Declaratory Judgment in Certain Cases Involving Public Utilities: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Governmental Relations of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session ... August 2 and September 12, 1979

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140. lappuse - The Constitution does not bind rate-making bodies to the service of any single formula or combination of formulas. Agencies to whom this legislative power has been delegated are free, within the ambit of their statutory authority, to make the pragmatic adjustments which may be called for by particular circumstances.
187. lappuse - The district courts shall not enjoin, suspend or restrain the operation of, or compliance with, any order affecting rates chargeable by a public utility and made by a State administrative agency or a rate-making body of a State political subdivision...
79. lappuse - It is impossible to ascertain what will amount to a fair return upon properties devoted to public service without giving consideration to the cost of labor, supplies, etc., at the time the investigation is made. An honest and intelligent forecast of probable future values made upon a view of all the relevant circumstances, is essential. If the highly important element of present costs is wholly disregarded such a forecast becomes impossible. Estimates for tomorrow cannot ignore prices of today.
83. lappuse - By that standard the return to the equity owner should be commensurate with returns on investments in other enterprises having corresponding risks. That return, moreover, should be sufficient to assure confidence in the financial integrity of the enterprise, so as to maintain its credit and to attract capital.
220. lappuse - Board, consisting of three able and discreet persons to be appointed by the mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council, and to receive such compensation as the city council may from time to time determine.
54. lappuse - Petitioner prays that a writ of certiorari issue to review the judgment of the Court of Appeals...
96. lappuse - In a case of actual controversy within its jurisdiction, except with respect to Federal taxes, any court of the United States, upon the filing of an appropriate pleading, may declare the rights and other legal relations of any interested party seeking such declaration, whether or not further relief is or could be sought. Any such declaration shall have the force and effect of a final judgment or decree and shall be reviewable as such.
163. lappuse - Islands which are engaged in the regulation of utilities and carriers. Our chief objective is to serve the consumer interest by seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness of government regulation in America. More specifically. the NARUC is composed of, inter alia, State and territorial officials charged with the duty of regulating the telecommunications common carriers within their respective borders.
113. lappuse - ... (ii) if, to compute its allowance for depreciation under this section, it uses a method of depreciation other than the method it used for the purposes described in clause (i), the taxpayer must make adjustments to a reserve to reflect the deferral of taxes resulting from the use of such different methods of depreciation.
24. lappuse - States having jurisdiction over the parties, against threatened loss or damage by a violation of the anti-trust laws, including sections two, three, seven and eight of this Act, when and under the same conditions and principles as injunctive relief against threatened conduct that will cause loss or damage is granted by courts of equity, under the rules governing such proceedings...

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