Meteors, Aërolites, Storms, and Atmospheric Phenomena

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D. Appleton, 1870 - 324 lappuses

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306. lappuse - ALARM-SIGNALS. The alarm-signals employed in England to announce the approach of storms consist, in the daytime, of three figures made of strong canvas, which are hoisted on the mast of the signal-stations, and can be seen at a great distance. A cone, with the point turned toward the sky, announces that there is some likelihood of a storm from the north. Placed with its point downward, the cone indicates the approach of a storm from the south. A cylinder is the signal for a hurricane or a rotating...
201. lappuse - ... surface, which serves as a pole, as it did before being magnetized, parts from all the points of the circumference of that surface, in such manner as to form a sort of continuous luminous ring around it. That ring has a kind of rotary movement around the magnetized cylinder, sometimes in one direction and sometimes in another, according to the direction of the discharge, and the sense in which the magnetizing was done. Finally, some jets of light more brilliant than the rest seem to shoot forth...
179. lappuse - All these arcs were perpendicular to the horizon; they moved about and followed the person reflected in every direction, surrounding his image like a gloria. What was most remarkable was, that, although the seven travellers stood together in a single group, each of them saw the phenomenon only in relation to himself, and was disposed to deny its existence in reference to the others. The extent of these arches increased progressively in proportion to the height of the sun. At the same time their colors...

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