19194.

Creation. 19197.


Enduring white. 24959.

[blocks in formation]

Indian head label. 31.

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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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