How to Form a Corporation in Ohio

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SphinxLegal, 2001 - 220 lappuses
Protect yourself from personal liability, without the expense and delay of hiring a lawyer, by incorporating your business on your own. How to Form a Corporation in Ohio contains everything you need to legally incorporate in the state of Ohio. This book makes incorporating your business a simple process that does not drain your vital time and capital. Complete with step-by-step instructions and the forms you need, this book makes forming your own corporation inexpensive and hassle-free.

This book explains in simple language:
--Incorporating in Ohio-advantages and disadvantages
--Knowing Ohio tax laws
--Amending an Ohio corporation
--Naming a corporation
--Dissolving an Ohio corporation
--Choosing the type of corporation that is best for you
--Forming an S corporation
--Forming a C corporation
--Knowing federal tax registrations, laws, and benefits
--Running your corporation
--Purchasing and selling stock
--Understanding securities law
--Holding corporate meetings

It includes:
--Extensive law summaries for Ohio
--Addresses and phone numbers for Ohio contacts
--Selected Ohio statutes
--Incorporation forms, minutes, and resolutions you can use
--Stock certificates, ledgers, and checklist

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Using SelfHelp Law Books
What Is a Corporation?
Should You Incorporate?
What Type of Corporation Is Best?
StartUp Procedures
Selling Corporate Stock
Running a Corporation
Dissolving a Corporation
Selected Ohio Corporation Statutes
Sample FilledIn Forms
Blank Forms

Amending a Corporation

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Par autoru (2001)

Karen Ann Rolcik received her law degree from Indiana University. She is licensed to practice law in Texas and Ohio and is a certified mediator in Texas. She has written or co-authored several Sphinx titles, including Living Trusts and Other Simple Ways to Avoid Probate and How to Form aCorporation in Texas.Mark Warda received his J.D. from the University of Illinois in Champaign. He practiced law inClearwater, Florida, then gave up a busy practice to publish self-help law books. He has writtenor co-authored over sixty self-help law books, including How to Form Your Own Corporation. Mark Warda has been a Florida attorney for over thirty years. He received his BA with Honors from the University of Illinois in Chicago and his JD from the University of Illinois in Champaign. He is the author of over seventy self-help law books. Today Mark is continuing to update his books and running Land Trust Service Corporation. He lives in Lake Wales, Florida with his wife Alexandra and his three year old son, Mark David. Karen Rolcik is admitted to practice in Texas and Ohio where she has been certified as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law. Her practice focuses on representing individuals in the areas of estate and retirement planning, probate and trust administration, planning for buinsess owners, elder and family law. Ms. Rolcik is also a member of the State Bar of Texas, Ohio State Bar Association, and Cincinnati Bar Assoication of which she serves as a Trustee and Chair of the Women Lawyers Committee. She received a degree in accounting at Butler University and her law degree from Indiana University. Ms. Rolcik has written and coauthored several legal self-help titles. Karen lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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