International Law and Organization: Closing the Compliance Gap

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Michael W. Doyle, Edward C. Luck
Rowman & Littlefield, 2004 - 348 lappuses
The last decade of the twentieth century was a heyday for the development of international norms and agreements. Non-state actors and states joined together in codifying new international standards in areas as diverse as arms control, war crimes, human rights violations, environmental protection, sustainable development, and trade. Following this surge, the twenty-first century opened with an abundance of international law but a dearth of international institutions for monitoring or implementing it. Thus compliance has become a major challenge of the early new millennium, and this volume addresses compliance issues from the most general and theoretical to the specifics of key case studies. From around the globe, the distinguished authors of these original essays tackle some of the most urgent challenges to international law today, ranging from child soldiers in Africa all the way up to American exceptionalism.

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Conceptual Issues Surrounding the Compliance Gap
The Institutional Dilemmas of Market Integration Compliance and International Regimes for Trade and Finance
South Korea and International Compliance Behavior The WTO and IMF in Comparative Perspective
Compliance with Multilateral Environmental Agreements The Climate Change Regime
Crises and Conflicts in the African Great Lakes Region The Problem of Noncompliance with Humanitarian Law
Compliance with the Laws of War The Role of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
International Laws of War and the African Child Norms Compliance and Sovereignty
Dilemmas of Compliance with Arms Control and Disarmament Agreements
The American Problem The United States and Noncompliance in the World of Arms Control and Nonproliferation
Gaps Commitments and the Compliance Challenge
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Par autoru (2004)

Edward C. Luck is professor of practice in international and public affairs and director of the Center on International Organization of the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Michael W. Doyle is Harold Brown Professor at Columbia University in the School of International and Public Affairs and Columbia Law School.

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