The Progressive Revolution in Politics and Political Science: Transforming the American Regime

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John A. Marini, John Marini, Ken Masugi
Rowman & Littlefield, 2005 - 388 lappuses
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We cannot understand our current political situation and the scholarship used to comprehend our politics without taking full account of the Progressive revolution of a century ago. This fundamental shift in studying the political world relegated the theory and practice of the Founders to an antiquated historical phase. By contrast, our contributors see beyond the horizon of Progressivism to take account of the Founders' moral and political premises. By doing so they make clear the broader context of current political science disputes, a fitting subject as American professional political science enters its second century. The contributors to the volume specify the changes in the new world that Progressivism brought into being. Part I emphasizes the contrast between various Progressives and their doctrines, and the American Founding on political institutions including the presidency, political parties, and the courts; statesmen include Frederick Douglass, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and John Marshall. Part II emphasizes the radical nature of Progressivism in a variety of areas critical to the American constitutional government and self-understanding of the American mind. Subjects covered include social science, property rights, Darwinism, free speech, and political science as a liberal art. The essays provide intellectual guidance to political scientists and indicate to political practitioners the peculiar perspectives embedded in current political science. Published in cooperation with The Claremont Institute.

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Progressivism and the Transformation of American Government
Theodore Roosevelt on SelfGovernment and the Administrative State
Frederick Douglass Natural Rights Constitutionalism The Postwar PreProgressive Period
Regimes and Revolutions Madison and Wilson on Parties in America
Montesquieu the Founders and Woodrow Wilson The Evolution of Rights and the Eclipse of Constitutionalism
Marbury v Madison and the Progressive Transformation of Judicial Power
Progressivism Modern Political Science and the Transformation of American Constitutionalism
Darwins Public Policy Nineteenth Century Science and the Rise of the American Welfare State
Zoning and Progressive Political Theory
Campaign Finance Reform The Progressive Reconstruction of Free Speech
Aimless Theorizing The Progressive Legacy for Political Science
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Par autoru (2005)

John Marini is a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute and associate professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is the coeditor of The Imperial Congress: Crisis in the Separation of Powers (1989) and the author of The Politics of Budget Control: Congress, the Presidency, and the Growth of the Administrative State (1992). Ken Masugi is director of the Center for Local Government at the Claremont Institute. He is the coauthor, coeditor, or editor of seven books on American politics and political thought.

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