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1908 Tate v. Fullbrook

Ct. App. L. J. Vaughan L. R. (1908) 1

K. B. 821
Writer of dialogue sole author of musical sketch in England, 176
1908 United Dictionary U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Holmes, 208 U. S. 260

Co. v. Merriam
Omission of notice on foreign-made edition sold only for use

there does not vitiate Amer. copyright, 134
1908 Dam v. Kirke La U. S. C. C. J. Hazel, 166 F. R. 589

Shelle Co.
Reassignment to author of copyright in periodical contribution,

101; right of dramatization included in copyright of story, 171;

full profits awarded as damages, 171
1908 Harper o. Kalem U. S. C. C. J. Lacombe,

Copyright notice in book protects illustrations against moving

picture reproduction, 77
1909 U. S. Copyright code
1909 Banks Law Pub. U. S. C. C. App. Per curiam, 169 F. R. 386

Co. o. Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co.
Affirming that arrangement of cases in sequence, pagination,

etc., are not protectable details, 259
1909 Bong o. Campbell U. S. Sup. Ct. J. McKenna, 214 U. S. 236

Art Co.
Citizen of an unproclaimed country cannot indirectly obtain

American copyright, 110
1909 Bosselman o. Rich- U. S. C. C. J. Ward, 174 F. R. 622

Copyright claimant other than author must prove his claims, 107
1909 Caliga v. Inter-
U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Day,

215 U. S. 182 Ocean Newsp. Co.


Re-copyright on finishing picture invalid, 231 1909 Chicago Tribune v. U. S. C. C. J. Grosscup, Pub. Week. Ill. Printing & Pub. Co.

76: 643, 957 Peary letters copyright in newspaper letter as book upheld, 103 1909 N. Y. Times o. U. S. C. C. J. Hand,

Pub. Week. Press Pub. Co. et al.

76 : 643, 957 Peary letters agreement for newspaper letters did not au

thorize copyright as book, 103
1909 Consolidated Gas U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Peckham, 212 U. S. 19

State has sovereign power to limit prices — in case of public

franchise corporation, 207
1909 Freeman o. Trade U.S. C. C. J. Donworth, 173 F. R. 419


Copyright notice on editorial page invalid, 131 1909 Frohman 0. Ferris Ill. Sup. Ct. J. Farmer, 238 Il. Rep. 430

Performance of play not publication, 181




2 Led


1909 Glaser o. St. Elmo U.S.


Title of novel, out of cop 1909 Green v. Luby U.S.

Error in classification doe 1909 Harper v. Kalem U.S.

Moving pictures may inf.

speech and action not

176; illustrations as suc 1909 Heinemann v. Smart Chan

Set Pub. Co.
Innocent publisher respon

to literary agent, 437
1909 Hervieu v. Ogilvie U.S.

Printed drama not subje

"book," 155, 168
IGOg Hunter o. Clifford West.

Right to copyright lapsed

lion, 247 1909 Karno v. Pathé

Ct. Ape Frères

Exhibitor, not manufacture 1909 Saake o. Lederer

U.S.C. License to perform does not 1909 Scholz o. Amasis

Ct. Apr

Only substantial copying of

England, 176 1910 Dam v. Kirke La U.S.C.

Shelle Co.

Following decision in lower 1910 De Jonge v. Breuk- U. S. C.

er & Kessler
Artistic designs for cover paj

designs must have separat
cannot be protected both

acts, 237 1910 Eliot & Collier 0. N. Y. Sur

Jones, et al.
Use of “Dr. Eliot's five-foot s

ception, 85 1910 Ellis o. Hurst N. Y. Sur

Use of an author's real name

works not restrainable, 98

1910 Gilbert o. Workman Chancery J. Neville, Times Ja. 19, '10

Interpolation of song without consent of author of opera en

joined, 100 1910 Hein v. Harris U. S. C. C. J. Hand,

175 F. R. 875 Musical copyright infringed by transposition, 170

Affirmed in same year by U. S. C. C. App. 1910 Larby v. Love King's Bench J. Bucknill, Copr. Cas. '05-'10,

291 Upholds prohibition against underselling in bill of sale, 57 1910 Monckton v. Gramo- Chancery J. Joyce, Times D. 6, '10

phone Co.

Common law cannot protect after publication, 62 1910 Park & Pollard o. U. S. C. C. J. Philips,

181 F. R. 431 Kellerstrass

Whole work enjoined where infringing parts were inseparable, 258 1910 Press Assoc. o. Re- Chancery J. Warrington, Times D. 8, '10

porting Agency

Election returns protected against “unfair competition,” 89 1910 Record & Guide Co. U.S. C. C. J. McPherson, 175 F. R. 156

v. Bromley
Omission of date vitiates copyright notice though given on same

page, 128; substitution of name in copyright notice without

authority of law voids copyright, 136 1910 Rex v. Bokenham Cent. Crim. Ct. Com. Serj., Times Jl. 22,'10

Piracy from surreptitiously obtained copies of poems punished

by imprisonment, 277 1910 Stern v. Remick U. S. C. C. J. Hand, 175 F. R. 282

Sale of single copy held to constitute publication, 127; use of

Roman for Arabic numerals in copyright notice immaterial, 130 1910 West Pub. Co. o. U.S.C. C. App. J. Ward, 176 F. R. 833

Thompson Co.
One copyright notice suffices to cover earlier copyrights of parts,

132; list made to run down cases permissible, but extensive

copying from digest an infringement, 259 1910 White-Smith v. U. S. C. C. J. Brown, 180 F. R. 256

Renewal personal to author or heirs only, except possibly in

case of work assigned before publication, 116 1911 Copyright act

1 & 2 Geo. V c. 46 1911 Shepard v. Taylor U. S. C. C. J. Hazel,

185 F. R. 941 Common errors prima facie proof of infringement, 258 1911 White v. Bender U. S. C. C. J. Ray,

185 F. R. 921 Citations may be utilized for verification, but bodily transfer is

infringement, 257


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