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Tuesday, September 25, 1945:
Testimony of -

Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Secretary of Labor...

A. F. Hinrichs, Acting Chief, Bureau of Labor Statistics.--
Wednesday, September 26, 1945:

Testimony of A. F. Hinrichs, resumed...
Thursday, September 27, 1945:
Testimony of-

Charles C. Burke, Amalgamated Clothing Workers ..
Mrs. Frances Garcia, American Communications Association ---
Mrs. Winifred Burr, United Electrical Workers...
Mrs. Gladys Bellows, Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied

Workers Union of America -
Arnold N. Fesser, National Maritime Union.

Shirley Hall, Textile Workers Union of America...
Friday, September 28, 1945:

Statement of Clinton P. Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture ---
Testimony of

A. C. Remele, Northwestern Country Elevator Association.
William H. Davis, Former Director Office of Economic Stabiliza-

Mrs. Lucille Durham, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of


Mrs. Dorothy Fizz, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.
Tuesday, October 2, 1945:
Testimony of

Lewis G. Hines, legislative representative, American Federation

of Labor
Katharine F. Lenroot, chief, Children's Bureau, United States

Department of Labor.
Thursday, October 4, 1945:

Testimony of L. Metcalfe Walling, Administrator, Fair Labor Stand

ards Act and Public Contracts Act, United States Department of

Friday, October 5, 1945:
Testimony of-

Patrick W. McDonough, McDonough Steel Co.--.

Solomon Barkin, chairman, CIO Committee on S. 1349.
Tuesday, October 9, 1945:
Testimony of—

R. B. Bowden, vice president, Grain & Feed Dealers National

S. R. Nichols, National Cotton Compress & Cotton Warehouse

A. L. Reed, secretary-counsel, Southwestern Compress & Ware-

house Association.
Statement of Clyde S. Bailey, executive vice president, United States

Independent Telephone Association.
Testimony of J. C. Crowley, Jr., secretary, Minnesota Telephone

Association and chairman of subcommittee on employment rela-
tions committee of the United States Independent Telephone Asso-




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Wednesday, October 10, 1945:
Testimony of

Mortimer Cosby, president and manager, Jefferson Hotel, Colum

bia, S. C.
Claudius T. Murchison, president, the Cotton Textile Institute..
James W. Haley, attorney, National Coal Association..
Warren P. Ross, vice president, Panther Creek Mines, Inc.
William T. Jobe, general counsel, National Association of Ice

Friday, October 12, 1945:
Testimony of

Samuel Fraser, secretary, International Apple Association.-
Charles W. Holman, secretary, National Cooperative Milk Pro-

ducers Federation..
Julius H. Parmelee, director, Bureau of Railway Economics, Asso-

ciation of American Railroads.-

Tyre Taylor, general counsel, Southern States Industrial Council.
Tuesday, October 16, 1945:
Testimony of -

Tom Linder, commissioner of agriculture, State of Georgia ----
Harry Bridges, president, International Longshoremen’s and

Warehousemen's Union.
Rt. Rev. Msgr. John O'Grady, secretary, National Conference of

Catholic Charities..
Mrs. F. F. Shotwell, Home Missions Council of North America -
Rt. Rev. Msgr. L. G. Ligutti, executive secretary, National

Catholic Rural Life Conference..
Howard McKenzie, vice president, National Maritime Union -
William C. Smith, Pacific Coast Marine Firemen, Oilers, Water

Tenders and Wipers Association.
Scipio Collins, Marine Cooks and Stewards Association of the

Thursday, October 18, 1945:
Testimony of-

Broadus Mitchell, Research Director, International Ladies Gar

ment Workers Union..
Clark Foreman, president, Southern Conference for Human


Frank Graham, president, University of North Carolina
Testimony of David Kaplan, International Brotherhood of Team-

sters, Chauffeurs, and Warehousemen of America.--
Friday, October 19, 1945:
Testimony of

Harold Lane, secretary-treasurer, Food, Tobacco, Agricultural,

and Allied Workers Union of America..
T. B. Gittings, assistant vice president, Western Union Tele-

graph Co.
Clarence J. Bourg, vice president, American Sugar Cane League--

James Iden Smith, Bucks County, Pa.
Tuesday, October 23, 1945:

Testimony of Robert Wood Johnson, chairman of the board, Johnson &

Johnson Co.--
Testimony of-

A. E. Lyon, executive secretary, Railway Labor Executives'

L. E. Keller, research director, Brotherhood of Maintenance of

Way Employees, AFL..
Thursday, October 25, 1945:
Testimony of—

Frank Donner, assistant general counsel, CIO.-.
John W. Lawrence, managing director, American Trucking

Associations, Inc.-
Peter T. Beardsley, attorney, American Trucking Associations,


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Professor Richard A. Lester..
Hon. James M. Mead...
Solomon Barkin (resumed)

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Friday, October 26, 1945:
Testimony of
Sidney Hillman, president, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of

Gladys Dickason, research director, Amalgamated Clothing

Workers of America...
R. E. Steele, assistant director, National Fisheries Institute -
Testimony of Charles W. Triggs, executive secretary, Fish Dis-
tributors Cooperative Association, Inc.---

Exhibit 1. Supplementary testimony of L. Metcalfe Walling, Administra-

tor, Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Division of the United States

Department of Labor...
Exhibit 2. Statement of Chester Bowles, Administrator, Office of Price

Exhibit 3. Statement of Hon. Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Commerce-
Exhibit 4. Statement of Admiral E. S. Land, Administrator, War Shipping

Exhibit 5. Statement of Surg. Gen. Thomas Parran, United States Public

Health Service
Exhibit 6. Statement of J. W. Studebaker, Commissioner, United States

Office of Education --
Exhibit 7. Statement of T. J. Woofter, Director of Research, Federal

Security Agency
Exhibit 8. Statement of American Merchant Marine Institute.
Exhibit 9. Letter from Edward A. O'Neal, president, American Farm

Bureau Federation.---
Exhibit 10. Statement of Chester C. Thompson, president, American

Waterways Operators -
Exhibit 11. Statement of the Associated General Contractors of America,

Exhibit 12. A Study of Textile Wages in the South. By William P. Jacobs,

president, American Cotton Manufacturers Association -
Exhibit 13. Statement by Ira Mosher, president, National Association of

Exhibit 14. Statement of National Cottonseed Products Association.
Exhibit 15. Statement of Stanley I. Posner, general counsel, Linen Supply

Association of America...
Exhibit 16. Statement of Jack Garrett Scott, general counsel, National

Association of Motor Bus Operators. -
Exhibit 17. Statement of Southern Pine Industry Committee
Exhibit 18. Statement of H. A. Thomas, Jr., manager, Agricultural Pro-

ducers Labor Committee.
Exhibit 19. Statement of John R. Van Arnum, secretary, National League

of Wholesale Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Distributors..
Exhibit 20. Statement of Russell Smith, legislative secretary, National

Farmers Union..
Exhibit 21. Statement of United Packinghouse Workers of America, CIO..
Exhibit 22. Brief of Michigan Bean Shippers Association, Michigan Bean

Producers Association, New York State Bean Shippers Association, and

Rocky Mountain Bean Dealers Association..
Exhibit 23. Textimony of members of the International Union of Mine,

Mill, and Smelter Workers, CIOS--
Exhibit 24. Statement of Willard Saxby Townsend, president, United

Transport Service Employees of America, CIO.
Exhibit 25. Statement of the National Canners Association
Exhibit 26. Statement of J. Dewey Singleton, Louisiana Syrup Associa-

Exhibit 27. Statement of Dr. William M. Leiserson, president, Con-

sumers League of Ohio..
Fxhibit 28. Statement of National Consumers' League.
Exhibit 29. Statement of the social action department of the National

Catholic Welfare Conference
Ext ikit 30. Statement of Mrs. Gertrude Folks Zimand, general secretary,

National Child Labor Committee.
Exhibit 31. Statement of California Fish Canners Association..

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Exhibit 32. Statement of California Sardine Products Institute..
Exhibit 33. Statement of Central California Sardine Association
Exhibit 34. Statement of the Maine Sardine Packers Association.
Exhibit 35. Statement of William S. Snow, president, American Fisheries

Association Cooperative
Exhibit 36. Statement of General Seafoods Corp.
Exhibit 37. Statement of William H. Branson, vice president, General

Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.
Exhibit 38. Statement of Al Philip Kane, general counsel, National

Federation of Telephone Workers --
Exhibit 39. Statement of Lake Carriers' Association.
Exhibit 40. Letter from John H. Davis, National Counsel of Farm Cooper-

Exhibit 41. Statement of New York Trap Rock Corp-
Exhibit 42. Letter from Mississippi Barge Line Co.
Exhibit 43. Letter from Cummer Sons Cypress Co.
Exhibit 44. Letter from Hon. Elbert Thomas and letter from H. T. Kay

vice president, C. Brewer & Co., Ltd.,
Exhibit 45. Statement by Lempi K. Matthews and Elsa G. Graves,

Y. W. C. A.
Exhibit 46. Statement of Rev. Frances W. McPeek..
Exhibit 47. Statement of American Communications Association, CIO..
Exhibit 48. Statement of American Federation of Hosiery Workers, CIO.
Exhibit 49. Statement of George Baldanzi, executive vice president,

Textile Workers Union of America, CIO.---
Exhibit 50. Statement by Solomon Barkin, respecting section 8 insofar as

it relates to job classifications above the unskilled grade-
Exhibit 51. Comments submitted by Solomon Barkin, respecting the

statement of William J. Jacobs. Exhibit 52. Statement of Paul R. Christopher, national CIO representative

for the South.--. Exhibit 53. Statement of H. W. Brown, president, International Associa

tion of Machinists, A. F. of L. Exhibit 54. Statement of the International Longshoremen's and Ware

housemen's Union, CIO.
Exhibit 55. Statement of State, County, and Municipal Workers of

America, CIO.---
Exhibit 56. Statement of International Fur and Leather Workers Union,

Exhibit 57. Statement of Hotel and Restaurant Employees, International

Aliance, and Bartenders International League of America, A. F. of L.
Exhibit 58. Statement of J. E. Lentie, legislative representative, Tobacco

Workers International Union, A. F. of L.
Exhibit 59. Statement of Richard Lewis, United Office and Professional

Workers of America, CIO.
Exhibit 60. Statement of Hartman Barber, legislative representative,

Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers,

Express and Station Employees --
Exhibit 61. Statement of David J. McDonald, United Steel Workers of

Exhibit 62. Statement of George E. Brown, vice president, Hotel and
Restaurant Employees International Alliance and Bartenders Inter-

national League of America, A. F. of L...
Exhibit 63. Statement of Richard E. Smith, secretary-treasurer, Joint
Counsel Dining Car Employees, Railroad Department; Hotel and
Restaurant Employees International Alliance, and Bartenders Inter-

national League of America, A. F. of L.--
Exhibit 64. Statement of Henry G. Steinbrenner, legislative representative,

Commercial Telegraphers Union, A. F. of L.---
Exhibit 65. Statement of United Shoe Workers of America, CIO.
Exhibit 66. Letier and wage rate schedules, American Trucking Asso-

Exhibit 67. Brief of United Retail Wholesale and Department Store

Employees of America, CIO..
Exhibit 68. Study prepared by War Manpower Commission, Personal
and Occupational Characteristics of Unemployment Compensation
Claimants and Job Openings in Three Cities.











1098 1101




Page Exhibit 69. Resolution of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People---

1124 Exhibit 70. Statement of National Counsel of Negro Women.

1124 Exhibit 71. Statement of National League of Women Voters.

1124 Exhibit 72. Financial report submitted by J. C. Crowley, Jr.-

1125 Exhibit 73. Data prepared by Federal Communications Commission. 1202 Exhibit 74. Statement of Hon. Francis J. Myers.--.

1204 Exhibit 75. Retail sales and consumer incomes by Louis J. Paradiso, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce

1206 Exhibit 76. Revision of the wage and hour law, submitted by Solomon Barkin.

1222 Exhibit 77. Statement of Reid Robinson, president, International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers, CIO-

1266 Exhibit 78. A brief of CIO Maritime Committee..

1270 Exhibit 79. Brief of Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union of America, CIO.

1296 Exhibit 80. Trends in Southern Wage Differentials Since 1890, by Richard A. Lester, Duke University

1324 Exhibit 81. Additional exhibits submitted by Textile Workers Union of America, CIO.--

1343 Exhibit 82. Statement of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, CIO.

1358 Exhibit 83. Statement of Albert J. Fitzgerald, president, United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America, CIO.

1373 Exhibit 84. Brief of National Fisheries Institute

1379 Exhibit 85. Statement of Alaska Canned Salmon Industry

1383 Exhihit 86. Additional testimony of Secretary of Labor L. B. Schwellenbach

1389 Exhibit 87. Statement submitted by Ernest W. Greene, vice president, Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association..


PRESENTED ON S. 1349 Alaska salmon industry -

1383 American Communications Association, CIO.

1001 American Farm Bureau Federation.

878 American Federation of Hosiery Workers.

1011 American Merchant Marine Institute.

877 Anderson, Eon. Clinton P., Secretary of Agriculture.

133 Associated General Contractors of America.

883 Baldanzi, George, executive vice president, Textile Workers Union of America, CIO.

1015 Barber, Hartman, legislative representative, Brotherhood of Railway and

Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees,
A, F. of L..

1090 Bailey, Clyde S., executive vice president, United States Independent Telephone Association..

329, 827 Barkin, Solomon, chairman, CIO Committee on Revision of Wage and Hour Law..

286, 779, 1021 Beardsley, Peter T., attorney, American Trucking Associations, Inc.--- 734, 842 Bellows, Mrs. Gladys, Food, Tobacco, Agricultural and Allied Workers, CIO.

116 Bethune, Mary McLeod, president, National Council of Negro Women.. 1124 Bourg, Clarence J., vice president, American Sugar Cane League

839 Bowden, R. B., vice president, Grain and Feed Dealers National Association.

303, 827 Bowles, Chester, Administrator, Office of Price Administration

846 Branson, William H., vice president, General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists..

980 Bridges, Harry, president, International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union

524, 1052 Brown, George E., vice president, Hotel and Restaurant Workers International Alliance, A. F. of L..

1095 Brown, H. W., president, International Association of Machinists, A. F. of L.

1028 Burke, Charles C., Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union, CIO.

103 Burr, Mrs. Winifred, United Electrical Workers Union, CIO..

114 California Fish Canners Association, Inc.--



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