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TITLE 26-Internal Revenue

I Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury
JI United States Processing Tax Board of Review, Department of the

III United States Board of Tax Appeals

TITLE 27—Intoxicating Liquors
I Federal Alcohol Administration, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 28-Judicial Administration
I Department of Justice

TITLE 29Labor
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of Labor

SUBTITLE B-Labor Regulations
I United States Employment Service, Department of Labor
II National Labor Relations Board
III National Railroad Adjustment Board

TITLE 30-Mineral Resources
I Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
II Geological Survey, Department of the Interior
III National Bituminous Coal Commission, Department of the Interior
IV Petroleum Conservation Division, Department of the Interior

TITLE 31-Money and Finance: Treasury
SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Treasury

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Money and Finance
I Monetary Offices, Department of the Treasury
II Office of the Commissioner of Accounts and Deposits, Department of the

III Public Debt Service, Department of the Treasury
IV Secret Service, Department of the Treasury

TITLE 32—National Defense
I National Munitions Control Board, Department of State
II National Guard, War Department
III Bureau of Mines, Department of the Interior
IV National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
V American Battle Monuments Commission

TITLE 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters
I Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury
II Corps of Engineers, War Department
III Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce
IV Bureau of Lighthouses, Department of Commerce
V Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce

TITLE 34— Navy I Department of the Navy

TITLE 35—Panama Canal
I Canal Zone Regulations

TITLE 36 Parks and Forests
I National Park Service, Department of the Interior
II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

TITLE 37—Patents and Copyrights
I Patent Office, Department of Commerce
II Copyright Office, Library of Congress


TITLE 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief Chap.

I Veterans' Administration

TITLE 39 Postal Service

I Post Office Department

TITLE 40—Prisons I Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

TITLE 41- Public Contracts

Procurement Division, Department of the Treasury
Division of Public Contracts, Department of Labor

TITLE 42—Public Health
United States Public Health Service, Department of the Treasury
United States Children's Bureau, Department of Labor
St. Elizabeths Hospital, Department of the Interior
Freedmen's Hospital, Department of the Interior

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TITLE 43Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior
SUBTITLE B-Public Land Regulations

I General Land Office, Department of the Interior
II Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior
III Division of Grazing, Department of the Interior

TITLE 44—Public Property and Works
I The National Archives
II Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works

TITLE 45 Public Welfare
I Office of Education, Department of the Interior

II Civilian Conservation Corps
III Works Progress Administration
IV National Youth Administration


TITLE 46—Shipping
Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, Department of Commerce
United States Maritime Commission

TITLE 47-Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission

TITLE 48-Territories and Insular Possessions

I Division of Territories and Island Possessions, Department of the Interior II Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration, Department of the Interior


TITLE 49Transportation and Railroads I Interstate Commerce Commission

TITLE 50— Wildlife

I Bureau of Biological Survey, Department of Agriculture (including Alaska

Game Commission)
II Bureau of Fisheries, Department of Commerce
III International Fisheries Commission



THUS: 18 CFR 1.0



SUBCHAPTER A-Rules of Practice 34 Application for authorization of

and Regulations, Federal Power the issuance of securities or the


assumption of liabilities

1 Administration

35 Filing of rate schedules

4 Licenses, permits, and determina- 39 Cooperative procedure with State

tion of project costs


5 Application for amendment of

41 Accounts, records, and memoranda


45 Application for authority to hold

6 Surrender or termination of license

interlocking positions

9 Transfer of license or lease of

SUBCHAPTER 6-Accounts, Federal

project property

Power Act

11 Annual charges

101 Uniform system of accounts pre-

16 Application for license for project

scribed for Class A and Class B

under license which expires on a

public utilities and licensees

specified date

102 Application of uniform system of

20 Authorization of the issuance of

accounts to State and municipal


securities by licensees and com- 103 Steam road investments in road

panies subject to sections 19 and

and equipment; application of

20 of the Federal Power Act

ICC classification

24 Declaration of intention

104 Application of uniform system of

25 Application for vacation of with- accounts to Class C and Class D

drawal and for determination per- public utilities and licensees

mitting restoration to entry 116 Units of property for use in ac-

32 Interconnection of facilities; emer-

counting for additions to and re-

gencies; transmission to foreign

tirements of electric plant


120 Miscellaneous accounting orders

33 Application for sale, lease, or other

SUBCHAPTER E-Approved Forms

disposition, merger or consolida- 200 Forms under rules of practice and
tion of facilities, or for purchase regulations, Federal Power Act
or acquisition of securities of 210 Statements and reports (sched-
a public utility



Annual report of the Federal Power Commission. Annual, v. 14, 1921–

Subchapter A-Rules of Practice and Regulations,

Federal Power Act




1.0 Order No. 50, prescribing rules of Answers

practice and regulations, with 1.50 Answers to formal complaints.

approved forms, effective June 1.51 Answers to petitions.

1, 1938.

1.52 Defendants seeking affirmative

1.1 Address; office hours.


Public sessions and hearings

1.53 Replies to defendants seeking af-

firmative relief.

1.2 Notice.

1.54 Satisfaction of complaints.

Parties; appearances


1.5 Classes.

1.60 Contents.

1.6 Appearances.

Amendments to pleadings

1.7 Former employees barred for one 1.70 Allowance or refusal discretion-



1.20 Applicants defined.

1.71 Subscription and verification.

1.21 Complainants.

1.72 Directed amendments.

1.22 Petitioners.

Specifications as to applications,

1.23 Defendants.

complaints, answers, petitions,

1.24 Interveners.

and briefs

1.25 Protestants.

1.80 Typewritten or printed only.

1.26 Respondents.

1.81 Size and legibility.

1.82 Sizes of printed paper.


1.83 Signature.

1.30 Contents.

1.84 Improper matter.

1.31 Intervening petitions.

1.85 Informal applications.


Service, number of copies

1.40 Complaints; informal and for- 1.90 By the Commission.


1.91 Service by parties.

1.41 Informal complaints.

1.92 Service upon attorneys.

1.42 Substance of informal com- 1.93 Number of copies of pleadings.


1.94 Number of copies of reports.

1.43 Formal complaints; form and Continuances, extensions of time


1.101 Contents; time of filing.

1.44 Joinder of complaints or com- 1.102 Discretion in granting or denying.


Documentary evidence

1.45 Substance of formal complaints. 1.110 Designation.

1.46 Subscription and verification. 1.111 Commission's files.

1.47 Supplemental complaints.

1.112 Records in other proceedings.

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