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The table and charts next submitted show the number and per cent of male employees of each race for whom information was secured.

TABLE 7.-Male employees for whom information was secured, by general nativity and race.

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Number of male employees of each general nativity for whom detailed information was secured.

Number of male employees for whom detailed information was secured, by general nativity and race.

[This chart shows only races represented by 50 or more employees.]

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History of immigration-Period of residence in the United States of foreign-born employees and members of their households-Racial classification of employees at the present time [Text Tables 8 to 14 and General Tables 4 and 5].


Data showing in detail the history of immigration to the sugarrefining industry is, unfortunately, unavailable. The returns of the United States Bureau of the Census show, however, the general racial composition of the working force employed in the industry, for certain censuses and for certain areas.

From the census figures it is possible to determine, in a general way, the movement of immigration to the industry.

The following table classifies the employees of the sugar-refining industry in the country as a whole in 1880, according to country of birth:

TABLE 8.-Number of sugar-refining workers in the United States, by country of birth,

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The census for 1880 fails to give the figures by States. In the country as a whole there were at the date of the census 2,313 persons employed in the sugar-refining industry. Of these, 644 were nativeborn. Persons born in Germany had by far the largest representation among the foreign-born employees, with natives of Ireland in second place. Persons of British, Scandinavian, and Canadian birth were present in smaller numbers, and 227 workers were reported under the caption "Other countries." It is clear, from the table, that in 1880 the proportion of southern and eastern European labor employed in the industry must have been very small.


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