Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations for 1995: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session, 4. daļa

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372. lappuse - States shall serve without additional compensation but shall be reimbursed for travel, subsistence, and other necessary expenses incurred in the performance of the duties vested in the Commission.
374. lappuse - Administration or any other department, agency, or other instrumentality of the Federal Government are authorized to provide services and facilities, with or without reimbursement, necessary to achieve the objectives and to carry out the purposes of this title [42 USCS §§ 8101 et seq.].
371. lappuse - ... income, shall be exempt from all taxation now or hereafter imposed by the United States, by any Territory, dependency, or possession thereof, or by any State, county, municipality, or local taxing authority, except that any real property of the Corporation shall be subject to State, Territorial, county, municipal or local taxation to the same extent according to its value as other real property is taxed.
374. lappuse - ... Corporation shall have no power to issue any shares of stock, or to declare or pay any dividends. "(2) No part of the income or assets of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of any director, officer, employee, or any other individual except as salary or reasonable compensation for services. "(3) The Corporation may not contribute to or otherwise support any political party or candidate for elective public office.
374. lappuse - The financial transactions of the Corporation for any fiscal year during which Federal funds are available to finance any portion of its operations...
374. lappuse - January in each year. (b) The financial transactions of the Corporation shall be audited by the General Accounting Office in accordance with the principles and procedures applicable to commercial corporate transactions and under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Comptroller General of the United States. The audit shall be conducted at the place or places where accounts of the Corporation are normally...
508. lappuse - I have a prepared statement which I would like to submit for the record and then I would like to testify orally if I might.
730. lappuse - Total personnel compensation Personnel benefits Benefits for former personnel Travel and transportation of persons Transportation of things...
541. lappuse - ... America at its best, building community, offering opportunity, and rewarding responsibility. National service is a challenge for Americans from every background and walk of life, and it values something far more than money. National service is nothing less than the American way to change America. It is rooted in the concept of community: the simple idea that none of us on our own will ever have as much to cherish about our own lives if we are out here all alone as we will if we work together...

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