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and the rest of us are called upon to 'do our bit' in contributing our earthly means, consecrated by our earnest prayers for the early victory of our armies sent forth, as went the Crusaders of old, carrying aloft their banner in the name of God and Humanity."

Heartily endorsing the noble sentiments expressed by the Committee on Christmas Observance and in the reply of the Grand Master, which strikes a responsive chord in the heart of every Knights Templar in Mississippi, and recognizing the sacredness of the cause in which our people are engaged, let us "do our bit" to bring about an early victory of our armies, bearing aloft the flag of a re-united country in the name of God and Humanity.

With a full realization that not only the liberty of man is threatened, but the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, I earnestly request that each Commandery meet in its Asylum at 12 o'clock noon on Christmas Day, as suggested by the Committee, to join in these sentiments, and for the proper observance of the day.

Let the Sir Knights who assemble on this occasion remember that "It is more blessed to give than to receive," and it is the Knightly duty of each one to contribute to the comfort and happiness of the widows and orphans of this Jurisdictions in proportion as God has prospered him,

Recorders of Commanderies are hereby requested to report to the Grand Commander the amount of offering and number of Sir Knights present at this Observance.

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To the Officers and Members of the Grand Commandery and Subordinate Commanderies, Knights Templar of Mississippi:

ESTEEMED FRATERS :-Easter Day, the anniversary of the Resurrection of our Blessed Saviour, occurs on Sunday, March 31, 1918.

As members of an Order, founded on the principles of the Christ

ian Religion and the ideals of Him who gave to all the peoples of the earth, through His great sacrifice and triumphant resurrection, the blessed privileges of eternal life in realms beyond the grave, you are earnestly enjoined to assemble with your respective Commanderies in your Asylums, or some place devoted to Christian worship, and hold or attend divine services in commemoration of the day so sacred and holy to all Knights Templar, humbly beseeching our Heavenly Father in His own good time to remove all the obstacles to the final triumph of the great law of love and to the universal dominion of the true principles of Freemasonry, that truth and righteousness shall prevail among all nations of the earth banded together in the great cause of "God and Humanity."

Commanderies not observing Easter are recommended to observe Ascension Day. Dispensation to appear in public in Templar Uniform is not required for either of these services.

Eminent Commanders will report promptly to the Grand Commandery which day is observed and the number of Sir Knights attending the services.

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In Memoriam






"He sees when their footsteps falter,
When the hearts grow weak and faint;
He marks when their strength is failing,
And listens to each complaint;

He bids them rest for a season,

For the pathway has grown too steep;

And, folded in fair, green pastures,

He giveth his loved ones sleep."

In Memoriam


HOSE true and faithful Templars in this and other Grand Jurisdictions, who, laying no claim to rank or titles, yet, who, by their unselfish zeal and unswerving devotion to the cause of the Christ, and the welfare of humanity, have nevertheless earned imperishable honor in this life and unfading glory in the life beyond.





"Mors janua vitae."

(Death is the gateway to eternal life.)

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