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1901 Hegeman v. U.S. C. C. App. J. Wheeler,

110 F. R. 374 Springer

Seizure without prior demand authorized, 274 1902 Musical (summary proceedings) copyright act 2 Edw. VII,C. 15 1902 Amer. Press Assoc. U.S. C. C. App. J. Jenkins, 120 F. R. 766

v. Daily Story Pub. Co.
Innocent copying from reprint lacking copyright notice an in-

fringement, 253 1902 Britain o. Hanks King's Bench J. Wright, 86 L. T. 765

Toy soldiers, artistically modeled, copyrightable as sculpture, 247 1902 Fraser o. Yack

U.S.C.C. App. J. Jenkins, 116 F. R. 285 “Little Minister” – Foreigner, prior to 1891, could transfer ad

vance sheets only, not right to copyright, 110 1902 Herne v. Liebler

N. Y. App.
J. Ingraham,

73 App. Div. Div.

194 Sub-license under limited lease of unpublished drama prevented

under common law, 187 1902 Mifflin o. Dutton U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Brown,

174 U. S. 82 In joint authorship duplicate copyrights under different names

not permissible, 102 1902 National Tel. News U. S.C.C. App. J. Grosscup, 119 F. R. 294

Co. v. Western Union
News on ticker taps not copyrightable but unfair use enjoin-

able, 89 1902 Patterson o. Ogilvie U. S. C. C. J. Lacombe, 119 F. R. 451

Variance of sub-title immaterial, 192; damages not barred by lim

itation as penalties, 273 1903 Graves o. Gorrie Privy Council Ld. Lindley, 89 L. T. 11

Fine arts copyright act, 1862, does not protect outside United

Kingdon, 246 1903 Hegeman o. U. S. Sup. Ct. Per curiam, 189 U. S. 505


Affirming Hegeman o. Springer 1903 Barnes o. Miner U. S. C. C. J. Ray,

122 F. R. 480 Combination of songs, costume and cinematograph not a drama

tic composition, 175 1903 Bleistein o. Don- U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Holmes,

188 U. S. 239 aldson Copyright can be entered in trading name instead of legal name,

102; circus posters protected — “A picture is none the less a

subject of copyright that it is used for an advertisement," 237 1903 Bloom o. Nixon U. S. C. C. J. McPherson, 125 F. R. 977

Parody, including quotation, not infringement, 190 1903 Champney o. Haag U. S. C. C. J. McPherson, 121 F. R. 944

Photograph from a photograph construed as infringement of

photograph, and not of original painting, 243, 274

1903 Cleland v. Thayer U. S. C. C. App. J. Caldwell, 121 F. R. 71

Original photograph of uncopyrighted or uncopyrightable sub

ject protected, 241 1903 Dodge v. Allied Arts N. Y. Sup. Ct. J. McCall, Hamlin Copr.

C. & D. 115 Artist can prevent alterations of paintings done on commission,

245 1903 Edison o. Lubin U. S. C. C. App. J. Buffington, 122 F. R. 240

Entire moving-picture film one photograph protected by single

notice, 242 1903 Frohman 0. Weber N. Y. Sup. Ct. J. Clarke,

Hamlin Copr.

C. & D. 151 Use of names of characters in plays not infringement, 192 1903 Kipling 0. Putnam U. S. C. C. App. Coxe,

120 F. R. 631 Changed binding of copyright work permissible, 263; elephant's

head design not distinctive trade-mark, 263; no similarity to

constitute unfair competition, 263 1903 Lawrence & Bullen House of Lords (1904) L. R. App. C. 17

0. Afalo
Proprietor of encyclopædia "stood in the shoes" of writers as

copyright proprietor, 99 1903 Lorimer v. Boston Mass. Sup. Ct. J. Morton, Pub. Week. 63:1386


Burlesqued title in newspaper articles not enjoinable, 264 1903 Moore v. Edwardes King's Bench L. C. J. Alverstone, Times Mr.

3, 'o3

Use of scenario from rejected ms. for unauthorized work pun

ished, 176 1903 Nethersole o. Bell Chancery J. Farwell, Times Jl. 4, 31, 'o3

Rival dramatization as modified from other version enjoined, 174 1903 Rinehart v. Smith U. S. C. C. J. McPherson, 121 F. R. 148

Replevin not the proper form of copyright suit, 273 1903 Stone v. Long, King's Bench Master Chitty, Copr. Cas. 'or

'04, 66 Publisher responsible for loss of ms. by employee's negligence,


1903 Thompson Co.o. U. S. C. C. App. J. Coxe,

122 F. R. 922 Amer. Law Book Co. Use of list of cases, made from copyright digest, as guide to re

ports not infringement, 258; “ equity will not protect a pirate

from infringements of his piratical work," 258 1903 Victor Talking U.S. C. C. App. J. Baker, 123 F. R. 424

Mach. Co. o. The Fair

Patent as a monopoly, 50 1903 Wagner o. Conried U. S. C. C. J. Lacombe, 125 F. R. 798

Previous printing abroad forfeits American playright in music,



1903 Wright v. Eisle

N. Y. App J. Woodward, 86 App. Div.

Filing of architectural plans in public office constitutes publi-

cation, 242 1904 U. S. act. Protection of works, Louisiana Purchase Exposition 1904 Bisel o. Welsh U.S. C. C. J. Holland, 131 F. R. 564

Repetition of errors evidence of author's infringement of his own

earlier work, 257 1904 Encyclopædia Brit- U. S. C. C. J. Lacombe, Pub. Week. tanica Co. v. Tribune Assoc.

55:1458 Condensations of copyright articles from cyclopædia enjoined, 261 1904 Gannet o. Rupert U.S.C. C. App. J. Coxe,

Pub. Week.

55:00 “Comfort" as title of periodical protected as common law trade

mark, 84; court should arrest pirate before be makes off with

plunder, 274 1904 Straus 0. Amer. N. Y. Ct. App. C. J. Parker, 177 N. Y. 473

Pub. Assoc.
Agreements to restrict prices legal on copyright books; contrary

to statute on non-copyright books, 57 1905 U. S. act. Ad interim protection 1905 U. S. trade-mark act 1905 Fraser v. Edwardes King's Bench J. Darling, Times Mr. 23-30, 'os

Use of scenario from rejected ms. for unauthorized work pun

ished, 176 1905 Harper o. Donohue U. S. C. C. J. Sanborn, 144 F. R. 491

Analysis of author's rights, 47; omission of notice on foreign

made edition does not vitiate Amer. copyright, 133 1905 Hills o. Hoover U. S. C. C. J. Holland, 136 F. R. 701

Additional words in copyright notice harmless superfluity, 128 1905 Lucas o. Moncrieff Chancery J. Warrington 21 T. L. R. 683

Publishing agreement released by bankruptcy of publisher, 443 1905 Sampson & Mur- U. S. C. C. App. J. Putnam, 140 F. R. 539

dock Co. v. Seaver Radford

Verification from rival directory beyond fair use, 255 1905 Slingsby o. Bradford Chancery J. Warrington, (1905) W. N. 123


Copying of fraudulent material not punishable in equity, 258 1906 Musical copyright act

6 Edw. VII; C- 36 1906 U. S. trade-mark act 1906 Burk o. Johnson U.S. C. C. App. J. Adams, 146 F. R. 209

Copyright cannot protect schemes or method of doing business, 61 1906 Davis o. Benjamin Chancery J. Eady, L. R. (190612 Ch. 491

Sheet of advertising illustrations held a book, 73 1906 Donohue v. Harper U. S. C. C. App. Per curiam, 146 F. R. 1023

Affirming decision in Harper o. Donohue

1906 Hartford Printing U. S. C. C. J. Platt, 146 F. R. 332; Co. v. Hartford Directory Co.

148 F. R. 470 Gross receipts less cost awarded as damages, for wholesale copy

ing, 275 1906 Macmillan v. Dent Ct. App. J. Vaughan, (1907) 1 Ch. 107

Charles Lamb letters - copyright separate from material object,

92 1906 Rex v. Willets

Com. Serj. Times Ja. 20, 'o6 Criminal sentences in conspiracy of cheap music pirates, 277 1906 Ward, Lock & Co.o. Chancery J. Kekewich, L. R. (1906) 2 Ch. Long

550 Agreement to write a book assignable after completion of book,

441 1906 White-Smith o. U.S.C. C. App. Per curiam, 147 F. R. 226


Perforated roll not copy in fact of staff notation, 204 1906 Wooster v. Crane U. S. C. C. J. Van Devanter, 147 F. R. 515

Author restrained from selling modification of copyright work

previously assigned, 442 1907 Patents and designs act

7 Edw. VII. c. 29 1907 American Tobacco U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Day,

207 U. S. 284 Co. v. Werckmeister

Exhibition with restriction as to copying, not publication, 232, 235 1907 Bracken o. Rosen- U. S. C. C. J. Kohlsaat, 151 F. R. 136


Photograph infringes copyright in statuary, 243 1907 Dutton o. Cupples N. Y. App. Div. J. Scott, Pub. Week. 71: 630

& Leon

Imitation of style of series unfair competition, 263 1907 Jude's “Lieder

Ct. App.

C. J. Alverstone, L. R. (1907) tafel” case

1 Ch. 651 Assignment expunged from record, 447 1907 Philip v. Pennell

Chancery J. Kekewich, L. R. (1907] 2

Ch. 577

Publication permitted of biographical information from receiv

ers of letters, 92 1907 Merriam o. Ogilvie U. S. C. C. J. Colt,

149 F. R. 858 Use of name “Webster" not restrainable except where public is

misled, 261 1908 Merriam v. Ogilvie U.S. C. C. App. J. Aldrich, 159 F. R. 638

Affirming Merriam o. Ogilvie
1908 White-Smith 0. U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Day,

209 U. S. I
Records not copies or publications of copyright music, 54, 204.
Affirming White-Smith v. Apollo

1908 Bamforth o. Douglas U.S.C.

Post Card Co.
Unfair competition not restrai

copyrighted, 264
1908 Bobbs-Merrill Co. U. S. Sup

0. Straus
Restriction of price not enforce

notice, 55, 57
1908 Clinical Obstetrics, Chancery

in re

“Exclusive right of publication

assignment record expunged, 1908 Globe Newspaper U. S. Sup.

Co. v. Walker
No damages outside statutory

found in possession, 272
1908 Jones v. Amer. Law N. Y. App
Bk. Co.

Div. Denying right of author to have

contribution, 100 1908 Karno o. Pathé King's Ben


Moving pictures not infringemes 1908 Landa v. Greenberg Chancery

Nom de plume of settled use pa

trade-mark, 99
1908 Mansell v. Valley Ct. App.

Printing Co.
Common law concurrent with si

lished works, 61
1908 Royal Sales Co. v. U. S. C. C.


Monogram not copyrightable, 70 1908 Sarpy o. Holland

Ct. App.

Copyright reservation in foreign la

malities requisite under internat 1908 Scribner v. Straus U. S. Sup. Ct

Agreement to restrict prices not pro 1908 Share Certificate Div. Ct.

Book, in re

False entry expunged from registry 1908 Straus v. American N. Y. App. D

Publishers' Association
Agreements to restrict price legal

senting opinion, 57

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