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This index contains in one alphabet the names of all copyright proprietors; the names of all authors of pamphlets, the titles of anonymous pamphlets, the names of all authors of dramatic compositions, and the subject word of the title of maps.

These figures refer to the citation numbers following the title in the CATALOGUE

A-B stove co. 1923 adv. portfolio. Filled and capped [etc.] 41850– 19856.

41857. AC spark plug co. In baseball no For sturdy health. [etc.] 107554 runs are scored. 7597.

10758. Aagaard latch co.

Start the day right. [etc.] Aagaard pan scrubbers. [etc.]

14685–14686. 7598, 7599.

Summer time rules. 35761.

. Universal jar wrench. 24842. Abdoullah (G. M.) : Aaarbog for musik. 24843.

Bk. of peace. 41858. Aaronson (D. D.):

Ministry of truth, love, and light. People's man. 28752.

29804. Promoting. 10405.

New covenant of peace. [etc.] Spirits of 1923. 3885.

47674, 47675. Who's who in history. 29129. Abdullah (Achmed) Bred in the Abbetmeyer (C. D.) Scarlet beacon. Clay. 47676. 3878.

Abel (Barbara) Adventure in friendAbbeville, La., map. 35430.

ship. 10146. Abbeville, S. C., map. 3917.

Abel pub. co. Voiland (R. E.) ComAbbey (E. A.) Comedies. 19465.

position in salable photography. Abbey (Mrs. E. A.) Comedies.

40993. 19465. Abbey & Imbrie, inc. Fishing tackle

Abeling (R. A.) One man woman. thats fit for fishing. 7600.

1656, 4136. Abbot (F. P.) Playing the game. (

Abell (A. S.) co.: 10395.

Bunny the bootlegger. Best peoAbbot (Prentice.) See Abbot (F. P.)

ple anxious. 11044-11048. Abbott (A. T.) & co. Kapock sketch

Bootleg trade. [etc.] 4507, bk. 41849.

4508. Abbott (Avery). Secret of Egypt.

Kent (F. R.) Candidates & their 19392.


21720-21728, 32258Abbott (C. H.) In cold blood. 1261.

32262. Abbott (Elizabeth) Legal title.

Great game of politics. 537247281.

5374, 12165-12191, 16459-16465. Abbott (G. F.) Selling slants. 47673.

Hidden machinery of state. Abbott (M.) Synopsis of Thaddeus of

44375-44377, 51245-51269. Warsaw. 7601.

Owens (J. W.) Ship subsidy. Abbott (W. R.) Hopkins Co., Ky..

17956. map. 14459.

Sun, Baltimore. Boy, 11, hailed Abbotts Alderney dairies, inc.:

at Peabody. [etc.] 6765, 6766. Abbotts milk wins first prize [etc.]

Gen. Cronkite's friends 29798–29803.

charge war dept. 9890. Basis of good living. [etc.]

Heavy run on his funds. 19857-19860.

34484. Certainty of Abbotts A. [etc.] Warner (H. E.) Seeing The sun. 4129–4135.


pt.. I S., v. 20

"Abend (Hallett) Gloria Swanson gets Acme ptg. co.:
a chance [etc.] 29805, 29806.

Marshalltown, Ia., direct. 16839. Abendpostco. Schmidt (Harry) Phy- Tucson, Ariz., direct. 1140. sikalische plaudereien. 39872.

Acme supply co. Automatic applying Abercrombie & Fitch co.:

& deleting. 7602..
Christmas trail. 47677.

Acme trading corp.:
Robin's greeting. 4137.

Catalog. 24845, 35764, 35765. Trail through the painted leaves. Smashing sale of army goods. 41859.

Where the blazed trail. 10760.

Acorn. 14691.
Aberdeen, Wash., map. 29145.

Acorn press:
Abernethy (L. S.) Abernethy curvili-

Hawthorne (0. L.) After the niear shorthand. 35762.

storm. [etc.]

[etc.] 470_475. Abita Springs, La., map. 29146.

Friend of men. [etc.] 51636– Abraham (Herbert) Instr. for laying

50645. octagonal strip shingles. [etc.]


Years between. 43956: 4138-4142

Acorn tire & rubber co. Acorn post. Abrahams (I. D.) Jones wizard cal- 35766. culator. 29807.

Acorn wire & iron works. Acorn Abrahamson (H. S.) Quinine is an

heavy wire mesh products. 47693. interesting chapter. 41860, 41861 )

Acosta (Mercedes de) See De Acosta 47678–47683.

(Merceđes) Abrams (Albert) Iconography elec

Acree (I.. C.) Arkansas, map. 29158. tronic reactions. 1657.

Ad art service- Allied newspapers, Abrasive

CO. Abrasive grinding inc. Ad art service. 10764–10766, wheels. 14687.

19861-19865, 24846–24854, 29809Absecon Island, map. 29163.

29819, 35767–35772, 41864-41865, Academy of Wall st. How to avoid

47694-47695. losses. 41862.

Ad art service-Newspaper supply co. Accounting appliance co. Vogel (Mil

Ad art service. 2-6, 7603-7606, ton) Unexpired insur. premium

tabs. 3559.

Ada Co., Id., direct. 90.
Accurate bus system, Acctg. sim-

Adam (F. B.) Adam (Frank) elec, plified. 4143.

CO. Control of lighting. 1658.
Acevedo L. (Julio) Amer. direct. &

Adam (Frank) elec. co. Control of
buyers' guide. 19917.

lighting. 1658.
(Auguste) Lit enchanté.

Adam (H. C.) Reflectolyte lighting

Acher (V. P.) Prayer for the New

Year. 1.

(Giuseppi) Piccola felicità Acheson graphite co.:

Tel Capanna e il tuo cuore, 7301,

Cold roll neck lubrication. 41863.
Gredag lubricants. 47684.

Adams (B. M.):
Achievement films, inc. Milady. 1595 Aftermath. 10768.
Achorn (C. E.) Elimination of waste,

Ballad of the Ivanhoe. [etc.] [etc.] 10761-10763.

Acker (H. G.) Puntz & Pietz. 35763.

Cave man. 24855.
Ackerman (A. W.) Studies in Con-

Helmsmen of the Harper. [etc.] gregationalism. 14688, 14689.

47696, 47697.
Ackerman (C.) Ebenstein (Erich)

eyes of

men, [etc.] Geheimnisse einer nacht. 20865.

41866-41869. Ackerman (J. A.) Movie card kee-no.

Slants on life, 29820.

Adams (Bill) Off shore. 4144.
Acme art co. Acme art. 29808.

Adams (Bill) pseud. See Adams
Acme direct. co.:

(B. M.)
Ceredo, W. Va., direct. 48741. Adams (C. B.) Poems. 4145.

Kenova, W. Va., direct. 48741. Adams (C. C.) Switchboards. 35779.
Acme mfg. co. Con-es-tee chem. co. Adams (Mrs. Crosby):
Con-es-tee fertilizers. 8059.

Legitimate use of the imagination.
Acme merc. agency. Collect your own

24856. accts. 24844.

Recent developments in teaching. Acme mineral co. Bull or no bull.

7. [etc.] 47685–47688.

Adams (F. E.) Experiment. 19219.

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Adams (G. D.):

Addison pub. co. Evand (R. A.) World outlook. 47698.

Piano playing lessons made easy. Y. M. C. A. of Chicago. Hi-Y 49830. hand bk. [etc.] 3677, 3678. Addy (Mathew) CO.

Pickelette. Adams (G. M.) Peters (L. H.) Diet 47701. & health. 13113.

Ade (M. 0.): Adams (G. S.) Men. 1659.

Born & bred. 7057. Adams (Glenn) Auburncrest bull

Portrait of a saint. 10397. dogs. 29821.

Talk of the town. 19413.
Adams (Gridley) Prose & worse.

Adee (W. M.) :
1660, 4146, 4147, 10769, 24857, 24858, Chaff or wheat'? 35051.
29822, 29823, 35780–35782, 47699, Marcus Whitman. 24231.

Adelman (A. E.) Mister Lawrence. Adams (H. R.) Adams Paingo lini- 35239. ment. 29824.

Adelson (Albert) Souvenir poems. A dams (Harrington) inc. Glorious 29827. girl. 3790.

Adenis (Edouard): Adams (Hugh) Tex. original Ford Chevalier de la Guillotière. [etc.] mechanic's secret. 7607.

19872, 19873. Adams (J. K.):

Roger-Bontemps. 7926.
It's a way she has. 41357.

Aderer (Adolphe) Tolstoï. 29094.
Sky's the limit. 3881.

Adirondack resorts assn. Adirondacks. Adams (L. M.) :

35788. How they ran the church bazaar. Adler (E. H.) Chairman of the en47258.

tertainment com. 47121. Old Testament story land. 24859. Adler (H. H.) Planning the color Adams (M. F.) Arlington natl. ceme

schemes. [etc.) 47702, 47703. tery & burial of the unknown dead. Adler (Louis) Daily Amer. handi19867.

capper. 2620. Adams (M. H.) N. S. T. A. system. Adler (Sara) Camouflage. 35043. 4148.

Adler (Stella) : Adams (0. D.) Visions of Mars.

Daily-dolly-balls. [etc.] 10770, 35393.

10771. Adams (R. A.) Woodworth (F. L.) Good luck pencils. 47704.

Detroit will saved millions in taxes. Admiral oriental line. Ma-choing. 56086.

14696. Adams (R. B.) Direct & guide. Lo- Admiration attractions. Paris after gan coal coal operations & off. reg.

dark. 19791. 14693.

Adrian, Mich., direct. 29828. Adams (R. H.):

Adrian, Mich. map. 7430. If I had a daughter to send to Adrian, Minn., map. 14393. schl. 35783.

Adriance (H. B.) Calson (O.) Mah-Ca-Da-0-Gung-A. 19868.


Bouquets. 30348. Adams (R. M.) Rude rural rhymes.

Adsit (J. 0.): 14694.

Concerning citizenship. 41873.

. Adams (S. E.) :

Happy New yr. cal. 50597.
Finan. facts. [etc.] 14695.

Advance auto, accessories corp.: Finan. outlook. 19869-19871, Advance asbestos. [etc.] 47705– 29825.

47714. Wallace (A. G.) Unfilled orders.

Beeman (Otis) Far in the lead 13941.

with products you need. 48144. Adams (S. H.):

Correct brake lining. 7608.
Riches have wings. 41870.

Stop Ford chatter with feltbak.
Tazmun. 35784.

35789 Adams (S. S.) Linen & how to set Advertiser reporter. 29829. the table. 41871.

Advertisers service corp.: Adams (W. R.) W. R. Adams form. Indianapolis star. Spend your 41872.

dollar with home town grocers. Adams & Kelly Co. Homes of com

26437. fort. 35785.

Whose taxes do you pay. Addington (Sarah) Great adventure

[etc.] 32026, 32027. of Mrs. Santa Claus. 29826.

Lexington herald. Abundant seryAddington, Okla., map. 19466.

ice. [etc.] 21888–21893. Addis (H. A.' N.) Bitter egg-plant.

Grocery store convenience. [etc.] 35786, 35787.

[etc.] 26688-26693.

pt. I, n. s., v. 20

Advertising & ptg. co.

What America Agromeck. 14715. owes to the foreigner. 14697.

Agudo (Rafael) Tres eran tres. Advertising arts & crafts. 29830.

35382. Advertising club of Los Angeles, inc.

Ahearn (Charles) Millionaire review Digest. 7609.

of 1923. 19317. Advertising club of N. Y. Adv. adv. 41874.

Ahl-Nielsen (John): Advertising features, inc.:

Dane charts northern end of
Hudson observer. Again-this

Greenland. 35795.
week. [etc.]
[etc.] 21451-21462.

Radek says red domain widens
Any store showing this sign.

over all world. 41876.

Ahlers & Davis. Bringing Broadway [etc.] 31971-31973. Clip this coupon. [etc.]

to Dayton. 10773. 11930–11934.

Ahmad Abdoullah (G. Mahmud-) See Great $5,000.00 money bags

Abdoullah (G. M. A). sales slips offer. [etc.] 16214,

Ahmaddin (P. N. Jonson-) See Jon16215.

son-Ahmaddin (P. N.) Inside story. 14698.

Ahn & Simrock, or Ahn & Simrock Money bags sales slips. 4149.

(Buhnenverlag) : Syracuse journal. Be your own

Bumerang. 47168. detective. 40796.

Durchgang der Venus. 7124. Ad-viservice.

Sam Fox. 7331. 14699, 24860, 29831, 35790-35792.

Verwechselt das frauchen! 7403. A-em-dee eng. co.

Zwischen zwei rassen. 7429. Thro pract. home study course. 35793.

Ahr (Edward) & son. Thirty-five yrs. Aerofin corp. Aerofin for heating or on the highways. 47717. cooling air. 35794.

Ahrens (Ben)

( Atlanta, Ga., map. Aeronautical chamber of commerce of 3921.

America, inc. Aircraft yr. bk. Ahrens pub. co., inc. Hotel market. 19882

7612. Aeschylus. Choëphoroe. 19185.

Aiken (W. H.) Celebrated composers. Aetna casualty & surety co. of Hart


罗 ford, Conn. (Fidelity & surety dept. of) Facts notaries public should

Aims (D. P.) Iridio. 47718. know. 10772.

Air. 19881. Aetna life insur, co., Auto. dept. Con

Air brake assn. Prin. & design of densed rating schedule. 14703.

foundation brake rigging. 14716. Afco mfg. co., inc.


Bizness kreator. Air conditioning & eng. co. : 14704.

O'Fallon. Another fresh air schl. Affelder (W. M.):

[etc.] 35796-35798. Constr. acctg. [etc.] 7610, 7611,

Pure air for your schls. 24862. 14705-14711, 19874-19878.

Air-land motor supply co., inc. AutoPrinc. & practice of constr. cost- motive equipment. 14717. keeping. 14705-14711.

Aircraft yr. bk. 19882. Affre (Mme. Barrère-) See Barrère- Aistons, inc. Cat. theatrical footwear. Affre (Mme.)

24863. Africa, map. 1302, 14394 24384, 41462. Ajax rope co., inc. Rope with a repuAfrican expedition corp. Hunting big tation. 29835, 41878. game in Africa. 4058.

Akers (O. M.) Warwick (William) After five o'clock. 24861.

Play safe in bldg. your home. Agassiz (Gernault) :

23868 Harnessing a natural resource.

Akins (Zoë): 29882.

Déclassée : Daddy's gone a-huntInvestment features of the chain

ing: and Greatness. 35072.* store. 19879.

Lucifer's ladies. 26967. Agency, Mo., map. 3918.

Royal fandango. 29061. Ager (Waldemar) Väldige navn.

Very rich man. 29112. 47715

Akkurate loose-leaf co., inc. A-proved Agnès. : Robes. 8, 14712, 29833.

bu-keeping system. 41879. When a lady visits Paris. 19880.

Akron, O., map. 19467, 29148. Agricola. 14714.

Akron pharmacy Co. Dear madam. Agricultural appraisal co.

Farm ap

29836-29847. praisal certificate. 47716.

Akron public schls. Dept. of research. Agrilin chem. co. Agrilin. 41875.

First grade entrance test. 14718.

nos. 1-12, 1923


Alden (Allan) pseud, See Hoffman Map. 10508, 24386, 54293. Мар

(A. A.) Workmen's compensation law. Alden (R. M.) Why the chimes rang. 47719.

18166. Alabama druggist weather chart cal. Alden, Ia., map.

35433. 41880.

Alden mfg. co. Na-ald circuits. 19884. Alabama home bldg. & loan assn. An

Aldis (Mary): nouncing a new loan plan. 19883.

Hangman's daughter. 7176. Alabama offers nation Underwood,

Mrs. Pat & the law. 14288. map. 29563

Aldrich (A. E.) Sentences for reconAlabama syndicate. Birmingham

struction. 19885. news. What does the Bible say?

Aldrich (C. C. T.) Oil! 10378.

Aldrich 20139, 25155.

(Darragh) pseud. See

Aldrich (C. C. T.)
Aladdin, Wy., map. 29149.
Aladdin co.



(Sibilla) Aladdin homes. 7613, ,

28865*. 47720. Alameda, Calif., direct. 876, 45415.

Alexander (A. R.): Alamo (Angel Torres del) See Torres

Dedicated to the home fireside del Alamo (Angel)

club. 9. Alanic (Mathilde):

Toast to Miss Columbia. 7614. Derrière le voile. 10774.

Alexander (C.) pub. co. Alexander Sachet de lavande. 41881, 47721. (Conlin) Alexander's bk. of mysAlary (Eloy) :

tery. 14720. Marguerite bleue. 26511.

Alexander (C. G.) Ladies' aid in Monsieur Parfait. 6410.

1789. 19287. Alaska. Workmen's compensation law.

Alexander (C. M.) Ford acct. system 47722.

forms. 14719. Alaska druggist weather chart cal.

Alexander (Claire) : 41882.

Assert Cabinet of Mussolini is so Alaska-Yukon gazetteer & bus. direct.

Amer. 10775. 47723.

Italy & Spain plan alliance.

plan Alaskan churchman. Alaskan church

47728. man cal. 47724.

Alexander (Conlin) Alexander's bk. Albany, N. Y., direct. 29848.

of mystery. 14720. Albany, N. Y., map. 1303, 29150,

Alexander (F. 0.) Bill Jones' pract. 41463, 47456.

philos. 47729. Alberger heater co. Alberger Buffalo Alexander (J. G.) Full of the moon. heater data. 4151.

35126. Alberger pump & condenser co. : Alexander (J. S.) Address. 1661.

Alberger spiroflo surface condens- Alexander (Jerome) Colloid chem. ers. 29849.

pract. applied. 29850_29856, 35800– Wainwright boiler feed water 35804. heaters. 24864.

Alexander (Milton) co. Jewelry adv. Wainwright type. 41883.

service. 10, 4153, 7616, 19886, Alberta, map. 29151, 29152, 35431. 24865, 29857, 41885, 47730. Alberta City, Ala., map. 41642. Alexander (Paul) Right of youth. Alberti verlag. Streichquartett. 7326. 24329.

Alexander film co. : Alberty (Ada) :

High lights of the Alexander film Alberty food products co. Alberty

publicity service. 41887. food for adults. [etc.] 47726, Red blooded salesmen. 10776. 47727.

Alexander Hamilton inst.: Wonder-working calcium. 47725. Adv. the Martin jr. [etc.] 11Alberty food products Co. Alberty

17. food for adults. [etc.] 47726, Afraid to face the facts. [etc.] 47727.

35805-35815. Albia, Ia., map. 1305.

As a rule. [etc.] 29858_29870. Albion, Ind., map. 35432.

Avoiding the exchange risk. Albrecht (Georg La Tour) See La

[etc.] 47731-47740. Tour Albrecht (Georg).

progress bul.

7617–7622, Albrecht (O. E.) Fur facts & fash

14721-14729, 19887–19895, 24867– ions. 41884.

24875, 41888-41902. Alda (Frances) See Gatti-Casazza Charles E. Hires. [etc.] 10777– (F. A.)


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