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Visible Record Cabinets

which were originated and designed by J. H. Rand, Jr., in 1917 do away with the defects inherent in all old-style records,-cards or loose-leaf, - and with nearly all the many and far reaching evils which have arisen from them and have gained so wide a hold in business habits and business practice.

J. H. Rand, Jr., for many years, manufactured and marketed with phenomenal success, a Rotary form of Visible Equipment, in which the pocket card holders were arranged in hinged frames suspended from a rotating stand.

The Kardex Visible Record Cabinet which superseded the Rotary Equipment has almost revolutionized Record Keeping and is now in use by over 100,000 firms,—and in almost every kind of business.

The Kardex Company, of which J. H. Rand, Jr., is President maintains factories at Tonawanda, N. Y., Sarrbrucken, Germany, and has just completed plans for a plant in The Argentine.

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