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ing. In many instances a more minute system of subdivisions than that now provided will be called for. Particularly in Philosophy, Religion, Philology, and Literature, the main classes still to be recatalogued, the majority of subjects are yet to be definitely decided upon.

There are various reasons, therefore, in favor of restricting the use of this “Advance edition” to the Library of Congress. Nevertherless, owing to the great increase in the use of the printed cards, and the constant demand for information in regard to the plan of subjects in part represented on our entries, it seems advisable that libraries which subscribe to the cards should have access to some guide, no matter how imperfect, to the subject headings now being developed by the Library of Congress. It is therefore recommended that any library which is a regular subscriber to the printed cards may have a copy of the Advance list, free of charge, on application to the Publication Section, Library of Congress. In addition a number of copies should be placed with the Superintendent of Documents, from whom they might be purchased at a price to be determined upon.

The preparation of copy has been completed for the letters A-D, letters E and F being in preparation. Owing to pressure of other work, the Branch Printing Office has been unable so far to print more than a few galleys of the letter A.

The following supplementary rules have been printed on cards: a. Available for use of other libraries (numbered series)a

27 Fire companies
28 Archives
29 Courts-martial and courts of inquiry

30 Briefs

31 Transliteration Servian
32 Contested elections
33 Indians—Subject headings

a 1-26 previously printed.

b. For use within the Library only (unnumbered series)"

Additions and corrections
Printer's serial numbers-Advance numbers
Recataloguing-Return of books
Shelf-list sheets
Subject headings List


As in previous years, the Catalogue Division has been Special

logues called upon to furnish copy for catalogues of special collections. The first and most important were titles of books on music printed prior to 1800, to be utilized in a new revision of Eitner's Biographisch-bibliographisches Quellen-lexikon der Musiker und Musikgelehrten der christlichen Zeitrechnung Leipzig, 1900-1904. Two of the assistants have given a great deal of time to these entries, the compilation, revision, and proofreading being entrusted almost entirely to them.

In response to a request from the National Library at Lisbon, a sample catalogue of books in the Library of Congress on the Peninsular war and related subjects was prepared. It was intended to form a part of a Biblio-iconographic exhibition contemplated by the National Library of Portugal in connection with the celebration of the centenary of the Peninsular war. Owing to the fact that the subject catalogue of the Library of Congress has not as yet been completed, it was impossible in the limited time at our disposal to present more than a selection of the titles bearing on this topic.

The card catalogue of early Americana has also been continued according to the plan outlined in previous reports.

Some modifications have been made in the items added copyright to the catalogue entry as follows: (a) wherever the information has been supplied by the publisher, the price of the book is now added in a note; (b) in addition to the copyright number and year of entry, which have been regularly added


a 47 of these directions previously printed.

to the catalogue cards since May, 1907, the Copyright Office now supplies information in regard to name of copyright proprietor and actual date of entry, all of which is printed in a note near the bottom of the card.



(From the report of the Chief Classifier, Mr. Martel) The number of volumes classified was 150,410 (1907–8, 145,889; 1906–7, 144,948); reclassified, 71,751 (including 3,510 transfers; 1907–8, 76,273, transfers 8,824); new accessions, 78,659 (1907–8, 69,616); shelf listed, 132,690, of which 64,449 were new accessions (1907-8, shelf listed 119,119, new accessions 51,302).

The reclassified portion of the Library now contains in round numbers 846,000 volumes as follows: Class A (Polygraphy), 53,000; B-BJ (Philosophy), 9,000; C-D (History), 90,000; E-F (America), 65,000; G (Geography), 16,000; H-J (Social sciences), 184,000; L (Education), 38,000; ML-MT (Music, literature, and theory), 14,000;' N (Fine arts), 17,000; PZ (Fiction), 38,000; Q (Science), 111,000; R (Medicine), 34,000; S (Agriculture), 32,000; T (Technology), 61,000; U (Military science), 13,000; V (Naval science), 11,000; Z (Bibliography), 56,000; Congressional reference library, Incunabula, etc., 4,000.

Class B (in part), Religions, Theology, 50,000; class P, Language and literature, 70,000; Various remainders, 50,000; Law, 130,000.

This is exclusive of (1) copyright and other duplicates reserved for future incorporation in the classified collection; (2) duplicates in the exchange collection; (3) special collections: Orientalia, Hungarica, etc.; (4) Yudin collection and other Slavica; (5) Booksellers' catalogues and similar unbound material; (6) Newspapers.


a This number does not include the Schatz collection of librettos, 12,065, shelflisted in the Music Division, which if counted would bring the total to 162,475.

b Not including Schatz collection of librettos, 12,065, reported by Music Division.

The reclassification during the past year covered the following subjects: Class B, Philosophy, 8,000; C, Genealogy, Heraldry, Numismatics, 6,000; H-J, Social and political science, 36,000; N, Fine arts, 9,000; and various remainders of other classes, 10,000. A few volumes were reclassified in class P, Language.

An increasing number of requests for the L. C. classification schedules are received from other libraries. The stock of the printed schedules (E-F, Q and Z) is exhausted. Schedules of class Z, Bibliography, have been prepared for reissue with many additions and a few modifications, and are now in the hands of the printer; copy for a reissue of schedules Q, Science, also is ready. The additions to class E-F, America, however, are very extensive and the transfer of material from other old classes to American history is not yet completed, making it desirable to defer a reissue until the schedules shall cover all the subjects eventually to be included. A set of typewritten schemes of the other classes is in almost constant circulation among other libraries; a few of these libraries have gone to relatively heavy expense in copying them, and the correspondence and other matters connected with sending out the schedules involves a not inconsiderable expenditure of time on our part. It may become possible during the current year to devote some time to the preparation of one or more of them for the printer, without retarding progress in reclassifying the arrears.


The publications of the Library during the past year have been as follows:

Report of the Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year

ending June 30, 1908. 1908. 143 p.

Plates. 25


Cloth, 50c.

Library of Congress publications issued since 1897.

1909. 46 p.

20 cm,

The following administrative publication has been reprinted:


28 p.

Rules and practice governing the use and issue of

books. 1908. 14 p. Compiled by the Division of Bibliography: List of works relating to government regulation of in

surance, United States and foreign countries. Comp. under the direction of A. P. C. Griffin, Chief Bibliographer. 2d ed. 1908. 67 p. 267 cm. Paper,

150. List of references on international arbitration. Comp.

under the direction of A. P. C. Griffin, Chief Bibliog

rapher. 1908. 151 p. 2572 cm. Paper, 200.
List of works relating to the Supreme Court of the

United States. Comp. under the direction of H. H.
B. Meyer, Chief Bibliographer. 1909. 124 p. 25

Price, 200.
List of references relating to the valuation and capitali-

zation of railroads. Comp. under the direction of
H. H. B. Meyer, Chief Bibliographer. 1909.

2572 cm. Price, ioc. The following lists have been reprinted: List of books (with references to periodicals) relating

to child labor. 66 p. 25% cm. Paper, 15C. Compiled by the Card Section: L. C. printed cards: how to order and use them. 1909. 24 p.

16 cm. Compiled by the Catalogue Division: Subject Headings. List of subject headings. Addi

tions and corrections. No. 1, December, 1908; no. 2, March, 1909; no. 3, June, 1909. 2272 cm. Paper,

50. Suggestions to assistants with reference to catalogues,

shelf lists, uncatalogued books, etc. June, 1909.

6 p. 2572 cm. Want list of American historical serials. 2d ed. 1909.

37 p. 23 cm.

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