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All remittances to the Copyright Office should be sent by money order or bank draft. Postage stamps should not be sent for fees or postage. Checks can not be accepted unless certified. Coin or currency inclosed in letter or packages if sent will be at the remitter's risk.

Publishers may for their own convenience deposit in the Copyright Office a sum of money in advance against which each registration will be charged.

ASSIGNMENTS OF COPYRIGHT Assignments 41. When a copyright has been assigned the instrument of copyright in writing signed by the proprietor of the copyright may

be filed in this office for record within six calendar months after its execution without the limits of the United States or three calendar months within the United States.

After having been recorded the original assignment will be returned to the sender with a sealed certificate of record

attached. Fee for re- 42. The fee for recording and certifying an assignment cording as- is $1 up to 300 words; $2 from 300 to 1,000 words; and ansignment other dollar for each additional thousand words or fraction

thereof over 300 words. Name of as- 43. After the assignment has been duly recorded, the signee in assignee may substitute his name for that of the assignor claim

in the copyright notice on the work assigned. Such substitution or transfer of ownership will be indexed in this office upon request, at a cost of 10 cents for each work assigned.

Notice of user of music

NOTICE OF USER OF MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS 44. Whenever the owner of the copyright in a musical composition uses such music in phonographs himself or permits anyone else to do so, he must send a notice of such use by him or by any other person to the Copyright Office to be recorded.

45. Whenever any person in the absence of a license intends to use a copyrighted musical composition upon the

Notice in absence of license

parts of instruments serving to reproduce the same mechanically, the act requires that he shall serve notice of such intention upon the copyright proprietor and must also send a duplicate of such notice to the Copyright Office.



46. Application for the renewal or extension of a sub- Renewals sisting copyright (except copyright of a composite work) and extenmay be filed within one year prior to the expiration of the sions existing term by:

(1) The author of the work if still living;

(2) The widow, widower, or children of the author if the author is not living. Į (3) The author's executor, if such author, widow, widower, or children be not living;

(4) If the author, widow, widower, and children are all dead, and the author left no will, then the next of kin.

47. If the work be a composite work upon which copy- Renewal for right was originally secured by the proprietor thereof, then composite such proprietor is entitled to the privilege of renewal and work extension.

48. The fee for the recording of the renewal claim is 50 Renewal fee cents. Application for the renewal or extension of copyright can not be recorded in the name of an assignee nor in that of any person not expressly mentioned in section 24 of the act.


49. Upon application to the Register of Copyrights Searches search of the records, indexes, or deposits will be made for such information as they may contain relative to copyright claims. Persons desiring searches to be made should state clearly the nature of the work, its title, the name of the claimant of copyright and probable date of entry; in the case of an assignment, the name of the assignor or as

signee or both, and the name of the copyright claimant and the title of the music referred to in case of notice of user.

The statutory fee for searches is 50 cents for each full hour of time consumed in making such search.

Search fee


Fill in the required statements to accord with the facts concerning the book named, and draw pen through

such statements as are not intended to be made. State of

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I being duly sworn, depose } and say:

do solemnly affirm (1) That I am the person claiming copyright in the book named herein. (2) That I am the duly authorized agent or representative residing in the United States of the claimant of copyright in the book named herein.

(3) That I am the printer of the book named herein. I further depose and say that, in so far as required by the Act of March 4, 1909,


of which two copies have been deposited, HAS BEEN PRINTED by.



[blocks in formation]

plates made in the U. S. from type set within the limits of the United


States by


that the printing of the text of the said book was completed on

19 ; that the said book was published on

19; that the BINDING of the said book has been performed within the limits of the

United States by


Subscribed and

(Signature) sworn to

before me this. affirmed

day of

ܝ19 ܝ

Place seal at top of page


Name of claimant

Author and title

Leave all above these lines blank




Of the BOOK named herein, first published after June copies of the best edition published on the date stated he to secure copyright, accompanied by the AFFIDAVIT , the Act of March 4, 1909, that the book has been produc manufacturing provisions specified in section 15 of the sa for registration) is also inclosed. The copyright is claim

Name and address of S

copyright claimant

Author or authors

If the work is anonymous or pseudonymous, it is not obligatory to sta

Title of book


Price, $.

Date of publication [Date when placed on sale, sold,

Send certificate of

registration to Nots. -- This form is to be used only for BOOKS by CITIZENS OF RESIDE arate application card must be used for each separate WORK. No registrat accompanied with a properly filled-out application card, statutory fee, and th

IT Failure to deposit copies bars suit for infringement and, if deposito notice," involves a fine of $ioo, the payment of twice the value of the bo


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