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$900; foreman of laborers, $900; 14 laborers, at $480 each; 2 attendants in ladies' room, at $480 each; 4 check boys, at $360 each; mistress of charwomen, $425; assistant mistress of charwomen, $300; 45 charwomen; chief engineer, $1,500; 1 assistant engineer, $1,200; 3 assistant engineers, at $1,000 each; electrician, $1,500; assistant electrician, $1,000; machinist, $1,000; machinist, $900; 2 wiremen, at $900 each; plumber, $900; 3 elevator conductors, at $720 each; 9 firemen; 6 skilled laborers, at $720 each; in all, $76,905.

For extra services of employees and additional employees under the superintendent of Library building and grounds to provide for the opening of the Library building from 2 until 10 o'clock post meridian on Sundays and legal holidays, $2,800.

For fuel, lights, repairs, and miscellaneous supplies, electric and steam apparatus, city directory, stationery, and all incidental expenses in connection with the custody, care, and maintenance of said building and grounds, $32,500.

For furniture, including partitions, screens, shelving, and electrical work pertaining thereto, $25,000.

For the completion of the construction, mechanical equipment, electric lighting, and roofing of a stack of shelving for bound newspapers and books in the southeast court of the Library building, $200,000.

Provisions in “An Act Making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and ten, and for other purposes."

For such trees, shrubs, plants, fertilizers, and skilled labor for the grounds of the Library of Congress as may be requested by the superintendent of the Library building, $1,000.

For the Library of Congress, including the Copyright Office, and the publication of the Catalogue of Title Entries of the Copyright Office, and binding, rebinding, and repairing of library books, and for building and grounds, Library of Congress, $202,000.

Provisions in “An Act Making appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies in the appropriations for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nine, and for prior years, and for other purposes.”

For 2 messengers, at $40 per month each, during the extra session of the Sixty-first Congress, being from March 5, 1909, until June 30, 1909, and for services in connection with the House Office Building, $312, or so much thereof as may be necessary.

Provisions in “An Act Making appropriations to supply urgent deficiencies in appropriations for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and nine, and for other purposes."

For balance of salary of the Register of Copyrights, as provided by section 48 of the act entitled “An Act to amend and consolidate the Acts respecting copyright," approved March 4, 1909, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1910, $500.




WASHINGTON, D. C., July 9, 1909 Sir: The copyright business and the work of the Copyright Office for the fiscal year from July 1, 1908, to June 30, 1909, inclusive, are summarized as follows:


The gross receipts during the year were $87,085.53. A Fees, etc. balance of $1,876.63, representing trust funds and unfinished business, was on hand July 1, 1908, making a total of $88,962.16 to be accounted for. Of this amount the sum of $2,715.46, received by the Copyright Office, was refunded as excess fees or as fees for articles not registrable, and $154.50 was applied for subscriptions to the Catalogue of Copyright Entries, leaving a net balance of $86,092.20. The balance carried over to July 1, 1909, was $2,275.45 (representing trust funds, $2,193.79, and total unfinished business since July 1, 1897—twelve years—$81.66), leaving for fees applied during the fiscal year 1908-9, $83,816.75.



The appropriation made by Congress for salaries in the Salaries Copyright Office for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1909,

$77,800. The total expenditure for salaries was $77,586.52, or $6,230.23 less than the net amount of fees earned and paid into the Treasury during the corresponding year. The expenditure for supplies, except furniture, including stationery and other articles, and postage on foreign mail matter, etc., was $1,067.18. The copyright fees received and paid into the United Copyright

fees States Treasury during the last twelve years, from July 1,


1897, to June 30, 1909, amount to $858,422.75, while the sum used of the appropriations for salaries during that period was $729,468.07, leaving an excess of fees over appropria

tions used for service for the twelve years of $128,954.68. Copyright

In addition to the actual money fees received during these same twelve years, the articles deposited amount to the grand total of 2,153,919 pieces. An itemized statement of these articles is given in Exhibit G. During the fiscal year 1,146 separate works were deposited under the act of March 3, 1905, to secure an ad interim term of protection of one year in the case of books printed abroad in foreign languages.



Registrations The entries of titles for the fiscal year numbered 120,131.

Of these entries 108,281 were titles of the productions of citizens or residents of the United States, and 11,850 were titles of works by foreigners. The fees for these entries were: United States, $54,140.50; foreign, $11,850, or a total

of $65,990.50. Certificates, Of the foreign entries 2,749 were with certificates, and of

the United States entries 29,606, or a total of 32,355 certificates, at fees amounting to $16,177.50. In addition, 1,783 copies of record were furnished for $891.50 in fees; assignments to the number of 604 were recorded and certified, at a charge of $720; and search fees charged to the amount of $37.25. The total copyright fees for the year amounted to $83,816.75. The details of the Copyright Office business and applied fees are set out in Exhibits A, B, and C.

The number of entries in each class from July 1, 1908, to June 30, 1909, as compared with the number of entries made in the previous year, is shown in Exhibit F.


Articles de posited

The various articles deposited in compliance with the copyright law, which have been receipted for, stamped, credited, indexed, and catalogued during the fiscal year, amount to 217,869. The number of these articles in each class for the twelve fiscal years is shown in Exhibit G.


Index cards


n e w

The permanent title-index cards for the fiscal year numbered 130,265. After being first used as the copy for the printed catalogue, these cards were added to the permanent card indexes of the copyright entries. During the year the work of reducing the size of the card index by means of condensing entries for sets, etc., on ten and twelve line cards and eliminating duplicates was begun, and as a result 90,000 cards were withdrawn. The index now numbers a total of over 1,720,000 cards.

The publication of the Catalogue of Copyright Entries as Copyright required by law has been continued. Since January, 1909, series Part I of the Catalogue has been issued in two sections, Group i containing mainly the titles of books for which printed catalogue cards are issued by the Library of Congress, and Group 2 containing titles of pamhplets, leaflets, contributions to newspapers or periodicals, etc., including also local directories and annuals.

The numbers printed for each of the four parts of the Catalogue are so prepared that they may be bound at the end of the year into separate volumes, which are separately indexed according to subject-matter. Subscriptions are taken by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, for the year 1909 for each part, as follows: Part I, Books, pamphlets, dramatic compositions, and maps and charts, $1.50; Part II, Periodicals, 75 cents; Part III, Musical compositions, $1.50; Part IV, Engravings, cuts and prints, chromos and lithographs, photographs, and the descriptions of original works of art-paintings, drawings, and sculpture—75 cents. The price for the entire Catalogue for the year 1909 is $4. Beginning with the year 1910, however, the price for the entire Catalogue will be $3, and for the separate parts as follows: Part I, two volumes, $1; Part 2, $0.50; Part 3, $1; and Part 4, $0.50.


Annual state

The customary "Annual Statement," setting out in con

ment of copyright densed form the statistics of the copyright business for the business calendar year 1908, was printed on January 6, 1909.


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