Contemporary France, 3. sējums

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A. Constable & Company, Limited, 1907
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266. lappuse - The President of the Republic shall negotiate and ratify treaties. He shall be informed of all negotiations leading to the conclusion of an international agreement not subject to ratification.
133. lappuse - The legislative power shall be exercised by two assemblies: the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
176. lappuse - The Senate may be constituted a Court of Justice to try either the President of the Republic or the ministers, and to take cognizance of attacks made upon the safety of the state.
278. lappuse - Thus I consent, sir, to this Constitution because I expect no better, and because I am not sure that it is not the best.
303. lappuse - The whole of the book which the reader is about to read has been written under the impression of a sort of religious terror produced in the mind of the author by the sight of that irresistible revolution, advancing over all obstacles through so many ages, and still advancing in the midst of the ruins it has made.
306. lappuse - When a man or a party suffers an injustice in the United States, to whom can he turn? To public opinion? That is what forms the majority. To the legislative body? It represents the majority and obeys it blindly. To the executive power? It is appointed by the majority and serves as its passive instrument. To the police? They are nothing but the majority under arms.
160. lappuse - Chambers shall have the right, by separate decisions taken in each case by an absolute majority of votes, either spontaneously or at the request of the President of the Republic, to declare that there is need to revise the constitutional laws. After each of the two Chambers shall have passed this resolution, they shall meet together as the National Assembly to proceed to the revision. Decisions carrying out revision of the constitutional laws...
31. lappuse - Article 1. The legislative power is exercised by two assemblies: The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate: The Chamber of Deputies is elected by universal suffrage, under the conditions determined By the electoral law.
16. lappuse - ... of the army and navy, and the appointment to all civil and military positions. He may, with the consent of the Senate, dissolve the Chamber of Deputies before the expiration of its legal term and order a new election. But these powers are merely nominal, for the reason that every act of the President must...
581. lappuse - Ultramontane manifestations, the renewal of which might well compromise the internal and external security of the country, constitute a flagrant violation of the laws of the State, invites the Government, in order to repress this anti-patriotic agitation, to use the legal means at its disposal.

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