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Resolved, That the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) be set aside for the year 1920, 1921 and 1922 for the use of the Triennial Conclave Committee in entertaining the Grand Encampment at New Orleans in 1922.


Right Eminent Sir Oliver Lee McKay presented the Report on Correspondence, which was, on motion, received and ordered printed in the Proceedings of the Grand Commandery.


Right Eminent Sir James J. Hayes offered the following Resolution, which was, on motion, adopted:

Resolved, That the Grand Commandery take steps to organize in each Commandery a Sub-Triennial Conclave Committee, to work in connection with the Triennial Committee of the Grand Commandery looking to a large attendance of Mississippi Knights Templar in Uniform at the meeting of the Grand Encampment in New Orleans in 1922.


A motion a vote of thanks was tendered Right Eminent Sir Willard H. Seavey for his splendid donations to the Natchez Protestant Orphan Asylum for the year 1919 and 1920.

The Grand Commandery recessed until 8 o'clock p. m.


The Grand Commandery reconvened at 8 o'clock p. m., and marched to Christ Church in a body, escorted by Holly Springs Commandery, No. 4, and visiting Sir Knights. On arrival at the Church, the beautiful devotional offices of the Grand Commandery were observed by a large congregation of Sir Knights and citizens of Holly Springs.

Right Eminent Sir DeB. Waddell, Grand Prelate, preached the sermon. After which, an offering for the Natchez Protestant Orphan Asylum was taken.


"There standeth one among you whom you know not."-ST. JOHN, first chapter part of twenty-sixth verse.

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These words, spoken by John the Baptist, are just as true to-day among we Christians as when first uttered. He said to His disciples, "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." We Christians think we know Him, because we have professed belief in Him and have sworn allegiance to Him. But if we will study the question closely, we will discover all this is untrue. And my earnest desire today, my brother Knights, is to acquaint you with Him, really.

To do this, I must carry you back to the manger cradle of Bethlehem, where the Truth was planted and whose blessed Light has spread over and blessed the world. There is far more in that cradle, lth to us as Christians and as Masons, than few of us ever dreamed of. The Eternal Son of God, born of a virgin, as prophesied of over and over again in the Old Scriptures, lies in that cradle. If we will think of how we regard things and read Holy Scripture, we will not be astonished at the failure of the Jews to recognize Him. There were two different prophecies in their Scripture; one tells us that He was to come in humility the other that He was to come in glorious majesty to reign over Israel and the world.

Just like us, they overlooked the humility and looked forward with pleasure and pride to the glorious coming in majesty.

There were three wise men in the East, who were no doubt Maqngs studying the heavens and looking for the Truth, as we should be doing whose search was rewarded by the appearance of a star, and so anxious were they to find the truth, they left home and country and crossed that mighty desert, following that star which led them to the manger cradle of Bethlehem, where they found that Truth in that humble cradle, and they fell down and worshipped It and offered gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh, which were accepted. All this means far more than we realize. Up to that time the Gentile world was excluded from covenant relationship with God. Here it was admitted into that relationship; their worship and gifts were received and all the blessings we enjoy to-day as a Christian nation have come from that fact, and it was brought to us by the glorious act of Masons.

That babe from that humble cradle developed into manhood and became a carpenter. Surely you workmen of the world, as well as those of the upper world, know not the dear Lord. He, the Eternal Son of God, the express Image of His Person, was a carpenter. What dignity is this to labor, and how men of that profession, and how the world, which looks down upon it as a lowly profession should regard it. These men who follow that profession are partners of the Eternal Son of God who is ruling over the world.

And we Masons should follow very closely the gradual development into full manhood of this Babe of the Manger Cradle. At the age of thirty He entered upon His divine ministry and was pointed to by John the Baptist, who was a Mason, as standing among them unknown.

When we think of John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ, and St. John the Evangelist, whom He so greatly loved, both of whom were Masons, we cannot but learn a great deal of the origin and teachings of Masonry. We can scarcely fail to see that our Lord was a Mason Himself. Compare His teachings for the guidance of men in life, with the teachings of Masonry, and we find a correspondence that must make us see that they had only one author. Christianity, as taught by Christ, is very different from what Christians generally think it is. He stands among them with His teachings, unknown. They generally only believe about things and hope about things and believe only about a far-distant Lord in another world.

We, as Masons, are taught that we are to do good, true and square work to entitle us to wages, and Christ taught we Christians that we also are to do good and true and square work to entitle us to an entrance into the Pearly Gates.

This is the teaching of Christianity, and we as Knights Templar, more than all others, should learn this lesson. We are taught in our beautiful ceremonies that we are pilgrims traveling through this vale of tears; also warriors, who are to manfully fight our way and with valor run our course; then, the great lesson of humility, which we all sadly need to learn. To put these things into practice in our lives is what is required of us as Knights Templar. Unless we do this, we cannot be really and truly Knights Templar. We should all think of this, and I beseech you to-day to take it to heart. There is too much pretence and show among us, very little reality. We have sworn to live true and noble lives, blessing our fellowmen and glorifying our . God, but I fear we think little of the oath and rarely ever put it into practice. If we would study and learn more of Him who standeth among us unknown, we would feel and act differently. There are so many great lessons presented to us to-day of this blessed Saviour, standing among us unknown, that will help us to understand Him.

We give credit to man for the civilization and blessings we enjoy, without ever thinking of the power and guiding spirit behind it all. Look at the world before this Power entered it. Man-power ruled it and tyranny and oppression was universal. Nowhere could you find law and order and good government. The Universal Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God were scarcely dreamed of. Never until the Light of the unknown Saviour spread over the world, did the change which we witness to-day take place. Standing among us unknown, He established these civilized nations we behold to-day, where law and order and government reign supreme. Nowhere esxcept where His spirit has entered, do we find this state of things. Gradually His missionaries are spreading His light over the heathen nations-Japan, China, etc. The Turk, who should be driven out of Europe, is the only nation that has rejected this Light and go on practicing their atrocities, butchering and maltreating helpless Armenian women and children. We can see,

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