SEC Monthly Statistical Review, 35. sējums

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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 1976

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306. lappuse - Directory of Companies Filing Annual Reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
499. lappuse - Government do not include amounts offset against each other on the corporation's books or amounts arising from subcontracting which are not directly due from or to the US Government. Wherever possible, adjustments have been made to include US Government advances offset against inventories on the corporation's books.
98. lappuse - Add $ .75 for foreign mailing. No additional postage is required for mailing within the United States, its possessions, Canada, Mexico, and all Central and South American Countries except Argentina, Brazil, British Honduras, French Guiana, Guyana, and Surinam. For shipment to all other foreign countries include additional postage as quoted for each periodical or subscription service.
302. lappuse - Year-end data through 1958 are based on Statistics of Income, covering virtually all corporations in the United States. Statistics of Income data may not be strictly comparable from year to year because of changes in the tax laws, basis for filing returns, and processing the data for compilation purposes. All interim quarterly data, and...
396. lappuse - The later records, for the years 1 977 to present, include additional detailed data on underwriter's name, spread, reallowances and selected financial data relating to the issuing firm. The computer tape of the ROS File has been provided to the National Archives and Records Service of the General Services Administration. Copies of the ROS File tape and related documentation are available for purchase from that agency. Interested parties can make arrangements with the Archives to obtain the computer...
266. lappuse - Reports of those exchanges marked with an asterisk cover transactions cleared during the calendar month; clearances occur for the most part within five days of the execution of a trade. Reports for other exchanges cover transactions effected on trade dates falling within the report month. The variance introduced by these two different methods of aggregating the data is not considered to be significant and accordingly all registered exchanges are aggregated and reported in monthly summaries. Stock...
43. lappuse - During the first three quarters of 1975, private noninsured pension funds, open-end investment companies, life insurance companies and property-liability insurance companies purchased $27.0 billion of common stock and sold $23.7 billion, resulting in net purchases of $3.3 billion.
492. lappuse - Other industry group is comprised of agriculture, contruc tion, wholesale and retail trade, and all service activities other than financial services. The security types used in the offerings tables are Bonds, Preferred Stock and Common Stock.
350. lappuse - ... billion. Block Transactions on the New York Stock Exchange The volume of block transactions on the NYSE (involving 10,000 or more shares) is considered an indicator of institutional trading. During the initial quarter of 1976, block transactions totaled $8.1 billion as compared to $5.0 billion a year earlier.
213. lappuse - Subscriptions to the following publications are available through the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402: SEC Docket — A weekly compilation of the full texts of...

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