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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Amend (Ottilie)-Continued.

Ring six. 7327.
Weakling. 1298.

Amer (A. S.) & co., ltd. Salon de
danse. 47752.

America press, inc. Reville (J, C.)
My bk. case. 27808.

Amer. acad. of letters. Law & prac-
tice of bus. 7646, 10795-10799.
Amer. acad, of periodontology. Chil-
dren's teeth. 41917.

Amer. acctg. corp. Appl. & contract

for training. [etc.] 14743-14746.
Amer. ann. golf guide & yr. bk. 47753.
Amer. appraisal co. :

Amer. appraisal service.



[blocks in formation]

pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Amer. bankers assn. Oldest known
will. 14753.

Amer. bankers service, Philadelphia.
Mailing list. 4173.

Amer. bankers service, inc., Washing-
ton. Peck (G. C.) Congress.
[etc.] 27637-27639.

Amer. bankers service co.:

Dime savings bank. Always re-
ceive friendly attention. [etc.]

Habits of youth determine. [etc.]

Royal oak savings bank. I de-
pend upon my banker. 54491.
Where under the sun did I put
those papers. 47765.

Amer. blower co. :

Air. 19881.

Electric ventilation. 24891.

American blue print co. Beckham
Co., Okl., map. 14404.

Amer. bond & mortgage co., inc.:
Building with bonds. 41925.
Formula of safety. 19912.

Investment savers club. 24892,

Amer. bk. co. :

Chapin (C. S.) Applied Eng.
1923, 1924.

Coe (Ida) Easy steps in reading.
[etc.] 8031, 8032.

Story hr. readers rev. 20506,
25445, 30524.


Story hr. readers rev. man-

Dryer (C .R.) Geog. of Ind.

Eldridge (E. H.) New short-
hand dictation exercises. 4904.

Vocab. in the Graham short-
hand. 8307.

Forman (S .E.) Govt. in Mich.

[etc.] 15883, 15884.

Fuller (J. E.) Vocab. in the
Benn Pitman shorthand. 8486.
Geog. of Ark. 14754.
Laidley (M. F.) Teachers' man-
ual. 32314, 38380.

Long (J. A.) Reader for new
Amers. 16694.

McCorkle (Nelle) Geog. of Tex.

Milne (W. J.) Suppl. to Milnes

N. Y. state arith. 38960.
Music bul. 22260, 32858, 52191.
Paul (J. H.) Geog. of Utah.


Rogers (R. E.) Key to New mod-
ern illus. bk-keeping. 54432.
Roy (V. L.) Geog. of La. 27871.
Sugarman (A. M.) Vocab. in the
Isaac Pitman shorthand. 9889.

[blocks in formation]

Amer. charter co. Prin. features &
advantages. 10801.

Amer. chem. paint co. : A. C. P. metal
treating products. 24898.

A. C. P. pickle control rodine ex-
tract. 47767.

Amer. child health assn.:

Baldwin (B. T.)

Class room
weight rec. [etc.] 42114, 42115.
Goldsmith (Clifford) Happy's cal.

[etc.] 26133-26135.

Socrates puts a question. 14756.
Study outline of the pre-school
child. 47768.

Amer. civic inst. :

Amer. civic inst. 19915.

Bi-ann. prospectus. 1677.

Amer. code co., inc. :

[blocks in formation]

Amer. commerce assn.:

Export & import shipping. 7648,
7649, 29892-29894, 41929-41931.
Off. staff bk. 19916.

Amer. commercial training assn.
Membership application. 47769.
Amer. commercial trust co. Savings
& loan certificate. 47770.

Amer. co-op. pub. co. Pickell (M. W.)
U. S. wheat production. 896.
Amer. cranberry growers' assn. Pro-
ceedings. 14757, 41932.
Amer. crayon co. Koch (George)
Kroma packet. 8828-8839.
Amer. credit indemnity co. of N. Y. :
Amer. credit-indemnity co. [etc.]


Appl. for credit approval. 47771.
Approved dredit risk policy.


Amer. creditor's assn. A. C. A. su-
perior self-collecting system. 41933.
Amer. dentists institute, inc. Do you
know what Theodore Roosevelt died

of? [etc.] 47772, 47773.

Amer. direct. & buyers' guide in the
U. S. 19917.

Amer. direct. of the hosiery & knit
goods mfrs. 35843.

Amer. educational assn.:

Christmas. [etc.] 47774, 47778.
Clement (G. Y.) America's big-
gest problem. 11266.

Const. of the U. S. [etc.] 10802-

Facts. [etc.] 4175-4181.
Great Amer. [etc.] 1680.

Lafayette. [etc.] 35844-35858.


day. [etc.] 19918,

[blocks in formation]

Most important ball game. 19920.
Royal indus. 24.

Six reasons why you should make
a will. 24903.

Widow's third. 1680.

Amer. exchange service. Amer. trade
guide of store & office machines.

(J. R.) All Amer.

college ann.

Amer. express co. For the importer.

[blocks in formation]

Amer. extension univ. Amer. exten-
sion univ. enrollment. 47779.

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pt. 1, n. s., v. 20

Amer. Hereford cattle breeders' assn,
Amer. Hereford rec. 10823, 29901,
Amer. home Bible inst., inc.:

Gordon (S. D.) May I receive the
Holy Spirit? 26147.

Rising (Mrs. L. E.) Adventures
in the psalms. 27836.

Amer. home economics assn. Snow
(Jennie) Jour. of home economics,
pattern. 40438.

Amer. home outfitters. Modernization,

Amer. home welfare exhibits assn.,
inc. Pronouncement. 41945.
Amer homes assn. By-laws. 19926.
Amer. hosiery co. Swim. 24912.
Amer. hospital assn.:

Chapman (F. E.) Rept. of the
com. on floors. 15276.

Korns (H. M.) Professional
standing orders. 16527.
Amer. indus. & bond corp. Finding
the right groove [etc.] 41946,

Amer. indus. development co. Ride-
in comfort on Amer. exhilarators.

Amer. inst. of accountants. Exam. in
auditing. 19927, 19928.

Board of examiners.

nations. 47785.


Liby. & bur. of information. Spe-
cial bul. 10824, 10825, 47786-47788.
Amer. inst. of agriculture. :

Carver (T N.) Trading in fu-.
tures. 48712.

Horne (F. A.) Cold storage.

Lever (A. F.) How storage helps
in marketing. 51507.
Parmelee (J. H.) Amer. trans-
portation system. 53992.
Potts (R. C.) Organization of the
condensed & evaporated milk-
industries. 54169.
Price (H. B.) Market grades.
Sherman (W. A.) Grades &
standards for fruits & vegeta-
bles. 54796.

Vaughan (H. W.) Market classi--
fication of hogs. 55739.

Willis (H. P.)

Services of banks..

[etc.] 56019, 56020.

Amer. inst. of archs. Philadelphia:
chapter. Yr. bk. 14763.

Amer. inst. of banking. :

Credits. 27, 4187, 7651, 10826,
14764, 14765, 19929.

Public speaking. 41948.

Chicago chapter. Elements of

banking. 1685, 1686.

Amer. inst. of elec. engineers. Stand-
ards. 35861.

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