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This table gives in chronological order the statutes, with reference to their place in the statute books, and historical, leading and recent cases with the name of the court, of the judge presiding or giving the opinion, and the reference to the law reports, also an epitome of the point cited in the text, with page reference. It is not intended to cover minor cases, not settling any principle, and where a decision has been reversed on appeal, the case in the lower court may not be given unless some definite point was there settled. The usual law report abbreviations are employed; outside of these, Copinger refers to Copinger's " Law of Copyright,” Copr. Cas. to the annual summary of copyright cases edited by McGillivray and published by the English Publishers Association, Hamlin Copr. C. & D. to Hamlin's “Copyright Cases and Decisions, 1891-1903," published for the American Publishers' Copyright League, Times to the London Times legal column, and Pub. Week. to the Publishers' Weekly, of New York. English and American cases can be distinguished by the name of the court, judge or report. Cases are entered alphabetically in the general index with references to the year and to the page of text.

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4 Bur. 2325

1710 Act for the encouragement of learning

8 Anne, C. 19 1735 Engraving copyright act

8 Geo. II, c. 13 1735 Eyre v. Walker

Chancery Jekyll, M. R.,
“The whole duty of man" protected at common law after statu-

tory term, 24
1739 Prohibition of foreign reprints act

12 Geo. II, c. 36 1740 Gyles v. Wilcox

Chancery L. Hardwicke, 2 Atk. 141 Condemning reprint “colorably shortened only," but not "a

real and fair abridgment," 80 1741 Pope v. Curl Chancery L. C. Hardwicke, 2 Atk. 342

Republication of letters enjoined, 92 1766 Engraving copyright act

7 Geo. III, C. 38 1769 Millar v. Taylor King's Bench L. Mansfield,

4 Bur. 2303 Thomson's “Seasons" protected at common law in perpetuity, 25 1774 "Newbery's case” King's Bench L. C. Apsley,

Lofft, 775
Abridgment involving understanding and skill "an allowable

and meritorious work," 80
1774 Donaldson v. House of Lords

2 Bro. P. C. 129
Thomson's “Seasons" common law rights abrogated by

Statute of Anne, 7, 25, 26, 41
1774 Thompson v. Stanhope Chancery Ld. Apsley,

Publication prevented of letters, though a gift from author, 92
1775 (University) copyright act

15 Geo. III, C. 53 *1777 Prints copyright act

17 Geo. III, C. 57

Amb. 737

1783 U. S. Constitution 1783-90 State copyright lar1787 Copyright in designs a 1789 Copyright in designs a 1790 U. S. general copyrigh 1794 Copyright in designs a 1798 Sculpture copyright ac 1798 Beckford v. Hood Ki

Common law remedies 1801 Act for the further enc 1801 Cary o. Longman Kis

New added material

such, 76
1802 U. S. Supplementary ac
1812 Morris v. Colman Cha

Author under exclusive

elsewhere, 441
1814 Sculpture copyright act
1814 Amendatory copyright a
1817 Gale o. Leckie Kin

Author liable for failure
1817 Southey u. Sher Cha

No copyright in immoral

no right to sell, 86 1819 U. S. act extending jurist 1819 Clarke v. Price Char

Author cannot be compel 1824 Barfield o.

Author may not prejudic

subject, 441
1825 Abernethy o. Chanc


Unwritten lecture - oral 1826 Mawman o. Tegg Chanc

Fair use" defined. Insep

ders whole work an infri 1828 Clayton v. Stone U. S. C

Copyrightable property no

but by subject-matter, 69 1831 U. S. general copyright act 1831 Brooke o. Chitty


Court cannot restrain book L

lication, 442

8 Pet. 591

1832 Archbold v. Sweet King's Bench C. J. Tenterden, 5 Carr. & P.

219 Alterations by publisher not permitted to author's injury, 443 1833 Dramatic copyright act

3 & 4 Will. IV, c. 15 1834 U. S. supplementary act (assignment) 1834 Wheaton v. Peters U. S. Sup. Ct. J. McLean,

U.S. Act of 1790 abrogates common law rights after publication,

40, 41;“There is no common law of the U. S.,” 44; exact con

formity with statute requisite, 149 1835 Lectures copyright act

5 & 6 Will. IV, c. 65 1836 Prints and engravings copyright act (Ireland) 6 & 7 Will. IV, c. 59 1836 Copyright act, library deposit copies 6 & 7 Will. IV, c. 110 1838 International copyright act

1 & 2 Vict. c. 59 1839 Copyright in designs (fabrics) act

2 Vict. c. 13 1839 Amendatory copyright act, for designs

2 Vict. c. 17 1840 Bell v. Locke [N. Y.] Chan- Chan. Walworth,

8 Paige, 74 cery Deceiving public by use of like title is an infringement, 83 1840 Dwight v. Appleton U. S. C. C. J. Thompson, 1 N. Y. Leg. Obs.

195 Copyright notice in succeeding volumes held unnecessary, 133 1841 Folsom v. Marsh U. S. Sup. Ct. J. Story,

2 Story, 100 Author of letters has sole right to copyright, 92; piracy if an

other's labor is substantially appropriated to injurious extent,

252 1841 Gibson v. Carruthers Exchequer

8 M. & W. 321 Author cannot on bankruptcy of publisher be required to com

plete work, 452 1841 Sweet v. Cater Chancery V. C. Shadwell,

Publisher may prevent author from issuing competing edition, 444 1842 Copyright act

5 & 6 Vict. c. 45 1842 Customs act

5 & 6 Vict. c. 47 1842 Designs copyright act

5 & 6 Vict. c. 100 1843 Amendatory copyright act, for designs

6 & 7 Vict. c. 65 1843 Lennie o. Pillans Scotch Ct. Sess. L. P. Boyle, 11 Sc. Rev. R.

2, S. 171 Compilations of non-copyright material showing originality and

labor, protected, 81 1844 International copyright act

7 & 8 Vict. c. 12 1844 Act to reduce duties on books and prints 7 & 8 Vict. c. 73 1846 Amendatory act for duties on books

9 & 10 Vict. c. 58 1846 U. S. act. Deposit of copies 1847 Colonial copyright act

10 & 11 Vict. c. 95 1847 Story's Executors U. S. C. C. J. McLean, 4 McLean, 306

v. Holcombe
Fair abridgment, by ruling precedents, not an invasion of liter-

ary property, 81

5 Jur. 68

1848 Baker o. Taylor

Error of 1847 for 18

1848 Russell v. Smith

Dramatic rendition

“dramatic piece,

optional in Engla
1849 Albert, Prince, o.

Common law protec

logue and exhibit

fringements, 238 1850 Copyright in designs 1851 Protection of works. 1852 International copyrig1852 Bogue o. Houlston C

Copyright extends to 1852 Little o. Gould U

State copyright owne 1852 Pulte v. Derby U

Publishing contract fc

printings, 446
1853 Customs consolidation
1853 Cox v. Cox

Writer may not prever
1853 Stowe o. Thomas U.

No exclusive right of t 1854 Jefferys v. Boosey Ho

Definition of the two s

foreigner could not

first publication in E 1854 Stevens o. Benning Cha

Contract for publicati

without consent, 444 1855 Customs consolidation a 1855 U. S. Act. Deposits thro 1855 Stevens o. Benning Ct.

Affirming Stevens o. Ben 1856 U. S. supplementary act 1858 Amendatory copyright ac 1858 Reade o. Bentley Char

Contract for publication

ture" terminable by aut 1859 U. S. act. Place of deposi 1860 Blackwood v. Scotc

Reprints to replace destro

edition, 445

1860 Crookes v. Petter Rolls Ct. Romilly, M. R.,

6 Jur. 1131 Editor's name not requisite part of title, 445 1860 Turner v. Robinson Irish Ct.Chanc. Smith, M. R., 10 Ir. Ch. R.121

Exhibition, with restriction as to copying, not publication, 232 1860 Turner v. Robinson Ct. App. L. C. Brady, 10 Ir. Ch. R. 510

Liability under breach of contract, 232; Academy exhibition

considered publication, 232 1861 Amendatory copyright act, for designs

24 & 25 Vict. c. 73 1861 Statute law revision act

24 & 25 Vict. c. 101 1861 U. S. act. Appeal for copyright cases to Supreme Court 1862 Fine arts copyright act

25 & 26 Vict. c. 68 1862 Boucicault o. Fox U. S. C. C. J. Shipman, 5 Blatch. 87

A man's intellectual productions his own, except under valid

agreement with employer, 97 1862 Drury v. Ewing U. S. C. C. J. Leavitt,

I Bond, 540 Diagram with directions for dress cutting adjudged "book,” 69 1862 Howitt v. Hall Chancery V. C. Wood, 6 L. T. (N. S.) 348

Copies printed within term of contract may be sold after expira

tion, 445 1862 Reade o. Conquest Common Pleas C. J. Erle, 11 C. B. (N. s.) 478

Dramatization based on novelization, infringement of original

play, 172 1863 Boucicault v. Chancery V. C. Wood, I H. & M. 597

First publication outside British Dominions under int. copr. act,

forfeits playright, 184 1863 Hotten v. Arthur Chancery V. C. Wood, 1 H. & M. 603

Catalogue of old books copyrightable, 73 1863 Tinsley v. Lacy Chancery V. C. Wood, I H. & M. 747

Printed dramatization enjoined as using substantial parts of

novel, 173 1864 Low v. Routledge Chancery V. C. Kindersley, 33 L. J. (N.

s.) Ch. 717 Inaccuracy in name of proprietor invalidates copyright entry, 128 1865 U. S. supplementary act (photographs) 1867 Statute law revision act

30 & 31 Vict. c. 59 1867 U. S. act. Penalty for failure to deposit 1867 Maxwell v. Hogg Chancery L. Cairns, 2 Ch. D. 397

Belgravia - Title not protectable until associated with a pub

lished work, 75, 84, 85 1868 Daly o. Palmer U.S. C. C. J. Blatchford, 6 Blatch. 256

Test of piracy defined, 175 1868 Routledge o. Low House of Lords

L. R., 3 H. L. 100
Foreigner temporarily resident at first publication may acquire

British copyright under act of 1842, 109; first publication
probably single requisite for copyright, 109, 374

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